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Saturday 19th August, 2017
Tense Times!

Time to start preening in preparation for the final picture !!
I am definitely on the home stretch with these big kitties now and i'm getting pretty darn smiley about it !!
I have just sailed past the 85% MARK!!

Eeeeee they're so cute!!
I now have 37 ROWS to go!
HOWEVER my biggest struggle with this piece has been running out of yarn and i'm cutting things fine once again

Man, I really need to estimate my yardage a lot better in future!
Sadly this is a shade from around 2 years ago, so I have a snowball's chance in hell of finding an exact match, ESPECIALLY as we are heading into Spring down here and all the yarn sections are slowly shrinking
So i'm going to try my hardest to STRETCH it to last as many rows as possible before trying to find a close enough substitute.
Man, so much drama!
But so worth it
Lee xox

Tuesday 15th August, 2017
Crazy Little Thing Called Crochet!

This piece featuring the INCOMPARABLE FREDDIE MERCURY was made waaaaaaaaaay back in 2009!
Feeling crotchety guys, feeling REAL crotchety now ....
As this was a gift for a friend's 40th way back when, I didn't want to share the pattern, as I wanted it to be a one-of-a-kind piece for the crazed fanboy that it was for
However, I reckon enough time has passed and the fact that the original recipient is renting and therefore his poor Freddie piece has to reside in storage, I thought it about high time a few more hooked Freddies make their way into the world !!
If you would like to grab the pattern, it can be found in the pattern archive or RIGHT HERE!
As always, if you do decide to put hook to yarn and have a crack at making your very own Freddie, please feel free to send me progress and finished pics !! I would love to see and share them !
The shot is of course a still from one of THE GREATEST SETS IN ROCK N ROLL HISTORY - LIVE AID '85 !!!
My god, every time I watch it I STILL get goosebumps I know our family DEFINITELY wore our VHS tape of the gig out. Come to think of it I think the tape actually snapped during their performance because we'd rewound the bloody thing so much
Thankfully we now have it on DVD and ugh still get the same feels!
Brilliant voice, brilliant showman, brilliant anthems, brilliant memories!!!

Lee xox

Wednesday 9th August, 2017
Crochet Catch Up #2!

Roshelle over @ 'Queen's Yarn Boutique'
Katie over @ Inside Number 23
Roshelle's 'slouchy hat' tutorial
Bobble stitch tutorial over @ Bella Coco
Bobble stitch colour change video over @ The Friendly Red Fox
The Peanuts CAL over @ Two Hearts Crochet

Lee xox

Tuesday 8th August, 2017
What year is it?

Say G'day to two 2016 CAL pieces, slowly making their way into the world.... and probably making their way into 2018
For all the lovely new folks out there, back at the start of last year (and in 2015) I ran a CAL (Crochet-A-Long) whereby folks would send me a picture they wanted to crochet, I would provide them with a pattern and as a group, we would hook our way through our pieces and share progress pics, etc along the way
It had no rules, no deadlines and had a lovely chilled vibe to it ...
However, it's mid-way through 2017 and man a couple of us are seriously lagging ! Which I must stress, is TOTALLY FINE, except if you're me and the piece you chose is actually supposed to be a gift...18 months ago !
The first picture up there is a shot of Osnat's 2016 CAL piece @ 50%!
Isn't it looking absolutely stunning!? Titled "Tree in China" this piece is based off a picture Osnat's brother snapped and the blues are so soothing and calming and allow the tree's silhouette to really grab your eye and ugh it's just so beautiful already!
The second picture is of course a shot of my tiger buddies, now at 82ish%!
I don't know what has gotten in to me this past week but MY 'CROJO' IS BACK GUYS!!!! !!!!
Honestly, every time I set my hook down I can't WAIT to pick it up again! It has been an AGE since I have felt that way! No clue where this sudden excitement has come from, but i'm going with it !
I was a bit alarmed that Mr. White Tiger's eye was a bit squished and wonky o_0 however I quickly realised that it's like that due to his face being squished a bit as he is leaning on his mate there so relieved!
I now have less than 50 rows to go!!!
So hand in hand, Osnat and I trudge on! Bit like the Thelma and Louise of the Totallee CAL! WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER OSNAT!

Lee xox

Monday 7th August, 2017
Not so slouchy

Look who hooked her first ever slouchy hat !!
Technically, it's supposed to be a slouchy hat, however due to my ENORMOUS FAT HEAD, it's ended up just being a cute hat !
Seriously, i'm not being deliberately mean or funny or self-deprecating, I have a HUGE head!
It measures 63cms around! Normal hats, forget it ! Not for this lady!
However, I adore this pattern and love the end result!
The pattern comes courtesy of the lovely ROSHELLE from the Youtube channel Queen's Yarn Boutique!

LOVE her channel and this tutorial was so easy to follow and worked up in no time
Let me know if you give it a go! I'm super stoked with mine! More will be on the way for sure! In every freaking colour I can get my hands on !!

Lee xox

Sunday 6th August, 2017
"I do love knitting patterns"

The lovely ALISON has been in touch via email guys and holy cow how AWESOME is this !!!!!
A progress pic of her Dumbledore panel in knit and IN SHADES OF PURPLE !!!!!!
I love it!! I absolutely LOVE IT ALISON!!!
Always super keen to see folks try out something new on these Potter panels and a purple/pink Dumbledore is certainly a first and he's blooming WONDERFUL thus far !!
Cheers so much for sending him in Alison!!
For those wanting to know, Alison is using size 3.25mm knitting needles and is half way through
Cannot WAIT to see him finished!!!

Lee xox

Friday 4th August, 2017
"Blow me to Bermuda!"

Spring will be here before we know it! Time to dust off my top hat and dance a jig whilst watering my flowers according to this fine...blue...fellow....
Let me take you back to this time yesterday! I was sitting at my dining room table, wrapped in my fluffier-than-a-pink-cloud-of-softness dressing gown, because I am currently the host for a disgusting cough/cold ... when a BIG delivery truck pulls up and a guy skips up to my front door!
Not even joking, he skipped. Sans rope. Suffice it to say he is my new favourite delivery driver
He presented me with a tube from the wonderful state of South Carolina which can only mean one thing.... SURPRISE SHATAN MAIL!!!!!!
You may remember previous Shatan mail unboxings ( PSA: BLOCK YOUR EARS WHILST WATCHING) that I uploaded to my Youtube channel which shows just how flipping exciting Shatan mail is!
Honest to god, as I said on Facebook, this lady is THOUGHTFULNESS PERSONIFIED ! This is now the third gift she has sent me and honest to god, each one has contained a piece or object that is so specific and tailored to my crazy, quirky loves that honestly it is beyond touching For someone to take the time (and $$, you're in trouble Shatan!) to buy someone a gift that is so thoughtful is so special and heart-warming ugghhh it is just magical and Shatan, you are an incredible person with a beautiful heart! THANK YOU!!!

For those who may be unaware, Karen Hallion is an illustrator, artist, part-time Jedi, who creates mixed fandom works that speak to the geek in all of us
I feel she is best known for her piece "Adventure Awaits" which depicts Belle from Disney's 'Beauty and the Beast' with the tardis from 'Doctor Who'...

I also adore her piece featuring Mary Poppins with the tardis - actually I adore all her pieces featuring Disney folks with the tardis
So if you've not yet been over to her ETSY STORE, I highly suggest clicking your way over right now !
Now... where was I?!? OH yes! The lovely Shatan has sent me a SIGNED PRINT featuring my FAVOURITE ANIMATED DISNEY CHARACTER Merlin from 'Sword in the Stone' surrounded by 50 pop culture references! Does it get any cooler?!?! The answer is no. No it doesn't.
It's going to take me a while to track down all 50... but i'm going to try!!

If you would like to help a sister out and track down the image on Google, feel free to let me know how many you can find!
Once again, Shatan, THANK YOU!!!! !!!!
Also, just a quick crochet update! Eye one on Mr. White is complete! Also have a hint of an ear starting up too Happy days!

Lee xox