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Thursday 12th October, 2017
#ILoveYarnDay is coming!

This SATURDAY 14TH OCTOBER is '#ILoveYarnDay' !!
Surprised?! Yeah me too! I usually ALWAYS miss these yarn-ish appreciation days, but not this time !
I was alerted to a great post over on 'Heart Strings' (a blog run by the lovely folks at Red Heart) which talks about the event and ways to celebrate and get involved Head on over and have a read HERE
Whilst I will be participating across various social media platforms with the hashtag #ILoveYarnDay! I thought it might also be a bit of fun if I commemorated the day here on Totallee.net
I thought it might be a bit of fun if we all took a picture that showed our love of yarn and I shared it here on the site in a blog post?! It could be a selfie, a picture of a project, your yarn stash, something creative, ANYTHING to pay homage to the fibre that we all know, love and use to create amazing works with
The big day is only two days away, so I COMPLETELY understand if you can't participate, but I just thought it may be a cool way to honour the day
If you would like to share a picture, please shoot me an email @ poprocker85[@]totallee[.]net (sans brackets) and I will pop it up on a blog post commemorating the day !
I must mention - I will be traveling on Sunday 15th of October, which will probably be on the 14th of October for most of you, so i'll try and post as late as possible to allow for living this side of the timeline

Speaking of loving yarn and yarn looking more than a little LOVELY (eh?! See what I did there !)Cary Grant has hit halfway !!!

Slightly awkward time for a progress shot, considering dude has one and a half eyeballs going on, but YAY HALFWAY !!!
I think i'm also coming to terms with my little mistake. It really doesn't look that bad and as the lovely Joanna pointed out on Facebook, I could just dub it a 'personal touch' and/or never speak of it again and everything will be fine I am loving that train of thought!
So once again, anyone wanting to send a yarn-loving pic to commemorate 'I Love Yarn Day!' please feel free to send it through !!
I'm going to have a hard time finding some yarn brighter than my newly dyed hair, but i'll give it a red hot go !!!

Lee xox

Sunday 8th October, 2017
Epic facepalm

So. I may, or may not be slightly upset with myself at the moment...
I also may, or may not have turned to biscuits to ease my pain....
Things were going so well with my gorgeous new palette too....
Okay, time to admit my boo boo...
Mr. Cary Grant hit 40%! today...

I wouldn't win an Oscar for dramatic acting would I?!
So for those of you who are looking at the update and thinking "what in the blue blazes is she on about?!"...
I'd like to direct your attention to Cary's cheek on the left there and the SEARING LINE THAT IS TRAVERSING IT!!!
I know! I know. I should have warned you.... it's just terrible....
Remember how I said that WATCHING Cary Grant whilst trying to CROCHET Cary Grant wasn't really working out for me, as my concentration, focus and ovulation cycle were drawn to the screen no matter what?!? Yeah well, I've paid the price
Looking at it now, it REALLY isn't that bad. But it is one of those mistakes that i'm just going to keep seeing no matter what. So it will need to be fixed!
So tomorrow, when the light is nice and bright, I will be performing a little surgery on our gorgeous patient with a darning needle and the CORRECT colours to hopefully blend that cheek a little better. Wouldn't you know it though?! The ONE TIME I make a mistake that is too far back to rip out to correct and it happens on one of the loveliest faces of all time

Lee xox

Wednesday 4th October, 2017
Running Down a Dream

You know those albums you played to death growing up?!? This was one of mine
66 years of age is just not right
'Running Down a Dream' will forever and always be my fave Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers jam with 'American Girl' running a very close second. Ugh, I still completely lose myself at the end of 'American Girl'! With the "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Uurrrrrrrrrrrrrr ahhhhhhhhhhh"'s You just cannot help but belt it out! BRILLIANT road trip song! Actually all of Tom Petty's tunes are great road trip songs Need a playlist for when you next hit the open road. Tom Petty man. He's all you need on those speakers

Thank you for providing me with some killer tunes, that have contributed greatly to my life's soundtrack Mr. Petty RIP and have a hell of a jam up there mate !

In crochet news

We have hit 30%! We have also hit the start of his nose! Which is also the end! Which is very confusing !
Lee xox

Sunday 1st October, 2017
Grant, Wayne's World and some Beatles!

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Yarnjoy Podcast - HERE
Lee xox