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Lee Mac. Twenty-nine year old fibre artist. Crochet portraits = Obsession. I am surgically attached to my Ipod and crochet hook.
Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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Wednesday 4th March, 2015
Inbox LOVE!!!

The MARVELOUS CAL hookster JILL has already hit 20%!! on her yet to be revealed mystery man !!
Jill, look at that collar my friend!!! That is one sexy bunch of collar folds right there !!!
And if there is anyone who knows more about 'sexy collar and shirt folds' right now, i'd like to meet em' because this is where i'm at with Jimmy @ 10%!

Eh?!! EH!!??? Am I right or am I RIGHT!! SEXY!
Jill we are fair dinkum ( Aussie slang) princesses of crocheted shirt and collar folds !
I should mention that I didn't sleep very well last night and I just had a large cup of coffee... aka. talking crap this morning
Not only is the CAL going GANGBUSTERS, I have received an inbox CHOC FULL of talent !!!

The marvelous LOUANNE has made this ADORABLE Pooh blanket for her Granddaughter in Colorado Isn't it BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE all those little uniform dots and Pooh is just so sweet! AGH!! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous work LouAnne, you clever, talented star you !!!

OH MY GOD Let me tell you, there a few things MORE exciting than seeing a bunch of HP panels come through one's inbox !!!!
SHIRLEY is now up to FOUR panels and is set to tackle her fifth!!!
Shirley, you are raising the roof with these!! LOOKING AMAZING!!!!!
AGH!! So many hooks going GANGBUSTERS right now!!!! WOO!!!

Lee xox

Monday 2nd March, 2015
Why SO Serious???!!

Image credit: 'frogrockr' on Ravelry.com

Well I just had an 'interesting' experience in picking up Larry from the Canberra Show!
Side note - for those not on ravelry.com, Larry scored a 'Highly Commended' aka. yeah not really anything
WARNING I'm about to go all 'soapbox' here!!
So I walk into the pavillion to collect him, get marked off, ask "okie doke, so I can go and grab him?!" and then...
The head steward, who has always been quite pleasant in the past, proceeded to give me a lecture on how I attached my exhibition tags, how the staples did not aid to the presentation and that 'it' had fluff all over it.
..... then some nosy woman picking up her work says "sticky tape is your best friend" in a condescending tone over my shoulder.
I wish to god I was quick enough to mention that when I won overall champ 2 years ago, I attached my tags in EXACTLY the same place and I presented the piece with the staples in ( you guessed it) EXACTLY the same way. Unfortunately I wasn't quick enough to tell Ms. Nosy to go suck an egg either... doesn't it just suck when you think of the perfect comebacks 10mins later when you're in the car!!
So after mulling over what had just happened I thought..
a) the crochet section @ the Canberra Show can go and get
but MORE importrantly,
b) are in desperate need of some chill pills!!!
There was no..
a) "Thank you for entering!"
b) "Congratulations on scoring a 'highly commended'!"
c) "We hope to see you again next year!"
d) "Here are a few pointers that may help you when you next present your piece.."
Nope! None of that! I just had a crabby old bat give me a lecture, with no 'thank you', 'cheerio' or 'kiss my foot' !!
Honestly, there is no need for that kinda attitude! IT'S A SMALL TOWN FAIR~~!!! YOU AREN'T JUDGING THE ARCHIBALD HERE GUYS!!
I don't have a problem with not winning in the slightest! I do however have a problem with being lectured in public on what NOT to do! Even though all I did was follow the instructions on the exhibition letter!
I just hope to god they don't give the same sort of lip to the kids who entered! I wouldn't put it past them after my experience!
Ahhh boy, so sorry about ranting, but it's attitudes like this that really spoil what could otherwise have been a fun experience! I entered Larry because I thoroughly enjoyed seeing his cheeky face staring out at thousands of people who came through the gates. It's a thrill seeing something you created under the lights. But after this experience, I won't be entering again! The fun has been taken out of it!
GAH! Majorly IRKED!
These chicks clearly need to go and get some FUN injections !!!

Lee xox

Sunday 1st March, 2015
G'Day Autumn!!!

Autumn time!! My kinda weather Chunky scarves, long sleeves, jeans, SLOUCHY HATS.. Heaven.
Now it's time for a scary sign ...

I should mention that this ONLY REFERS TO THE CAL
I did say it was closed, but I am making it truly OFFICIAL now because I couldn't say no to a few people who got in touch over the past few days But I really have to put the stop sign up now! We now have 12 FABULOUS CROCHETERS taking part !!!
I have made painstakingly slow progress on getting the patterns up! 2 x Jimmy D's are up! Along with a heart-melting shot of lil Shirley Temple! Lynne's pic, Mr. Sexypants aka. David Cassidy has also made his way into this crochet party
To check out the latest CAL patterns, be sure to keep checking the patterns page, located in the navigation bar at the top of the page
If you do decide to crochet along, be sure to send me happy snaps of your progress!!
Speaking of happy snaps,

The AMAZINGLY TALENTED SARAH (and yes Sarah you SO ARE!) whipped up Bella and Edward as a birthday present for her sister, who LOVED IT!! Wanna know why Sarah is super crazy talented ?!?
Brilliant stuff Sarah!! I'm looking forward to hearing of progress on the next one (hint hint!)!!
Whilst we're discussing super legends...
I am sitting here in awe. Seriously.

OH MY GOD JOYCE you're an absolute CROCHET STAR!!!! 15% ALREADY!!!
We now have the hint of a BACKGROUND STRIPE!!! WHICH IS BLOODY AMAZING IN THE WORLD OF PORTRAIT CROCHET PEOPLE!!!! I honestly think people think we're slightly unhinged when we get crazy stupid excited over such things Joyce, but I feel ya man!! Solidarity sister!!!
I will be rocking up to this CAL party with my Jimmy at 10% FOR SURE tomorrow!!!

Lee xox