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July, 2011

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Monday 21st April, 2014

Potter is @ 20%!...

Lee xox

Nimbus 2000 Away!! By Nimbus 2000...I mean crochet hook...
Saturday 19th April, 2014

So my 2 planned updates now equal one and my plan to post on Thursday kinda changed into Saturday but side number two of Rosselyn's Snape and Harry cushion has now hit 10%!

I've gone for a shot of Harry circa. Deathly Hallows Totallee looking forward to seeing how he works up!
In frigging-easter-news, I can't stop eating man !!!

All these bloody eggs and specials on chocolate bars are causing my arse to expand at a rate not seen before !!
Usually I can compose myself, find my inner chi, tell it to behave itself (threaten it to behave itself) at this time of year but I think the sheer VOLUME of chocolate that is around this year has broken through my will power walls !!
Walking into Woolworths over the past two weeks has been an absolute dream My olfactory system is worn out from all the lovely smells wafting around, from the bakery, to the eggs...
But the main culprit/s behind my arse expansion have been these dudes!!!

These MaltEaster bunnies are TO.DIE.FOR!!!!! !!!
I tried one on a whim about a month ago and yup. Hooked. Can't walk past Woolies without bowing down to the stand
They have reached worship-worthy status in my eyes
Not good for my bum!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thankgod it's all over in a matter of days !!
God i'll miss their tasty little ears and their serotonin excreeting abilities though !!
Lee for Pete's sake get a hold of yourself!!
Mothers day is only two weeks away which means half price specials on these babies

Praise be to the corporate giants and their arse-expanding, happiness-inducing, relentless marketing campaigns.

Lee xox

Exciting new site on the way!
Wednesday 16th April, 2014

So although the desk in the picture above is not mine, preeeeety much everything on it mirrors my kitchen table right down to the jumble of chords pushed against the wall !
Free time (or if i'm honest, every-spare-freaking-minute) has been devoted to consuming copious amounts of nouns, verbs, sentence structures, numbers, etc in Korean !
Can you believe I started 9 weeks ago!! My last lesson for semester one is next Tuesday I don't want it to be over!!!
The coolest thing is that now that I can read and write hangul, I can pretty much self study with the aid of a dictionary and by watching 5 zillion hours of Korean dramas which totallee suits me down to the roots of my boots !
The website Talk To Me In Korean has already proven to be more than kick-arse helpful and Professor. Oh and her band of zany characters from Sweet and Tasty @ youtube.com have made learning even MORE fun !
So therefore, not a whole lot to show off in the crochet department #sadface.
However I should have TWO updates for you tomorrow !!
I'm stoked to announce that the re-vamp of Totallee.net is coming along swimmingly !
I have a TRUCKLOAD of new content coming!!! MUCHO EXCITING!!!
By the way, if you guys have any suggestions about what you'd like to see on the site, always feel free to drop me a note !
Now, one last thing before I bugger off for now!
I want to say a MASSIVE HELLO!!!! to Ashley and her 5 year old son who is currently undergoing treatment in hospital !
Ashley left me the most gorgeous message on Facebook today and mentioned that her gorgeous son loves the gifs that I pop up here, so matie, when the amazing doctors and nurses get you feeling amazing and unstoppable again....
it will be time to PARTY!!!!!

Lee xox

"I can see clearly now.."
Saturday 12th April, 2014

How do sexy people!?
Many thanks for still dropping by while i've been awol this past little while
Life stuff has now cleared up and gotten a lot sunnier, so I am now much more smiley-er?! And ready to tap back into the virtual world !
Starting with an update!!
Mary Poppins & Bert have inched their way to 35%!!!

Can you believe I started this on 27th April 2012!!!! Almost 2 YEARS AGO!!!
Actually yes, we can all believe it...
But WHOA!!! Lee for god's sake!! Pick up the pace man!! !!!

In more exciting news, I have a re-vamp on the way!!!
I have decided to bring my website into line with where I am at in life and therefore will be adding/changing a few things !
Never fear! The crochet stays, the cute pixels stay, the weird-arse gifs about transformer snails stay (seriously cool gif right?!), but I have plans for making this place a more interesting and funkier place to visit !
Work has already commenced! So get read for a new look in the coming weeks !

Lee xox

Life is a rollercoaster
Friday 4th April, 2014

My apologies for being a little quiet lately!
Sadly life likes to throw curb balls that knock your socks off from time to time and right now is one of those times...
My apologies to those amazing angels who are waiting for e-mail replies too!! I will get back to you asap
I'm not sure how long i'll be on hiatus for - actually I don't even know if I will be at all, but just thought i'd drop in to say that everything is okay, just dealing with life stuff !

Lee xox

Time to crack open a few bottles!!!
Sunday 30th March, 2014

Professor. Severus Snape!!! [Version 2.0]!!
Started: 1st March, 2014
Completed: 30th March, 2014
No. of stitches = 12,320
Measures: 48 height x 56 wide (cms)
The pattern can be found HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm as happy as Larry (who is EXTREMELY HAPPY) about side one of Ros' cushion!!!
It is safe to say that I was a tiny smidgy bit worried at around the 30% mark that the dark shades I chose were going to be way too dark and ruin the effect but nope! Sneaky sly Snape looks awesome lurking in the murky greeny/blue/steely grey shadows !

For those who wish to have a crack at Snape, please know that you don't have to use the same colour palette ! This pattern follows the light to dark shades rule. Therefore, you'll need white, black and 6 shades of a particular colour (e.g. blues, greens, greys, etc..), or you could be adventurous and try mixing some dark greens with some lighter blues !
Please remember to drop me a picture or 10,000 if you decide to have a go I would love to see your creations !!
Now I have to start looking for the perfect picture of Mr. Potter for side two of this cushion bound for Boston !!!

Lee xox

Someone will think you're....up...to something..
Wednesday 26th March, 2014

We are TOTALLEE up to something!!! Up to 80%! Witches!!!!

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yeah!!!!
Those brows have certainly stepped up the intensity eh?!?! Very nice indeed!
I'm pretty confident I can have him knocked over by this weekend '
In part, that is down to me still feeling slightly queasy with ear pain

I was pretty freaked out at the prospect of getting a good chunk of my ear removed, but thankfully my guy had a change of heart at the last minute !
He decided to cut out the mole behind the ear, but leave the one half inside my ear as it had too much cartlidge in it, under it, through it (yeah I wasn't really paying attention to his voice at this stage..I was sort of tractor beaming my attention onto the massive needle on the table...for some weird reason?!)
I tell you what, it is a mighty weird sensation not being able to feel any pain, whilst being able to HEAR EVERY TINY SCRAPE, PULL AND STITCH!!!
Being able to hear the twang and ping of the thread as he was stitchingg me up, while not being able to feel anything but the slightest amount of pressure was so freaking weird!! It's like your brain has a mini meltdown because it can't comprehend the absence of pain
However, I definitely do not wish to go through the experience again, so 100+ Factor sunscreen will be applied to every inch of skin I have, even for 5 second trips to the letterbox
I felt so sorry for the lovely old man who went in before me!! He had a massive row of stitches all the way from the top of his forehead, down behind his ear, travelling right down his neck! One massive cut! Owww it looked so sore! He must have been a sun seeker in his day for sure!
Anywayz! I have to go back next Tuesday to get my pathology results, get my stitches out and make sure everything is okay! Then hopefully never have to go through it again!! Sounds like a plan man!!! !!
And if I do ever get into trouble again...i'll rely on this dude and his sexy super undies to save me, instead of the knife

Lee xox

Say what?!
Sunday 23rd March, 2014

Everyone's favourite vegetable weilding wizard has hit 70%!

Hooray for eyes emerging!!!!
At the moment it's a bit strange as he's kinda like "boo!", but as soon as his angry brows crash the party it'll be all like "Grrr!"...
Yeah I don't really know what that means either...
Moving on to scary-as-heck news...

Swear to gawd, Fozzie is too damn great for words...
Anywayz, although he is not frightening in the slightest, he does illustrate one hell of a party trick here that I shall not be attempting any time soon...
Long story short, I have to have minor ear surgery on Tuesday this week. Crap-di-doo-dah
Unfortunately, I suffer from a condition known as Moles-moles-everywheres-a-mole....itis.
I have the little buggers scattered all over and unfortunately at my yearly check-up at the cancer clinic, my guy with the micro-light found two sly little suckers on the one ear that are on the way to looking mighty dodgy. Therefore, they gotta go !!
I think one can be burnt off, which is the usual method for getting rid of most moles, but there is one that is half inside the ear half not that sadly he'll have to cut out which is pushing me towards freaking-the-eff-out-ville!!
However, the dodgyness of their colouring mixed with the fact that they will only grow bigger and therefore more skin will need to be taken if they were to be cut out in the future, means that I have opted to bid them farewell asap
I just hope to god it doesn't hurt too much! Will have post-surgery aids on stand by just incase

Lee xox

Thursday 20th March, 2014

I think it's fair to say that we each have a little Snape inside of us
Speaking of the sexy potions master, check him out looking sa-weet @ 60%!

I spy with my little peepers, the corner of a an eye on the horizon !!!
Exciting times in the word of yarn and hook people !
There is also exciting times in the world of learning Korean! OH MY GOD I AM LOVING KOREAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't believe i'm already half way through the course! So far we've learnt the alphabet (hangul), how to introduce yourself, directions, verbs and next week we're covering dates, times and currency! We're flying through!! It's so fun!!
What is even more exciting is that I chucked on a random episode of one of my fave dramas and holy crap I could understand words here and there without having to read the english subs !!!

Yeah, don't go holding out for an apology from me for making excuses to use Lee Min Ho gifs, cause it won't be happening...
*sigh* I can sympathise 100% with the scene bombing chick in white....
I feel your disgust with the situation sister
*cough* so yeah, I am definitely considering diving right into the 'part 2' 10 week course that my Son-seng-nim (teacher ) is holding straight after this one finishes !
Mainly so as I can get the basics down pat completely, before then asking her to teach me how to say "I am more than happy to have your babies"....

Too far?!
Lee xox

Slytherin in Black
Monday 17th March, 2014

I am not ashamed to admit that I would pay an exhorbitant amount of moolah to see this be made...
Serious..... Sirius. Lee stop it.
Prof. Sexy Sevs @ the halfway mark!!!!

Freaking exciting to see a snoz coming into the picture
In other news, considering there wasn't much excitement surrounding the Beatles CAL ( #EpicFail lol), I have decided to shelve that idea and replace it with a project that will rival the Hogwarts Bunch Blanket!
It reflects the loves of my life circa. 1991. Ouu I bet that's got you scratching your noodles !!
I was 6 years old and this film was EVERYTHING to me and has played a huge part in my life with it's influences ever since and so naturally, I feel the need to pay hommage in yarn
Stay tuned because I will be starting work on it and my Micky and Valerie projects just as soon as Snape hits 100% !!

Lee xox

Snape Approves.
Friday 14th March, 2014


Ouuuu I am feeling this one!! Now that the lips have come into play, the whole vibe has come over all sinister and ouuuu creepy eh?!
In other news! I got my hair did!

I can't believe my last trip to the stylist was NOVEMBER! Man I was rocking some serious ombre without even trying! Pity i'm not a fan of the ombre look!
Feeling back to normal now with my pink and blonde!
Yet again they asked me if I wanted to change my colours up a bit and yet again I said talk to the hand !
If I went about changing my colours, I'd have to go shopping for an entirely new wardrobe for my top half AND shop for a whole new bunch of hair accessories, because I have accumulated so much stuff to work with pink and blonde!!
So long story short. Heels are dug firmly into the ground. I ain't changing my colours
In other news, i'm finally well enough to get back to work Which is great as I have a pile of bills stacking up to rival the height of Everest to attend to!
Paying for pink and blonde top up's hasn't helped either
So it looks as though April is going to be rather a quiet spending month!
Only up side to that?!?! More c to the rocheting time!!

Lee xox

Fingers weaving Magic!
Monday 10th March, 2014

Raise those flutes of bubbly in the air ladies and gentlemen!!! The fabulously talented Elaine has smashed it outta the park on Captain. Jack Sparrow over here !!!
AMAZING JOB ELAINE!!!! Colours are superb and he just looks so darn scrummy
Thank you for sending him in and sharing him with us!!! OUTSTANDING !!!!
My inbox has also seen some love from the gorgeous Joyce !!!!
Look who is on his way to gracing us with his presence!!!!

We have a Harry panel on the way!!!! AGHH!! Looking fab already Joyce!!!
As for my efforts lately...they are...non-existant....still.
I'm still feeling like absolute poo and have been stuck in bed due to getting the wobbles everytime I go to stand up for more than 3 seconds. So I finally gave in and put on the first season of The Big Bang Theory. I have put off ever watching an episode because everyone who knows me has always insisted that I get into it, because it is just 'so you'. So naturally, I refused to watch it because I have some weird 'i'm going to rebel' side to my personality. So surprise surprise when I come to find that it's freaking hilarious and i'm a total nutjob for resisting it for so long
On the up side, because i'm so behind the 8 ball, I have 6 or 7 series to tuck into !!
Sadly the only real hook and yarn update I have, is that I did manage to retrieve my crocheting from my Melbourne trip from the parentals car. Shitty thing is that after looking at it, i'm not feeling it

I am not digging that effect the lighter pink/grey is having around Sgt. John's feet and legs! I'm at that, should I continue or pull out now fork in the road and I think i'm leaning towards STOP now and rework the pattern. What do you guys think?!?! ?!?!
The good news is that I don't think anyone else is having a go at crocheting him! lol! So I don't think i've wasted anyone's yarn if I do choose to rework the pattern! Yeah I think i'll stop now and re-do the pattern...
No point in continuing if your vibes aren't feelin' it right?!?
Sorry John ol' pal, you'll have to sit on the backburner for a while son...

Lee xox

Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, Samantha, Severus...
Thursday 6th March, 2014


Well on his way now!!!
Pretty soon he'll be able to show his face and sparkling personality in public!!

The dirty perv!
Lee xox

Wednesday 5th March, 2014

Cayce Zavaglia | Portrait and Process from Garrett Zavaglia on Vimeo.

Lee xox

Snape. Because he's worth it.
Tuesday 4th March, 2014

I can't believe that this never even crossed my mind. Not once !!!
And I call myself a Potterhead>!>!>?
For shame.....
Anywayz! Check old Snapey boy lurking in the shadows @ a cool 20%!

I am feeling this shadowy blue/grey spooky palette guys For me, the guy always needs to be shrouded in a bit of mystery...
However, the lighter shades will POP! when his face comes into the light so stay tuned for that !
Which by the looks of things could happen very shortly, because damn this is working up super fast !
Sadly i've had quite a bit of time to crochet - theres a sentence I never thought i'd type
Due to feeling under the weather. Feeling a bit burnt out due to the travelling, studying, life-ing, so my immune system has decided to chuck a massive tanty and slow me down a bit.
However, just to touch on the study part for a sec...

I am LOVING Korean!!!!
Tonight was meant to be my third class but unfortunately i'm too ill to attend, however I am having an absolute ball !!!!!
The folks in my class are all ages and are all really nice !!
My teacher or sunsengnim is FAB!! And guess what!! After the very first lesson (which was only 2 hours long) we learnt to read and write the entire Korean alphabet!! Han-geul!!!!
So for the past two weeks i've been honing in on every. single. Korean sign in town for a bit of reading practice! 9 times out of 10 it ends up reading "Kimchi" but still!! It feels extremely cool to be able to read another language !
Last week we learnt how to say hello, goodbye and introduce ourselves. This week I was meant to be learning how to say where I come from and what I do for a living. So i'm a bit bummed to be missing tonight's class because we're all pretty relaxed when it comes to reciting and speaking in front of one another and it's bloody hilarious when we all stuff up However, because I have the best teacher ever, she has already forwarded the lesson plan for tonight, so I won't be behind ! Although it does mean there will be a lot more practicing and introducing myself to my mirror this week!
In between crocheting this hunk of course !

Lee xox

Marching on...into..March...
Sunday 2nd March, 2014

G'Day folks!!! G'Day March!!!
Soooooooooooo happy to be waving goodbye to scorching 40+ degree days and howdy to mid-20s loveliness "..cause i'm happy..'clap along if you feel like a room without a roof... "
Swear to God i'm going to be eternally in love with this tune. Bless you Pharrell. Bless you
Anywayz!! If you haven't noticed, I am back from...MELBOURNE!!!!

Which is quite honestly, possibly, most definitely my FAVE place in Australia!!!
Yes Sydney has the most beautiful harbour in the world (In my opinion...because i've totally been to all of them...*cough*)..
but MELBOURNE has sooooooooooooooo much to DO!!
About two weeks before I left, I was feeling pretty wishy washy about life and thought, bugger this, I need a mini break away from everything and BAM 10 minutes later i'd booked flights and a motel!
Impulsive no ?!?
Now in the past i've never been super crazy on taking a holiday on my own.. I mean you want to have someone to share the experiences, the moments and the memories with right??!
Well I am living proof to say that taking a trip on your own is...quite simply... SUBLIME !!!
My little legs hit the ground and I was a runnin baby!!!
Federation Square, Victorian National Gallery, Queen Vic markets, Victorian State Library, Flinders Station, Alexandra Park, The Exhibition Building, Melbourne Museum, Melbourne Central, every freaking laneway in the CBD...it goes on...
Melbourne has THE BEST shopping in Australia and i've only ever really shopped when i've gone down there...or went to see gigs, sport or relatives... i've never really checked out the major landmarks and holy jingo balls it was AMAZING !!!!!
I also happened to be in town for the 2nd ever WHITE NIGHT - which is THE cultural event of the FREAKING YEAR!!!!

Basically, 500,000 sexy people FLOCK to the center of town and surround the landmarks which then get drenched in every colour of the rainbow from 7pm till 7am!!!
There were pop up restaurants, street performers, musicians, dancing, families, laughter, happiness, ultraviolet rain!! Oh my god the atmosphere was electric !!!
I met and buddied up with a very lovely chap from Vancouver for the evening with was lovely #awwwwwwwwww
Side note - another perk to travelling alone, OH MY GOD PEOPLE JUST START TALKING TO YOU...EVERYWHERE !!!
I don't know if they feel sorry for you, or I looked like a lonely arsehole or what but people were starting up convos everywhere I went! That usually never happens!! Well...I guess when you're travelling with someone people figure you're fine, but wow it was a real eye opener let me tell you !!
I couldn't get away from this chick who I bought a donut from!!! Feel like I know her entire world inside out now!
Anywayz!! If you can make it to Melbourne White Night 2015!! You totallee should because i'm planning to get my arse back down there fo sho!
Now...do you want the bad crocheting news, or the okay-ish crocheting news>?!?!
Bad news first so we can end on a high note yeah ?!?
The shite news, is that although I did crochet while I was away...I have left the bag containing said crochet in the back of my parents car and have yet to retrieve it to take happy snapolas for you up there for thinking Lee Lee...
However the okay-ish news is that I do have a couple of updates!!
Say hello to 30% on the Super Crazy Mega For-Nuts-Sake-This-Is-Big Beatles piece!!!!

Ouuuuuuuuuuuu we're starting to cook with gas fellow flower children!!!
I also have a picture of a queue jumper...
I have realised that I have a mounting list of gifts-I-need-to-give-to-people-before-I-die-of-old-age happening....
I seriously need to get a move on in deciding and starting gifts for the magnificent Micky who sent me a massive box of in crochet form earlier this year!!
I also need to move my bum on starting a piece for the gorgeous Valerie, who I agreed to swap pieces with because she is made of awesome (seriously, her genes are actually made of awesome )
I also need to complete a piece for my twin from another mother, Rosselyn who has begged/ asked nicely/ demanded/ threatened/ hinted at a Snape/Harry cushion for what seems like 16 trillion years...
Well, guess what....

Yup! The sexy potions master is up first!
I've decided to go with a new Snape pattern and will also be going with a new Harry panel! Both will be available just as soon as i'm done Awesome news is that I made sure they were the same size as the existing HP panels, so if anyone whats to substitute these new panels for the other Harry and Snape panels, they can Booya!!
In other Hp related happiness, for the love of all muggles, feast your eyes on this

This gorgeous Hermione panel was sent in by the GORGEOUS ASHLEY !!!!!
FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am totally diggin that shade of purple man
Thank you for sending in the pic so we can all feast our eyes on your mad skillz and beautiful piece !!!!

Lee xox