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Friday 17th November, 2017
All Hail the Granny Square!

Links mentioned:
Terri @ 'Yarnjoy Podcast'
Nadia @ YARNutopia [365 Granny Squares Project]
Lee xox

Saturday 11th November, 2017
G'day Granny!

Hello beautiful people and welcome to a parallel universe in which Lee attempts something with her hook that ISN'T A PORTRAIT!!
AGH! Scary I know!
Yes, I have attempted my first 'optical illusion' granny square!! There are many lessons I have learnt, but I am still mega proud of this lil square !
Lessons learned"
Drop down from a 5mm hook to a 4mm
Pick colours that are a little further apart in hue (COMPLETE opposite of what I am used to doing!)
Go with black for the border
Be sure to weave in all ends on the ONE SIDE !

Very excited to try it again with these lessons in mind! I cannot tell you how satisfying it has been trying something new I've been plugging away on my Beatles piece all week and man, let me tell you, it is HUGE and is really getting MEGA HEAVY!!

You're damn right it is Marty and now that we're heading into storm season down here, it's getting all humid, hot, sticky and muggy and having a couple of kilos worth of Beatles piece upon one's lap does not make for a fun and happy time atm !! So it's been lovely fiddling about with a little granny square and staying relatively cool

For anyone wondering, I first came across this pattern via the lovely Terri over on the Yarnjoy Podcast. I love tuning in each week to see what Terri has had her hook into and for a while now she, and a few friends, have been making the squares from 'Yarnutopia's 365 Granny Squares' 2016 project!
For those unaware, Nadia from Yarnutopia held a sorta CAL/ sorta daily tutorial...'thing' last year, where she posted a youtube tutorial for a different granny square for EVERY. SINGLE. DAY of 2016! HOW FLIPPING COOL IS THAT!!? Clearly I was out of the loop as I was busy crocheting Neville Longbottom and tigers probably
After watching Terri's progress, I decided to go and have a look at Nadia's blog post about it and check out a few videos and oh my word SO MANY BEAUTIFUL AND UNIQUE SQUARES GUYS!!
Honestly, click these words, scroll down and have a squiz at all the gorgeous squares! Click on one you like and have a look at the youtube tutorial while you are at it
I must admit, it has been a LONG time since I have attempted stitches OTHER than single crochet, so i'm definitely rusty, but this little square was SO much fun to crochet! I think i'll make some adjustments and crank out a few more OR I may just try my hook at a few different ones!
I will have an update on the Beatle Boys soon! However, right now, I gotta say i'm enjoying getting my 'granny square' on !

Lee xox

Thursday 9th November, 2017
House Pride!

Someone has been casting some mighty impressive magic with her crochet hook guys!!!!
The wonderfully talented and wonderfully DEDICATED hookster LORELAI has just completed her fourth and final HOGWARTS HOUSE CREST!!!!! !!!!!
If you've been watching my Crochet Catch Up's, you will be familiar with Lorelai's progress on these panels, but I must say, seeing all four together and complete equals !!!!!
There is some major chair-bouncing and "woo-hoo"-ing going on over here Lorelai! Congratulations on sticking with it till the end!! I know from experience, it CAN turn into a labor of hate and impatience, rather than of love and enjoyment at times but AGGHH!!! you made it !!!
I the vibrant colours you chose. Also, just quietly, I may have to come and steal that lemon yellow on the Hufflepuff crest from you too Simply beautiful!
If you would like to follow in Lorelai's 'hooksteps' (dear oh dear Lee...) head on over to the 'patterns' archive (link at the top of the page) and have a go yourself !

Lee xox

Saturday 4th November, 2017
Let's Talk Palettes!

Palette Suggestions

Red Heart - Browns (option 1)
- Warm Brown (Sport)
- Medium Brown (Classic)
- Black (Classic)
- White (Classic)
- Warm Brown
- Buff (Economy)
- Arab (Economy)
- Cafe (Economy)

Red Heart - Browns (option 2)
- Black
- Wood Brown
- Mid Brown
- Cafe OR Taupe
- Warm Brown
- Buff
- Aran
- White

Red Heart - Blues
- Black
- Soft Navy
- Royal
- Blue
- Wedgewood or Light Periwinkle
- Country Blue
- Light Blue
- White

Red Heart and Vanna's Choice - Greys
- Red Heart - Black
- Red Heart - White
- Red Heart - Charcoal
- Vanna’s Choice - Charcoal Grey
- Red Heart - Grey Heather
- Vanna’s Choice - Silver Grey
- Vanna’s choice - Silver Heather
- Red Heart - Light Grey

Lee xox