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Friday 22nd September, 2017
"The Shitty Beatles"

Say G'Day to 20% on Wayne & Garth!!!

Sliiiiiiightly awkward spot for a progress pic, as Wayne's bottom teeth are just starting to come in and it does look a tad frightening out of context
I'm feeling a little more comfortable with that grey now too. If it does end up being too light, I think i'll be able to pass it off as a 'sprinkle-type' effect At least that is what i'll be telling myself to rationalise not taking the time to go shopping for the right shade in the first place
In other news...

Remember these guys?!?
Lately, my Ipod has been having a love affair with the Beatles. When I have it on shuffle, it seems that every second or third tune that comes on is one of theirs ! So, i'm taking it as a sign that I should get my hook back into the MASSIVE piece I started waaaaaaaaaaaay back in 2011! !!

I forgot how much I loved this piece!!
I started this one so long ago that I was still using a 5mm hook so it's certainly going to be a challenge in getting used to a much larger hook and the looser tension that goes along with it! So stoked to dive back in though !!
I'm at a loss as to why it got left behind to be honest because all the hard colour changes are done! That black expanse above George's head is preetty much smooth sailing as far as black goes (with the exception of a lil surprise ) so I really have no clue why I bundled it up and forgot about it !
I'm ready to rock on with it now though !!
Happy crocheting this weekend folks!

Lee xox

Wednesday 19th September, 2017
Hold your light sabers!!!

The lovely Shatan has just informed me of a MISTAKE on the 'Princess Leia' pattern!!
I have just updated the pattern page to display the correct stitches for rows 5 and 6.
If you have this pattern saved, please head over to the Leia pattern page and get the RIGHT instructions for these rows !
Many thanks to the lovely Shatan for giving me the head's up!! (Cannot wait to see your rebel princess!)

Lee xox

Tuesday 18th September, 2017
Love from Belgium #2!!!

Feeling incredibly spoilt!!! You shouldn't have, but I am beyond thankful that you took the time to chose such considerate gifts !
You're an absolute STAR !!!
Lee xox

Friday 15th September, 2017
Snoopy Bobbles!

Bella Coco bobble tutorial
James Stewart's Old Time Radio Drama "The Six Shooter"
Albus Dumbledore Pattern
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JOANNA (The Wooly Duck)
The Wooly Duck Etsy Store
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Lee xox

Tuesday 12th September, 2017

The colours!! Oh my gosh the COLOURS !!!!
This GORGEOUS multi-coloured Einstein has come to life via the work of my friend and insanely talented hookster VALERIE and the bestest part is.... that he is currently heading from Belgium to Australia to come and live with ME !!! !!!!

If you are new to the blog, back in January 2016, I ran a crochet-along, in which I created 10 personal patterns for 10 people to crochet all at the same time The lovely Valerie and I decided to choose a piece to crochet for each other and do a bit of a 'swap' and the time for that swap is here !!!!
The tigers piece is currently on the way to Belgium and my beloved Einstein is currently on his way down under!! So exciting !!
I just hope he's not exposed to the elements (e.g. the wind!) on his way over Valerie! Otherwise he could look a little different when he gets here !!!


Lee xox

Friday 8th September, 2017
Crochet Catch Up #4!

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Lee xox

Thursday 7th September, 2017
Crests and party animals

Actually, weather-wise, it hasn't ! I am STILL freezing my ninis off !
We're currently experiencing the "Spring winds" here, but unfortunately they have 'buddied up' with an ARCTIC BLAST coming from Antarctica, so my coat is not destined for the back of my closet just yet !!
But there's no such thing as climate change right?!.....
It is time to set your faces to STUNNED once again!!!

I mean, does that not take you straight to your happy place?!?!
This UNBELIEVABLY PERFECT Hogwarts crest was made by the INSANELY TALENTED STEPHANIE and honest to goodness, the colours, the tension, the everything is just absolutely SPOT ON! !!
What makes this piece even MORE special, is that Stephanie will be adding to it to take it from being a simple little crest panel to being the centerpiece of a blanket for her baby boy
If being momentarily taken back to Hogwarts didn't get your warm and fuzzies going, then that piece of news sure should!!
I swear, hearing that these patterns are being made into such thoughtful and beautiful gifts is the BEST part of my crocheting life and yes, i'm going to take a moment to be EXTRA cheesy and say that it is indeed, quite simply, magical !
You know what ISN'T magical?!?!?

I am enjoying the effect though !
Thank the stars for Wayne's jet black mullet as it gives my fingers a nice little reprieve with some solid black action for a good 50 stitches on each row
This marks the 10%! mark and I am mucho excited for the next 10! Mouths they are a coming!

Lee xox