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Thursday 13th December, 2018
Books #36 & #37 | Reading Challenge 2018!

Lee xox

Wednesday 12th December, 2018
Harry Potter / Daniel Radcliffe Pattern!

I know, I can hardly believe it either, but after searching MANY external hard drives, lookie what I finally found!! The pattern to my 'Double Radcliffe' piece !!
I made this piece way back in 2011 and I must say I have had TRUCKLOADS of requests for the pattern ever since I completed it. It's been incredibly flattering, but more importantly, it's been fab to know that there are so many other hooksters out there, wanting to pay homage to the brilliant young man who brought Harry to life for us all, Mr. Daniel Radcliffe !
I remember stumbling upon this blend/mash-up picture online as the 8th and final film was drawing near and I knew I had to give it a try I LOVE the expression on young Harry's face and the juxtaposition between young Harry and older Daniel. I also love the intricate floral detailing on the right of the piece. Furthering the message of 'growth' etc.... getting deep aren't I ?!?
The best news is that the pattern is now up and available for you guys in the 'PATTERNS' section (which can be found in the navigation bar at the top of this blog)(or alternatively RIGHT HERE!)

Please feel free to send me progress snaps or pictures of your completed pieces if you give this one a go guys!! You know I seeing your versions of these patterns!
Also remember, if you are new to this type of crocheting or need a brush-up on the tips and tricks, be sure to check out the 3 PART VIDEO TUTORIAL over on my YouTube channel !
Funnily enough the tutorial features me working on my 'Double Neville Longbottom' piece I'm nothing but consistent I guess?!
So grab those hooks (wands, let's face it, they're wands really...) Potterheads and get crocheting!!

Lee xox

Sunday 9th December, 2018
Christmas Traditions 2018 Tag!

Lee xox

Wednesday 5th December, 2018
Stash Sorting!

Holy sheep is right! After almost 12 months of procrastinating, I rolled up my sleeves and got stuck into organising... THE STASH! Dun, dun, duuuuun....
Oh man, that room has been a complete dumpster for over 12 months and just the thought of setting foot in there gave me chills, so the task of sorting it out had been relegated to my list of 'least important jobs' BUT today was the day Challenge accepted! You versus me stash!! BRING IT ON!!
So I attacked it with gusto and voila!..... I'm super close to having it finished
My stamina was good, just not that good. I just didn't have enough energy left when I got to the yellows/oranges and creams and when I took one look at the 'grey' pile in the corner... dear God I nearly had a breakdown, so I decided to call it a day
Man... so much winding was done today you guys Fricken knots the size of planets to contend with... uggghhhhh the opposite of fun Thankfully, I can now see the floor and after one more session, it should be complete !
Amazing isn't it?! We all LOVE yarn, buying yarn, playing with yarn, but when it comes to organising our stashes, we'd rather stick chopsticks in our ears, am I wrong?!

Lee xox

Sunday 2nd December, 2018
Crochet Day!

Look whose CROJO switched on at just the right time!!
'Merry' banner = complete!
'Christmas' banner = started!
Feeling = Fan-flipping-tastic !!!!
I may just get this done before the big day guys!!!

Lee xox

Saturday 1st December, 2018
We're almost merry...

Welcome to DECEMBER guys! Good gravy! How on earth did that happen?!?
Just me, or did 2018 just go WHOOSH and BAM here we are?!.... making sound effects...
It is certainly starting to feel and more importantly, LOOK like Chrissy around here! Yesterday, we popped the tree up at my parents place and for the first time EVER it has lights. Deprived childhood right?! Only joking, however they are super pretty and they do add that extra bit of Christmas magic to the house I'm not entirely sure why we never had them till now... perhaps we each had a vision of accidently leaving them on and burning the place down or something, but 3 cheers for a twinkly tree in 2018 !!
Now, you would think, that with ALL this 'christmas' in the air, that I would be almost done with my 'Christmas Character Blanket' right?!

Ugh, I know! I know! So behind....
To make matters worse, I totally fluffed up on that purple light
For some reason I wasn't paying attention (doesn't sound like me does it?!) and I accidently added an extra square to one side and now he's looking a little....odd So instead of ripping out a bunch of work, I've decided to go with the 'what's done, is done' philosophy and be content with the 'unique design alteration' I apparently decided on.... pffft! I ain't fooling anyone but as with my 'Frosty the Snowman' square, I really just can't be arsed frogging so much work
By rights, I should be a little further along but last week I stumbled upon a pattern for a lapghan that looked so gorgeous, I just had to get my hook into it immediately !

Such a pretty design! It's a free pattern called the 'Denim & Ivory Lapghan' and can be found for free right HERE
It's a 5 row repeat and I've decided to go for 3 pastel shades rather than the two-tone option and ughhh, I love it so much already
I was prompted to have a quick search of 'lapghan' patterns thanks to reading that one of the local hospitals has put the call out for 'wheelchair blankets' for patients in their stroke unit I've been wanting to make a blanket/s for such a long time. Not only to branch out a bit with my hook and try some new stitches etc, but I have missed having a completely 'mindless' project to turn to. Clearly, i'm in desperate need of one... considering I keep stuffing up on my character blanket thanks to my drifting concentration
So i'm really looking forward to cranking out a variety of lapghans over the next couple of months!
I hope you're all starting to get the festive feels!! Hopefully I can pop on my Christmas tunes, get motivated and finish off that blanket in time for the big day!! No pressure??!!

Lee xox