Dear Beyonce...

Tues,22nd December 2009

Please do the women of the world a favour and look to those who came before you for some MUCH NEEDED GUIDENCE!!
After seeing your latest vid, my R.E.S.P.E.C.T for you has diminished severely. You don't need slutty make-up and sticky tape-width tape covering your lady parts to be powerful and sexy my dear.
Take 6 minutes out of your life, watch these and be re-educated.

Lee xox

First MerryBirthday Pressie!

Wed,2nd December 2009
So I had a sad 'so-long, farewell (you know the rest..)' goodbye last night with one of my besties who is off to Korea for a few months
Sadly she won't be back till February-ish thanks to some major risky wrist surgery she's going back for, so i'm a little massively bit bummed
Anywayz, we went for some 'Wok it up' (best noodles in town I swear) where she produced a funky looking bag saying,
"Since i'll be away for chrissy slash your birthday, 'Happy MerryBirthday!' "

Hello Kitty Car Window Screens
Hello Kitty Phone Cosy Phone Holder
Hello Kitty Car Phone Cosy Holder
So gorgeous!!! That girl is too too good to me! Plus she gave me discs choc full of every single track MJ's golden tonsils have ever featured on! Sha-Weeeeet!
Awkward part = I didn't get her anything. Me =
Awesome part = I've got a few months to get her something A-MAZE-ING
In other news, i'm thinking of re-naming DeeDee - 'Linus' of Peanuts fame...
I'm thinking she's surgically attached to her blankie...

Lee xox

My 2 Cents: Harry Pothead Saga

Mon,16th November 2009
So allegedly Mr. Radcliffe smoked a joint at a party in London town...
Am I the only one who doesn't give a FAT RAT'S CRACK?!?!
The media, especially talking heads on morning tv shows have been going absolutely apeshit over 'Harry Pothead' being snapped ALLEGEDLY sucking on a spliff whilst apparently 'giggling' with a pen-drawn beard on his moosh.
By the way everyone's going on about it, you'd think the guy had stabbed a puppy with an ice pick or something!
Cries of "He's supposed to be a role model for kids worldwide!!" "My son/daughter idolises him!" "Blah blah BLURGH!"
Honest to god.. if your child 'worships' and sees Radcliffe as their ROLE MODEL in their life, you've got bigger problems to worry about peeps. The whole 'role model' tag they slap on actors, sportsman, musicians and the like reeeally shits me !
9/10 times you will NEVER meet these people in your life and you say they are your role model?
9/10 times the people claiming that these famous peeps are their role models, only know them as they've seen them on telly/movies/stage/sporting arena, therefore they are basing their assumptions on 2 hours worth of observation?!?
In the case of Radcliffe, hours of observing him playing a FICTIONAL CHARACTER?!?! THAT is what you've attached your 'role model' tag to?!?!
Wake up people!
Stop slacking off and BE the 'role model' in your child's life!
Side note - while i'm in a Grrr mood, was anyone else pissed that Telly Monster was nowhere to be seen in Seasame Street's 40th Anniversary celebrations!!!

STUPID MEDIA!! That is what you should be devoting your journalistic skills to!! Where/why/HOW WAS TELLY NOT THERE!!!!
Telly, much respect and love my brother! MWAH!
Lee xox

Say Wha?!?!

Thurs,12th November 2009
Wow, okay so i'm not dead, I have just been taken over by a labradore!
Who I took to the vet this morning as she was due for her shots and routine check-up, plus she's been scratching and rubbing her ears like a mad woman. So in we go, laa di da, all normal all normal.... Y E L P !!!
She yelped in pain when Mrs Vet went to shine a light down her ears. God I hate that sound!! Me being a total wuss responded as a 3yr old would by *gasping* and blocking my ears with my hands. I should not point out that i'm 24 yrs of age here should I?! Would make me sound pathetic and silly wouldn't it?!
Anywayz, Mrs Vet tried to gently clean her ears with cotton buds and off she sounded again (and yes I gasped and ear-covered accordingly...).
So after taking swabs and looking at them under her super dooper microscope, it turns out my poor lil DeeDee has a yeast infection in both her gorgeous golden ears
Thankfully it's been there a while. Okay that sounds awful, but i'm just grateful that it wasn't anything I have/haven't been doing that caused it. So they figured the best option was to give her a general and flush her ears out completely. So my poor poor baby has been catching medically induced zzz's this afternoon, whilst i've been going through separation anxiety like mad.
She's only been in my care 2 full days but already the house feels empty
Anywayz she's supposed to be ready to collect at 6 tonight, where i'm told she'll be all fuzzy and tired and will be on pain medication. I've also been told that she'll be going home with drops that need to be administered daily. Administered to a dog with sore tender ears. Administered to a dog who has beautiful SHARP TEETH....
Joy to the world.
Lee xox

Word for 'happier than happy'?[please insert here]

Sat,31st October 2009

Lee xox

Spring DEElight!

Wed,21st October 2009

2 weeks EXACTLY, till I welcome my baby girl home
Over the last few days I seem to have gone a little crazy in the shopping department, all in preparation of course! I didn't go buying useless crap! No no no! Course not! It's all stuff she most absolutely needs ....
...okay so maybe I could of left the dog shamwow and the bandana behind...
...and I still haven't gotten round to getting her food or worming stuff...but pfft!
So if going out and buying doggy shiz wasn't enough to get me bouncing and smiling my head off like an idiot for the past few days, I went along to a doggie behaviour info night...

First thing's stoked am I with my new over-sized green hairclip! I don't tend to see the back of my noggen too often, so it was nice to see it standing out and looking cliptastic
The night itelf gave loads of useful tips on how to avoid your dog becoming a looney. The answer is to buy the product they had for sale and were endlessly plugging and dropping into every sentence they spoke apparently, but aside from that they did have some great tips on how to stop barking/digging etc...
That clip really is doing a hell of a job isn't it.... so fab....
Yeah! So afterwards they had a bit of a Q&A with everyone, which was bloody hilarious as everyone shared their 'my dog does this' anecdotes. My fave was a bloke who when called upon just said..
"5 dogs.....doorbell......bedlam"
Bloody classic. So the expert rattled off suggestions before asking him "What would you like the end result to be?" to which the guy replies "For em to shut up."
That, the free goodie bag and photographic evidence that my new hairclip looks fabulous...
Top night!
Lee xox


Mon,19th October 2009
About two years ago (ish), I heard the song 'Wichita Lineman' by the legend that is Mr. Glen Campbell. During those 3 minutes and ten seconds.....
something magical happened..
a) I heard possibly the prettiest piece of music I have EVER heard.
b) I heard the most beautiful/sad lyrics I have EVER heard.
c) and lastly, I heard the most amazing lyric I have EVER heard - Which still stands unsurpassed to this day.

"And I need you more than want you.
And I want you for all time."

Until this lyric, I had never found the words to expressive 'ultimate love/desire' - so that line, totally blew me away and does each and every time.
The song quickly became one of my Top Played on my Itunes, was added to nearly every mixed cd i've made since and continues to make me stop whatever the fudge i'm doing to take time to escape with it every single time it comes on.
I'd certainly rate it top 3 of my all timer's I think
So why have I suddenly decided to divulge this little musical fact about myself at this point in time?!?!.......

I have been lucky enough to hear one of my other Top 5 songs OF ALL TIME live before ("I Miss You by Blink 182" for those playing at home - to be fair it was performed by Tom Delonge fronting AVA, but was a moment in time..) and now I get to tick this gem off the list
So So So HAPPY!! Can't WAIT!!!

P.S. If he does "True Grit" as well, i'll most certainly faint in the aisle or on top of the poor bastard who happens to sit in front of me for sure
Lee xox

Kathryn x2

P#ssed Off!

Sun,3rd October 2009
For some strange reason, for the last 3 months or so, there have been a couple of 'incidents' that have culminated into me feeling as though i'd like to punch a select couple of my friends really really hard in the ovaries
I'm seriously not a violent woman, but when my buttons are pressed and i'm pushed to the limits like I have been I really really reach boiling point ! BOILING, not just a light simmer!!!
This shit-arse mood has come about courtesy of a phone call I received this arvo from a friend I haven't spoken to in months, due to her completely cutting off contact and not giving a flying rat's crack about what's been going on in my life. Clearly i'm pretty pissed off, as 'flying rat's crack makes absolutely no sense.
Then she gets on the phone this arvo and speaks as though everything is normal as! And of course she goes on and on and on and on about her life, only timidly asking how i'm going at the very end, before whaddayaknow! She has to get off the phone and attend to her crying kid.
I won't even go into the issues (warranting ovarie punches) surrounding my other 'pal', but suffice it to say, i'm sick to death of being the last-resort-friend !
Rant over.
Lee xox


Consumeristic Drooling

Tues, 22nd September 2009
Just got October's Jelly, Woofin`Girl & ViVi magazines and I am SO all about the shoes and dresses

I need a money tree... STAT!!!!
Lee xox

Kathryn, Sydney

Omg omg omg omg omg OMFG!!

Wed, 16th September 2009
Have just gotten off the phone from the most heartbreaking/exciting phone call of my life. Has left me feeling so bittersweet, I feel i'll be having The Verve's symphony on repeat for the next week!
Twas from one of Mum's best friend's, Anne. Anne has a guide dog named Didi. Anne has been having training issues with Didi, who has distraction issues . Which, of course for a guide dog...
is a BIG FAT NO NO!!
Since she's had her, unfortunately Di's always had trouble with the whole STOPPING thing...
Which makes it extremely tricky for Anne to get about on her own. So the phone call, was Anne, asking if she ended up deciding to get a replacement dog, would I be interested in taking Didi in with me, as there was no one else she trusted or knew would love her to death more than me...
THIS is Didi...

What do you reckon my answer was?!?!

Lee xox


Fri, 28th August 2009
So after a MAMMOTH effort, I FINALLY have the new site up and running !!!!!!
I would blog more but to be honest i'm STUFFED ! Utterly drained from staring at the screen for the last couple of hours!
So for now, i'll just say that I hope you like the new layout and be prepared for loads more content and more beautiful emoticons like these ---> *sigh* Adorable...
TTFN! (Man I have no idea how many years ago I last wrote that...weird..)
Lee xox

RSI Here I Come!

Tues, 4th Aug 2009

Neeeeeeearly finished!!!
Once this baby is done, i'll be backing it along with the pink one and popping it up for SALE!! Cha ching !!
And then hope to god it sells, otherwise i'd have screwed my fingers over for nothing lol.
It's weird, you'd think with all this knitting and crochet, my wrists would be the ones to suffer, but nope, it's been my poor little falanges! God I love that word. Sounds like it should be the name of a fish or urchin or something...
So yes! As soon as they are rip-roaring and ready to sell, i'll be launching the NEW!!
Bust open the bubbly people!
In other news, I could be crocheting like a total looney tune till December, because the Handmade Market here in my hometown have said they would LOVE to have me as a stallholder at their next market, which will be Decemberish!
Awesomeness much?!
Just got to decide what sort of stuff I should crochet..
I'm seeing cushions, portraits, scarves... theme-wise i'm thinking music?!....
Then again, my Harry Potter pieces have received a shiteload of interest...
Loads of ideas whizzing about! But right now shall return my wandering brain back to the needles and finish off this Mcscarf for one lucky person
Lee xox.

Sunshine Daisies..

Mon, 27th July 2009
Ladies, gents and everything in between!
How are we?!
Clearly i'm a lil cuckoo this lovely overcast Sunday!
Thinking about getting my walk in before those nasty looking grey buggers open up and dump buckets on my fair city!
Didn't sleep so well last night Saw the clock strike 4 AM thanks to severe back and leg spasms. Joy to the world!
I tell you what though, the hour between 3 and 4 has some pretty fuNKy effects on the old brain! Had some weird-arse thoughts whizzing around that if penned, would give you all cause for concern, so i'll refrain, but man! Funky!
Onto much brighter things! Literally!
Check out the latest square for my Brady Bunch inspired Hogwarts blanket -_^

Bit bright ain't he!
VERY VERY pleased with how it turned out. Kinda sucks that it worked so well actually, cause now I look at poor Harry and think "you're just not that good anymore..."
Cest la vie!
Site news - The new layout/shop is coming along swimmingly! Should be up over the next week or two hopefully!
So E to the X cited!
Lee xox.


Tues, 28th July 2009

Am now having grand visions of doing portrait squares of a stack of characters and constructing some sort of Brady Bunch style blanket/wall hanging...thing. Can you tell i'm thinking as i'm typing?! Andy Warhol/pop art flavour..
Mmmm yes...
Lee xox.



Mon, 27th July 2009
Since seeing the sixth installment of the HP movies last week, it's safe to say that my brain has been a little preoccupied with all things Potter As well as seeing the movie, i'm currently re-reading Deathly Hallows, i've been re-watching the other 5 movies, my eyes and ears have been bombarded with interviews of the cast on the telly, in the newspapers and i've now started following Draco on twitter. In short..I'm Harry-Potter-fied
So naturally with my brain focusing on little else over the past week, I had to channel it all into SOMETHING and naturally the crochet hook was there to assist...

60% of the way there!!
Like the McFly squares i've stuck with the black,pink and white scheme, but unlike the McFly squares, I've added a 4th colour. A light grey to hopefully add a bit of shading and therefore bring a 3d-element in It seems to be working out pretty bloody well! Which is pleasing me mucheth!
So of course now the brain is buzzing around with grand plans of pumping out a few more HP characters..but I need to tug on the creativity reigns and slow down a bit! Otherwise my to-do list will end up as long as my grocery list (3 pages at the mo!! I have no food...
Except shredded cheese. I ALWAYS by WAY too much. Need to add "For-christ-sake-Lee-DON'T-get-anymore-CHEESE-!!!" to the bottom of the list. Seriously have like 4 bags of the stuff! I only make pizza like once a month. Why the hell do I insist on chucking it in the trolley EVERY time I go shopping! Weird...)
Lee xox.

Snippy Snippy

Thurs, 23rd July 2009

FINALLY got my hair snip snipped today!
Was a lil "AGH CRINGLES!!" when my stylist held up the mirror at the end, but after coming home and styling it up, I can say that it's not as bad as I intially thought
For some mad reason, she insists on boofing it up (we're talking 80's boof ) before letting me walk out of the salon. So once infront of the bathroom mirror, I brushed out her industrial strength hair spray and shagged it up! Apart from looking a lil bit like a member from Short Stack, i'm likin it
In other news - I've taken down every single Totallee Podcast from the Podcast Page, because they are so darn CRINGE-WORTHY that it really would be illegal to let anymore ears listen to them! However, it was nice to see that EVERY podcast i've done, Totallee and McFly alike, had recieved over 100 plays/downloads! Cheers to you guys!
Have kept the McFly ones up, because it would be illegal to take them AWAY from people's earholes! -_^
Anywayz hopefully someday soon i'll find the inspiration to have another crack a new and improved Totallee one!

Finally saw HP6 yesterday! Fear not, I won't give anything away - except my opinion...
I came away from the cinema with a frown. Which has never happened before with a HP film! Usually peeps can't shut me up for 3 days, as I relay every little awesome detail, but this time, I was just "hmmm".
After disecting it every which way, it boils down to the fact that they left TOO MUCH OUT!!!!!!!!
I'll shut up now, cause I don't wanna spoil it, but yeah... prolly, DEFINITELY my least fave of the six so far...
Lee xox.

And the award for the coolest parents goes to...

Mon, 21st July 2009

Snapshots like this Reeeeeeeally flick my maternal insticts into the ON position!
Lee xox.

Natasha, Kathryn x 2

Yum Scrum Jones!

Mon, 20th July 2009
"Dun. Dun. Dun. Another one bites the dust!"

Mr. Jones! The latest square to join the throng! Leaving 1 to go!

Aaand the winner from last entry is...

Heading in to town for lunch and shopping later this week, so will be sure to pick up a couple more balls of hot pink to get started on him asap!
Also need to stock up BIG on blues for my next whopper of a piece. Can't WAIT to get started on it! But for now i'm going to be totally annoying and tight lipped about what it is till I get started
In the mean time, have just started on my next McScarf for the hoards who have requested them!

Also quite proud of myself today, as I finally made a start on converting the 'junk' room of the house into a space that I can actually use, rather than one full to the ceiling of shit. Was getting to the point of opening the door, slightly ajar before hurling whatever erronous piece of shit I wanted to get rid of in really really quickly before shutting it super quickly, before an impending avalanche of god knows what would fall out and render me unconscious for 3 yrs.
Now it's looking like this...

Bar the blurryness of the camera phone - tiz looking quite spiffy no?!
Right off to get my weekly dose of Bill Maher...
Ou! But before I do!
Finished Michael J. Fox's book "Always Looking Up" last night. Have to share a couple of fave excerpts. Well lines really...
"Listening is an expression of optimism"
"The only counter to all of this negativity is positivity"
"The purpose you wish to find in life is not going to fall from the sky"
Speaking about his youngest daughter - "She's not an escapist, she holds two passports and travels often"
The man is a complete ledge and now holds a special place in my literary adventures for writing two pages that were so incredibly funny that I actually cried and couldn't breathe Anyone who follows my recommendation and ends up reading it (which by the way - I highly recommend you take my adive and read it), I speak of the bit about Michael's choice of chair in the filming of an ad for a television campaign for the 2006 election. Hysterically funny.
Lee xox.

Kathryn x2, Natasha

Mr. Jones sha la la la la

Wed, 15th July 2009
So my fingers have been fairly busy over the last couple of days! Have taken Mr. Jones from 40% of the way there to 60%! Huzzah!
We have a nostril
Not normally something one celebrates, but in the world of crochet - a nostril is pretty damn exciting people
Means that when I stand back and hold him up to a mirror I can FINALLY - after days and days of crocheting - SEE and gauge how it's going to turn out! And by god I think this one's gonna be quite yum scrum Then again, how could it not?!

Nooooooow comes the tough bit!
After Mr. Jones i'll have one blanket square to go. Mr. Douglas.
Here's the problem. I have 3 options for squares at the moment...
I'm trying to decide between these three...

Or any other picture suggestions would be fab - cause i'm "umming" & "errrring" something shocking!
Lee xox.

Mixed Bag

Fri, 10th July 2009
Howdy Doody!
My what a mixed week it has been!
And not in the good mixed-bag/drinks-container-full-of-mixed-lollies-of-your-choosing-that-you-used-to-be-able-to-get-@-Taget kinda way!
Sunny highlights included: Brunch with the girls, lunch with Miss Sunny, Brainstorming business ventures with my crochet idol, hitting the club for dinner with ex-workmates and winning a princely sum on the pokies & finishing my latest portrait piece!!!!
May I present the Beautiful Baby Boy Alki!

!!! Cute Cute Cute Cute Cute Cute Cute !!!
Shitty cloudy highlights of the week include: Having to cancel my wkend in Sydney with my fellow Spazzer, CFS symptoms which resulted in me spending a RIDICULOUS and ANNOYING amount of time curled up in muscle-clenching, finger swelling, brain-swirling agony
And then there was the little cherry on top of having to shell out 230 (SO FAR) on physiotherapy for my NECK, which has decided to go and get itself twisted up like a bloody pretzel. Talk about PAIN!
Mr. Physio man (who I might add, is tippy toeing along a very fine line as to whether or not he will make my Christmas card list this year!) had a feel about the first time I went in and explained that your vertibre are SUPPOSED to interlock like a nice little cog. He explanied that the ones around the base of my neck and skull had decided to flip the rules off big time and now looked more like a dog's breakfast
So the first 2 visits was basically me, lying on one of those freaking uncomfy massage tables, getting my neck cracked back into alignment. Ouchie wow wow.
Then yesterday I go in and he informs me that I need "Traction". Okay so I don't know about you, but the word "traction" is right up there on my scary-words-list with "Puncture" and "scapel". In short, this scared every shade of shit outta me!
So he sends me to a room with the scariest looking machine smack bang in the middle, with velcro straps and an onboard computer and man it gave me the willy's just looking at it. He told me to lie down, I did. He strapped me in and told me to relax, I didn't. He said the machine would do everything and that I had to just lay there for 20mins. Then the bugger left the room. Just me and Mr. scary stretchy machine. I swear I thought it was going to be the modern version of being strapped to "The Rack" and that I was going to be stretched to within and inch of my life, but actually... wasn't too bad! PHEW
Hurt like hell afterwards though, because it had realigned my vertebrae AND had loosened all the muscles around my neck so I looked a little bobble-headish for a while, but fingers, toes and eyes xx'd it works!!!!
"And that's all I have to say about that"- Forrest Gump.
Lee xox.

Round of Applause!!

Sat, 4th July 2009
LOOOOVELY sunny day today in the nation's capital!
Have been lapping it up with the girls all morning with a beyond tasty brunch of eggs benedict (I don't care what anyone says, it's the best brekky a girl can get) and about three cappucino's..
Yes, I know caffeine is naughty and will turn your insides into a jittery icky mess but that's the price I choose to pay for drinking heaven's brew. I like to think they drink it up there, cause if they don't, then I ain't going!
*A hem* Moving on...
Lemme just take a few lines to let you guys know how much you all...
Seriously! Soak it up because this is for you ->
LESS than 24 hours after posting the latest McFly Podcast,it received no less than 70 PLAYS!!!!!!!

Jeezuz H. Cringles, here you guys deserve another round ->
Bloody brilliant!
In other McNews, have nearly finished the 1st scarf that will be going up for sale as soon as it's done and as soon as I can come up with a banner for my shop!

Have also received interest surrounding my Harry piece! So will most prolly be popping him up for sale too
Reminds me, I have to get my butt down to the post office and figure out shipping costs..
Lee xox.


Re-Org Time

Mon, 29th June 2009
Brought my newest most GORGEOUS piece of art home today!!

(For closer inspection check out the pic 2 entries ago)
I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Had a few issues with where to put the bugger though! Originally it was to go above my mantel piece and yes, it fits perfectly in that spot, trouble is, there's not enough light shining in the right spots, so it looks a lil too dark. So after doing five thousand 360's, I decided on the pozzi by the front door Will prolly change about a zillion times over the next week, but as my arms are about to fall out of their sockets (it's surprisingly heavy!) it'll stay right where it is till I do a few bicep curls!
However, as I was shuffling things about, Danny had to be taken down and now has a new home..

Open the front door and BAM there he is up in your FACE!
( Verrry nice)
Have also put up a temporary poster in the kitchen..

He will remain there while I remain in mourning. Could be there a very long time.
In happier news! My fingers have been busy and pretty shortly I will have finished my first McScarf that will be up for sale!

1 down, 17 and counting to go!!
I must be insanely mental to have agreed to do this, but screw it - it promotes the boys and makes the fans happy! Who needs un-sore and un-throbbing fngers anyway eh!?

Lee xox.



Fri, 26th June 2009

Lee xox.


Thurs, 25th June 2009
For AAAAAAAAAAGES I have been browsing framing stores, poster racks, retro shops, garage sales and op-shops for the famous Legendary Crossroads print of Elvis, Marilyn, Jimmy Dean and Boggart out the front of a diner and guess what!!!

It's so beautiful!!! And it's coming to live @ my house!
It's a fair size aswell! Bout a metre across I would say, and is fully framed and looks just perfect AGH! Will look perfect x a million once it's above my mantle piece with my jukebox going underneath it and holy crap i'm droolin`!!!!
I was also a little bit naughty because i've lay-by'd another print....
I fell BIG TIME in LOVE with this one...

It doesn't look anything spesh on here, but it is so increibly well done and depicts and captures the heartache I feel for both of them more than words can express - and when it's all said and done, art, in any medium, music, there to express and capture what words can't - so it was just perfect and i'm desperately in love with it so it to is coming to live @ Lee's house!
I feel a re-decorating coming on! Will have to shuffle things around my walls to accomodate these new babies!
Really can not believe I will finally have that diner picture! YEARS i've been searching! Bloody YEARS!!
Anywayz, I get to pick them up either tomorrow or Saturday, so until then, think I shall dig out my Elvis Gold disc and get in the moooood ^___^!!
So freaking stoked! AGH!
Lee xox.

Sydney, Aleida

Hiya Harry!!!

Tues, 23rd June 2009
Mr. Harry Judd = Completed!
Took this...

Aaaaand turned it into THIS!!!

Fletcher and Judd down. D&D to go
Lee xox.

My Poor Broom Broom

Mon, 22nd June 2009
Mimi has died
Let us all bow our heads in rememberance for her battery.
SO BLOODY ANNOYING when your car craps itself and won't even try to start! GRRR!
I had the lads from the NRMA out here TWICE already this week and now it seems she's being extremly and inconvienently stubborn and won't budge an inch! *le sigh*
I've gone out of my way to be a good owner - jump starts, covering her up against the below zero nightly temps, vaccuming her foot mats - but nope! She's shut up shop. Refusing to relent and let me start her. She's all "Talk to the hand biatch". Just disgraceful.
Really wish these was one of those times where I could just pop a band-aid on the hood pat her on the roof and she'd start, but according to reality, that doesn't work. I really wanted to get out to the shops today too! I'm freaking starving! Was forced to have sao's with vegemite on the other night, cause everything else in this bachelorette pad is past it's used by date!

Reeeeeeally need to go get some groceries! Fruit, veg, meat, CHOCOLATE!!!!!!
So instead i'm spending the day couped up @ home
Which isn't really as bad as it sounds...
Gives me the perfect excuse to vacuum, dust, wash the kitchen and bathroom floors, fold and put away the washing, sort out the spare room and go nuts with the Spray 'N' Wipe.
Crocheting it is!

Nearly nearly finished! Huzzah!
Lee xox.

Spencer...You LUCKY girl you! RAWR!

Fri, 19th June 2009
So Lee, if your could be anyone for 1 day, who would you be?!?
Answer = Spencer Grammer

From the looks of things, me thinks Evan is one happy dude right there
I repeat. I would be Spencer Grammer.
Lee xox.

Chucking some MAJOR Wobblies!

Tues, 16th June 2009
Hi ya'll!
Hope you're all well and all that! Apologies for being led astray but much has been goingst on!
Healthwise = BLAH!
I've been chucking wobbles left right and centre! The other day I was 'riding along in my automobile' (cracking tune!) when all of a sudden I felt like i'd been whacked with the back end of a bus!My head got all woozy, my vision went haywire and my hands swelled to twice their normal chubster size. NOT FUN! Luckily I was going quite slow at the time thanks to passing through a 40km school zone, so no fears of screetchy screetchy-swervy swervy- bangy bangy- crashy crashy I pulled myself off the road and sat there like a wally , as the 9am traffic whizzed passed me. Scary times. I was okay-ish after about 10 mins, so chucked a U'ie and made it home. Got straight on the phone to the Doc and went and paid him a visit. Paid him being the operative words! $65 beans thank you very much! My purse and I aren't on speaking terms at the moment.
Anywayz he poked and prodded me about (rephrase needed?!) and by the end of it was still as confused as when I walked in. So he sent me off to donate some blood to pathology. To cut the story short, I rang up today and whaddayaknow! The results so far are 'Normal'. Which is great! But is annoying, as i'm left with no diagnosis for feeling as lousy as a snowman at the beach
Otherwise = Rockin`&Rollin`!
I managed to bugger off my last piece of assessment for the semester reasonably unscathed. Meaning with under 5kilo weight gain. Many M+M's were consumed to get me through it, but thankfully this time I restrained myself and managed to NOT buy the usual 4 litres of vanilla ice cream to accompany them! Score 1 for Lee!
This past week has also been spent with my Aunty from Syd, seeing my gorgeous brand new baby 2nd cousin & catching up with some of my crew for coffee, dinner and my first taste of carrot & pineapple cake. To answer your question = Yes. It really was as awful as it sounds Unfortunately my soon-to-be-ex-friend-if-she-makes-it-again Sarah, likes to experiment in the kitchen and despite best efforts, usually comes a cropper in the desert section of the meal. Hence the spontaneous trip to Micky D's for sundaes! = Naughty/Exciting! 'Tut Tut' because I bought yet another ring!
But honestly how the hell was a coffee fiend like myself meant to leave it there?!? LOOK!!

Just beautiful! Well, it is in the picture. Now it's in pieces The spoon was the first to jump ship , but luckily I found it before it made it's way into Mr. Vacuum cleaner. Then due to an unfortunate knock of a coffee cup, the mini coffee cup fell of it's base, leaving my finger superbly decorated with a tacky lil ring of plastic. Nice.
But with a lil Super glue, all will be right in the world again
& "Wooo! Exciting" because i've been in talks with a mate about Etsy and I reckon it's a real go'er interm of selling my crochet and knitted pieces!!
So stay tuned!~!!
So that's brought ya's all up to speed a lil!
Now i'm gonna think about heading to Bedfordshire and get cracking on my newest adoption from Border's...

Lee xox.

GAH!! SO OVER IT!!!!!!

Tues, 2nd June 2009

After next Tuesday...alcohol and dancefloors...WATCH OUT, cause I need to round up the peeps, let my hair down and get my groove on!!!

Lee xox.

Am SO Twittering Like a Birdie right now!!

Tues, 2nd June 2009
Lisa Loeb made it BIG back in 1994 with her platinum selling #1 smash "Stay" . At the time I was 9 years of age and obsessively playing my Monkees and Beach Boys tapes over and over (Oh and a personal fave tune from that year "Boom Boom Boom" - The Outhere Brothers. Classic). So apart from hearing it as background music on every show imaginable at the time (I wouldn't of been surprised to hear it softly playing on the 6 oclock news, seriously, it was THAT big), I didn't really get into it.
Years later, I was re-introduced to Lisa when she had a short running television show on the E! network called 'Number 1 Single' which followed her dating adventures. It was while watching this, that she became one of my idols
Couple reasons why...
#1- She ADORES all things Hello Kitty!

#2- She has an AWESOME sense of style (hence why I went for the glasses I have today -_^)

#3- Lastly and most importantly, she's responsible for writing one of the most influential songs in my life "Someone You Should Know". You know that list of tunes that defines a moment in time? That you can always revisit to get back there or to remind yourself what you were going through or feeling at the time? Those songs that can help you out in years to come?
So you can imagine my reaction when I saw this in my inbox this morning...

Lisa Loeb I love you.
Just saw this tweet in regards to the missing flight:-
"We can localise a whatever dude in any corner with he's iPhone GPS widget, and we can't find out where an Air France's Airbus disappeared?"
Bloody good point!
Am in no way meaning to detract from the horror and fear and tragedy of the event (heart goes out to all involved, as I could think of nothing worse), but it does really make you wonder doesn't it?
Lee xox.

alatariel1234, Sydney

Leaving on a Jet Place

Fri, 29th May 2009
Just back from dropping the folks off @ the airport and by god it was cold out there!!! Due to the place being built in the middle of a paddock, with next to no buildings around, the wind wooshes through there and chills you to the bones in 0.05 seconds! BRRR!
Anywho, they're off for a week of whatever in Perthland whilst I hang back here and party it up with the dustmites.
Actually, the party will be put on hold over the wkend while I work on the old man's 50th bday pressie.
I'll be summoning up every ounce of creative juice I can muster to do a painting for him.'I'm seeing a big ol retro microphone (Dad's into Radio in a MASSIVE way, for those of you not in the know), surrounded by various symbols of things he 's! Sounds like a massive thing to embark on, and it is, but I have a week up my sleeve so here's hoping next week he'll walk in to find something on the wall that'll make him smile. If all else fails, i'll say I ran outta time and give him a thumbs up instead
In twitter news, I am raking in the replies this week!! When it rains it bloody storms!!
First up was a reply from one of my crochet-inspirations 'Twinkiechan'! Check out her blog over @! Her work is top notch and she's ace!
Next, as reported, I scored a reply from this guy's Mummy!

Awwww ^_^
Then TODAY I log on to see that Fordie has entered the mix!!

Yay for Twitter!!
Lastly, it is a crime if you do not have, or have not HEARD Jesse McCartney's new single!!
I'm friggin LOVING IT! Totallee ADDICTED!
Jesse McCartney - How Do You Sleep?


Just finished Mr. Pelvis Presley!

Major apologies for the blurryness of the photo! Silly Camera phone!
Lee xox.

Swapsies Anyone?!

Thurs, 28th May 2009
The time has come.
Time to roll up my sleeves.
Time to bite the bullet.
No more dilly-dallying.
Time to face the facts.
Time to suck it up, and get on with it.
Time to stop thinking of various ways to say the same thing in different ways.

Man how I LOATHE tidying.
Lee xox.


Wed, 27th May 2009
I have JUST scored the ULTIMATE SEAL OF APPROVAL for my latest piece!!!!

This has been me for the past 20 mins since recieving said reply...
#1 reaction

#2 reaction

#2 reaction aka me right now!

Bloody hell. Anyone who disses Twitter in front of me now...LOOK OUT!! Coz it's BLOODY AWESOME AS FAR AS THIS LITTLE BLACK DUCK IS CONCERNED!!!
3 cheers for Tom's Mum! Hip hip...yeah I really could go on all night...
One last scream...

Lee xox.

Step into My Office

Thurs, 30th April 2009
Welcome to my office!

Well, for the afternoon @ least
Spent the morning switching between the library and cafe reading through pages of national community grant proposals from last year, for an upcoming report. Don't go telling me your not envious!!
But then, straight after lunch, as has been happening for the last few weeks, my face burned red, my feet tingled before going numb and my hands swelled to double thier normal size.
Dear immune system,
Knock it off.
Hugs and kisses,
Luckily my hands slowly deflated and I was able to do another 20 rows!

Hopefully tomorrow my innards will behave themselves and I can get out and DO something
Lee xox.

God Bless Joel McHale

Wed, 29th April 2009

Ow ow ow my stomach ow ow ow
Lee xox.


Thurs, 23rd April 2009

*cough* *sneeze* *fart* .I am sick. *cough* *sneeze* *fart* *bloooooow nose*
I knew the flu critters were floating about my system a couple of days back when I woke up with a throat as dry as Alice Springs and as red! (cause you can't get much redder than red. And I can't think of anything really red right now. Gah! Damn headache )
So within 3 days it's turned into full blown flu. Boo
So, in summary today I have done sweet-fa. Managed to get some toast down my neck and have drunk more water than is prolly necessary to try and flush all the lil greebies out. So time has been spent on the couch feeling blurgh.
But with no new dvd's to watch and the fear that I would prolly crash MiMi if I drove down to Blockbuster, I decided to go RETRO MAN and dig out some old video tapes. Always potentially embarressing, and this time was no exception. Chucked a random unlabelled number into the machine and was taken back to see episode after episode of Brotherly Love. A show (which in retrospect wasn't as shitty as I thought it was!), which featured one of my many tween crushes, Matty Lawrence. However on's all about Joey.. you know your getting old when you move on to perving on the older brother...
So after that little trip down memory lane, the screen fizzled into a snow storm before old music clips circa. 1997/8 came on. Why I felt the need to record the same three clips over and over again escapes me.
For the record:
"Doctor Jones" - Aqua
"As Long As You Love Me" - Backstreet Boys &
"My Heart Will Go On" - Celine Dion (but recorded for Leo...obviously)
THEN just when I thought the tape was gonna run out, up came an episode of that plastiscene kids show "Trapt Door" & an ep. of The Adventures of Whinnie The Pooh. SCORE!
Ahhh reliving childhood. Today truly reflected a sick day in year 8.
Oh and idle fingers creates motivation! Have started mucking about with loads of ideas to present to June, for possible sellable items!
Stage 1

*sniff* Ou, tis Panadol o'clock!
Lee xox.


Mon, 20th April 2009
Today I welcomed in some new additions to the family.

Aaaand I couldn't resist a new pair of earrings now could I?!?

HK, you can stand under my Um-ber-rella eh-eh eh.
*sigh* Shopping. How I love thee.
Lee xox.

Doug & Doris!

Sun, 19th April 2009


Smashed my personal best time into smithereens, getting this puppy finished in 19 days!
But all that aside, I am on clouds 9, 10, 11 and 12 right now!!!
Just gotten back from Wollongong, getting Grandpa's house all ready to be put on the market. As fun as stick insect breeding. Plus I was suffering from allergies courtesy of the months and months worth of dust that was shrouding the place. Anywho! On the Friday, Mum and I just had to get the heck out of there for the afternoon, Mum - to save her sanity, me - to breathe again.
So we went into town for lunch, shopping and coffee. Lunch = great. Shopping = I came up empty. Coffee = got talking to this Irish dude (I always do well at that particular cafe..). Then before heading home, Mum remembered that last time she was there she had found a lil retro shop just round the corner. So we rounded the corner and I lost it.
The shop is called "Something for Doris" - and it's mascot (Doris) is the cutest bull terrior in the universe.

Isn't she beautiful!
So I went in and my god. The clothes were so BEAUTIFUL! Authetic pieces from the 50s, 60s and 70s <3!
The expected musty old-people-smell usually associated in said shops that sell said clothes, wasn't there at all!
Unfortunately I couldn't find anything that fit well enough to shell out some moolah, but i've made it my mission to go back in a few months (after walking my arse and extra kilos off) and re-trying!
Anywho! I got talking to Doris' owner aka the owner of the shop, although that is up for debate after seeing Doris make her rounds. I think she has let the honour of the shop being named after her get to her head a lil bit. She is quite the local celebrity -_^
And the lady was so so lovely!
Anywho! My news!!
She was incredibly interested in my fibre art and insisted on seeing some pics, so I showed her the only pic I had on my phone, which was one of my parentals portrait half finished and she was stoked!
Lovely lady: "My god! That is crochet?!? That's incredible!"
So we got chatting about it and she said she would LOVE one of Doris! That she had always wanted to sell cushions with Doris' face on them. Can ya'll see where this is heading?!?
So I said I could see what I could do, and she got all excited, but then!!
(this is the bestest bit)
She said she'd be MORE THAN HAPPY to sell my work!!!!!!!!
I am happy.
Lee xox.

I Caved...

Sun, 12th April 2009

I am now on Twitter.
Therefore those who were taking bets on how long I would last without jumping on the virtual bandwagon, please proceed to collect your winnings. Thankgod I didn't shake anyone's hand therefore rendering all bets unofficial and therefore legally void
If you wish to follow my meandering and probably less than exciting tweets, I am under the guise of 'poprocker85'.
Expect a lot of random song lyrics and quotes that will mean nothing to anybody.
I thank you.
Lee xox



Sat, 11th April 2009

Passing time before heading out....followed a bunch of random links all over the place and somehow ended up over @ Deviantart, and stumbled across these-

Lee, you wouldn't of bookmarked her page would you?!
Lee xox

Boom, Shake Shake Shake the Room!

Thurs, 9th April 2009
Found the newest issue of Tokyo rooms online today *score*
Usually, interior decorating mags, mmmmm not for me, but I dunno I just love flipping through and having a squiz at funky Japanese rooms. Probably because they defy all the rules and in most cases are just so cleverly done. It conjures up the old inspiration juices and makes me wanna rush out and buy a load of random cute crap to re-do every possible inch of my place.
However, sometimes they take things a teeeeeny weeny itsy bitsy bit too far?!

Exhibit A

Now I checks as much as the next person, hell I even have checked cushions, but dude....seriously!? Looks like they've even got a checked bog roll cover?!?
1) Why have a bog roll cover?!
2) Why checked?!
Then again, why not?! Who am I to badmouth bog roll covers?!
Another shot caught my eye. I think i've found my Japanese kindred spirit here

Exhibit B

Funky 60's light fitting, funky funky 60's style table, vinyl records scattered everywhere, and her holding a cup of tea (should be coffee really, but i'll forgive her)...and she's sporting the hairstyle that i'm in the process of growing lol
And lastly I had to post this because...well...she's cool

Exhibit C

Amen sister friend!
and super duper it weird to find this incredibly SEXY?

Lee xox

Sayonara Mofo!!

Mon, 6th April 2009
God damn it was almost the death of me!!
If it weren't for Pete Yorn on repeat I never would of crossed the finish line. Pete, I owe you a coffee and a bagel man! Unless of course I score a fail, which would result in me not listening to you ever again my friend....
Empty threat Pete...I couldn't live without "Undercover" or "Sense" - and even if I could, I really wouldn't want to.
You'd think after umpteen years of pumping out essay's i'd understand how to prepare and be able to control my stress'd think so huh?! Yeah nah.
10 pages of it! Good riddance man!!!!
Time to kick back and do F-all while I wait for my brain to come back to me
Rubber duckie, where for art thou?! We have a date with Mr. Tub!
Lee xox

Airwaves After Midnight

Fri, 3rd April 2009
I have always been partial to the odd bit of insomnia. For some strange reason all the particles in my brain switch on and go crazy at 11:30 every night.
Just as I lay down and snuggle into the niche my arse has carved out in my matress over the years, is when the party switch is flicked on and they (the brain particles) whip out their phones and text each other to meet up. So as the clock ticks midnight, most of them are crazy drunk, running round and round in circles, "WOO"-ing and hollaring
To combat this I try the old fashion favourite remedies..
Ie. Glass of milk with a lil bit of honey in.
Reading the most boring book in existence - this month's choice is something about molecular structure.
Watching infomercials, which after 5 mins usually do the trick by leaving me feeling completely brain dead.
However last night, at about 2am, none of the tried and true methods worked, so I decided to chanel surf the radio.
I found a talkback station rambling on about the bikie wars and figured that would do the trick. It did! Until 'Scotty' from QLD called in.
I have not laughed so hard in so long.
This guy was an absolute LEDGE!
He came on wanting to talk about all the mail his local greenies were pouring into his letterbox about some power station that is being built up there and I swear I could of listened to him go on for hours and hours
He was more than annoyed at his letterbox being fed such rubbish and was trying to say the word "environmentalist" and I swear I think I almost wet myself when he came out with..
Scotty: "All these bloody enviro..enrirosh...envitron..*sigh* it's too late for me, save yourselves.."
Announcer: "Environmentalists mate?"
Scotty: "Environ...cheers mate yeah, anyroad.."

I swear, listening to sloshed older gentlemen ring in talkback stations at 3 in the morning has become my new source of entertainment. He was also so incredibly sarcastic. Talking about the fact that the greenies pamphlets were green...
Scotty: "But they've made them green they really do care you see mate?..."phew" is what I say..wouldn't want a blue greenie would you mate?.."

Just brilliant.
Lee xox


4-String Kid Baby!

Wed, 1st April 2009
So I have a rather annoying patch of wall space...

And need something to combat it ^_^
My solution so far..

Slowly but surely, the 4-string kid is being gobbled up and turned into a tapestry.
Photoshopped, it doesn't really show how large the piece is going to be. But it's actually measuring 1m55cms in length. So it's 15cms taller than the Danny pic....
Now to start thinking about what can go above the mantel in between....
Oi vey!
Lee xox

alatariel1234 x2

Who are you? Who who who who..

Mon, 30th March 2009

Portrait Piece #2. 19 rows in. 18% done. Can you guess what it is yet?!
Lee xox


Sun, 29th March 2009
So I had the Queen of the World on telly in the background whilst I was researching for my latest assignment and whadayaknow, I was suckered into ditching the books, transfixed by what she had on.
Now i'm prolly extremely slow on the uptake with this one, because apparently it has been around for quite a while, but she was on about
The Kindle

If like me, the word 'Kindle' results in you scratching your head saying "Ha?", then let me introduce you..

Welcome to the future! Books, a thing of the past! A sentence I never thought possible! This lil gadget can store over 1,500 books - yup it's your own personal lil library! It's got a wireless connection that let's you browse Amazon's online library and for $10 you can have the latest best seller downloaded to your kindle in a matter of seconds!

Incredible huh?!
You can pop word documents and PDF files on there aswell! It has a built in dictionary, so if you come across a tricky bunch of letters aka a word, you have the definition right there. It can show pictures as clear as anything. You can subscribe to magazines and have them appear on your kindle as soon as they are released. AND the thing is as thick as a pencil. A pencil for crying out loud! No more arm strain from holding up hardcovers!
Kindle, I salute you
Shitty thing is that it isn't available outside of the United States yet :( and that one does retail for around 350 beans, but my god...staggering!

Lee xox

R:A & a Dress for the Couch

Fri, 27th March 2009

So i'm in love with the postman again...
Considering the boys decided against releasing their GREATEST EVER ALBUM in the land of Aus, I shelled out for a copy from Britland. Of course i've had the tunes since they were released via Itunes, but man there really is nothing like clutching your fave album in your grabbers!
I ADORE the format that is the MP3, I adore my Ipod, I adore digital music, I adore the accessability it creates and the amazing new avenues open to musicians and the music world of today. However, it does take away the thrill of walking into a record store - which are becoming increasingly difficult to stumble upon. It does take away the thrill of holding the artist's work in your hands, allowing you to gasp "this is mine!". It does take away the thrill of flipping through the booklet, holder of writing credits, artwork, making-of pics and the artist's 'Thank you's'
And there is seriously NOTHING better than seeing a cd collection all lined up, vertically or horizontally - it's all swings and round abouts, but it just looks so....right ^_^
Getting off my soapbox now!
I woke up this morning to a pleasant surprise!

After completing the parental portrait, I modestly *cough*, did my own PR, displaying it on the crochet community on Live journal and low and behold, have scored 24 comments!
Feeling pretty darn cool right about now!
The comments ranged from "AWESOME" to "INSPIRING" to "CONGRATS" to "OMG", but the front runner for me was..

Possibly one of the 7 people on the planet who remember The Moffatts! Bloody classic!
So if you think people don't notice what you put for "Listening to" on your livejournal entries, you're sadly mistaken!

Side note - time for a lounge throw-rug facelift!

Peace out!
Lee xox


Finito Amigos!!!

Thurs, 26th March 2009

My first attempt real attempt at a fibre art portrait!
Thanks to the ledgend who is Mr. Todd Paschall, I had the easiest of patterns to follow and VOILA!
Needless to say, the folks are speechless! (just the way we like em! Eh! Am I wrong?!)
It will look absolutely perfect once I lay it flat! Is just a little crumpled there thanks to chucking it on the carpet for a quick photo opportunity ;)

Started: 28th Jan, 09
Completed: 26th Mar, 09
Height: 79cms
Length: 82cms

Needless to say i've been grinning like a twig since it's completion! Everytime I look at it i'm just.... i'm gonna go with 'flabbergasted'. It's just so incredibly life like! Especially when you see the folks standing next to it... lil bit freaky! But oh so cool
Now you would be forgiven for thinking that after almost 2 months, my fingers should (by rights) be allowed to have a rest. A nice relaxing holiday. Hawaii or Fiji perhaps?!
NO WAY MAN!!!!!!
I have already asked for and recieved pattern #2 from Todd and am ITCHING to try it out. Quite literally actually...damn mosquitos!
As for the subject matter of my next could, possibly, maybe have something to do with a certain band...
And I gotta say, you would seriously have to be a zucchini not to guess which one...
Speaking of which, the next McFly podcast (oh dang, she let it slip!), the one from the guys gig in Sydney on the 15th, is being compiled as we speak and should be up in the coming days!
Can I get a 'Hazaah!' ?!
Till next time amigo's!
Lee xox


Tues, 24th March 2009

Lee xox

Back To The Future!!

Wed, 11th March 2009
4 DAYS!! 4 DAYS till I boogie my arse off to the musical stylings of the best band on the freaking planet for the 2nd time in as many weeks.
Does life get much sweeter?!
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeell No!!!
Side note - "When The Day Met The Night" by Panic @ the Disco = DOWNLOAD NOW! Your ears will thank you
Lee xox


A Day @ the Museum

Sun, 8th March 2009
Man o man was I born in the WRONG era!!!
Sandii Thom, the punk rocker chick dancing and prancing around with all those tulips and daises in her golden locks had it spot on my good friends! Sandii, babe, I feel your pain
So flashback to yesterday arvo..
**Flashy Flashy**
Welcome to Saturday. Where I am bored as duck shit (at this point in time i'd like to point out that this is a fairly common expression in my household and if it isn't in yours, then yes, I will seem mental. Thank you for your time, now back to the story).
So I ring around to find some poor sucker to nag into joining me in driving around town, to see if any trouble could be gotten in to. Turned out everyone was otherwise engaged, which sucked, but apparently they were all bored shiteless aswell, so I took that as a tiny consolation.
So I decided to drag the olds out for a drive and we ended up at the National Museum. Why?! Because it's a great way to whittle away the hours, get exercise and above's totally free. Which will be the running theme for my social life over the next couple of weeks until my Krudd money arrives! Kaching!
I digress..
So I get in there and BANG. My heart leapt

You: "Big woop Lee, it's a caravan.."
Me: "No, it's true love." -swoon-
There he was, tucked away in a little corner, his little cute pastel paint job and his terribly blotchy lino flooring, ticky tack diner style chairs and table and a pokey little kitchen, with original light fittings and the most adorable little bed with it's 1cm wide matress! Awwww!
*Le sigh*
I have no idea how long I stood there staring at it. I went kinda comatose, eyes undoubtedly glazed over as the ol brain went into 1950's/60s dreamland. However I was snapped out of it when a screetchy alarm went off, ringing right around the museum. Guess who 'apparently' triggered it by standing to close to an exhibit??

*a hem*.
So after being moved on, you'll never guess what hit the eyeballs as I rounded the next corner...

Yeah..the alarm went off for the second time that afternoon.
My arguement was "How can you NOT touch it!! She's beautiful!!!"
Anywho's, thankfully they had a sense of humour and left me to swoon, after they had moved me back about 2 metres that is...
Apparently the car was owned by Molly. A little old lady who bought it back in 1956 and only drove it to the local shops and back all her life. So it was in outstanding condition and was gleaming, saying "Leeeeeeee, come closer....clooooooser".
Time for a list.
Lee's Xmas pressie list:-
Dear Santa,
1. Molly's Holden
2. Cute Cosy Caravan
3. Time machine
Cheers big guy!

Side note - Can you say half way done?!?

78 rows to go. Donations for my pending arthritis medication can be made out to...
Lee xox



Wed, 4th March 2009

Image courtesy of kaidyn_sylas
Well as you can imagine...
MCFLY ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!
My god what a GIG!!
For those wanting a FULL recap of the day - I suggest you head on over to for photos and a full review on the day
For those who are wondering about a podcast, you are in luck Angels! And I'm surprised to see that there must be a few of you because in the past week i've had 162 visits to the podcast page! So thanks for stopping by and please check back soonish - because I will be posting a podcast with highlights from the gig this week -_^
Unfortunately I must dash - day after the gig I lost/got robbed of my wallet in Sydney town and the stress induced from said incident has left me with chronic flu :(
Will post longer blog as soon as my heads stops being woozy!
Side note - Tammy! My god what a surprise! Cheers for your e-mail hun! xox
Lee xox

Boo! Dad it's YOU!

Tues, 24th February 2009

46 rows in and things are starting to take shape a lil bit!
Dodgy arse blurry photo thanks to camera phone, but still looking fab!
For some reason the pattern doesn't show up his specs, which makes hims look a lil odd, but man it was a TAD FREAKY last night..
I got Dad to hold it up next to him and to make things more *twilight zone-ish* he happened to be wearing the same shirt as he is in the piece and holy was weird man..
So life like 0_o
So unbelievable to think that a few colours and stitches placed at certain intervals can produce a picture so detailed and precise. I know pics themselves are made up of millions of tteny tiny squares or dots or whatever, but it still flips me out.
So am looking forward to seeing it all done and dusted so I can move on to the next piece!
"Lee I now declare you a fully fledged Fibre Artist".
Lee xox

Ouuu Shiny Shiny!

Tue, 17th February 2009
My new love

Lee xox

Dear Ovaries, you suck.

Sun, 15th February 2009
Today I hate being a girl. Usually I don't have a problem with it. Usually I can only see positives in being one
Usually I feel privledged to be a card carrying member and proud representitive of the female gender and yet this weekend, the wish on the first star I see tonight would be to ditch the ovaries immediately!!
Ya'll catch my drift ladies?!?
It's got to do with swallowing umpteen panadol, getting closer to your fave hot water bottle and eating copius amounts of chocolate strictly for medicinal me now?!
So for the next few days....I hate being a girl.
In other news, down goes another one!

Just got to stitch some fleecy warm backing on him and he'll be doneskies!
Originally it was going to be for yours truly, but when I was showing it off on the forums, a fellow fan left such sweet comments that I've decided to make it for her instead ^_^
We're gonna meet up at the gig on the 27th and she's determined to wear it even if it's 40+ degrees lol, so that's given my old ego a nice boost ^_^
Lee xox



Mon, 9th February 2009

Musically speaking, can 2009 get ANY BETTER?!?
At this very moment I would have to say "No way Hose"!
I am in heaven right now.
Only hours ago Blink announced their reformation, that they are indeed ALREADY working on a studio album and over on Myspace a short blog mentioned the words "Tour" and "World".
I really am having a hard time containing my inner "SDFR@#$REWF!!!", as are millions of other Gen-y'ers around the planet.
Case in point..

Okay, time for me to take stock and try to reshuffle my brain and all it's spazzing into some sort of organised chaos..

2009 News/Gigs So Far
Blink 182 REGROUP (AGH! butterflies in tummy!)
Feb 27th = McFly Gig @ METRO (F#*K!)
May 8th = The Living End 'Raise the Alarm Tour' Syd Gig

Albums to drop in 2009
Blink 182
James Bourne
McFly (rumour)
Short Stack (Stack Is The New Black)
MFL Acoustic (hopefully)
Angels & Airwaves (may be postponed due to Blink, but still a possibility)
Matt Willis + new band
John Mayer (Battle Studies)
Life is Goooooooooooood
Lee xox

"I Miss you" No MORE!!!?!!

Fri, 6th February 2009

If it is to be...I shall be going through approx. 12 boxes of kleenex
Lee xox



Mon, 2nd February 2009
Guess who's lost another kilo?!!!
Aaaand guess who decided to treat herself to a mini shopping spree because of said kilo lost?!?!?

I llllllloooove my lil black dress I've wanted one like it for yonkies adn this one was way too damn cute to leave on the rack +PLUS+ it was down from $150 smackers to $30
Ánd it makes my waist look teeny tiny when it's tied up at the back - which is gorgeous as it ties up in a a big black bow. So cute.
The I had to get yet another over-sized lazy cardigan...i'm addicted. But this time it's silver and all sparkly!! I haven't got a silvery sparkly one!! (that was the justification I gave to my credit card limit anywayz..)
And then how the hell could I leave jimmy jams THAT colourful there?!? Honestly?!!
Lee xox


McCountdown!! WHEY-HEY!!

Wed, 28th January 2009
The countdown is officially on!! 28 days till Mr. Fletcher flashes his Aussie boxers again
AND just found out the gig's gonna be licensed *Haazah!!*
McFly + Friday Night + Wino = 1 Unforgettable Evening
Man it's way too hot for me to be getting this giddy
In other news, 'Hey hey, wait a minute Mr. Postman' delivered my new university modules for this semester yesterday.
And i'm cheering, as my new subject is totallee focused on the direction i'd really like to delve into, aka Community leisure and health.
3 Cheers! Hip hip...
Especially excited to see that one of the assessment pieces is a community development grant application! Upon my peepers scanning this bit of info I got all excited at the prospect of putting together a proposal and ideas starting whirring and whizzing and flinging themselves around my brain.
Happy camping!
My god it's soooo going off to fall into a tub of ice cubes!
Bon voyage!
Lee xox

The Boss

Mon, 26th January 2009
"I challenge ANYONE to defy the AWESOMENESS of Springsteen's SIXTEENTH studio album"...
That was going to be my opening line to this entry (and clearly it is..), but after writing it I thought i'd have a look and see what the critics actually have said about it...
From Greg Kot of the Chicago Tribune: "Both overdone and remarkably slight, 'Working on a Dream' ranks with the forgettable 'Human Touch' (1992) as the most underwhelming Springsteen studio release."
Ann Powers of the Los Angeles Times thought, "The best thing that can be said about 'Working on a Dream' is that it's boisterously scatterbrained, exhilaratingly bad."
James Reed of the Boston Globe notes, "Curiously, 'Working on a Dream' comes with a DVD on the making of the album, but it's safe to say this isn't a classic that warrants it. You'll just have to wait for the next curveball."

Clearly these people are over the age of 60 and are suffering from hearing loss...
Ya'll need to get your arses down to Woolies, pick yourself up a box of cottonbuds and clean your drums people!! Because in my opinion it's worthy of a double thumbs up, 50 billion gold stars and worthy of permanent rotation in my stereo for the rest of '09 and forever there after!
To all the critics and the haters...
Bruce, mate, i'm a
I'm in love with the entire disc
I could only find 2 tunes from it to pop on my music player there, which funnily enough are the ones with the most prominent strings in them. Coincidence?!? I think not ^_^
But the entire disc is...just... so DAMN GOOD!
"The last carnival" is a tribute to a bandmate who passed away in `07. It's truly gorgeous.
"My Lucky Day" is a mover and shaker and true pop at it's best. I friggin LOVE it! *is on heavy rotation)
"This Life" has 'Ba ba ba's and ouuuuuuweoouuu's' AND sax in the background! BLOODY AWESOME!!! (Current fave)
"Good Eye" - I can't go without mentioning this one! Raw and bluesy, harmonica and with an awesome strained vocal effect, my leg stamps a hole in the floor everytime I spin it.

And thanks to timing, I found an hour long interview Bruce did with the BBC on the release of the album, where he goes through the entire record and as someone who hasn't heard Bruce speak at length about his music, I was pleased to hear that the man is just as lyrical in the way he speaks as he is in song.
Buy the album kids!
Brucey's a ledge.
Lee xox


Haystack's and Sparklers here I come..

Fri, 23rd January 2009
Adios Amigo's!
Till Monday that is! Cause this birdie's gotta fly -_^
Am off to a town 2 hours inland, 10 degrees hotter and more boring than the Bloomberg channel, to spend my big 2-4!
Scary isn't it?!?
I've decided time is a bugger. Not long and i'll be getting around on a scooter with a blue rinse. Actually that doesn't sound half bad for a lazy arse like me who has an unhealthy obsession with hair dye...
In other news, guess who may be in the midst of recieving her first crochet commision!!
In the middle of discussing annoying details and costs and what-not, but I may actually be making my first piece for profit. Funky or what?!
Let the dosh roll in ^_^ so as I can go on a scawaii themed shopping spree

Lee xox


Thurs, 22nd January 2009
News just in...
Lee xox

Off the HOOK!

Wed, 21st January 2009
Hi, my name's Lee and i'm addicted to fibre art..
YOU: "Hi Lee".
Remember how I said i'd stumbled across the work of Todd Pashall online a couple of months back and was in total AWE of what that man can do with some wool and a hook?!?
Well, I had a crack at converting a picture to a pattern and waddayaknow, it flippin worked!

aaaand here's the original for your peepers to compare it to...

I took it down from an obscene 32+ colours and made it with 8, so a lot of definition was lost, but I had enough trouble keeping up and swapping between 8 different colours let alone 32... Plus wool ain't that cheap. Which makes no's Australia people..there are TONS of sheep around. Actually one lives a couple of blocks up from me. Victor. Might pay him a visit with some friendly scissors and some food colouring in future...much cheaper all together...
So yes, with my new found love of crochet/fibre art, comes big plans for my living room wall ^_-
Just need to hunt down one more colour and i'm off and...hooking...
Must be a better way to phrase that *shrug*
Lee xox


Barrack To The FUTURE!

Tues, 20th January 2009
The countdown is on.
Comfy cushion directly infront of telly screen - check. Phone alarm set for 4am - check. Cheek muscles limbered up for excessive amounts of smiling - check. Slight/overly-slight euphoria starting to trickle through my mind - check.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1.....Obama is GO!
A parting message for the outgoing President courtesy of Sunday's paper...

Lee xox
(P.S. On a totallee self-indulgent note...Sydney baby - we're doin` it babe! 2.2kilo for my 1st week~! Doin the nutron dance..oh yeah...)
Side note- got a new hair-do 2day - Bordering on Ziggy Stardust - but i'm workin` it -_^


Miss Me?!?

Sunday, 18th January 2009
How the heck are ya's?!?! eh?!?!
I have finally steered the good ship back onto the open seas! (I suck at metaphores..)
I'm so bloody estatic with this layout that if I began to tell you just how much, I would prolly be here till next January.
Suffice it to say, I am STOKED
Navigation can be found via the lil coloured tabs there on the right. I'm quite proud of myself for finally archiving the podcasts properly. A massive feet of strength and determination considering i've been meaning to do it for a year now. I should of put that on my new year's rezzi list...could of had something to actually cross off it then...dang.
Speaking of new year's rezzi's, mine are going surprisingly well!
#1 My fat arse. Have started the CSIRO diet (for the upteenth time in my life) and first weigh-in-day is tomorrow. Me being me had a sneakie peak this morning and i'm down 1.6kilo. Can I get a "WOO!").
#2 Job search. Thanks to my job offer falling through last August, I have been moneyless for yonkies. I miss dosh. Therefore have already updated my sparkling resume and will be flinging it at a bunch of places this week. If that fails, I shall step it up a notch and go in, ask for the manager of said place and staple it to their head. Desperate much?! Certainly is getting that way.
#3 Get healthy aka continue searching for CFS cure.
#4...Ok...I have no idea what else I put on my drunkenly made list on New Year's. It's on a liqour stained napkin somewheres...
As for life goals, i'm hoping to get the chance to cross a couple of those babies off in 2009 as well.
#1 Travel! Canada/Alaska/Britain/Japan/Singapore/New Zealand/Usa..
#2 Meet McFly aka squeeze Tom Fletcher forever. Trust me, once I've got him, I ain't letting go without aid of a crowbar and/or the cops.
I won't bore you with my ever-growing life-goals list, but excitingly I managed to cross one off in 2008!
Get on the BBC
So technically I wasn't on the BBC, but having an e-mail read out is good enough for me. Besides the fact that Jon thought I was a dude (Cheers uni-sex name!) he read out the whole thing AND it made him laugh *bonus*!
Man all this reflecting has made me hungry. Time for custard.
L8r Gators
Lee xox

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