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Lee Mac. Crochet artist. Crochet portraits = Obsession. I am surgically attached to my Ipod and crochet hook.
Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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29th April, 2010
Our New Celebrity
ATTN. Fellow Potter Hookers!! the free Pattern for May is up and it is....
Drumroll please....

Yup! Tis the sexy potions master himself
Much love goes out to CHOPERENA for putting Snape's name forward as the next free pattern! Cheers hun!!
As always, if anyone out there gives it a go, please be sure to send me piccies!!
In Hogwarts Bunch news, I have 2 characters left to border then it's time to get the final positioning right, then onto stitching the buggers all together!! Good times good times!
Speaking of Potter, i've also had a few ideas buzzing around the old brain of late! Got some awesome ideas in mind, so watch this space
Speaking of ideas!! I had a brainwave in the shower this morning (the most typical place to get the best ideas....a hem...) and it's in regards to a new Totallee Podcast! I'll say no more, except "WATCH THIS SPACE!!"!!
Lee xox

27th April, 2010
Save Ferris!

Was in the mood for a little Ferris this morning and now i'm going to be spouting lines like "He's gonna be a fry cook on Venus!" and "You killed the car" at people whilst humming The Dream Academy's "The Edge Of Forever" all day....
Seriously though, i'm gonna have to have a John Hughes movie marathon soon...
I swear in every film of his i've seen I get angry (at least once), I cry (at least once), I laugh myself to the point of toilet intervention (at least twice) and I always come away from them feeling inspired
Call it 80s cheeseiness, but frig it's awesome to lose yourself in for a few hours
And i'm sorry, but is there a person on the planet who has not dreamed of being Ferris on that float?!? No no there isn't! I may, personally, dream about it every time I hear "Twist & Shout" come on, but that's just me...but seriously!! I'ts an AWESOME film!!!
In between Matthew Broderick's monologues, I managaed to get a few more rows in!

Really, my moodboard should be reflecting 'Save Ferris' right now, but I watched 'Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid' last night, so the legend that is Paul Newman (and his incredible lady Joanne Woodward becuase she's just wonderful ) take precednce!
Lee xox

25th April, 2010
No Slowing Down

So clearly I have a deathwish for my fingers and wrists as i've decided to dive right in on my next MASSIVE piece! Will I ever learn?!?!
The answer is "no"
Anywayz! This piece is for my Dad's birthday next month! Thankfully for me, his special day isn't until the 31st, so I have the whole month to HOPEFULLY get it donskies!
Granted, it doesn't look like a whole lot at the minute and actually it probably won't mean a whole lot to many once it is finished, but it should be quite special to my Radio-OBSESSED Dad
I'm also inthe midst of bordering more Potter Panels - Hagrid and Draco are done and i'm about to frame Miss Granger! Shouldn't take too long! Plus keep your eyes peeled, as the next free Potter Pattern will be up over the coming days!
Lee xox

23rd April, 2010



The bordering has begun
Lee xox

22nd April, 2010

IT'S FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stayed up till 1:30AM in a slightly erratic yet determined state to finish!! I absolutely ADORE this piece!
I haven't measured it yet, but I think it's on par with my Bon Scott & Angus young piece, therefore making it one/if not the biggest piece i've done to date
All up it took 51 days to complete....by god it sounds longer in days than weeks
I am now going to celebrate by going our for lunch and spending ridiculous amounts of dosh on shoes!!
What a smashing day this is turning out to be! Ha ha!
Lee xox

19th April, 2010
Gotta love it when a forwarded e-mail totally makes your day
Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Just brilliant.
Right. Like Gabriella Cilmi, i'm a woman on a mission tonight!
Cuppa, Charlie (new name for crochet hook)(fan?!), GWTW at 85%, Gok's Fashion Fix season 1, and positive and determined attitude to finish the piece tonight!
Lee xox

17th April, 2010
Who said working on a Saturday was dull!!!
Before I get to the EXCITING bit, lemme fill you in a little bit !
For those not in the know, I work as a part-time check-out chickie at my local supermarket and for the past 7 years (my god it's been 7 years.... time makes one feel so old sometimes...) I have been serving this wonderful lady.
Recently I discovered that she's actually a world famous artist, and has pieces of her work exhibited all around the world, including a piece hanging in our very own National Gallery!
To cut a looooong story even shorter, a couple of weeks ago I got talking to her about my crochet and she said to bring in a couple of pieces to show her. So for the past week and a half, every shift i've been rocking up to work with an embarressingly large beach bag full of my pieces. For the past week and a half she didn't turn up! To say I was getting slightly upset, would be...well it'd be spot on actually. However she came in today!!! The one day I didn't bring any pieces in....wouldn't you know it!
However I did have my snappy snappy with me, so I scrolled through some shots on my camera and she said that she would 'DEFINITELY' be getting in touch with a friend of her's about.....
....you ready for this?!?.....
EXHIBITING MY WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She took my e-mail address and said to stay tuned!!!!
My god i've had a smile plastered across my face the size of from here to Mars all arvo!!!!!!
So to say that i'll be refreshing my e-mail 50 billion times a day over the next week would be an understatement, but AGH! I NEVER ever thought i'd get the chance to exhibit!!!!
Moral of this story - you NEVER know who your customer's are!! SO BE NICE SHOP ASSISTANTS!!!
Speaking of my efforts with the hook, i'm about 20 rows from completion!!!

gonnna be loads of happy dancing once i've tied the last tie-off on this baby!
Lee xox

11th April, 2010
The weather has gone completely nuts!
So bloody windy out there!! Things are bashing and crashing and I swear i've lost one if not two pillow cases off the line. Thankfully I have a penchant for pillow cases, so have at least 25 in reserve in the linen cupboard but still!! Crazy windy out there!
Poor Dee hasn't been out for a pee for the last 2 hours, due to fear of her being blown over the fence into nextdoor's vegie patch
Thankfully she's found something to keep her occupied....

Beyond adorable.
In GWTW news - am now almost at 65%

The shading on Rhett's face is a lil darker than I would of liked, however the background is only going to get lighter, so hopefully that'll balance things out a bit
Also i'm in the middle of making Vlog number 3, which will be featured on the right later this week - however when I slotted it in there last night, it totally threw my page out of whack! However when I viewed the site on my folks computer, it looked perfectly fine! So if anyone is noticing any difficulties or overlapping of the page, could you let me know?!? Cheers angels
Hope you're all having a smashing wkend and not being blow into your neighbours veggie patches
Lee xox

7th April, 2010

Okay so it turns out i'm the BIGGEST KNOBHEAD in the history of KNOBHEADS!!!!!!!!
Me =
As i've been crocheting along, i've been following my printed out pattern pages, merrily thinking that I was nearing the end....
Last night I noted that I only had about 25 rows left. "Score" I thought. Then paused, thinking "How in god's name is Rhett's head going to squish into 25 rows?!?"
Then it hit me ....
I had only printed out PART of the pattern!!! I've still got another freaking 60-70 rows on top of what I thought I had left to go!!!!
Which means my percentage of completion has dropped back down to 50%
..and here was me getting all freaking excited that I was nearly finished mutter-mutter-mutter- GRRR!!!
So still QUITE a way to go on this one!
Suffice it to say, I have now printed off the ENTIRE pattern
Lee xox

4th April, 2010

H A P P Y E A S T E R ! ! !
I may have eaten a truckload more chocolate than usual this easter, thanks to the fact that I was stuck at bloody work for 4 hours of the day, but I HAD to try and stay awake somehow- and unfortunately for the size of my arse, my weapon of choice.....was chocolate eggs
But apart from feeling slight shady this evening, i'm having quite a good easter
Had all hands on deck yesterday, cleaning my house from top to bottom. Little tip - don't wait 5 years to move your bed, in order to vacuum around the headboard. Sneeze central.
The place looks spiffing though! So i'm now all inspired to take everything off the walls and pop up some different bits and pieces to stare at. Release my inner decorator! Which could prove to be a total disaster...
Lookie lookie!!

67-ish% now!
Set to be totally stunning when it's finished
I might make it the focal point of my loungeroom and build everything aroud it! Whatcha think?!?
Okay, no more procrastinating. Time to catch up on some reading for Uni....Ugh.
Lee xox