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Lee Mac. Crochet artist. Crochet portraits = Obsession. I am surgically attached to my Ipod and crochet hook.
Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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It's a Blur
25th August, 2010
Man i've been blurry busy these past couple of days! To busy to crochet! What the frig!! That is not a world I wanna live in!
...actually I did manage to get Jo & Pauly boy up to 25%

BEYOND eager to see how it works out! Those lips of Joanne's are looking fabulous so far, so i'll probably have a coronary when I see Paul's
I haven't managed to write up the pattern for Mr. Harry Potter Puff as yet! The intention has been there but I ALWAYS get side-tracked by eps of this little show i've discovered this past week...

I'm only up to episode 10 in the first series so please no spoilers but HOLY CRAPOLA I AM LOVING IT!!!!!!
I go spazz about anything from the 50s and 60s but my god, this show is just so freaking addictive and juicy and exciting and AGH!!
It is also responsible for me falling in love with my new style icon (style in EVERY sense of the word -_^!)
Miss. Joan Holloway!!

I'm a MASSIVE Joan Fan!!!
If I see a 'Team Joan' shirt anywhere, I swear to god i'm buying!!
Lee xox

c to the ullen!
22nd August, 2010

Incase you may have missed it, i've popped the pattern for Edward Cullen up
The pattern for the Harry Potter Puff may be up tomorrow - depending on how successful I am at getting this bloody assignment off to Uni overnight
Lee xox

Love is in the air
21st August, 2010
My fave couple of the moment is at 17%!
Cannot WAIT until I start seeing some facial features. Specially Mr. Newman's eyes because by god....yum scrum !!!
So whilst I sit and watch the election votes coming in tonight (which is filling my mind with dread...well the result is...) I shall continue to keep my head in the 1950s and work away on it

Side note - the patterns for Edward and Harry the Potter Puff will be up for free by tomorrow night! Jeez then i've gotta pick the next Potter Panel for September soon!
2010 is going way too bloody quickly!!
Lee xox

19th August, 2010

I'm having a Gregory House moment.
I have a MASSIVE report due for my Psych class on 20th September which calls for you to work in groups of 3 and share some transripts of interviews you do with people with one another in order for you to analyse blah blah blah...
I put the call out a week ago, stating that I had done my interviews and am ready to share with 2 other folks and i'm still yet to receive an answer back from anyone! Think there's about 50 peeps doing the same class!
Then I hop onto the forum yesterday to see that they are all still going on about our first bit of assessment that is due this coming Monday that none of them have finished yet. Now i'm RIGHT up there with the best of procrastinators. If there were a gang of us i'd rank as highly as deputy leader, but knowing how much research we have to do for this second assessement, which is worth about 50% of the grade, you'd think people would get their priorities in line! Christ now i'm having a Hermione moment....
Apologies for ranting! Let's leave on an amusing note shall we?!

God bless you Spongebob.
Lee xox

Potter Puff
16th August, 2010
*sigh* My camera sucks..

I have been a MASSIVE fan of Potter Puffs for yonkies (how the heck could you not be!??! So freaking adorable!!) So when I came across a folder full of them, I thought they would make cracking cushions
Had a bit of a play with the picture, discovered that I had the colours already and after 2 days, bingo bango bongo! Harry Potter Puff!!
(apologies I watched 'Meet the Fockers' last week)
He is a tiny bit rough around the edges aka not a clean black line, but i'm not really that bothered
Question is, should I keep going and churn out a few more??
Yeah we all know the answer to that..
Lee xox

14th August, 2010
So i'm Potterfied again...
This morning I was clearing out some of the crap on my hardrive, as one does when they are a queen procrastinator (uni assignment is driving me nana's!), and all of a sudden I came across a folder which flicked the switch on my little idea's lightbulb !
Am already at 25%!

As you can see, Dee is as excited as a frying pan about it....
As with the Hogwarts Bunch Blanket, it looks as though this next project will be just the START of a SET of pieces...
Why do I do this to myself?!?!
For some reason I can't limit myself to one character...got a bit of a Professor. Slughorn thing going on....
..gotta have the full set !
This took me about 2 hours, so I should have it finished by tomorrow cause man I am just not in the mood to browse Uni journal databases and dig myself into a researching ditch this evening!
Lee xox

are you afraid?
13th August, 2010

Edward Cullen [Twilight]
Started: 13th July, 2010
Completed: 13th August, 2010

Pretty darn Stoked with this young man! I haven't measured him yet but he's about the same width as your average pillow and prolly just a little over half the length of one in height aka perfect cushion size!
I actually made it for a friend's 8 yr old daughter who is slightly if not EXTREMELY Robsessed, however the family is overseas for the next month, so he'll just have to hang at my crib for a bit
For those who are interested, I will be popping the pattern for Mr. Sparkles here up over the next couple of days So stay tuned!
Word of warning though - He uses ELEVEN COLOURS in total!!!
So for those just starting out in the world of colour-changes, this may send you loopy! However if you're feeling patient and adventurous, go for it! Be sure to send me pics of any attempts you guys make, because I would LOVE to see em!!!
Right! On to the next one!!!
Lee xox

True Love
10th August, 2010
2 Incredible People. 1 Incredible Couple.

I promised myself that I wouldn't start another piece until i'd finished with Mr. Cullen...

Joanne Woodward & Paul Newman would have to be one of my all time favourite couples!
So I have chosen a stunning promo shot taken around 'The Long Hot Summer' days
The chemistry between them in that film is ridiculous - I get goosebumps EVERY time!
Then again...I guess it helps that the man was made of perfection...

Dear god Ms. Woodward was one lucky lady! RAWR!!
Lee xox

cullen @ fiddy!
8th August, 2010

So i'm actually at about 63% on Mr. Cullen, but Windows Movie Maker, being what it is (i'll give you a clue, rhymes with 'Trucking truck truck') started to freeze on me AGAIN whilst compliling the video. I must have version Dodgy 2.0.
However I managed to hit save at 50% before it got stuck!
So when it decides to play nice I might actually get to show you him with eyes !!
In other news, had the BESTEST day today!!
I stocked up on some dwindling colours and finally found some greens that work really well together!! (can finally tackle Mr. Nesmith !)
I also scored a bunch of colours for the next 3 pieces in line - which all have a common theme actually!
All feature Couples
Awww much?
Must be feeling all lovey dovey with Spring on the way or something ?!?
Anywho, more on those pieces shortly! Right after I knock over Mr. Cullen
Lee xox

Bow Lovin`
7th August, 2010
I need to admit myself into "Bow-Belts Anonymous" asap.

I'm up to 5 bow belts like these after discovering that my new most favourite store Koom was throwing them out for...wait, you ready for this... $5!!!!!!!
They're just so damn cute AND they are elasticised so no fears about them sawing me in half whilst wearing them! Can you say "Bonus!"
I also picked up one with a chunky silver plastic buckle and one that is just too funky to describe so you'll have to wait for a snap snap in order for me to convey the full awesomeness that is this belt!
Gotta love the buzz that bargain retail therapy gives ya eh?!
Hook Update!
Charlie Simpson - 30%!!!

Edward Cullen - 60%!!!

I'll have another crack at Windows Movie Maker tomorrow and hopefully get an update up, because he's looking pretty damn AWESOME
Got some seriously intense eyes going on lemme tell you!
Lee xox

For pete's sake
5th August, 2010
2 Monkees down! 2 to go!!!

Peter's head has come out much bigger than Mr. Jones' but I actually quite like it
Think i'll mess about with the closeness of the other two to give the blanket a bit more.....depth? Quirkyness? Something-that-isn't-semetrical-as-that-would-be-predictable-and-therefore-would-be-really-boring-ness?!

Date started: 1st July, 2010
Date completed: 4th August, 2010
Size: 50cms x 50cms approx.
Now to find yarn for these 2 spiffy gentlemen!
Lee xox

Colour Changes & Tie Off's
4th August, 2010
My apologies for slacking off in the blogging department folks!
I've been battling a friggin nasty cold for the past week! I swear to god there should be NOTHING left to blow out of my nose, but 5 seconds later, choc-a-block full again!
And you SO didn't wanna know that did you!?
Apologies x2.
I'm not very good at being sick. I get bored. I frighten myself (more than usual) when walking past mirrors and I can't eat my fave naughty foods because they're all in the 'dairy section' of the food pyramid which I'm told only makes colds worse
On a lighter note!
I finially managed to pop up a lil FAQ section there on the left for the Top 5 most asked questions. Unfortunately Windows Movie Maker is still refusing to play with me, so still no Edward video slideshow update yet. However Mr. Peter Tork is nearing completion !!

Looking pretty darn smashing ain't he (I've always had a bit of a thang for young Petey )
Which leaves me with two Monkees to go!
However I will be tackling Mr. Cullen next, then Charlie, then god knows
Whilst continuing to back my Hp Blankie!
Lee xox