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Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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30th December, 2010

Credit: fanpop.com

The Slytherin crest is coming along nicely and is now at 25%
It's still looking a little scruffy, but I think once the whole snake and the Slytherin scroll appear, it should look alright !!!
I certainly couldn't work any further on the picture to get any finer detail on it, or i'd go blind

I'm aiming to hit 40% by tonight
In some very exciting news - I received a HARRY in my inbox this morning !!!

Jaime, you have outdone yourself!!!!!!! He looks BEYOND BRILLIANT !!!
The tension, the colours = just perfect!!! !
Jaime tells me the 6 year old recipient of Harry LOVED unwrapping him on Chrissy morning. That's going to make me smile like an idiot for a year Thanks for sending in the picture Jaime!
And in the spirit of ending on something totally unrelated...
Check out these boots I found during a random browsing sesh the other day...

Totally going on my wishlist for next chrissy!
Lee xox

Bring on 2011!
27th December, 2010
EDIT ///////////////
EDIT \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Chrissy is now officially over for another year
I had a lovely day with the folks semi-relaxing as we're still minute to minute with Grandpa in hospital. Ate too much as is tradition and wrote down semi-drunken new year's rezzies on a scrap bit of wrapping paper as is also tradition. Although I think I was semi-serious on my top rezzie as I found it stickytaped to the front of the CSIRO diet book on the kitchen table on boxing day. So it looks as though my subconcious is dead serious on losing 10-15 kilos this year. Total pain in the arse! Well...it will be!
Anywayz, time for some photos of my loot!
I have been walking past the shop window featuring this bag for the last 6 months and low and behold I can now call it mine!!

As we all know, anything to do with the 50s + Me = AGH! So I did squeal a tiny bit when I unwrapped this one! 1000 piece! I have now added 'have a picnic at Lake Tabourie' to my bucket list!

I scored this gorgeous little earing-storage shoe - purple AND sparkly! Heaven!

And of course Hello Kitty had to make an appearance, because it wouldn't be chrissy without scoring SOMETHING with her little face on!

Speaking of HK, have you ever seen a HK doona in a DOUBLE?!? Single yes, but double! Was so freaking stoked unwrapping this one!! Was on the bed in about 3 minutes!

Last but not least, I woke up to find a surprise in my inbox!!!

Charlie Simpson's solo EP!!!! Talk about the best stocking filler !!
Naturally it's been on repeat for the last 3 days and by god it's brilliant
So all in all, a fab chrissy !
I'm now pouring all of my attention energy and focus into planning for 2011!
Exciting times~!
In crocheting news:-
I want to thank everyone for the response to the Hogwarts Bunch Blanket! It was such a fun project that i've decided..... drum roll.... ....

To make another Potterghan!!!!
Am I mental?!? Quite possibly!!
I've always thought a blanket of the 4 house crests would look so freaking cool and so that is what i'm going for! Ultimately I want to incorporate the Hogwarts crest as well, but for now i'll concentrate on the 4 houses.
Starting with Slytherin!

Not terribly exciting at the moment I grant you, but I can't wait to get going on this!!
I won't be leaving my other pieces in the lurch though!
There will be a BTTF update, possibly later on today - which is exciting as we have Dr. Emmet Brown well and truly emerging from the mist now
I also have the wool to start Micky - my final Monkee!
I've also got my furry little Aussie friend to 10%!

So things are well and truly on the move!
The Hogwarts Bunch Blanket section is also almost finished!
Phew! Think i'll go have a lie down before getting into it again!
Once again, I hope you all had a fab chrissy and scored some cute loot from the big man
Lee xox

Hogwarts Bunch
24th December, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen... THE HOGWARTS BUNCH BLANKET!!!!!
I still need to crochet a couple of rounds as the joins have slid up a little bit, but to be completely honest with you, trying to do that in 30+ heat is beyond a joke so it can friggin wait!!!
As you can see the thing is HUUUUUUUGE and covers my parents QUEEN SIZED BED quite comfortably!!!
I started this project on the 23rd July, 2009 and I gotta tell you, I am so stoked with it!!
Over the next week (as I am on holiday - woo!) I will be finishing up the Hogwarts Bunch Blanket section which will have more photos and of course the all important tutorials on how I went about turning the panels in one Massive arse blanket!! The section will also feature pictures of YOUR Potter panels
Anywayz, that's all for now!
I wish you all a very safe healthy and happy Chrissy
Lee xox

A day away
23rd December, 2010

Looks like these 3 could use a blanket.....
This time tomorrow, they may think all their Christmas' have come at once !

Lee xox

21st December, 2010


I would just like to extend a MASSIVE THANK YOU to anyone who has ever stopped by my little place in cyber space!!
This balloon is for you!
There has been many a time (usually around domain renewel time ) that I have thought about chucking the website in, but i'm glad i've stuck with it and have finally found a niche for my blabbing aka Crocheting!
So once again, Cheers very much people!!
(P.s. Fairy bread was the only thing that came to mind when I thought 25,000, hence the random arse photo )
It looks as though 2011 is going to be the 'year of the commission' for me
I've just scored my THIRD which i'm still a bit bubbly about
In the meantime, I've started my first piece that will be for sale at the Exhibition !

I've decided I like having a few pieces on the go at the one time. Totally cancels out any boredom! Get sick of one lot of colours or picture, swap to another
This one is my first attempt at an animal.....
A true Aussie.....
All shall be revealed in good time
Now time to get ready for a family tradition!
Christmas Lights Drive!!!

Lee xox

3 Down, 1 to go!
20th December, 2010

Michael Nesmith [The Monkees]
Started: 3rd December, 2010
Completed: 20th December, 2010

3 DOWN, 1 TO GO !!!

Lee xox

18th December, 2010
Sooooooooooooo close to finishing but only managed to nudge 70% over night

Still, i'm cheerin` that I have FINALLY managed to get the right combination of greens !!!!
Thankgod the guy's eyebrows show in this picture, because for a while there he was looking a little outer-space-ish
Will knock him over tonight for sure!! Which adds another little bit to my equation!!
+ 1 left = COMPLETE BLANKET!!!!
Lee xox

You Just May Be The One
17th December, 2010
I got on a bit of a roll last night!!!
Mr. Wool Hat is now at 45%!!!

I plan on knocking him over tonight
I've had the Monkees tunes on repeat for the last 2 days which has totally gotten me in the Monkee mood
One of my fave's from Mr. Nesmith being.....

God, does anyone else melt with Peter's "The first dance is mine"?!?!
Pathetic aren't I?
But agh! So cute
Lee xox

OMG Elise!!
16th December, 2010
I apologise for looking bloody awful and the poor sound-lining-up-with-the-vision-quality~! I should know to film these when there's more light !

Current Works-In-Progress...

Am now off to purchase a staple gun to make backing my pieces a hell of a lot easier!! Me + staple gun......
If it's anything like me + Whipper Snipper there is going to be cause for concern...
Lee xox

12th December, 2010
Look look LOOK what I spied in the hospital gift shop!!!!!

Anyone who knows me knows I go weak at the knees at the mere mention of anything to do with 1950s diners (think it comes from watching too much 'Grease' as a kid...) so when I saw these salt & pepper shakers, my god I had to have them!! They are looking beyond awesome on the mantel next to my jukebox !!!
So that was my exciting find of the day!
Just had to put it out there....
Really not much more to say at the mo....
Except you may wanna check out the BACK TO THE FUTURE page for a lil teeny update !
Peace out.
Lee xox

Pretty Dust
11th December, 2010

3 Cheers for a new section!! Hip hip?!?!!
..... hooray
Head on over to the 'Hogwarts at Ravelry' section to find out more about my latest creative outlet !

I gotta tell you...I am so all about SPACE right now, it's ridiculous!
For the last couple of months I have been watching/listening/digesting anything and everything about SPACE and it's now officially and interest / obsession of mine !
I've been re-watching the BBC's series 'The Planets' on dvd, which totally blew my mind open! Terrific series if you can get a hold of it I highly recommend it, even though it is 10 years old! It gives a great foundation of knowledge as far as the make-up of the solar system goes - kind of a beginners guide which is just totally fascinating!
I've also cottoned on to a bunch of publications devoted to the study of space...
AND I have gone totally nuts for pictures of Nebulae!!
So so so incredibly beautiful and inspiring!!!

Hence I shall be trying my hardest to create something inspired by this phenomenon! Best check out the new 'Hogwarts at Rav' section for more info there *wink wink nudge nudge* -_^!
Lee xox

Pattern Time
9th December, 2010

He took his sweet arse time getting here, but Mr. Davy Jones of The Monkees has arrived as December's free pattern
Thank you for your lovely comments in regard to Elvis and Ann!! You guys rock !!
In site related news, keep your peepers open for some new sections popping up on the site shortly!!!
Now off to dig out some tunes and pimp my place out with some flashy decorations

Lee xox

Today, Tomorrow & Forever
8th December, 2010

It's finished!!!!!!!!
Elvis Presley & Ann Margret [ Viva Las Vegas ]
Date Started: 23rd September, 2010
Date Completed: 8th December, 2010
Happy with it?!?! - Abso-bloody-lutely !!!!!
Lee xox

Bright Lights City
4th December, 2010

Credit: WeHeartIt.com

Things are starting to Heat Up in Vegas baby

The King is now officially on his way, now complete with chin and mouth
Hoping to reach 85% tonight, as tomorrow i'm seeing HP for the second time and know that i'll be way too damn Potterfied to worry about Elvis
Last night I also managed to make a start on my Mike Nesmith panel for the 12 billionth time this year

Early days, early days but already he's shot up to 15%
Had a bit of a Monkees marathon the other night that spurred me to get a move on
In Grandpa news, he came out of surgery well, but is naturally under pretty strict supervision in ICU to make sure he and his new hip behave themselves !
Is it in poor taste to use that lil bone symbol there?!?...
Yes Lee, prolly is...
Lee xox

3rd December, 2010

What a night
Overnight we had the WORST storms my town has faced in the last 50 Years and as someone who is irrationally scared shitless of storms it wasn't a whole heap of fun having the friggin lightening cracking directly over the roof
I looked over at the dog for some moral support - fat lot of good that was! There she was, sprawled out in utter bliss, snoring away, totally unaffected by the windows rattling and the place lighting up with every flash
Unfortunately all the flooding and roadblocks are not between me and my place of work...
I find this to be in poor taste of the rain gods quite flankly...
Was totally looking forward to staying at home with some hot chocolate and bad daytime telly, but alas! Tis not to be
In more important and crappier news, I got a phonecall from Mum this morning, to say that the hospital had rung, saying that Grandpa had taken a fall and has now fractured his hip.
The stubborn bugger had taken it upon himself to go to the loo after having it drilled into him that he is not to get out of bed unassisted and they found him on the floor in agony. So he is about to undergo surgery to pop a pin and plate in.
Hopefully all goes well
However he is a frail 80yr old with an underlying infection (cause of the stroke previously mentioned), i've slipped into realistic mode and will take things as they come.
Now to get ready for work, which coincedently is my manager's last day.
In short. Today sucks man
Lee xox

Vlog Time
1st December, 2010
A MASSIVE round of applause is needed!!!
The lovely Alice has finished the union jack CAL!!!!

It just looks too darn FABULOUS Alice!! Well done !!
I have been a little slack in uploading the next CAL vlog. Be on the lookout for it by the end of this week
Yesterday I managed to hunt down the last of my backing fabric!! Which will allow me to back the remaining pieces for the exhibition
Today i've been busy with this big bugger

It's since been completed, which leaves me with SIX pieces to go before getting the last of the boards and going super stupid with the staple gun again
That's about it for now, but check back tomorrow as i'll have updates on Marilyn AND Ravenclaw !!!
There's two things I never thought i'd say in the same sentence....

Lee xox