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Lee Mac. Twenty-nine year old fibre artist. Crochet portraits = Obsession. I am surgically attached to my Ipod and crochet hook.
Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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31st July, 2011
Pottermore Baby!
Check out all the pretty colours man!!!!!!!!!!!

So although this snapshot depicts the piece at a measley 2.5%!, i'm CHEERIN!!
It tells me that the colours i've chosen are actually gonna work!!! Which is a friggin MIRACLE considering there are 15 of them to mix and match together!!!
BEYOND THRILLED to see this baby grow!!

In other news, i'm so totally registered over on Pottermore!!!!!!!!

Now to sit back, relax and hope I score an early invite!
Isn't my life thrilling?!
Side note - this is just me having a whinge, but Goblet of Fire was on free-to-air telly last night and I couldn't believe how much they had cut from it !!!!!!
They cut out Cedric dying, they cut out Wormtail's hand getting chopped off and Voldy's transformation...
I know none of it is particularly lovely to squizz at but having a poorly edited chopped up version which totally confuses the hell out of the plotline is ten times worse!!
Next time I really should just switch the thing off and shove the DVD in instead
Lee xox

30th July, 2011
Movie Time!
EDIT ///////////////////
The free pattern for the month of AUGUST is now available!!!

END EDIT \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Exhibition Movie!!!!!!!!!!!

Lee xox

29th July, 201
Still Buzzing1

I was going to wait to post about the night until I had some photos and video put together, but that probably won't be till sometime next week!
But AGGH!!! It was a top night !!
Everyone I invited came which was so lovely!!!
I met a few more people associated with the gallery and they were so lovely!!!
I made a rushed and excited speech, in which I nearly balled my eyes out, that wasn't so lovely!!!
I think as I stood there with a bunch of awesome people, and actually took 3 seconds to take it in and see all those pieces staring back at me, the hours of time and the amount of work really whacked me in the face! Luckily my little ramble wasn't filmed! However the little bit of video I did take, will show where everything is! Will try and get it up as soon as I can!!
I digress...
The overall feedback from everyone there on the night, invited or not was Really positive!!! !!
I've just gotten off the phone from discussing my 4th commission query that has come in!!! AGHH!! It's FUNSANE times 10 at the moment!!! !!!!
The lady who just rang said that she was there at the moment and said that everyone walking through the door was heading straight for the pieces and talking about them really excitedly and it was creating "quite a big stir" down there!!!!
Totally dancing on cloud 9 right now!!!!
Plus, as soon as I hung up from that phone call, I had a 'ding dong' at the front door and opened it to reveal a man with the BIGGEST MOST BRIGHTEST BUNCH OF FLOWERS!!!!!!

From my incredibly supportive and Amazing Auntie who couldn't make it to opening night, but was certainly there in spirit Aren't they gorgeous!!!!
And not to break the happy smiley floating feeling that i've got going at the moment, but this little frowny cutie was finished a couple days ago!!!
Prof. Snape Puff!!

In more crocheting news, I have just commenced work on my biggest and most detailed piece to date!!!

If you're a BEATLES FAN, set your face to 'excited anticipation'!!!! This thing is going to be MASSIVE, be choc full of 15 AWESOME COLOURS! and will totally ROCK !!!!!!!!!
Man i'm sorry this post is all over the place, but i'm still BUZZING!!!!
Shall aim to make more sense next post!!
Speaking of which, the pattern for Snape Puff will be up and available for free this weekend, so stay tuned for that fellow Potterheads
Lee xox

26th July, 2011
EDIT \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Aaaaaaaand the first picture is in !!!!
I didn't have an opportunity to take many as there were quite a lot of patrons there while we were putting them up and I didn't want them to cop a flash in the eye as they went to take a bite of their vanilla slice.
But here's the lovely Ann Margret and scrummy Elvis nice and cosy above the fire in the corner!!!

I'm SO EXCITED for opening night tomorrow night!!! Which is in 24 and a half hours time!!!!
(Just between you and I, I believe that counter on the side menu is f'd in the head )
Anywayz!!! I'll hopefully have a lovely long, large and another word beginning with 'L' post full of pictures, video and accounts from how it all goes down tomorrow night coming in the next day, or two or three

END EDIT \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

I just need to go and wrap a couple more up in plastic then at 2 o'clock on the rocket clock, i'm off to the cafe with my swag, to HANG THEM UP all together for the FIRST FREAKING TIME!!!!!!!!!!

Will be sure to post pictures as soon as I CALM THE FUDGE DOWN!!!!!

Lee xox

23rd July, 2011
Wrap It Up
Snape Puff @ 65%!

He should be done by tomorrow!!!
In other news, took a couple of snap snaps of my new hair! It's STILL kinda at the lollipop looking stage and will be until I get some much stronger hair shtuff, but how ACE is the colour!!!

The added bonus is that there are so many differing shades of pink in there thanks to having a ton of blonde in there before, so there's this real deep almost magenta colour undernesath while there's this almost fluorescent bubblegum pink that swoops over the top
Tried something a little more funky with the cut too! I've been in love with Dani a contestant on Masterchef Australia - she's just so fun and bubbly and lovely and I love her hair!!!

So although I went a bit shorter than Dani's, the basic look is there and as my hair grows at the speed of an Indy car in it's final lap, I went a bit shorter
So, hair is done
Outfit has been chosen
Ou!! Totally forgot to post the picture of it on here!
Mum brought me back a lil pressie from her interstate trip this week...

Talk about NAILING IT!!! How super stylish and sophisticated can you get!!!!
Yes, it will clash with the hair, but so will absolutely everything
I actually have a cute headband that will help tame the hair but also add a bit of black to break it up and tie it into the dress, so it should all come together and not look too ridiculous!!
Even if it does, who gives a toss?! I'll feel smashing!!
This guy totally gets the fabulousness that comes from a fresh coat of colour

Lee xox

21st July, 2011
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
My girl had a big day today and has decided to have any early night....

Sometimes she is just too freaking adorable....
How she can be comfortable with her tail sticking out like that is beyond me... then again judging by the aches and pains I have in the morning i'm guessing I sleep like a pretzel too...like Mother like daughter...lol
The potions master has just crossed the half-way line!!!

He's going to be off-the-charts-adorable!!!!
In other news, I got my hair done today!!
Figured i'd better spruce it up a bit for the big night next week!
I haven't taken a photo yet, as it's the shortest i've ever gone and at the moment, with the way it's styled, I look like a cross between Justin Beiber and a strawberries and cream chuppa chup lollipop
IN A GOOD WAY!!! But I think i'll play with it a bit before I let a camera near it
Lee xox

20th July, 2011
The passion for Potter Puff's has returned to Totallee.net !!
Prof. Snape has already puffed up to 25%!!

He's moving along reeeeeeally quickly, so be prepared to be served with the free pattern shortly sexy people

Lee xox

19th July, 2011
You Guys ROCK
I have a few displays of total AWESOMENESS to show off!!!!

The lovely SHARON has taken her Union Jack CAL and has only gone and made THE CUTEST LITTLE PURSE FOR HER GRAND DAUGHTER!!!! !!!!
When I opened my e-mail and saw it I was WOW!!!!!!!!


Hat's off to the talented Sharon people!!! Just too adorable

Another absolute star's hands have been busy creating....

Bloody hell. Honestly... How FREAKING BRILLIANT IS DAVID BOWIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's really all i'm capable of at this point in time
HOORAY for the awesome talents of some awesome people!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!

Lee xox

18th July, 2011
Just Noises
My reaction leaving the cinema today...


Other than to say that I thought it was FREAKING BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And that I didn't shed a tear!! Which I thought was a massive accomplishment! This is going to sound cheesier than cheese, but honestly, I just felt so damn happy through the whole film. Especially as it ended I just felt this enormous wave of satisfaction - which is something I really wasn't expecting....a blubbering mess rocking backwards and forwards was what I was expecting, but nope! Was just so freaking happy !!
I don't want to go into details and ruin it for those yet to see it, but the special effects, the acting, the music, did I mention the KICK-ARSE SPECIAL EFFECTS!!! are just all so incredible, i'm seeing it again
I just have to...once is never enough to take something like that in!
It's...I just....AGHH!!!!
I'm still struggling with the words at this point...just noises come out when I think about it
Hats off to EVERY SINGLE PERSON INVOLVED OVER THE LAST DECADE!It was one hell of a ride!!!!

Cheers Mr. Potter. Cheers very much.

Lee xox

16th July, 2011
May I Present...
May I present....Ms. Marilyn Monroe

You can't half tell that I was up reading till 3am last night can you?!.... ...
But my ugly moosh aside, She's FINISHED and is looking FAB-U-LOUS!!!!!!
I love love love the detailing of the frame in that top left corner. Really brings the whole thing together nicely I reckon
Thank frig I finished when I did, because i've severely deteriorated my stash of purples on this piece!! She got close to having a blue forehead there for a while, but I managed to stretch what I had left *PHEW*
So here's to Ms. Marilyn Monroe!! In a year that would have marked her 85th birthday, may her beauty, inspiration and films live on forever and ever

Lee xox

14th July, 2011
Top 10
Look who made it onto SLATE.COM's "Ten Extreme Expressions of Potter-Love"

Beyond ACE!!! I've never been part of a Top 10 before! Score!!
In other news, I got a call from Mr. Business card printing man today! He wanted me to come in and proof the card before he goes ahead and prints stacks of them. It actually looks pretty darn FUNKY!! He's kept the pops of colour in my logo and has popped it on a white background....this will make absolutely no sense as I don't think i've shown my design on here yet, but I'll scan one in and post it tomorrow
Also had 2 more people confirm that they will be coming along to opening night today!!! Unfortuntely a number of people who I would LOVE to be there can't make it But i'm already at the twenty mark which is worth a dance
In other news,

Poor old Maz is getting a little tired of waiting for me to finish I do believe...I swear my fingers are stealing what precious free crocheting time I have to get her done!!

Yeah my camera is being a tool again and has decided to show her in darker shades of purple than she ACTUALLY is ... ...
I hated photography in school....nice to see some things don't change
Lee xox

13th July, 2011
I Guess this is growing up
Marilyn @ 80%!

Spent a good chunk of today repeatedly stabbing my thumb with a needle again

The OUTSTANDING news is that I only have THREE smaller pieces left to back All the BIG buggers are now backed and ready to staple Can I get an "AMEN"?!?!?
But the-most-exciting-news-of-the-day award goes to hearing that....


Like every other Blink fan on the face of the planet, i've been WAITING since the announcement back in Feb 2009 of them reuniting for this freaking album and now...FINALLY the new song is days away!!!
I really am having a hard time containing my inner "SDFR@#$REWF!!!", as are millions of other Gen-y'ers around the pop punk world
Am now having thoughts of a Tom Delonge crochet piece....I do believe it is inevitable

Apologies for my un-related spazzing-over-music-rants! Just sometimes you need to get the "AGH!" out!
Lee xox

11th July, 2011
Pretty Colours

Am in a ridiculously good mood today!!! So thought i'd splash a bit of colour about the place !
I think it's tea. I've been drinking a lot of tea lately. Good mood MUST be due to tea. Yay tea
Lee xox

10th July, 2011
Marilyn Revealed
ALMOST time for Marilyn to start celebrating

Marilyn @ 75%!

I'm SO stoked because this is the first picture i've managed to take that actually shows the TRUE colours of the piece
Till now it's always come across as really purple and really drab, but the lighting must of been spot on tonight because THIS is how she looks in person !!
I have a crazy busy day tomorrow, followed by more hand sewing. Yes. MORE!....AGH!!! I HATE IT!!
So i'm shuffling myself off to bed early to get cracking at the break of dawn tomorrow. Later gators
Lee xox

8th July, 2011
Updates up the wazoo!
Get your tissues ready....


Marilyn @ 70%!

Aaaaaaaaand the Ravenclaw Crest is @ 15%!

Another busy day today as I have to print out the rest of the invites and back this GORGEOUS couple

for those angels who are waiting on the 3rd CAL video, it should be up tomorrow for ya's
Alright, time to get moving and get my fingers into sewing gear !
Lee xox

7th July, 2011
Get Backing
A MASSIVE round of applause is needed!!!
The lovely Alice has finished the union jack CAL!!!!

It just looks too darn FABULOUS Alice!! Well done !!
I have been a little slack in uploading the next CAL vlog. Be on the lookout for it by the end of this week
Yesterday I managed to hunt down the last of my backing fabric!! Which will allow me to back the remaining pieces for the exhibition
Today i've been busy with this big bugger

It's since been completed, which leaves me with SIX pieces to go before getting the last of the boards and going super stupid with the staple gun again
That's about it for now, but check back tomorrow as i'll have updates on Marilyn AND Ravenclaw !!!
There's two things I never thought i'd say in the same sentence....

Lee xox

6th July, 2011
HP Creeping In

So after seeing a couple of interviews with the cast popping up over the last few days, teamed with seeing new footage of the final film (including Neville getting super aggressive!!! EXCITED!!!) the need to do something HP related with the hands has crept back in
Remember these guys?!?!

Time to get my Rav on!!
I'm actually a little further along with it now, but i'm too damn lazy to take a progress pic at the moment
So with the final film fast approaching...expect me to be Potterfied for a while...
Like John and Paul Weasley here...

Lee xox

3rd July, 2011
First CAL In!!
The first finished CAL is done!!!! 3 CHEERS FOR ALY!!!

Loving the addition of the Fab 4 to keep a tight hold on it Pretty darn perfect!
Be sure to send yours in as you complete them!! Would love to show them off
I have something a tad exciting to show off too...
Marilyn @ 65%! - with a face!!!!

Not long to go now, as there is a TON of black in the top half of this piece - CHEERIN`!!!!
Just makes you feel like dancing on a beach doesn't it eh?!?!?

Lee xox

2nd July, 2011
Who's ready to get their CAL on?!?!?!?!?!
The CAL page is up! Along with the pattern and the first vlog, so be sure to have a squizz and pick up your hook and join in if you like
Now sadly there won't be a 'Pattern of the Month' for July, as I have a truckload of stuff for the exhibition to focus on, plus the site is in desperate need of a spruce up! So i'm afraid the CAL pattern will have to suffice for this month
Speaking of the exhibition, look who has been mounting up a storm!!!

COOL or what eh?!?!?!?
I was a little concerned with covering 'Gone With The Wind' with the plastic - especially as the only plastic that was wide enough was the stuff people use as painter's drop cloth and or table coverings
But it's turned out surprisingly awesome! PHEW
The AC/DC one there hasn't been covered or stretched over properly yet, but it's already looking pretty sharp too
Lee xox

1st July, 2011
Crazy Day

A THOUSAND GAZILLION apologies guys!!!
I've had a heck of a day today and as such haven't had the opportunity to edit together the introductory vlog for the CAL !
Which means that it won't kick off until tomorrow! Which I think is the first of July for most of the people that visit anyways But even so, i'm sorry it isn't up yet for those who were ready to get cracking !!!
Will most definitely be up tomorrow afternoon (my time) at the latest !!
A thousand apologies again guys!!
Lee xox