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Lee Mac. Twenty-nine year old fibre artist. Crochet portraits = Obsession. I am surgically attached to my Ipod and crochet hook.
Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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30th June, 2010
Commission Time

No rest for the wicked !!
I've dived right into my next piece, which is my first ever commission!!
Although it is for my cousin, so I can't imagine charging my Auntie for it, so it looks as though we're going to have a heated discussion about money when the time comes to hand it over
It's a small (small by my standards!) portrait piece of my cousin's 1 yr old bub, which should be super cute! My Auntie wanted it in shades of brown, as he has big brown eyes, so it should come out really well!
It's only 100 stitches across (+ border) and 125 rows, So i'm thinking it should be done in about 2 weeks-ish

In other news, guess what I preordered last night~!!!!
So excited to pre-order TWINKIE-CHAN's first book!!!
I have been in with her gorgeous food creations for years and come November i'll be able to tackle some (20 to be exact!) with my hook!!
You can pre-order it through AMAZON and let me tell you, YOU SHOULD! Her work is INCREDIBLE
Okay, stomach stuffing time!

Lee xox

29th June, 2010
Hey Presto!
The Trio Emerge From The Clouds!!
Measures: 61cms x 126 cms
Completed in: 21 days
Happy??: STOKED
So i've discovered that i'm quite an impulsive and spur-of-the-moment type of crocheter with this piece. I was all set to move onto the next piece in my to-do list, but after watching 'Goblet of Fire' a couple of weeks back, I had to put everything on hold and get a piece to do with the movie out of my system before moving on. It's like it takes over your brain and won't let you do anything else until you've paid tribute. REALLY REALLY WEIRD
This was my first time working in blues AND greys, which was fun
Gave the piece a nice steely, cold, chromy type feel which i'm diggin`
As far as what i'm going to do with it....I have no idea Maybe save it up for someone at chrissy or take it with me to the next Potter film and give it to a little kid or something...
Either way, it'll find a good home somewheres I hope!

Lee xox

25th June, 2010
9 3/4 - 9
Man o man has it been a coffee kinda day! No idea how many i've had, but I think i've breached the recommended max...
Anywayz! Sorry for being MIA for the past week-ish! It's been hectic/crazy/insane, but now that the weekend is here it's time to CHILLAX a lil bit!
The best part is that the worst of the colour changes (e.g. at least 40+ each row) will now be halved and will continue to go down from here on in! As there are a few more looooooong streches of colour up the top of the piece as I work on the cloudy background!
So in short, not long to go now!!!
I will also TRY and film me doing some colour changes as promised, in between my cousin's visit this weekend
I also want to take a moment to say how excited I was at the announcement that has shocked our nation over the past couple of days. Being a bit of a political junkie I was shocked to see the events unfold on every telly station of the political overthrow of Kevvy! I liked the bloke! So it was heart renching to watch him give his final speech as PM yesterday. However, when it was announced that Ms. Gillard had been given the nod, I was overwhelmed at seeing Australia get it's first FEMALE PM!
I like Julia and think she comes across as a respectable and lovely lady and am excited to see how she goes in the top job! To be honest, i'm not a die-hard liberal or labour lover - there are crazies and good people on both sides, but i'm just so excited to see how she goes! Therefore, expect a piece depicting this historic moment in our political landscape in the not too distant future

Lee xox

19th June, 2010
Front Page News
Look who made it into this weeks RAVELRY NEWSLETTER
Sandyhook, the author of 'The Crochet Corner' contacted me earlier this week asking my permission to use the shot of my Dad's piece in her column and of course I said yes, but her lovely comments had me smiling my head off like a complete twig all day yesterday
How lovely is that!! Many thanks Sandyhook!
Potter Trio Update!
Massively excited at how well it appears to be coming together!! Finally got some gorgeous faces starting to appear, except for poor old Hermione...so much hair floating about, her little face gets a bit lost sometimes...
So the plan is to get some eyes appearing by the end of the day, because it's about 8 degrees outside with a windchill of minus 537
I was also thinking of reshuffling the site a bit and adding some extra bits and pieces this weekend
Wondering if you guys had any suggestions of what you would like to see on the site?!? I'm going to be making (and finishing!!) the gallery more prominent, aka giving it a more predominant position on the page. Also thought i'd add a little section of Works-In-Progress on the side bar?! Make it a bit easier for people to check and see where i'm upto on pieces and what i'm working on?! Just a few ideas i'm playing with...
side note I'm almost at 18,000 hits!!! I have no freaking idea how in the world that happened but I wanna thank each and every one of you who have taken time to drop by!! Totally awesome!!! Group hug!!!

Lee xox

15th June, 2010
Creatively Creative
"It's like...you know...when you're creative, if your not working on something, you'd rather be working on something, so you invent more projects constantly..." - Dan [Fightstar]

I don't know why but for the past few days the creative juices have been flowing like mad. I pulled out a stack of paints and have been going to town on a spare canvas I found laying around and i'm diggin it
Pictures soon!
As for pictures, the HP trio are about to top 35%, but here's a shot of them at 30%!

Lee xox

13th June, 2010
Lazy Hazy Sunday
So i'm actually about to hit 20%, but due to my ridiculous obsession about revealing pieces slowly, this is a shot of the Potter trio at 15%
I do believe someone's jacket can be spotted emerging there on the left
After getting it to this point, I think the colours I went with are going to work really really well, so i'm cheering that no frogging needs to take place
I'm hoping to crack the 25% mark today, as i'm battling a clingy cold so will be taking it nice and easy.
Time to go get my lunch on. Peace out angels.

Lee xox

10th June, 2010
I Think George Michael Said it best
Okay so i'm totally feeling Patrick right now because I am......
FREE FREE FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My final exam for the semester is OVER!!!!
Putting another semester to bed is seriously one of the bestest feelings!! Especially for a procrastinator as big as me
Now i'm free to do as I please which of course means dive right into......


First onthe agenda is Hanson's newie 'Shout It Out' which I have already had one flip through and holy crap, i'm in love already
Wasn't much of a fan of their last effort, but this one, 2 thumbs up already boys
The other is of course this fellow and his band of merry men

Crochet updates soon amigos!!
Lee xox

8th June, 2010
HP Vlog
So as you can see..
A) I shouldn't film at night and...
B) I should NOT film directly after consuming coffee...I'm talking faster than a freakin' Gilmore Girl!
So major apologies
As I say, I have created a thread on the Harry Potter Lovers Forum over on Ravelry, where i'll be posting related blogs, however you'll always find them here too
Now back to studying for tomorrow's lovely exam....blurgh.
Lee xox

6th June, 2010
Guess who the idiot was that attended today's footy match in 12 degree weather!!
Guess who the idot was who wore the flimsy-est pair of jeans she has to the football!
Lastly, guess who the idiot was who, if she had had bollocks, would of frozen them completely off!!!!!
Exhibit A
Yup, just me and all my friends there..hanging out...being cool...yup....
Naa actually it was a cracking game and after about half an hour Mr. Sunshine came out and warmed the place up a bit. Plus my team won! BONUS!
Exciting news in the world of crocheting! As of last night I have recieved a commission! Okay yes it's from a family member, but a commission is a commission people
So I will be doing a piece for my cousin's birthday which is the first week of August I believe, featuring her baby boy Joshua!
So i'll have to bump a few things back a bit to fit him in my to-do-next line!
However, tonight Dumbledore is getting done and I have decided to film me starting my next Potter piece, which will feature the trio circa. 'Goblet of Fire' So be sure to keep a close eye on that Vlog over the coming week amigos!
Lee xox

5th June, 2010
Dad's piece is FINISHED!!!!!!!!
More than elated at how well this one came together!! I love the retro feel that the greys have against the bright blue stripes! I was going for that old black and white photo feel, but had to add a bit of colour to modernise it and make it much more fun
The official stats for this one are as follows:-
STARTED: 24th April, 2010
FINISHED: 5th June, 2010
MEASURES: I really need to buy a ruler! But i'd guess about 120 x 70 cms...or there abouts...maybe..lol
I presented it to Dad again and he said the only problem now is finding a decent bit of wall to show it off on
So now that Dad's piece is finished, I guess that means...it's time for....
As you can prolly tell from the looks of my old mood board up there, I have been quite Potterfied lately, so now is the perfect time to piece it all together!!
I have one more fellow to border aka this guy then i'll be attempting (and that's in bold for a reason! lol) to film me backing a panel and sewing it onto another for you guys to see. This week is a pretty hectic week for me, as I have my final exam for the semester smack bang in the middle on Wednesday afternoon, so bare with me if I remain a bit scarce over the coming days! But be assured that Hogwarts will be on my brain when Freud, Jung and other such folk are not
As always thanks for stopping by the site folks! Big love to all
Lee xox