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Lee Mac. Twenty-nine year old fibre artist. Crochet portraits = Obsession. I am surgically attached to my Ipod and crochet hook.
Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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31st May, 2010
EDIT ///////////


I fell agonisingly short of the finish line!!
Although, technically, he has about 13 hours of birthday left, Little Miss Impatient here couldn't wait any longer to surprise him with it! (Mainly because i've almost mentioned that i'm working on a piece for him about a kazillion times to him all week! So I HAD to tell/show him before I ruined my own surprise!)
I stood in the loungeroom holding it up while Mum went and got him, he rounded the corner and looked a lil like this fellow ->
Which was followed by shocked phrases like "Oh My God" whilst covering his mouth with his hand, a massive hug, kiss...and TEARS!!
Of course he didn't give a toss that the top of his head and the microphone were missing He was just completely overwhelmed, so i'm cheerin!
Unfortunately due to hand cramps and being overcome with sleepyness I couldn't get the last 15 or so rows out, but in the end, it didn't matter
H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y D A D ! ! ! !

Now of to celebrate by taking the old fart to lunch! Ha!

Lee xox

29th May, 2010
Head Down, Bum Up!
Cold, wet, chilly, miserable weather outside this arvo
Which is actually QUITE FABULOUS, as I can snuggle up in front of the telly , watch season 1 of these guys...
and knock over the last 38 rows !!!
So hopefully i'll have an update for you later this evening featuring a photo of me lying next to a completed piece
Ou! 'Sympathy for the Devil' - Rolling Stones just came on my Itunes. What a tune

Lee xox

26th May, 2010
Have hit the 60% mark!

Finally starting to see a cute little mouth and cute little cheeks and cute little snapping fingers
I really wanted to be a little further along than I am right now, but unfortunately this thing called 'life' tends to get in the way
Grandpa just had his 3rd surgery, so any time i'm not at work or sleeping i'm over @ the depressing building housing all those sick people. He's due for a 4th procedure tomorrow to see if the last one worked so hopefully when they shove their camera wherever they shove it, they'll give him the all clear
In Charlie Simpson news...

So guess who went over and became a pledge
Pledge Music is such an amazing concept! Finally a way for artistts to control how their music is distributed! Sharing the whole process intimately with their fans So excited to see and hear the making of this album and be a part of it Anywayz, enough Charlie-gushing, I got me another 50+ rows to get doing!
Side Note - Have a guess at who the idiot is that watched Goblet of Fire the other night and who is now all Potterfied is.....
After these 2 big pieces are done, keep an eye out for some HP TRio action

Lee xox

22nd May, 2010
Time Limits Suck.
This pretty much sums up where i'm at.....

Although to be fair it should state... Stay up and freak out that you still have 60 something rows to get done by next Monday and the little window there should have a little lady representing me, looking like this...

Anywho! Here's a snap of where it's @!

So with time running out I really gotta keep this on the go. There's a lot of love going into this project....and jugs and jugs worth of this stuff..

Wish me luck!

Lee xox

19th May, 2010
Look @ The Roses
Have hit 20%!! on Mr. Simpson!

Was excited to hit the neck, then the chin but now am STOKED cause i'm up to his gorgeous moosh
As promised here's an update shot of my Dad's piece which I have been neglecting!!

Crazy to think that both pieces are about the same size at the moment and Charlie is only at 20% compared to Dad's 40-ish.... Charlie's going to be effing HUUUUGE!!!. Hoping to god i'll have enough of each purple!!!
In other news, I went on a bit of a splurge fest yesterday

I literally stopped dead outside the shop window and just went "Yep."
Went in, tried them on, acidentally flashed the dude who was serving me as I bent down to tie the laces up, he didn't complain, had a strut and jump around in them, ummm'd and errr'd for about 5 seconds till he said "I'll throw in some sparkly gold and black laces, usually $10 for free?!?", I said "Yup."
Once i'm in love and a bargain is thrown in, it's a done deal kids!
So they will now be surgically attatched to my footsies for the next month I reckon
I shall leave you with Mr. Hottie and one of my fave tracks! Dear God I can't wait to finish this piece !!!!

Lee xox

16th May, 2010
Neck & Neck
Welcome to the crochet Grand Prix!

You join us as our two competitors are neck and neck!
Well not really, but thanks to me getting fed up doing one and swapping between them so often, they may as well be!
Our first hopeful wanting to conquer that finish line is 'Dad's birthday portrait' coming around the bend at 40%

Yeah okay, so it's the same photo I posted a couple of days ago, but trust me I have done a little more! I'm just too lazy to unravel it at the moment I promise I will next update!
Thing is, i'm making terrific progress on a piece featuring a certain obsession of mine at the moment that I wanna show off!

Isn't he gorgeous!!
Yeah okay I haven't departed reality just yet - I realise it doesn't look like a THING at the moment (well maybe an 'E'...) but the reason i'm a little pumped , is that I have just compared the piece so far to the picture I have on the computer and I reckon it's going to look FRIGGIN AWESOME !!!
I was worried about the purples, especially against such a black background (side note <- this isn't the pic i'm doing of him -_^!), but man I can't WAIT to see this one come to life now!!! He's going to look as though he's smothered in ultraviolet light and with the lettering and positioning and AGH!! (I need a cold shower and a lie down...)
One good thing about me flipping out is that it's going to spur me on to get it done!!
Plus I got another boost of motivation in the form of a new tune!! The bugger has only gone and put a BRAND NEW SOLO TRACK from his upcoming solo record on MySpace as a free fricken download!!!
Me for the last half hour
If you want to check out the guy i've been banging on about relentlessly and who the piece i'm doing is featured on, head on over to his MySpace - myspace.com/charliesimpsonmusic and download his new tune "Thorns". I it!
Alright time to take him up to 15%!

Lee xox

13th May, 2010
Online Browsing
Wishlist time!

Note to self** Plant money tree in the backyard asap. Too too many things I WANT NEED!!

Dream on Lee, dream on...
Cracked 40% on Dad's piece last night

Got the beginnings of the retro microphone happening there on the left now!! And how cute are my 3yr old Dad's overall's looking! Will definitely be nudging first place on my Favourites List when it's done I think -__^!!
Now going to grab a cuppa tea, grab Charlie (the crocheted version unfortunately), grab season 4 of the Gilmore Girls and head to Bedfordshire!
Ou, by the by, i've swapped and changed a couple of things around - made a page for old Vlogs, popped the free pattern archive over here on the left hand menu and added a link to Victoria's new blog because she's ace Ch-ch-check it out!
Lee xox

11th May, 2010
Brain Sizzling
My brain has been firing like KA-RAZY over the past 12 hours - which does NOT help the sleeping process let me tell you!!
It must be my coping mechanism for dealing with Grandpa's situation or something, because the ideas and inspiration for pieces have been flowing endlessly
I can hear my wallet cringing from here...
One piece that I am super excited about I have tentatively titled 'Under The Stars' - which as you can probably gauge, will involve a BUNDLE of colour changes. I'm seriously a glutton for punishment
It popped into my brain thanks to the lyrics from one of my fave bands...
"The stars in your eyes light up the sky with thoughts, lights, fire and sound." - Angels & Airwaves.
...and that teamed with a quick picture search gave me my next mammoth piece!
However I won't let myself get too ahead of...myself?! I WILL finish the two pieces i've got on the go first !
Speaking of which, Charlie boy has just hit the 5% mark !

Shaping up well so far! I'm still a lil worried about the choice of purples, but one never does know how it will turn out till you give it a whirl !
At least I know the lettering will turn out nice and crisp and clean! Check out the start of the 'E' - "that is a nice E" (aka boulder quote from Donkey in Shrek)(God I talk a lot of rubbish before my second cup of coffee )
I was flipping through the mags at work yesterday arvo, as you do , and spied a lil page with...you ready for it?!?... a CROCHET PATTERN!! *gasp*! Is crochet coming back into vogue now?!?! If so, YES!
It's such a cute little scarf and for someone who can't read a pattern to save her life, I should be able to make heads and tails of this one !
Now to choose colours....thankgod i'm indecisive because I seriously don't have time to start this yet lol!
Lee xox

10th May, 2010
Camera Rolling

"Give Me The Sky" - Fightstar.

So clearly Mr. Spielberg doesn't need to feel threatened any time soon....
'Camera-perched-on-top-of-a-bog-roll' does not seem to be a successful camera angle for filming crochet...Never fear! I shall try again soon! lol
As you can see I have started YET ANOTHER piece!
I've been listening to Fightstar constantly over the past couple of weeks and finally I HAD to bite the bullet and do a piece dedicated to frontman, Charlie Simpson
As you can (kinda) see it is in the early stages, so not much to see yet. You may also be able to see that I'm using the purples that as my vlog states I had resevered for a piece featuring a famous dead guy....
Yeah he's going to have to go on hold i'm afraid
The Bugs Bunny Symphony yesterday was AWESOME by the by!
'The Barber of Seville, What's Opera Doc? ("kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit!"), Corny Concerto'!! All the classics were there! So if it's ever in your neck of the woods, get along and see it
I now have to scoff some dinner and head back to the hospital. Unfortunately Grandpa isn't travelling too well at the mo, so time to go try and brighten his night a bit
Lee xox

5th May, 2010
What's Up, Doc?
Like a lot of people I was raised on a healthy diet of Warner Bros. cartoons. This is why I am slightly ECSTATIC about the event i'm attending next Sunday afternoon

It's going to be ACE!!!
The cartoons are going to be projected up on a big screen whilst the Sydney Symphony plays the soundtrack of my youth
Wanna know the extra extra cool bit?!?!?
It's at a little place that looks like THIS....

I have NEVER seen anything at the Opera House before, so man it's gonna blow my mind!!
Okay, now that i've got that outta my system, say "G'Day" to Mr. 30% here!

It still won't look like much to anyone at the moment - although you can probably make out the retro style radio there on the left, but I promise it will all make some sort of sense soon
Side Note I'll be updating the Vlog, Gallery and introducing the Podcast to the site soon!!
Lee xox