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Lee Mac. Twenty-nine year old fibre artist. Crochet portraits = Obsession. I am surgically attached to my Ipod and crochet hook.
Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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Viva Las 50's
30th November, 2010

Credit: Weheartit.com

Jaime, Amanda, Cleo, Benny & JoycelsCrafty many many thanks for your thoughts and well wishes! Very touching and you guys must have some major pulling power because Grandpa is doing much much better
He's still in hospital and will probably be there for a couple of weeks as they try to determine what caused the stroke, but already he's back to moaning and whinging about everything which is a sure sign he's getting back to normal
As usual crochet has saved my mental sanity this past week!

Check out lil Miss Margaret, getting her cheeky minx look on!
I can't wait to get started on her updo!
It rates ridculously high on my fave movie hair styles list
However it is not to be outdone by my most favourite!!!

Gotta love Marty!!
Speaking of the 50s vibe, Mum has found the most awesome boutique about an hours drive south!!
HOOLAHOOP.com.au is my new fave store on the planet !!!
They specialise in retro threads and AGGH!! i'm in LOVE with the ENTIRE store!!!
I picked up this little number there the other day....

It's dubbed the 'Beverly Blue' and it's beyond gorgeous
I'll wear it for my 'reveal' photo when I finish Elvis and Ann

Lee xox

27th November, 2010

My Grandpa has had another stroke.
Everything is still up in the air and i'm still in a little bit of a limbo land...
It's not unexpected, yet still kind of a shock...
Hoping to hear an encourageing update from the hospital in an hour or two.
So apologies if i'm M.I.A for a little while around here
In some encouraging news, Marg and Elvis are at 60%!

It's nice to have something to do with your hands during times like these....

Lee xox

Such A Tease
21st November, 2010

Such a tease !!!!
Just a little excerpt from the full length tutorial that will be with you in the coming days!
I finally got sick to death of fighting with Windows movie maker and found some video editing software that came with my camcorder I purchased yonkies ago. Apart from one scary freeze and blue screen, i've had less problems with compliling the last bit of the video on this software than windows, so huzzah !!!
Won't be long now people!

Lee xox

19th November, 2010

Don't worry!! NO SPOILERS!!!!
Other than to say the movie was flipping BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!
As soon as it ended I wanted to see it again! Which I will be doing as soon as the crowds start to thin off in a week or two
They were surprisingly true to the book - minus a few tweaks here and there of course, but all in all I was REALLY happy with this film! I think the most disappointing to date for me was 'Half Blood Prince'....just missed the mark....
I don't know how the hell i'm going to be able to hold out till JUNE!!
Seriously can't wait!!!
Tomorrow I will once again battle with Windows Movie Maker and try and get the damn thing to save the whole HBB tutorial. Swear to god, that's all I want this chrissy Mr. Santa.....for this damn video to come together!!
Too much to ask?!?!
I think not!!!

Lee xox

17th November, 2010

Seeing HP7Pt.1 in just over 12 Hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lee xox

16th November, 2010

Mr. Charlie Simpson. Started on 8th May, 2010. Completed 16th November, 2010. Size = Massive. Biggest I have ever done!!
The effects of the pinks and purples in this is magical!! He actually looks like he's glowing!! So so awesome!!

Lee xox

I'm Gonna Do It!
13th November, 2010

Credit: Weheartit.com

Okay, so I had a massive spurt of motivation the last time I logged into Ravelry. I noticed my little finished objects box....

I haven't finished a piece since September
Charlie now stands at 80%-ish. I am aiming to FINISH him today. That's 48 rows.
It's going to take serious amounts of chocolate, coffee and pulse racing tunes
Good thing I bought this yesterday...

My ears have been hanging out for this album for months man !!
So wish me luck as I get my hook on !
Lee xox

School's Out!
11th November, 2010

Credit: Weheartit.com

Uni is now officially over for another year! I received my grade for my exam and I passed with flying colours !! Actually i'd say they were more like hovering colours, but P's equal degrees, so i'm stoked!
I now get to celebrate by going food shopping with gut wrenching period pain. Do I know how to mark an occasion or what eh?
However it won't be so bad once I stop off and stock up on my new wonder drug! Not to name names or anything but each month I swear my lady pain is getting worse and worse and yesterday I tried Naprogesic (spelling?) for the first time and holy crap! ZAP! Pain gone!!
Why the hell am I talking about this...
This afternoon, I plan to get Charlie boy up to 80% in between being doubled over in pain. I managed to get Elvis and Ann up to 50% last night

Lee xox

Mail Call!
9th November, 2010
What's this?!?! Blogging twice in a day!!!
I had too!! Look what just came in the mail via Amazon.co.uk!!!

So so excited to get my hands on Twinkie's delicious patterns!!!!!
If you are yet to be seduced by the fun, energy, colour and excitement that is the inspirational Twinkiechan, be sure to take a walk over to her website TWINKIECHAN.COM and be wowed and amazed at her incredible talent and beyond clever creativeness!!! Is that a word? It is now!
I love you Mr. Postman!!!
Lee xox

Creepin` Closer!
9th November, 2010

So I had a quick chat to John yesterday when he came in for...well I can't remember what he bought, but he said we will have to catch up next week to discuss how we're going to display my pieces in February for the exhibition....
Me = "Scuse?!? Ah! I thought I wasn't till May?!?!"
John = "Looks as though we might be able to bump you up to February"
Me = "O-o-o-kay......"

Man this water drop is fast becoming a snowball!
So you can guess that after John left the shop with talks of him not being able to wait to reveal an 'emerging artist' amongst us ( I did do a little inward squeal at that...couldn't help it...) my mind was in Happyland for quite a while. I may have given wrong change out, I may have scanned someone's tin of cat food 5 times, I may have forgone my resposiblity of checking I.D's for grog but god damn I was floating !
I'm sure the head honcho's at work would be pleased to know that their check-out chickie then spent about an hour of their time sketching out drafts for possible business cards! This is the frontrunner so far...

Totally a draft!! And just for a bit of background - i'm becoming known for popping my hair up with these little piggytail fountain things happening on the sides - just incase it looks like I drew myself with fireworks coming out the sides of my head. Boom boom baby.
And I threw a couple more stripes in my hair because I plan on getting the pink and blonde stripes back in there (have kinda washed out now..) so that's another distinguishing feature...maybe....
Anywho a customer has offered to do me up a bundle of business cards, so i'll shoot it across to her and see what she thinks !!
AGHH!!! Getting more and more wigged out about it all now!!
By the by - The 'Back to the Future' page is worth taking a squizz at!! 10%!
Lee xox

Puffy Potter
6th November, 2010
November's free pattern is finally up...almost in time for December...

I start work at 8 tomorrow morning... I am most dis-chuffed about this.
It means an early trip to Bedforshire, which severely cuts into crocheting hours
Got on a bit of a roll last night though! Got another 12 rows done which has taken young Chaz up to 70%!

Think I might go Back to the Future tonight though....
Lee xox

Portraits ROCK
5th November, 2010
Chaz has hit 65%!!

The dude has a neck!!....again!!
I am in LOVE with the way big Charlie is emerging from the darkness. I have little knowledge about technical terms referring to distance and artistic techniques and all that jazz, but the way he's..I wanna say 'branching out', is just awesome!
It makes the whole piece look ten feet taller - thankgod it isn't, I would seriously run outta stash, but agh!! As you can tell i'm having trouble conveying how the colours and size of this thing are effecting me It's also gotten to the stage of standing on a chair and holding the camera high above my noggen to get the whole piece into shot, so I think filming may have to take the place of pictures soon
Speaking of filming, I was added as a contact over on Vimeo.com by a FASCINATING and BEYOND OUTSTANDING artist by the name of Gwenn Seemel whose work I MUST share with you!!

Just astounding!!!
Lee xox

HK Love
4th November, 2010
Lookie what I scored at Woolies! Woolies for god's sake!!

Yes I am a Huge Hello Kitty fan!
I went through quite a collecting phase a couple of years ago and then put the brakes on, as it was kind of getting out of hand. HK Uno cards, HK watches x 4, HK tees x 3, HK figureens x 5 gazillion, etc...
But my god these glasses have sparked and ignited my love for her all over again
Seeing this Tokyo Street shot didn't help either!

How FRIGGIN AWESOME are those hoodies!!!
If anyone knows where I can score one, i'll love you forever!!!
Lee xox

2nd November, 2010

Credit: Weheartit.com

Got a small little piece of news regarding my exhibition next year....
Just a tiny little detail that had failed to be passed on...
Here I am thinking i'll have room to squeeze maybe 2, 3 or possibly 4 pieces onto a wall in the cafe...
I have just been informed that I will have....

Wishing to GOD I had a Delorean right now!! Man I need more time!!!!!!
I nipped up there after work to case the joint out properly and holy crap!! There's a CRAPLOAD of wall space!! That's not counting the beer garden out the back of the premises which will be finished by then aswell!
I've got to get cracking !!!!
I also spied the MOST PERFECT spot for a completed Back To The Future portrait
Speaking of which you may notice a funky arse picture up there on the right of Marty, Doc and some weirdo fan
That will be the place to check for updates on the almighty BTTF piece I'll be posting progress pics in 5% increments and also have a few surprises up my sleeve for the section which will pop up over the coming weeks
Right i'm gonna go stuff my guts with some dinner then get hookin
Lee xox