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Lee Mac. Twenty-nine year old fibre artist. Crochet portraits = Obsession. I am surgically attached to my Ipod and crochet hook.
Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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Silver Lining
25th September, 2010
Breathe Lee breathe...
Remember that report I was planning on doing last weekend?!?! Yeah well it turns out we all scored a week's extension for it. "Yay" but only in theory....
Wanna have a guess at who the wally was who thought "stuff it, i've got an extra week, pffft! No rush!!".....
Wanna have a guess at who the knobhead is that will be spending all night, all tomorrow and all of holiday Monday getting the blasted thing done?!?...
Lee =
Actually i'm painting a much bleaker picture than it is. I have all my notes, quotes, references and dot points all laid out, so now it's just a matter of stringing them all together into paragraphs that flow and make some sort of sense
With all this free time you would of thought i'd have made some progress with the hook huh?
Check it out...

A whole 5%....outstanding....
Makes me wonder what the hell i've done all week
So in order to end on a happy and uplifting note...
I want to draw attention and make special mention of the OUTSTANDING WORK coming from MISS BENNY'S HOOK!!!

Beyond Awesome!!!
Cheers to another Hogwarts Bunch Blanket on the block!!!

Lee xox

Viva Las Vegas!
23rd September, 2010
As a nine year old I think I watched "Viva Las Vegas" approximately 99,473,325 times, give or take...
I know it's beyond corny
I know it's not one of his finer moments on the silver screen
I know the plot makes absolutely no sense
But i'm a sucker for..
Fun tunes
Nutty Dad's and
Predictable car races!!
and despite the fact that a lot of Elvis fans I know can't stand Ann Margaret, I grew up wishing I was her (particularly in the poolside scene when she's in that yellow swim outfit!)(I look ill in yellow)(So really I don't know why I was always drawn to it...)(Prolly because she just looked so fantastic and bright and fun in it I spose...)(I need to stop speaking in brackets...)
This is the outfit i'm crapping on about!

Okay on second thoughts, it prolly had something to do with the way Elvis was gawking at her in it !
Man, that means I learnt the pain of jealousy at age nine...how frightening....and odd...
So why am I rambling on and on about Viva Las Vegas?!?!

Cause i've only gone and started a piece in tribute, that's why!!
Early days, early days, but it should work out wonderfully in the blues
It's a shot from one of my fave scenes and probably the most romantic scene to be honest . I just love the look on Ann in it - totally sums up how I would feel if I were in her gorgeous shoes
Shall keep ya's posted on progress!!

Lee xox

1 Down
22nd September, 2010

1 Charlie down, 1 Charlie to go!
Have hit the 42% mark on him now which is very exciting
However now comes the tricky bit! I say tricky because i'm gonna have to be a total yarn nazi and be vigilent as far as tie-off length goes, because 2 of the purples i'm using are in such short supply it's scary !
Who's the knobhead who assured herself that it'd be fine! Not realising that the bulk of the piece is yet to come....
*sigh* we live and learn...
In other news, i'm freaking starving
I had a dream the other night that the skinniest doctor alive was looking me over and when she got to my neck she said "Hmmm see now this lump of FAT here tells me that you have Moos Disease.." !!!
So now my subconscious is telling me i'm a fat cow!!! Jeezuz, i'm not safe anywhere!
Hence the hour's walk I did yesterday and will continue to do until I get another visit from Miss Skinny GP telling me I am now suffering from stick insect disease...

Lee xox

Starry Starry Night
17th September, 2010

So it turns out that I am powering my way through this psychology report which has opened up a few little crocheting opportunities for me today! I now have Mr. Charlie 'sexy sod' Simpson up to the 35% mark! Finally the guy has an eyeball! Can you say 'bonus!'
Actually just looking at this picture here of the man....maybe I should of gone with it!
I also wanna thank everyone who sent lovely comments, emails and tags about Joanne and Paul! Cheers so much!! You guys rock
After only a day and a bit, they've had over 200 views on their Ravelry page! Staggering!

Oh man...yawning like crazy....
I reckon i'm the ugliest yawner on the planet. Struck me whilst driving in the car the other day when I spotted someone driving in the opposite direction burst out laughing as I was mid yawn. Seriously close to resembling the MGM lion I think....
Anywayz, here's to a fabulous weekend peeps !!
By the way, got a few new sections to the site in the works! I got inspired the other night and scribbled out a few ideas as I was drifting off to bedfordshire. Once I decipher what the hell i've written, be on the lookout for some changes around this joint!

Lee xox

Long Hot Summer
15th September, 2010

Joanne Woodward & Paul Newman: Promotion shot for "The Long Hot Summer" [ 1958 ]
Started: 8th August, 2010
Completed: 15th September, 2010
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this piece!!! The colours, the intensity, the love, ah! As soon as I back it, it's going straight above the mantel in my living room!
It measures just over a metre by about 40cms and my gosh it got heavy on the lap towards the end there but man I love it to bits
Slightly strange that the 2 coupley shots i've done are from a period film set in the South of the US of A....
Must be something in the air down that way
In other fantastic news, I just got my marks back for my first piece of assessment for this semester...
I'm sorry to say that I aced it...
Totally went and got a High Disctinction.....
So all in all a pretty tremendous day!
Side note- Bit of goss on the Hogwarts Bunch Blanket!! I now just need to border the WHOLE LOT a couple of rounds and I will be finished
I'm planning to film the last couple of stitches and hence the finished product for a Vlog, so keep your little eyes glued to that spot on the right!! I have a MASSIVE report due on Monday, so this weekend is going to be a no crochet zone sadly
However hopefully by the following weekend, I can snuggle up with the bunch for a celebratory HP marathon (the bestest kind! )
In the meantime, I hope you enjoy staring at the perfect couple!! I know i'll enjoy it for many many years to come!

Lee xox

12th September, 2010
So unfortunately I didn't have enough minutes and seconds to get as far as I would of liked to this weekend, but this is how Jo & Paul are shaping up at the 75% mark!!!

I'm in love with how Joanne's little fringe has turned out! So damn adorable

So as I draw closer to finishing off Mr. and Mrs. Perfect, the mind is starting to get excited about the next piece

Originally, it was always going to be Mr. Michael 'Wool hat' Nesmith, as member numero 3 of my Monkees blanket, but that was before I went and watched this....

Ok it looks like the embed code doesn't wanna play nice, so here is the link - http://www.nme.com/video/bcid/275235504001 !

I have been anticipating this album like CRAZY since.....well like the man himself said, since he started recording it in July !!!
Because if there's anything I like better than Frontman Charlie...
It's acoustic solo Charlie !!!

So I think i'm going to have to head back and pick up where I left him at 30%! out of respect and love for a such an amazing songwriter/performer/singer/musician/I could seriously be here all day...

I can't believe I stopped right before I was about to hit his eyes!! Well one pair of eyes *wink wink*. Little hint there! This piece actually combines 2 photos of the man Because he is just that amazing It's also done in shades of my favourite colour....hmmmm...little obsessed maybe???....possibly???...tiny bit???

Lee xox

11th September, 2010

Spring has sprung! Which means I have a date with the garden aaaaaaaand with some cleaning products!
Once I get the garden taken care of and cleaned the place up, it's time to transform it into my current style crush

!!!!! MAD MEN !!!!!

To say i'm slightly obsessed with this era right now would be the understatement of the century, so I have some ideas for paintings, curtains, lights, etc...
Plus I think Joanne and Paul above the mantle in the loungeroom will totally set the mood
They are at 72% at the moment, so after I finish mowing this arvo I plan to chillax and hopefully get them done, so I can start the ball rolling on my little home-makeover

Lee xox

8th September, 2010
So i've been sitting on this news for a couple of days because I really don't want to jinx myself like the last time but I can't keep it in any longer
I was at work maning my till. Well, not really, I was actually screaming at another employee to turn around and have a squizz at Joanne and Paul, which has hit 60%!

..and my manager was standing infront of me with a customer at the time (i'm just so professional at work...) who seemed really interested in the piece
She asked me questions like:
Is that knitted or crocheted?
How long do they usually take you?
Have you ever thought of exhibiting?
Quite run-of-the-mill questions really...
When I said that I DREAM of one day getting the chance to exhibit, she says....
"Well, I work at the NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY and I really think you have something here.."
My reaction was - "Oh wow, really? Where should I start enquiring?" - very composed, very polite, slightly high-pitched in tone yet calm.
My reaction on the inside was as follows....
Aka, freaking out man!!!!!!!
Anyways, she took my name and asked when I worked so as she could get back in touch with me, but in the meantime, she has given me an association to get in contact with to seek representation etc.. which I have already e-mailed and now I guess we wait and see what they say!! And prey to the dream gods that something amazing and magical happens !!
However if it doesn't, the fact that a lady who works at such a prestigous level in the art world has shown faith in my work is good enough for me right now!!! I think she deserves a toast ! Hip hip!!
I know i'll certainly be having a few if I get good news !!!

So fingers, toes, legs and ovaries crossed that I get some love filled response in my inbox over the next few days and I might be heading to a gallery in the near future!!!!!!!!! AGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
Lee xox

Ravelry Tuesday
7th September, 2010

CHERRY by Ravelry user: 'Twoswallows'
Pattern by Anna Bell over @ My Fashionable Life
My god I am in love with this cardy and i'm in LOVE with the way she has styled it up with the red accents! Such gorgeous work, I stopped dead when I spotted it whilst browsing through Rav earlier this week. Wish to god I was decent with a pair of sticks, but i'd butcher it something shocking if I had a go

1950s Starburst Hotpad by Ravelry user: 'megntbear'
Pattern by Loretta Schepp over @ Crochetmemories.com
This pattern is for FREE so guess who's going to hopefully be giving it a go when she can find a window of time!! Just so damn adorable AND practical! I never have enough placemats so table, never fear my brother! You shall be protected! Soon as I make them that is....

Lee xox

Says It All
5th September, 2010

Says it all....
Lee xox

Flux Capacitor
4th September, 2010

I shouldn't be left alone with search engines, photo-editing software and coffee after watching Back To The Future, because guess who's just gone and made another pattern
I already have 2 pieces on the go and about 4 lined up in my to-do basket, so I had a bit of a lightbulb moment
NOVEMBER = Back To The Future Month!!!

Hence the hastily put together counter in the top left-hand corner
The piece is going to incorporate more colours than i've ever used before so i'm praying it's going to come out okay !!!
So my goals between now and then are:
Finish Joanne & Paul
Put a brick up against that bloody gate that is banging against the house in the gale force winds outside right now...
Get to at leeeeeast 50% on my Charlie Simpson piece!
Start and complete my 'Under the Stars' piece
Pass my psych subject

All to make way for November to be devoted to BTTF!!!
Can you tell i'm a lil bit excited for this one!?!?!
Anyvayz, Jo & Paul have hit half-way!!

So RIDICULOUSLY gorgeous!!!
Oh crap! I nearly forgot to mention that Professor. D is our 2nd last Potter Panel Pattern!

Enjoy amigos!
Lee xox

1st September, 2010

Images from Jenna @ Mylifeasamagazine.blogspot.com

Well hello there!
So i've been M.I.A. for the past week, but I have a bloody good reason! A 3 day weekend in Sydney town baby!!!
Mucho mucho FUN was had I spent more money than I care to remember and as you can see went back to the 80s for an afternoon! Apart from the fact that Back To The Future wasn't MENTIONED ANYWHERE in the exhibition it was pretty fan-freaking-tastic! The toy section was a little disappointing, if i'd have known about it I would of happily donated the 6 or so massive cardboard boxes I have full to the brim of My Little Ponies, Barbies, Sylvanian Families, Muppet Babies, etc.. from my childhood
So if you're in Sydney over the next couple of months, be sure to check it out at the Powerhouse, because man it really does take you back !
I also checked out The Rocks Markets for the first time and holy cow did I go a bit nana's...
So many shiny shiny things and pretty pretty pieces that I won't be needing accessories for the next 8 yrs! Actually till November because that's when I plan on hitting it up again I've been a bit lazy in taking photos of my purchases, but once I get around to it, i'll post em for ya's to have a lil squizz at
I'm a lil bit behind in getting this month's free Potter Panel up and I STILL need to post the Potter Puff pattern, so bear with me as I sort myself and the site out. I should have them up over the next couple of days!
In Joanne and Paul news...

35%!!!!! It's all starting to take off now
Lee xox