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Lee Mac. Twenty-nine year old fibre artist. Crochet portraits = Obsession. I am surgically attached to my Ipod and crochet hook.
Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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Layout In Progress
31st August, 2011

New layout is coming along REALLY WELL !!
It's certainly much more....'mellow'er than this one as far as colours go, and there's a ton more white space...
I'm a colour freak. As you've probably noticed. So i'm not that stoked with it just yet. But I think I can get it to an even(ish) balance between 'professional looking' and 'looks-like-someone-chucked-a-rainbow-at-the-screen'.
Really I just needed something that was a 'tad' more professional looking than this one, in order to pop the link on future business cards. Because really the link to my flickr gallery doesn't scream 'motivated artist person' does it?!
Anywayz! Once it's up I would love to hear your thoughts!
(I'll keep this blog set-up in storage incase the new one fails to impress )
I tell you what though, I don't think i'll be able to hold off on posting my updates!!! Especially the Ron and Hermione piece!!
We have the beginnings of faces !! 40%!! The last picture update was at 20% so you can imagine right?!?!!!
Hence why i'm working like a crazy person to get this new set-up...up!
Speaking of which, you may notice a few changes here and there whilst I do work on it - eg. the tagboard changing colours and different pages suddenly switching over to the new layout while I test them
Anywayz, back to work !

Lee xox

Transition Week
29th August, 2011
There are a number of MASSIVE updates coming to Totallee.net!!!
Please take the next couple of days to familiarise yourself with this layout, as it is soon to become a fond distant memory!!!
Crocheting updates! Vlog updates! Layout Updates! New Pages! THE HOGWARTS BUNCH BLANKET SECTION...FINALLY!!! and maybe a few more surprises!!!
See you in a few days
Lee xox

28th August, 2011


Charlie Simpson album tracks performed unplugged =

My apologies for being so graphic but trust me, it's called for. I BEYOND LOVE this man's music
Inspiring, captivating, transforming, transcending, dreamer-friendly, ughhh I could go on for days, but shall refrain! Alls i'm saying is that it gets my seal of AWESOMENESS and vote for RECORD OF THE YEAR
Moving on...
Over the weekend i'll be posting the next vlog for the union jack cal
On this one i'll try to demonstrate the scary, daunting prospect that is the 'pull-through'
I'll also be getting stuck into cranking out a bunch of rows on our fave couple

I had a feeling that as soon as I got close to a face on either this one or my Ronnie piece that I would focus all of my attention on one

Lee xox

Jailhouse Sexy
25th August, 2011
Things are starting to move along with these two !!

What a difference a new camera makes eh?!?! So much brighter! Hip hip hooray for a decent flash !
....there's prolly a better way to say that ...

Anywayz, last night I decided to chuck on 'Jailhouse Rock' and i'm sorry but...

Is it hot in here?!
I need a lie down.
Side note - trust Elvis to be the only one who can pull off the name 'Vincent' and make it sound yummy

Lee xox

Potter Panel Avalanche
24th August, 2011

We've had some more AMAZING Potter Panels come in

Stop the press Snape and check it out old boy!
The FABULOUS TK has added to her Ron Weasley with the sexy potions Professor

..and i'm sorry but I just have to congratulate you on those earrings - they're freaking SWEET!!!!!
Another round of applause is in order today

The FABULOUS Jenni has completed Mr. Ronald Weasley and it must be mentioned that Ron is Jenni's FIRST completed crochet piece!!!!
Jenni, you nailed it!!!!!! Can't wait to see more !!!
Nothing beats waking up to an inbox with so much talent!!

Lee xox

Beatles & Backing
23rd August, 2011

Okay, so maybe a little explanation to go along with the update is in order!
From Left to Right: The little underground symbol, a gorgeous pink gerbera (aka. pretty flower!), The bottom half of The Beatles logo up against the Union Jack, a gorgeous baby blue gerbera, a shirt and tie and finally a few 60's styled circle thingies
Speaking of shirt and tie - the young man on the left here had better get himself photo ready!! As he is the wearer of said shirt and tie !! Therefore expect a lil more of George in the next 5%! update !!!

Now for my second vlog of the week! My god, I go for months without any then hit you up with two! You poor poor people !

The gorgeous Benny has asked how I backed my pieces for the exhibition and rather than me try to explain it with a bunch of words running into each other, I made a little video this morning to try and show the backs of a few. I APOLOGISE FOR THE STATE OF MY HOUSE!! My god I need to have a serious dance with the vaccuum cleaner!! It's been raining here on and off all week and when you live with a crazy labrador, who likes to traipse dirt and mud in all over your carpet every 3 seconds, sometimes it gets a bit hectic
I'm also sorry it cut out when it did - batteries totallee karked it
I was saying that I used the D-rings as they worked best with the hanging system that is installed in the cafe. They're great for standard hooks too, so whether you're clamping it or hanging it on the wall, they're great if you can find them!
Hope this helps Benny !!

Lee xox

Attention Ravenclaws
22nd August, 2011

Attention fellow Crocheting Potterheads! The free pattern for the glorious month of SEPTEMBER is now available !!

It's the fabulous crest of RAVENCLAW!
Before I carry on surely there's a better term than 'Crocheting Potterheads' ?!?!?
You're letting the team down Lee... try and come up with something a tad more imaginative...goodness me...
Side note - I have FINALLY gotten around to popping up all of my free patterns up in the PATTERN SECTION !! It only took me 6 months to get around to it...
Please remember to send me in any pics if you give this magnificent crest a go!! Ou! While I remember, the pattern is a little bit confusing in that there are two numbers for Black. So be sure to be on the lookout for that little snag !
In other news, everyone needs to take a quick wander over to WHIPUP.NET and give a massive virtual hug, kiss and high five to the wonderful KATHREEN!!

Kathreen graciously asked if I would like to be a Guest Blogger over on her fabulous site, so natually I got over-excited and jumped at the chance
A thousand 'thank you's' Kathreen! Was bucketloads of fun to write!!

In EVEN MORE FAB news, be sure to check back tomorrow as I will have a snapshot of the Ultra Massive Beatles Piece at 10%!!!!
It's a total finger pretzeler, but man oh man things are starting to get spine tingly!!!
Lee xox

Still Blobby
21st August, 2011

Have I failed to mention how much of a complete LEGEND Ronnie Spector is?!?!
Just. Too. Darn. Cool. People.
Speaking of Ms. Sexy Spector, she has just been bumped up to 10%!!

Granted, she still looks like a bit of a BLOB at this stage, but once I work my way up to the face, she should start shining through

Lee xox

Tenner Anyone?
20th August, 2011
Tenner anyone?!?!

Actually I don't have an actual tenner to give you (although how awesome is this one with it's "take this note & buy a book" quote!)..
I do however have the first 10%! of Ron and Hermione!!

So now it's time to play 'find-the-still-from-Deathly-Hallows-part-one' that is the basis for this piece !
In some sad news, tomorrow marks the last day of my exhibition! Will be going in tomorrow afternoon to take my pieces off the walls and bring them home ! To be put up on my walls ! So not all bad I spose!
Stay tuned for an update tomorrow! Have almost hit the tenner on another one

Lee xox

Blobs & Beehives
18th August, 2011

Ready to see Ms. Ronnie doing her thang at 5%!?!?!

I know, I know, just too darn sexy to handle isn't it??
Although believe it or not, I do believe this blob of mess is going to work out really well!
My excited mood continued on from the vlog yesterday and I managed to get Ron & Hermione to the 7.5ish% mark! I'll continue with them tonight to get them up to the tenner and will post their first pic tomorrow
They're speeding along thanks to some massive stretches of blue! Luckily all the pain and sufferning doesn't really kick in until their faces There's probably a better way to say that....
Let me also just take this opportunity to say that a lil something exciting is planned for Monday!!
Well, I think it's exciting! That's certainly not to say anyone else will give a fat rat's crack!
There's probably a better way to say that....
I'm gonna take off now before I continue to be inappropriate...
Later gators!
Lee xox

Yay Shopping
17th August, 2011

Lee xox

Different, But Oh So Cute
15th August, 2011
Massive round of applause is needed people!!!! The magnificent woman known as DORA has totally nailed another Union Jack!!!!

Can you say FAB!!
Highly appropriate placement next to the other flag there too !!
I spotted this on Dora's LJ yesterday along with...
I had to have a go at Mickey immediately!!

I totally attached his lil ears in the wrong spot , but I am putting that down to 'excited rushing'! I just wanted to get them on there asap
Isn't he cute !!!
The pattern for these vintage Mickey and Minnie coasters can be found on Ravelry HERE!!
Alternatively, if you aren't on Ravelry, you can find the pattern over on Dora's Livejournal
In more awesome news, I got on a bit of a kick with my Beatle Boys last night and I SHOULD be able to get it to 10% by tomorrow or the next day
It's looking so GREAT!! I can't wait to show you all !!
When it's finished my mission will be to track down this room to ask about exhibition space

Lee xox

15th August, 2011

No rest for the wicked !!!
Last night I made a start on a piece that was really a spur of the moment 'I-Must-Make-This' spurt of inspiration after hearing one of my fave girl group songs of all time
RONNIE SPECTOR @...well only about 2% so far

She'll end up being a relatively small piece, but will have quite a detailed background goin` on, but man it should be 60s Smoking Hot
I friggin LOVE The Ronettes!! (Who doesn't?!)
Ronnie just always seemed so cute/cool/sexy and of course just so yummy 60's!! The killer voice, the whole sex kitten hair thing - The Woman is a LEGEND !!
So I shall be sharing my hook between her and The 4 Kings of EMI over the coming weeks !!
In HP News - Everyone MUST check out this progress picture of Mr. Ron Weasley, by the fabulous NAN !!

I am SO in LOVE with these colours!!!! I couldn't wait for the finished photo before showing him off! FABULOUS JOB NAN!!!
Thank you so much for all the lovely comments re. Ravenclaw!! I'll be heading out on a yarn finding mission later this week to try and track down my colours for GRYFFINDOR !!
In the meantime...
"Be my little baby
Say you'll be my darling
Be my baby now"

Lee xox

Ravenclaws Do It Better!
13th August, 2011

Big round of applause and a massive welcome to the third crest to join the group - RAVENCLAW!!! !!!
I went on a bit of a binge with the hook and yarn last night and managed to get within 10 rows of completion but the zzz's won out !
I'm MAJORLY proud of this one as I thought it wouldn't look as good without the tans and browns, but the steely greys do it justice and really makes it shine amongst the others

ONE HOUSE TO GO!!! Arguably the most important
Speaking of which, that gives me the opportunity to post this piece of absolute BRILLIANCE that is doing the rounds on Tumblr at the moment...

Holy freaking heck how awesome can you get?!?!?!?!
I'll tell you..
Apologies for not posting a credit link, but if you made this, you're a legend !!
(Can you tell I have a massive soft spot for paintings like this?! Not sure what the technique is called?! But it always blows my mind how people can place colours so haphazardly to create a familiar, emerging image )
(Plus, the subject matter kind of helps too ..totally needs to be on my wall...)
For those absolute babes who would like the pattern for the Ravenclaw crest, stay tuned for September as it will be the free pattern of the month

Lee xox

Banner Baby
11th August, 2011

Ravenclaw Crest is now @ 65%! BOOYEAH!!!! Am definitely on the home stretch with this one now Thank god, cause truth be known I just really really want it to be done!
Four pages of pattern left and i'll be needing my dancin` shoes!!

In other news, I think i've finally found the layout for my next...layout!
I've been feeling the need for a change and I think this one will be MUCH easier to navigate ! I'll continue to use this one while I iron out the kinks in the new one so it'll make for an easy transition
In yarn news, I totally scored 10 Balls for 10 BUCKS this week!!!!!! That NEVER happens to me!!! Got some fab colours that will most definitely come in handy for some upcoming pieces
I've just printed out yet another pattern Which wasn't on my to-do list and has totally come out of left field
It is YET ANOTHER Harry Potter piece, because clearly my crochet hook has an addiction
However it will just have to put up with the fact that we have some other pieces ahead of said Potter piece to get through first AKA John, Paul, George & Ringo
Meanwhile, back to Ravenclaw!
What's everyone else working on?!?
Lee xox

Screwy World
9th August, 2011
Ravenclaw has hit the half way mark

I knew i'd start getting giddy as soon as hints of the banner began to show and well...I was right! Getting pumped to see it!!
In other news, what a crazy couple of days! Stock market, London riots..
Turning the telly on has become a frightening prospect of late!
The last thing I heard was that the riots had moved outside of London and these thugs are popping up in different areas of the country?!
Much love and safe wishes for those in and around the affected ares!! Stay SAFE !!!!
If only things could all be solved over cake....

Lee xox

Yarn Love
8th August, 2011
Yarn love

Lee xox

7th August, 2011
EDIT \\\\\\\\\\\\\

The lovely Benny has asked to see my business card, but unfortunately by the time I blank out my contact details there won't be much left to show! But this is the logo i've got on it -_^!!

END EDIT \\\\\\\\\\\\\
Yesterday afternoon was one of those lazy hazy rainy winter ones, which was beyond lovely
I am not one to feel crappy when it's grey and gloomy and generally shitty weather outside! As for me it equals, coffee/tea, gorgeous heater, big fat fluffy doona, a stack of dvds, a crochet hook and a Ravenclaw crest. Which! Has jumped to 40%! thanks to yesterday's efforts

It would of been a lot further along had I not dozed off thanks to the steady rain hypnotising me
I'm LOVING his little legs!!! Really can't wait to hit the banner !!
In other news, i've just come from having breakfast with the Parental's at the cafe where my works are up and it was definitely a nice feeling to be sitting in the middle of the room watching total strangers go up to them and smile ! I couldn't of hoped for a better reaction really! 2 Weeks left to go! I can't believe they've nearly been up for that long already Crazy man!
Lee xox

Exhibition Snaps
5th August, 2011
Today I spent the afternoon with my friend Marcia, who is beyond awesome !!
Luckily for me, she brought her camera along to opening night and took a staggering 42 photos, which is bloody fantastic considering I was flapping about and ran out of time to take
any myself

So apart from me being as un-photogenic as a walrus, how FAB do the pieces look !!!!!!
I went in today to check on them (maternal instincts kick in every 3 days or so...) and noticed that my business card tray was EMPTY....AGAIN!!!!
So at least the word seems to be getting around!!! EXCITING!!!
Speaking of exciting, my Raven has feet! 30%!

Lee xox

4th August, 2011
Lookie who was lurking in my inbox this morning!!!!

Mr. Ronald Weasley completed in FABULOUS fashion by none other than TKindchen!!!!!!
2 thumbs up TK!!! He looks FANTASTIC!!!
Perfect timing too as I finally found the bag i'd stashed my Ravenclaw crest in last night! My stash room is bag city at the moment...really need to spring clean, but I managed to do a few more rows last night to get it to 25%!!

Not looking terribly wonderful at the moment, but once I get the birdie done and get the banner happening it should meld together and look okay...ish

Lee xox

Beatles & Birthday Wishes!
3rd August, 2011
Beatles Mega-piece is at 5%!!!!!!!!!!!

Riveting so far eh?!

I am actually stoked at this point, as the logo is starting to show up quite nicely !!
I can also see my lovely pink and blue flowers coming into bloom there on either side too !!
Just a pity the thing is so damn huge, it'll take weeks to get to anything, or should I say ANYONE remotely interesting!!!
I hope you guys can be patient with me
In more important news, I do believe that today is the Special Day of a fabulous gal called BENNY!!!!!

And holy hell this is gonna be embarressing if it's not and LJ lied to me!!!!!!!!!
Hope you had a smashing day babe!!!! Buckets of love to you on your special day

Lee xox