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Lee Mac. Twenty-nine year old fibre artist. Crochet portraits = Obsession. I am surgically attached to my Ipod and crochet hook.
Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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24th February, 2011

Alright, i'm putting the call out...

Why don't I live in England?!?! SERIOUSLY!!!!!!
The article says all going well, they might then tour the States with the show as well, but sadly no mention of the land of Aus
What I wouldn't give to see and hear these guys LIVE!!!!!!
Would totally have my Monkees blanket finished by then AND would wave it about like a complete tool !
Dear Mr. Lotto man.....
Lee xox

23rd February, 2011

One minute you're UP aaaaand the next you're crashing DOWN
Last night I decided I had better check the dates for my trip to Melbourne in April, just to make sure everything was sweet......
You guys aren't going to believe this....
I FLY OUT ON THE 3RD!!!!!!!!!!

So I wrote back to the peeps organising it and asked if we could have opening night a week later and I just got the reply....
Hi Lee,
Lucky you. I love Melbourne!
It would be better to reschedule your exhibition to avoid disruptions to the exhibitions already booked.
Would July 26th toAugust 21st be ok?

Am ready to go and drown my sorrows in a GIGANTIC swimming pool filled with these babies

Lee xox

21st February, 2011

The wonderful Aly asked about my stash and how much yarnage I have, so I thought i'd do a quick vid! Apologies for it being cut short - I really need to fork out for a bigger memory card!
In other news, TODAY TOTALLY FREAKING ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I woke up, got on the scales...

I'm so so sooooo ecstatic!!! I am now only 4 kilo away from my goal!!!! And therefore only 4 kilo away from my skinny jeans!!!
This news was followed by the confirmation I have been waiting for.....

So if you're not doing anything and you're in the area ...
My exhibition will run from 3rd May - 29th May at Wilbur's!!!!
Here is the address for the obviously now defunct website of the venue Wilbur's Cafe/bar to give you an idea of the space
It does get a lot more sunshine streaming in the windows during the day than these shots convey, so I shouldn't have to fiddle fart around with lighting too much but AGHHH!! Can you tell i'm flipping out a little?!?!
I NEVER EVER thought i'd ever have this opportunity!!
Now I really need to get my arse moving on my business cards, fliers, commission prices, choosing the outfit for opening night, changing my choice for outfit for opening night 5 zillion times, printing invites, deciding WHICH pieces to feature, quadruple check the backing of all pieces......
Yeah I have a few things to organise...
In between uni, trips interstate, and other day to day shiz....
Holy dooly, talk about 'when it rains, it freaking pours'!!!
Okay, i'm off to the art store to spend 5 hours staring at their card section to try and settle on which colour card to print business cards on...
P.s. AGGHHHH!!!!!
Lee xox

Brushing Up
19th February, 2011

I've been threatening to for months, but last night I finally put the hook away and got the paint brushes out
Actually I lied, I got a canvas and pencil out and got sketching first

The subject?....
I know I know, it's incredibly sad, but the guy sent out an e-mail yesterday to say that he's in the studio working on a full length solo album which will be released in months and since i've been spinning his EP non-stop since Christmas, I slipped into Charlie mode fairly quickly !!
Plus I need something to replace my Danny painting for a while....

Don't get me wrong, I still love MCFLY to bits, but my god, this latest album and image crisis...just terrible So until they get back on track, Danny can bugger off and make way for Charlie in a sea of greens
Crocheting Updates
Captain. Jack has hit 10%!

Hoping to get him to 20% over the weekend
Aaaand Mr. Koala took a step up to 55%!

And in Ravelry group news.... 55 MEMBERS!!! - HOLY COW!!! TOO AWESOME!!!
Stomach is informing me it's time for lunch, followed by a trip to replenish the fridge and cupboards! May just have to duck into a couple of other stores to track down the remaining colours for my Ravenclaw crest while i'm at it ....
Lee xox

HK Therapy
17th February, 2011

BLURGH i've had the craziest headache all day...
Woke up this morning, all geared up for a long walk, got the dog ready, off we went, got about 15 minutes in and....

We were drenched man!!! She bloody loved it! Me = getting sympathetic waves off early work commuters
So the moral of the story is not to set off for a walk when you know there are threatening clouds around and decide there's prolly a 99.8% chance that it's going to team down
Long story short - I think this is where my yucky head originated.
What do I do to feel better?
Slip into a Hello Kitty dream world

Lee xox

Yo Ho Me Hearties
16th February, 2011

I had a successful trip to the mall yesterday! Cha ching indeed!
I managed to score the middle colours in my range needed to begin work on...
CAPTAIN. Jack Sparrow

Providing the pattern is ship shape! It will be posted up for free
Now time for me to go grab a much needed and LATE coffee! My god, I made it into the afternoon without one ...
..aaaand catch up on my readings for uni.... yayness...notness.
Lee xox

Nail Biting Nancy Pants
15th February, 2011

36 members already!!!
Thank you so much to those who have joined the group on Rav!! Awesome response!!! You guys ROCK!!
I can't wait to start getting into the swing of things on there
Which can now happen as I have FINISHED my commission !!!
Finished it last night and am a very happy chappy with the outcome! Hopefully the client feels the same or things could get a little AWKWARD
Going to meet up and present it to her next Friday so here's hoping it all goes well
I must admit it is a little daunting!! Be just awful if she's not pleased!! But i'll just keep chanting "breathe Lee" in my head and all will be well..... I suck at calming myself down....am going to have no fingernails left by next Friday...
I have some crocheting to get to!!!!
Lee xox

Rav Love!
14th February, 2011
If you are a member of the best crochet/knitting community on the web, head on over to the groups tab and have a search for Totallee.net and a terribly rushed and poor looking button like this should pop up
(Alternatively click the button and you'll be magically transported there !)

Granted there ain't a whole lot up there at the moment, but over the next couple of days i'll start some threads! In the meantime feel free to get on there and have a natter !
Should be fun!!
Side note -

Credit: Weheartit.com

Lee xox

13th February, 2011

Guess who are Mmmbopping their way back to Australia in 2011 !!
Feel free to make as much fun of me as you like at this point, I swear to you it won't be anything I haven't heard before !!
These guys were more important to me than breathing back in 1997 and continue to hold a special place in the old ticker !!
Turns out they will be returning to preform a series of shows, each night focussing on the music from a different album
After waiting 8 years (2005) to see them live after they burst onto the scene in '97, i'm sure as hell going to be queuing to see them again this time after waiting ANOTHER 6 years!!
They were FREAKING BRILLIANT last time and oh dear god i've just stumbled across a picture of me right before my first Hanson gig...brace yourselves....

Rockin` some pretty dark hair back then
Boys, come on down!! Can't wait to rock my socks off again!!! And update that bloody scary ticket photo!! lol

Lee xox

Crazy Creative!!
12th February, 2011

I have been creating patterns like NO ONE'S BIZNEZ lately!!
I may have gotten a little carried away but i've been stumbling across the most awesome pictures over the past couple of days and each one seems to elicit "OH HOLY CRAP I'M CROCHETING THIS!!"
Even more exciting is the fact that i've just cracked 50% on my commission and it will DEFINITELY be finished this week Meaning i'll be able to get back to old pieces and start new ones !
Also for those who are members on Ravelry, once this comission is finished i'll be setting up my own group in order for anyone interested to follow my progress on pieces
A lot of people seem to be liking the 5% increment progress pictures and rather than annoying the hell out of the various groups I post in I figured it would be nice to have a central forum with threads allocated to the different pieces
I should have that up by next weekend
Lee xox

10th February, 2011

I'm starting to drift into 40's mode as the starting date for Mum's birthday piece draws closer
There was something so powerful yet incredibly romantic about women's fashion back then wasn't there?
And photos of post-war kisses = THE BEST
I've reached 30% on my commission and it is coming out beautifully (thank god!) so once I wrap it up, 1940's, here I come with crochet hook in hand
I'll leave you with Louis Jordan's "Caldonia" because...
..it's nothing short of AWESOME!!
( The lady getting her groove on in the background is clearly a kindred spirit of mine Love her! )

Lee xox

9th February, 2011

Lee xox

7th February, 2011


I have NEVER stuck at a diet/exercise plan for this long let alone been this successful!!
Truly awesome feeling to know that after 6 weeks I am over halfway to my goal!!!
I'm starting to notice MASSIVE changes already! I feel wrong and yucky if I don't go for a walk (used to be if I DID!). I find myself looking forward to sweating my guts out on that excercise bike every day (the only real use it's had in the past 4 years is as a handy coat stand), i'm sleeping better, feeling better, breathing better, looking better ( ) and generally feel sharper emotionally, physically, spiritually, the whole bit !
No real crocheting news for this post other than to say that I began my commission piece last night and am already at 15%!, so it may not take too long at all! Bonus!
Man, feeling so happy with my scales right now.... should celebrate with a massive bag of.....
's ?!?!
Lee xox

Huffle Pattern!
6th February, 2011


H E R E ! !

Lee xox

Huffle Done!
5th February, 2011

(Scuse my cheeky dog from sticking her nose in!!)
So, I kinda got on a bit of a roll today....
Had 20ish rows left and thought "what the hell! Yay for pretzel fingers!!"
SO STOKED at the end result!!!
Badger couldn't be cuter
And naturally all my concerns about the clarity were for nothing! So party time !!!
For those interested in giving Hufflepuff a shot, the Pattern will be made available here tomorrow!!
Unfortunately we've been having rolling storm surges over the course of the afternoon, inccluding a blackout for an hour so it's been tricky getting enough computer time to upload the photos with worrying you're going to get fried I think we're getting the tail end of cyclone Anthony as he makes his devastating way across the country. Yay summer...
Regardless! Everything is coming up yellow and black and freaking happy my end!
With the completion of this crest, sadly I will be signalling halftime on the Hogwrts crests blanket. Apart from needing to find the right combo of colours for the remaining 2 crests, I MUST start work on my commission!
Sadly I won't be posting any pictures of the piece here or on Ravelry as I want to respect the client's privacy, so sadly no updates on that front, however I will be switching between it and my koala piece ! So you will get photo updates!! (Just maybe not as frequently!)
PLUS I just got all my material for this semester of uni...
Shall we begin that petition to the god's to extend the day's hours to 76 instead of the constricting 24 we're stuck with?!?
Would totally help me out!!
Lee xox

Badgers Are Cool.
4th February, 2011
Badgers are cool.

Don't believe me?...

Credit: Weheartit.com

Told ya's -_^!
Lee xox

2nd February, 2011
So I took a little progress shot to motivate me today!

Not too long to go now !!
I'll continue working on this today but my brain is buzzing about YET ANOTHER new piece !!
Last year I did a piece for my radio obsessed Dad, which shows him as a 3yr old finger-snapping boy surrounded by radio paraphernalia he grew up with..

This year, I would LOVE to do a piece for Mum
Like Dad, her special day is in May (pair of Gemini's, cute or what?!) so I certainly have enough time !!
The problem is i'm getting all over-excited about it, have already printed out the pattern, but know that I have other shizz to get done first!
To-Do List Time
Finish Hufflepuff Crest
Start AND finish commission before March!
Finish Koala
.. I think THEN it'll be time to start getting organised for the exhibition..
After that I might put the remaining Hogwarts crests on hold whilst I start Mum's piece, to make sure it's done before May...
Man, that check list really didn't help to organise my thoughts at all

Credit: Weheartit.com

Lee xox

Badger Sneak Peak
1st February, 2011

Credit: Weheartit.com

We have a snout on the horizon people!! Alert the press!...
Don't alert the press...

Lee xox