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Lee Mac. Twenty-nine year old fibre artist. Crochet portraits = Obsession. I am surgically attached to my Ipod and crochet hook.
Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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31st January, 2011
It's been raining Ronald Weasley's of late!!
Check out this STUNNING piece of work by the fabulous Gaynor!!!

Wow wow wow wow WOW!!!
Gaynor tells me that she crocheted Ron for her little boy and that he loves it!!! Which is just the CUTEST and bestest news!!!!
I don't know how in the hell we got to the end of January so quickly, but the free pattern for FEB is up!

Yup, it's the sexy six-packed werewolf Jacob from the Twilight series
Remember to send in your pictures of the patterns you have a go at!! I would LOVE to see them!! Happy crocheting!

Lee xox

Weasley is our King!
29th January, 2011

45%! of the way through now!
Trying to speed through this one as fast as the fingers will let me without becoming all pretzelfied.
Someone who most certainly ISN'T pretzel=fingered is JINX !!!!
Check out this magnificence!!!

Another brilliant Ron to add to the HP gallery!! (I swear to god that section is almost complete!!!)

Lee xox

Vlog Time
26th January, 2011

A MAJOR thanks to Vimeo.com who ALWAYS manages to pick the most flattering still of me in these videos
AAAAND more importantly, a massive "THANK YOU" to Susan for a belated birthday! (Sorry Susan I filmed this last night before seeing your comment!!)
I also have to make mention of Gwenn's latest vlog. I have mentioned her portraiture before and the fact that I am completely in love with her talent,her style and her views, but her words in this short little vlog really struck a chord with me

Lee xox

24th January, 2011



Lee xox

23rd January, 2011

15%! Hufflepuff crest
I do believe my crochet mojo has been restored this weekend! Excellent news as I have a backlog that needs to bugger off to make way for all the new pieces I wanna start Which may actually be able to go ahead now!
I was on the threshold of putting myself on a severe yarn diet, with the start of uni looming and therefore the start of forking out stupid amounts of dosh on new textbooks...But alas!
"Ear wax!"...??
Or not...
After flicking through the study material I received for my next subject, it looks as though there is NO textbook needed!
Purse may now commence jumping for joy !!
Anywayz, back to Hufflepuffing...

Lee xox

1.21 G's
22nd January, 2011

"It's time to go Back!"
"Back where?"
"Back to the Future!!!!!"

Lee xox

Birthday Jitters
21st January, 2011

Not that it's going to be such a massive event, but still a birthday is a birthday !
Actually i've already got my prezzies early too, but will be going out for a diet-free meal which is all I really want at the age of 26....
26... frig me...
Speaking of THE diet, am now into my 4th week of hell and I had a little sneaky peak at the scales this morning and i'm down 4.1 kilos! (9 pounds!) !
However I will be having a small vanilla slice on my birthday because jeezuz, if I don't...I will be up on a criminal damage charge for smashing up property with a fork...
4 whole weeks without any of these guys !!!
You know what else is madness - I so haven't been in the mood for crocheting!
Scary huh?!
Mainly cause i've been so drained with the hot weather and working my arse off in my neighbour's garden!
My neighbours are a little Spanish couple who are both 93 years of age and they are beyond adorable
Understandably they are a little past mowing and the like, so I offered to help them out and by god it's been a massive job! So by the end of the day, which is usually reserved for the hook and yarn, i'm pooped man...
Little bits done here and there...
Koala cuteness is up to 45%!

Mr. Dolenz is also off and running at 10%!

And thanks to a severe lack of tans for my Ravenclaw crest, Hufflepuff is on the way! However it's not too exciting at this stage, so i'll save a picture till some of the yellowy goodness creeps in

Here's to a FAB weekend people!! [And hopefully getting my crocheting mojo back!]
Lee xox

19th January, 2011

I made an octopus today.
Wearing a top hat.
"Big woop, wanna fight about it?" [ 2 Family Guy ]
I have been a little in awe of the 8-legged weirdo of the sea since I happened upon a fascinating docco the other night. I had no idea how INTELLIGENT the little buggers are!! A lab in Spain is the center of the universe when it comes to studying these little guys and some of the experiments and tests that they conquered floored me
One that scared the b-jeezez out of me had 2 tanks side by side, seperated by a removable wooden board. A freshly caught octopus was put in one tank, whilst another octopus was placed in the other with a clear box containing a crab. The box was specially designed to have 3 openings. 1 was a cat flap type opening, with a little door that opened upwards, 1 was a hole that was much too small for an octopus arm to get through and the last...well I can't remember the last one, I think it slid sideways...ANYWAY..the octopus with the box had already mastered the way into the box - by using the cat flap entrance on numerous occasions. The scientists removed the partition and watched as the newcomer lunged to the wall nearest the other tank and looked to be getting physically excited as his mate opened the cat flap and got the crab out. The partition was replaced, and a box with the same openings was given to the newcomer. The bugger opened it in record speed using EXACTLY the same method he had just witnessed.
They showed a barrage of other tests and every time the octopus got faster at learning, memorising, reasoning, etc...
That combined with their ability to shimmer all colours of the rainbow at will, earns my respect ten fold
Hence the desire to make an octopus ...as you do.....
Cute though ain't he?!

Lee xox

Stupid Bird
18th January, 2011
So the Ravenclaw crest and I aren't on speaking terms today !!
I got it up to 15% last night, had a good squizz at it from every angle known to man (and a few more besides) and I just couldn't get happy about it !
The colour combo just irked the crap out of me, so I pulled it all out and am now back to square 1
Unfortunately I think i'm going to have to put the thoughts of a nice brassy frame to one side and settle for a steely grey one instead. After trapsing round and around the shops the other week I noticed that the shops are rightfully letting last season's stock dwindle down to scraps in prep for winter, so finding the right shades of tan just isn't going to happen
So! Question is do I go with the greys and be content with a steely chromy looking frame, or do I pop it aside for a while ....
Decisions decisions eh?
Just so frustrating when you're feeling all about a new project then having to stall!
On a lighter note, having the shits with one piece lets you rekindle your excitement for another
Mr. Koala is now up to 40%!

I actually really have to get a wriggle on and finish him, as I need to compile the list of pieces going into the exhibition
I've been buying up more boards to back the remaining pieces and have found THE best little strip of faux wood to pop on the back for hanging, so the wheels are totally in motion!
Once they are all boarded up i'll do a lil vlog to show you! Just amazing at how much better they look when they are properly stretched and backed! AGH! Now i'm getting all excited again
Lastly, I know the dude is small, but you'd think Mr. prop man could of found a slightly larger umbrella-ella-ella-eh?-eh?-eh?

Lee xox

Hot Damn!!
16th January, 2011
I've had a 'thing' for the colour combination of pink and black for a while now...
Clothing choices, knitting/crochet colour combo, Rocky-road flavoured anything a hem
I ACTUALLY think it has overtaken my love and rampant addiction to everything purple ! Which believe me, is a HUGE statement!
So it will probably come as no surprise that upon seeing the following picture on one of my daily Tumblr treks, I kinda spazzed out....a little....or more like....ALOT

Credit: Tumblr

A TRUE work of art!!!!
Understandably not everyone's cup of tea but if you are like me and have a thing for plaid and a thing for bows...heaven!
(I could live without the dinky little hat though! )
Lee xox

15th January, 2011
EDIT \\\\\\

The pattern is now up!!
Apologies for the site being a little all-over-the-place at the mo! I'm doing a little re-shuffling, so things may shift/disappear/reappear over the next few days
////// EDIT


I think it's fair to say I have my Slytherin pride on today! FINISHED it just now and am soooooooooooooooo pleased with it !!
I was right in thinking that it really wouldn't look like much until the snake and scroll came into the picture, but the clarity of the lettering and the real POP of the serpent has totally exceeded expectations!
Now I just really wanna get stuck into the next one!
However, first things first! Lunch, then i'll be writing up the pattern and uploading it to the site, so expect it online in the next few hours !
For those wondering how big this one is, I took a couple of comparison shots with the HBBlanket...

The crest is the same width as the character squares but is 21 rows longer, so ever so slightly bigger!
Hands up who's going to be giving it a shot?!?!?
Righto, i'll bugger off for now, but will return later on today with the patttern!
What the hell should I have for lunch.....Sigh a glass of water and a crouton. Yay dieting.
Lee xox

14th January, 2011

On the home stretch now
I'm hoping to get it done tonight so as I can post the pattern first thing tomorrow morning as the response has been phenomenal Clearly the crests hold a strong place in Potter fans hearts
I hope to god the other 3 turn out okay If not, at least the Slytherin fans will be happy - and let's be honest they'd be the ones you'd least like to piss off !!
In other news, if anyone has been struggling with learning the technique to follow my patterns or any others using the CBN technique, Todd of Crochetbynumbers.com has posted a new instructional video which should help you bucketloads !!!
You can find the training pattern Todd is using over on his site, if you would like to follow along

Slythering off to finish crest numero uno!

Side note - My birthday is in 10 days....

Just sayin`!!
Lee xox

Slythering In
13th January, 2011
So after an extensive search of about...well actually it was about 4 stores but they WERE about 30 mins apart, lookie what I found!!

Which means i'll be able to finish the first crest pronto !
Here we are at 75%!

Should be finished by the weekend, with the pattern to follow for free shortly after
Now for some slightly crappy news
I had to go ahead and pull out a fair few rows on BTTF....
So it's now dropped back to 22%....
I have thrown numerous hissy fits and blown a few fuses in the brain, but cest le vie`!
As a result i've been a complete 5 year old about it and haven't been near it for fear of kicking it repeatedly, but hopefully I should have it to 25% soon
Maybe after some anger management classes...
Right, time for my daily allowance of cheese whilst on this pain-in-the-arse diet !
Problem is, it's working...so I can't bad mouth it too much
Here's to fitting into all your old clothes again! Cheers!
Lee xox

Snake Side-lined
10th January, 2011

So it's no surprise who my furry little Aussie friend is now that he/she has hit 35%!
Beyond cute or what!
Such a gorgeous little cutie - however the amount of colour changing when I get to the ears has me cringing..
But one must endure a little pain for some beauty
On the subject of pain, I didn't get out to those other 2 shops today, so still no green to finish off my first crest
However hopefully I can get out tomorrow and Slyther-in to grab mucho replacements!
High five anyone?
Whilst waiting I decided to begin the next crest!

Problem is...I don't think i've chosen the right colours...so I may do a bit of unravelling and start over me thinks
I'm happy with the tan colour i've popped in but I think I need more of a tan/gold sort of look rather than the heap of grey I was going to throw in...
Thank god I didn't get too far in before having tilty-head re-thinks!
I'll also have a BTTF update tomorrow which is quite epic as MARTY MCFLY has now come into view!!!!!! !!!
Can you tell I have a soft spot for the guy?!?!
Lee xox

Rainbow Sheep
8th January, 2011

Credit: Weheartit.com

Why I didn't ask Santa for one of these sheep a couple of weeks ago is beyond me
I have run out of one of the greens I was using for the Slytherin panel and now have to go on an annoying yarn hunt with my 2cms tail of it that I have left, holding it against every 'maybe' match

Why I didn't buy 7 balls of it when I had the chance i'll never know! (That's what I usually do!)
Anywho, I have PLENTY to be getting on with
Last night I took my furry little Aussie friend to the quarter mark!

Aaaaaand I have the yarn for my final Monkee man !

PLUS BTTF! Which is almost at the 25%! mark!!! And is now revealing a little sliver of Marty!!

Lee xox

Mini Socks
6th January, 2011

The weekly challenge over on HOGWARTS @ RAVELRY is......

Dobby has managed to persuade some fellow houseelves to start wearing clothes... but they wanna wear the miniature socks, do you think you could help them out?

Remembering I had purchased a pattern with little socks included from Owlishly (visit her, she's INCREDIBLE!) I knocked these babies up in about 15mins. But that wasn't until I had to re-check the BEST 'How to do an adjustable ring' video that I have come across on the internet!
Hence the only reason for this post !
If you come across a pattern (and there are A LOT of them) that requires you to start a piece with an ADJUSTABLE RING, down below is a link to the video that finally got it through my thick skull!!!


Lee xox

6th January, 2011

We have a head!!!!!!!!!
That is all
Lee xox

4th January, 2011

Credit: weheartit.com

So SOMEBODY who shall remain nameless didn't check her pattern properly and has been working on the presumption that the Slytherin Crest was 100 rows and had been calculating her percentages to said number.....
Turns out there are actually 121 rows ...

So in actual fact I have only now just reached the halfway point

Lookin` good though eh?!?
Also very excited because it looks like the head of the snake is only a couple of rows away which I can't wait to see
There's actually a really good chance that that will be by the end of today actually, as yesterday I decided to go flat out with some much needed gardening and today I am finding it difficult to walk let alone do anything productive that involves standing up
Side note, I thought i'd give one of those 'which character from HP reflects your personality' quizzes a go...

Pirate Monkey's Harry Potter Personality Quiz
Harry Potter Personality Quiz
by Pirate Monkeys Inc.

Clearly the guy has been misjudged!?
I'm sure he's a very nice person underneath it all!!! Or...half-person!!! Or...puff-of-smoke!!! Or...weird-little-curled-up-gremlin-looking-thing!!!
Dumb online quiz
Lee xox

3rd January, 2011

Credit: weheartit.com

...Okay that speech bubble is a little awkwardly placed...I apologise... the little dude was meant to be speaking it not have it come out of it's...
Guess who is flying through and kicking butt in her weight-loss campaign !!!
Today was the first dreaded weigh-in day after starving to death for a week (not really, just seems like it sometimes ) and guess what.....
I only went and lost 3 KILOS!!!
I know the first week nearly always produces outstanding results and then your body goes "whoa missy, slow down!" and clings to every bit of fat it can for the next few weeks, but guess what body! I'm only going to go and up my walking time another 10mins a day! So "neener neener" !!!! Try and plateau on me now!!!
As you can see the effects of chocolate withdrawl are starting to take affect slightly...
So that is my good news to kick off the first post for 2011!
I am a little behind in archiving last month's posts and popping up the new free pattern of the month! Should be up in the next few days!
In the meantime, my quest for another Harry Potter themed blanket, is going gangbusters!
The Slytherin crest is now at 55%!

Aaaaand my furry little Australian mate is at 20%!

I'm planning to go BTTF again this evening to see if I can't get Marty to make an appearance
Ou quick request before I go!!
If any of those lovely people who are leaving comments after each post has a website or blog, could I ask that you write the address in your comment?!?! The stupid program won't let me see if you are leaving them attached to your name or not, and if you are I really want to make sure I stop by your sites to say hello!
Lee xox