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Lee Mac. Twenty-nine year old fibre artist. Crochet portraits = Obsession. I am surgically attached to my Ipod and crochet hook.
Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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Gough Whitlam
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Gone with the Wind
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Small Bamboo: How my family's journey on a leaky boat led to our wonderful life in Australia
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Day Before Tomorrow
30th June, 2011

Who's ready to pull up a chair for the start of the union jack CAL!!!! !!!
The pattern, the material list and the first vlog and step-by-step pictures will be up tomorrow
For those on Rav, the same updates will also be posted on the CAL thread So you'll be up to date whether you follow along here or over there! WOO!
In other news, i've had a shitty couple of days
It looks as though the issues are starting to iron themselves out though, so fingers crossed i'll be happy as larry again soon. Meet Larry -
Anywho, I won't bore you about it because frankly, it will only put me in a grump!
In better news, check out who has hit the big SIXTY!! (percent..)

Lee xox

27th June, 2011

Guess who was hit with the flu over the weekend?
So over it
However I did manage to get a bunch of stuff done before totally crashing which is a miracle in itself
I played with my new found love aka the staple gun. Ouuuuuuu the rush you get when it goes KA-CHUNK
A quick word of warning though... make sure you have a THICK pile of magazines beneath the thing your are stapling....Mum's table may have seen better days....
I don't feel as guilty as I should because she had a go and punctured the wood aswell
So I managed to mount and cover GWTW in plastic - as I don't want little fingers poking and prodding it. I've decided to cover the 2 Dan's too, but will leave the rest without plastic, as it really does look much better without it
I did manage to create a few more pages for the site, however staring at the screen for too long sends my eyeslight fuzzy, so they will be up just as soon as my head clears up
Side note - Maz has hit 55% but the cord for the camera has gone walkabout and so till it decides to return to it's drawer i'll have to hold off on the update, but she now has a full mouth/smile !!! Ouu la la indeed!

EDIT //////////////
55%!!! Found the connection!

Lee xox

24th June, 2011

Check out Kayla's Hermione that was hiding in my inbox this morning
I the shading so much!!! 5 Gazillion times better than mine !!!!
The darker background really adds something too! Just too too FAB Kayla!! Many thank you's for sending it in
This weekend, I assure you, I shall be glueing my arse to the chair infront of the computer to finish the Hogwarts Bunch and Union Jack CAL sections of the site.
In between doing this and other things, I shall be using one of THESE!!!

Staple Gun Time!!
No more clamping down, i'm powered up with this one!!! Mwhaha. All small children within the vacinity will be removed once it's turned on. I'm thinking about turning it on and leaving myself - I don't even wanna be in there with it and me together !
Anywayz, apart from finally stapling some pieces onto board properly, I think I shall do a spot of graffiting...

Lee xox

Hey Mr. Postman
23rd June, 2011

Guess who got (what would have been) an extremely awesomely happy delivery today
When I trekked out (yes...trek...the winds today were freaking awful !!) to the letterbox today, I spied a lovely big brown envelope sticking out of it
Wanna hear the really funny part?!?...
When I went to open it up, it appeared to have already been opened, or at least the glue had dried up and the flap had come loose...
Wanna know who it was from?!?...
Brace yourself, cause this is just too fabulous...
The amazing deputy editor of 'Let's Knit UK'....
It was my MAGAZINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Or at least it was the ENVELOPE THAT IT HAD BEEN SENT IN!!!!! It was totally EMPTY!!!!
Can you believe it?!
Clearly the magazine gods believe i'm not supposed to get my mitts on it
Ahh dear... however, all is not lost!
I sent off a Thank You e-mail to Adrienne, thanking her and the team for the feature and the mailing attempt and to let her know that I had at least seen a scan and....
the gorgeous lady has only said that she'll send off another one with extra sticky tape on the seal!!! How bloody lovely can you get!!
The bestest part is that it should still arrive in time for me to perch it on the shelf at the exhibition BONUS!!
I'm ending the day on a high though!
Lookie lookie who has hit the halfway mark !!!!

Lee xox

Yucky Skies
21st June, 2011

I'm aiming to rev things up a bit today and get to that halfway point
I also have to be a good girl and go back to backing the last of my pieces in order to mount them Hand sewing is NOT my fave way to while away the hours lemme tell you
But it's all part and parcel I guess !
But as the weather is so horrendous today and the natural light is a bit tricky to work with when you're sewing black on black WITH black thread.... I think settling down with Maz is on the cards first

Lee xox

Polka Dotting
20th June, 2011

Feeling the love for polka dots today thanks to trying on an old favourite, only to find that it FITS!!!!! AGHHHHHHH!!! YAY!!!

Happy days!!
Sorry for blocking my moosh out, but my face was seriously still half asleep
Lee xox

Weirdo Neighbour
19th June, 2011

Things are a little crazy today. I have a STACK of shiz to plough through. All that STUFF that gets shoved off to the side during exam period. Ie. Vaccuming, dusting, washing floors, gardening... i'm a little anxious about the gardening part......
The lady over the street from me is a complete neat freak when it comes to her garden
I have actually SEEN her extracting single leaves out of her garden beds, that have dared to cross from someone else's (mainly mine) yard at 5:30AM!!! MENTAL!!
I wouldn't be surprised to find her out there mowing the lawn and then measuring each blade of grass with a freaking ruler
Anyway, I think i'm the cause of her looking more irritable than usual, because I have leaves up the wahzoo! Seriously, the tree out the front has been naked for the past 3 weeks so lord knows where they're all coming from, but they're being blown straight over to her place and are driving her nana's
So i'd better rake the buggers up...
Yay for happy and peaceful neighbourhood relations

Lee xox

CAL time
18th June, 2011

Why do they have to pick the WORST stills for these videos!! lol
Anywayz, who's ready to get their CAL on?!?!
Lee xox

Let's Knit UK
17th June, 2011

I'VE BEEN PUBLISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So this is the (not-so-much-of-a) SURPRISE i've been hinting about for a while now !!!
The lovely Adrienne, deputy editor of Let's Knit UK magazine contacted me a while ago and asked if she could feature the Hogwarts Bunch Blanket in a section they were dedicating to movie knits
When I gave the okay, I had no flipping idea that it would be A FULL PAGE SPREAD!!!! WOW!!!!!! !!!!!!
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Adrienne and her team immensly for this opportunity and to say Thank you x a squillion!!
I would also like to extend an ENORMOUS THANK YOU to fellow raveler 'carromaccy' for sending through the pictures of the mag!!! You're one hell of a ROCKSTAR CAROLINE !!!!!
As you can probably tell i'm a little over-excited!! Who the heck would of thought that the Hogwarts Blanket would go from my loungeroom and into a UK magainze!!!! CRAZY DAYS!!!!!!

If you click on the last 2 pictures (the ones with writing) i've blown them up a little so you may be able to make out the writing if you squint lol I'm sorry I can't get it any clearer, but AGH!
AGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!! and 3 cheers for HP!!!

Lee xox

Study Blurgh
14th June, 2011

I'm STILL alive! JUST!~
I'm working my way through this freaking essay - 2000 words down, 1500 to go
Usually i'm not so stressed out about essays, but this one is a doozy
So just a quick note really, to let you know that I shall be back on the air properly, HOPEFULLY by tomorrow if I can knock the rest over today!
I MISS MY HOOK!!!!!!!!!!

Alright, back to reading...

Lee xox

Lazy Crazy Saturday
11th June, 2011

She's starting to materialize now!!! Unfortuntely I haven't had too much spare time these past couple of days, which is starting to put me in a grump
This final essay is STILL dogging me, so i'm making a concerted effort to bugger it off this weekend
It's due on Thursday, so not much of a choice anyway
In Other News...
I've decided on a new feature for the site
I'm not really sure how to present it yet, but as soon as i'm free to work on it a little bit i'll be popping it up
It's all to do with INSPIRATION and will hopefully come in handy for future pieces
Alright, shall love you and leave you
Yay for reading about 'the growth machine' and power relations within local communities! !
Lee xox

Chaz Love
19th June, 2011
My apologies in advance for the 12yr-old-squeeing-fangirl-moment that is about to take place...
I've been 'umm'ing and 'err'ing about whether to include my Charlie piece in the exhibition because:-
a) No one knows who he is and...
b) he features a colour palette which is pretty darn close to Ms. Maz, who is most CERTAINLY going to be included!!

THEN I wake up this morning to find that my question has been answered

The gorgeous man sent out an e-mail to fans overnight announcing his new video and that you are now free to pre-order his NEW FULL LENGTH SOLO ALBUM
Therefore the answer is 'Yes Lee. You will put Charlie into the exhibition.'
The news totally stirred the sleeping love for this dude, so he's in!
Plus, an exhibition can never have enough purple can it?! No I didn't think so...
Seriously how awesome is this track. Been on repeat for the last hour LOVE HIM!!
The only crappy thing, the bugger has gone for a classier look than when I immortalised him in crochet ....
Don't get me wrong!! He's looking HOT AS!! Just means I may have to do another one to coincide with his updated hotness
ANYWAYZ, moving on now!! (Otherwise i'll talk about him for days)
I am now at the stage of getting together my look book for the exhibition !!!! Which features photos of all my pieces and descriptions which will help out prospective clients in the ideas department if they're not sure what colours/ideas to incoporate into a possible commision !!!
I need to hurry up and get more business cards printed! I've been handing them out willy nilly lately - ex-coworkers, customers, my hairdresser, the milkman (not really, just seems like it...I don't even have a milkman!)
Time to issue a second apology, this post is basically me making a checklist of crap I have to do
I also have to enquire about hiring a staple gun. For anyone that knows me, I know...it's a scary prospect isn't it?
Me and power tools... I promise I shall be supervised with triple 0 on standby . But the dodgy little $20 one I have isn't strong enough to hold my pieces in place, so time for "MORE POWER!". God bless Tim 'the Toolman' Taylor.
Ou! In even more crazy-exciting news!!! Remember a while back I was talking about some big news (well for me it is) that should be revealed around mid-June?!?!
Actually I can't even remember if I said it or not
BUT all should be revealed in the next few days or next week at the latest!!!!
Side note - if anyone is from the UK, if you've got a spare 5 seconds on the 10th June, could you possibly do me a MASSIVE favour and pop into your local supermarket or newsagent and have a flip through Issue 44 of 'Let's Knit UK' magazine and tell me if you see anything exciting !?!?!?
Ooops! Have I said too much ?!?!?!?

Lee xox

Maz @ 1/4
8th June, 2011

Things are starting to take shape now as we move on up away from the sparkly dress and leafy frame on our way up her chest and arms

Lee xox

6th June, 2011

The next 5% should start to tie things together, which is a tad exciting !!
Tis still looking slightly what-the-frig-is-with-the-purple-smudgyness-Lee ?!?! But trust me when I say it's gonna be allllllllllllright
Plus, smudgyness isn't always a bad thing...

I am MORE than a little crazy in love with this painting right now
I've no idea who painted it, what the technique is called, or anything else about it for that matter, but it was head-over-heels-ville on first sight
Sydney was ULTRA FABULOUS!!!
I have a severe case of mosh-neck and am doing the Granny Shuffle everytime I have to look sideways rather than forcing my neck to turn
The band blew the place apart Almost literally actually! The bass was scoring some serious feedback and I thought I saw the amps shaking a little more than my dancing arse, which, trust me, is a serious no no! Lee =
But, alas! We all survived and rocked on
Managed a smidgen of retail therapy. Handbag, gotta have it. It's a simple motto and one that has lead to many superfluous purchases, but in this case, totally justified!! I swear!!!
Shall post pictures tomorrow - trust me, it's one hell of a handbag and it was one hell of a bargain !!!
And to end on yet another tangent...
I have been so inspired to incorporate some new techniques into my future pieces, that will hopefully send me in a more 'artistic direction'
I won't give too much away just yet but I have some MASSIVE ideas and dreams surrounding my NEXT exhibition A tad optimistic to be thinking about my NEXT exhibition when I haven't had my first yet, but I get all goosepimply everytime I think about this dream possibly coming to fruition that I can't help but go a bit troppo about it
Time to calm down and sign off with Marilyn, radiating simplistic beauty and wise words

Lee xox

Strike a pose
3rd June, 2011
"Come on, Vogue, Let your body move to the music.."

Check out ALL THOSE ENDS that have been weaved in!! Dedication to the 100th power man!

How about THAT for some Intarsia Incredibleness !!!!
Talk about getting your work on the cover of Vogue !!
These pieces have certainly inspired me to start delving into the word of mixing skin tones with colour in future !! Just awesome!!
You know what else is AWESOME?!?!?!
A Cheetos Conan !!!!!!!!

Mr. Artist Guy...you are now an official hero of mine! Hat's off to you, you LEGEND!!!
Both you and Conan are made of awesome...well...Cheetos AND Awesome...
Lee xox

2nd June, 2011
EDIT ////////////////

I've just cleaned up this joint by archiving old blog posts and re-jigging (technical term) all the links on various pages
In more awesome news...

Happy Days!!
END EDIT \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

She's looking like a bit of a Hot Mess at the moment, but believe it or not, at this point I KNOW it's going to look great The part that is looking all sparkly and shimmery is meant to be looking all sparkly and shimmery, hence, i'm on the right track!! Two thumbs up !!!
My apologies for the site looking like a hot mess at the moment too! I really need to archive all these blog posts and pop up the free pattern of the month which of course is Mr. Dolenz!! Which means all four Monkees patterns are available!!! Would LOVE to see another Monkees blanket floating around
I should be able to squeeze in some time today to spruce the place up a bit
In the meantime,
I managed to catch a little bit of this Aussie arts show on the weekend and they featured the Australian Tapestry Workshop

Credit: Austapestry.com.au

Alice Bayke
3 x 2.4 metres
Wool and cotton
Weavers: Sue Batten and Amy Cornall

My reaction: OH MY $%@#$@!$%!!!!!!! !!!
Isn't it incredible !!!!!!
Look at the detailing on that dress!!! Mind blowingly realistic and intricate!!!
When the program was over I hopped straight on the net and looked up their website and saw pictures of their studio space and was blown away by the scale these artists are working with! The pieces are MASSIVE and they are ALL hand woven!!! Talk about inspiring !!!
The other part that almost had me at 'fainting point'....they dye their yarn on site and have a palette of....
You ready for this??....
366 COLOURS!!!!!!!!!! Hyperventilating!!!!
Road trip anyone?!?!
Just incredible!!
Kind of makes my little things look beyond tacky But it's certainly inspired me to try my hand at blending some different materials into future pieces !!
Lee xox