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Lee Mac. Twenty-nine year old fibre artist. Crochet portraits = Obsession. I am surgically attached to my Ipod and crochet hook.
Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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Study Suucks
30th May, 2011

Reality has returned this week Study is NOT my buddy! Stupid friggin essay
I need to remember that this is the last 3500 worded piece of "" for the semester. I just wish 9th June would come and GO!! Then i'd be freeeee
Trouble is, I have to write the damn thing first
But boring crap aside, i'm starting to get stoked for the gig up in Sydney this Saturday !!!

A tribute show for the one and only BON SCOTT with the finest crop of classic Aussie rockers. Man i'm gonna be in rock heaven for 3 hours
Which means there's a really good chance that the only part of my anatomy i'll be able to move without pain afterwards, will be my eyes. Cause i'll be going a little bit SPAZ on the dancefloor.
Moving along...
As I mentioned on ravelry, I have less than 2 months to go before the exhibition, which gives me just enough time to complete one more piece to be featured. I have chosen this lil lady

At the moment, she's not much to look at...

But she will be by the time i'm through
Stay tuned for updates through the week
Lee xox

Hey Hey They're Finished!
28th May, 2011

HEY HEY IT'S THE MONKEES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The boys are together at last and i'm smiling like a knob!! THEY LOOK GREAT!!!
I have to extend an ENORMOUS "THANK YOU" to "tom-boyslytherin" aka Elizabeth on Ravelry for singling out the images from the closing credits video for me!! You're a STAR!! !!!
Now the sewing together of the boys won't be happening for a teeny while as I want to feature them in the exhibition and if they were sewn together they'd be too awkward and heavy to hang. SO, I will be backing them individually and hanging them together yet as seperate pieces on the wall . However when the time comes to turn them into a blanket I PROMISE to document the process properly for those who have been after such a tutorial
In the meantime, AGHHHHHHHH THEY'RE DONE!!!!!!!!! LONG LIVE THE MONKEES!!!!!!!!

Lee xox

26th May, 2011

I'm a little bit of a nervous nancy thanks to the amount of background coloured yarn I have left...
It's gonna be a little nervy to see if I have enough to last the distance, but i've found a shade in my stash that is so so sooooooo close that I COULD get away with it if it's needed.
I should be able to get a fair chunk of his hair outta the way tonight, ha-le-luh-jah!!

Bet the young lad didn't realise how trippy and eerie a photo like this would prove to be....

Can you say FATE?!!
Lee xox

25th May, 2011
We have a Mon people!!! Or a Kee?!?!?! Either or, we have HALF a Monkee

Looking pretty darn shnazzy ain't he!!!
Very VERY giddy right now as I have another 10 or so rows of LCC's (Lotsa-Colour-Changes) which of course will be his cute lil eyes and then it's long strips of single colour territory Joy To The World!!!
So my plan of attack is to get stuck into it this afternoon infront of taped eps of Project Runway [Season 4, because it has my most fave contestant ever in Christian Siriano - LOVE HIM!!]

I've also found that watching crafty/creative shows WHILST crocheting totally spurs me on! I completed the last 10 rows of Micky during 1 1/2 eps, so Hip Hooray Project Runway!
Lee xox

23rd May, 2011
So i've been dreaming of making a granny square blanket to cosy up with for quite a while now and this morning on my daily Ravelry search I came across the cutest square !!!
But WAIT!! There's MORE!!!


After following the links to the pattern, I discovered that this little square is doing some amazing things !!

Krochet Krystal is a charity blog and the pattern for this gorgeous little daisy square is available for free, however payment is asked by way of you sending a square to Krystal in order for it to be a part of an afghan with squares sent from all over the world!
The afghan's are then donated to several charities!
If you are interested in being a part of this project (which I am about to be ) here are some helpful links!
KROCHET KRYSTAL - Krochet Krystal's Blog, where you can read more about the project and see the afghans that have already been created by the hands of many!

KROCHET KRYSTAL RAVELRY GROUP - If your'e a member on Ravelry.com, become a member of Krystal's group for extra tips, tricks, etc.

KROCHET KRYSTAL YAHOO GROUP - Join Krystal's yahoo group to become a part of the project and recieve access to the pattern, tutorials, etc.

I can't WAIT to get started !!!!!!
Side Note - If anyone wants to learn-along or get a little CAL going with me, we could set something up!! Because i'll sure as hell be needing some help lol !
Lee xox

Here He Comes
22nd May, 2011
"Here he comes...walking down the street..."

Looking MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCH better in the purples !!
You can see how much shading wasn't showing up in the yellows now eh ?! Such a shame, but well done purple for saving the day !!
It's all for me this week!
I have to buy the final bits of backing board and material to mount the last couple of pieces for my exhibition
I have to write a fair chunk of my final piece of assessment for this semester aka. a 3500 word whopper on social capital. I realise you're jealous but no, you can't write it for me. I thank you kindly for the offer though
There may be another trip to the land of Sydney to visit my Auntie who's not well in hospital, I need to squeeze in a couple of dinners, food shopping, long walks (been a little naughty food-wise this week), see Pirates 4!!!
AND get Mr. Dolenz here completed so as I can make a start on a lovely heart felt commission !
Also have a backload of washing aka my entire wardobe to do, so i'm afraid sleeping is on hiatis till next week!
Lee xox

Ouu Lovely
19th May, 2011

Lee xox

18th May, 2011

GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! The colour YELLOW officially SUCKS!!!!!!!
I reached Micky's nose last night and let's just say... it was looking more like his SKULL than his face!!!! As soon as the black entered the picture it just looked AWFUL !!!
I think the brightness of the yellows are just too light to justify throwing black in there
Alternatively I could ditch the black as the darkest shade and use a really dark shade of yellow instead, but then the poor guy wouldn't fit in with the colouring of the other 3 !!!
So, last night the decision was made. I am switching Micky to purples!!
Which is a bit sucky because I REALLY wanted him to be in sunshiney yellow but if I so much as look at a strand of yellow yarn right now, I feel i'll put my fist through a wall
So probably best for the health of my knuckles and sanity to switch...
BUT! Alls good! I know for SURE that the purples will work, so our awesome foursome shall definitely be complete shortly

Just quietly, I think i'm going to have to crochet this picture as well!! TOO FREAKING ADORABLE!!! PLUS they all look GOOD!! As any Monkees fan will readily admit, to get a shot with all of them looking FAB is bloody tricky!! It's usually Mike's inability to smile that ruins things
Lee xox

Not Bad
17th May, 2011

Hands up if Miss. Kitty there, had a more productive day than you did Lee....

I did "BUGGER ALL" on my reseach critique today
A model uni student, I am not. However, I think I do fit under the category of 'typical' uni student fairly well
Only means i've just caused myself more stress by losing 12 hours that could of got a hefty chunk done, but instead I found it more interesting to re-arrange the site a little
I'm sorry, but let's all take a moment to play with the gallery widget.....
I love how it spins every which way! Only complaint is that it only shows the last 20 or so pictures added to my Flickr account (Hence the addition of the "more here" link underneath, in order to take you to others) but I Love playing around with it!
Actually, I just realised, there is a lot of grey around the site now isn't there..... I don't really like grey....then again I spose you need a boring colour for everything else to POP
More updates are on the way including tidying up that right hand side further AND the HBBlanket section all brand spankin new and shiny - including your fab re-creations !!!
Am now going to do my first productive thing of the day and go eat a sandwich. Yay for leading a cutting-edge existence lol
Lee xox

Groovy Button
16th May, 2011

It is toe-freezing-off-ingly chilly here today!!! BRRRRRRRR!!!! so in between writing my essay that is due Friday I am going to aim for the 50% mark today Just hoping the colours are different enough to achieve enough shading but i'm sick of re-starting so i'm going to stick by this lot and see how we go
Okay, time to get my 2nd coffee on and read artciles on 'communitarianism'.. Hooray !
In groovier news...
"Hey, that's a groovy button..."

Lee xox

14th May, 2011
MAY MADNESS has set in here at Totallee.net!!!

The second half of this month is all about Mr. Dolenz and the completion of MY MONKEES BLANKET!!! GROUP HUG!!
Now as we know there have been a few issues surrounding colour choices for Mr. Dolenz, but I believe i've got it this time !!!
He's currently at 4% after about 20mins of crocheting, so not much to see yet, but considering 1 row of Dan took 30 mins!! I should get through Micky fairly quickly
PLUS I'll have the added bonus of listening to my Monkees playlist whilst working on him! Listening to the subject being crocheted really tends to speed things up for some reason
OU! I also want to extend a MASSIVE "THANK YOU" to everyone for the bumper response I have received for the Radcliffe(s) piece!!
It's even moved a couple of people to tears! Clearly Potter fans through and through LOVE IT!
You know what else I love....

When Monkees and Beatles unite !!!!!!!!
Lee xox

Thank you Daniel Radcliffe
13th May, 2011

Lee xox

Grr University
12th May, 2011
So I have been studying like CrAzY for the past 2 DAYS only to spend the entire day today, trying to log in to take the damn test, only to find that their system wouldn't recognise me and therefore wouldn't allow me to log in and do the friggin thing !!!!!!
"Talk to the elbow IT department, you ain't worth the extension!!"
FRUSTRATING!!! Normally i'd be over the freaking moon to have another day of study time up my sleeve, but I've read, re-read and re-re-read all the material these past 2 days and feel so damn comfortable with it, I could proabably recite it all to you now off the top of my head
But I won't because it's beyond boring and I would like you to come back to my site in the future
So instead I thought i'd take the time to dish a little about my Melbourne trip and show you a few of my FAVE purchases !!

The apartment ended up being smack bang in the middle of Flinder's Lane and lemme tell you, if you're not familiar with Melbourne's CBD...it's pretty much smack bang in the middle of EVERYTHING!@@!#!! IT WAS BRILLLIANT !!!!!!
You literally fall out of bed and bang, you're in the hustle and bustle of everything!
The Tutankhamun exhibit was MIND BLOWING
Thankgod we got their for the 10am sesh, because on the way out we passed 100's of school kids. Phew.
We were told before going in to pace ouselves and try and get through under 75mins to allow them to send shifts of people in after us. Lee stayed in there for 3 hours.
IT WAS AMAZING!!! My argument = When am I ever going to get the chance to see these pieces, most of which are over 3,200 YEARS OLD EVER AGAIN?!?!?!?
Answer = NEVER!! (Unless Mr. Moneybags Lotto man smiles upon me and I can catch a flight to Egypt of course )
Some of the artifacts that were there were just so precious, I can't understand how they let them out of Egypt. In saying that there did seem to be a security guard at every possible item. I just couldn't get over the fact that I was staring at pieces that were taken directly off the head dress of Tutankamun's mummy...incredible.
So if the exhibition ever comes to your area, or an area 2 states away like it did for me, get your arse in a car, train, bus or scooter and go see it!!!!!
Onto the fave purchases!!!!

My new winter coat!!! It has a detatchable fluffy lined hood and although you can't really tell from my appauling photography skills, the bottom actually fans out and is VERY A-line when you walk. So cute !!!

Love at first sight with this baby!! The pattern is gorgeous and the little 'wooden' type buttons on the neck = love! It's also really long and really snuggly. Perfect winter jumper!

My ABSOLUTE fave buy of the trip!! It's an all in one top and it's so damn CUTE!!! It nips you right in at the waist and then these layers of material flare out giving you an amazing hourglass shape! The frills of material continue round the back whcih gives it a bit of a sexy little bustle effect too

So all in all, a success I would say And they're only the fave buys!!
Now, back onto important stuff. The Daniel piece. Is 5 rows + border from completion. This means. All going well. It shall be finished by this time-ish tomorrow night. This is exciting. Photos should be up tomorrow. Yayness. Be sure to check back. Peace out.

Lee xox

Almost There
9th May, 2011
I am back but thanks to a big-arse test I have in 2 days, I haven't had time for a proper update, but rest assured there's a massive one waiting in the wings when I get the time !!!!
Since being back I HAVE been hitting the hook fairly hard at night, which has resulted in me having only a page and a smidge left of the Dan pattern !!!!!!!!
Exciting stuff eh?!?!?!

So I won't be posting anymore picture updates until I have him polished off!! Then we can all spazz out together!!
Or just me....dancing around like a wally on my own.... WOO!!!
Lee xox

Hoo Roo
2nd May, 2011

This little chickie babe is jet setting off to the fabulous city of MELBOURNE tomorrow !!!!
I've been so pumped for this trip since securing tickets to the Tutankhamun exhibition late last year !!!
Along with having my mind blown by viewing one of the world's most precious artifacts (I may have to instruct a guard upon entering said exhibition to move me along after a minute, because I think i'll have trouble breaking eye contact...and drooling...reminds me, i'd better bring a tarp along with me...I digress...)
i'll be spending an extra 3 days in the shopping/culture/music/ART/food capital of Australia!!! Going to be more than ace !!!
Sadly this means no updates till next week, but I did manage to rush in another 5% of Raddy before downing my hook

I hope you all have a fab week!!! Catch ya's on the flip side
Lee xox

The Nez
1st May, 2011

Is it hot in here?! I believe it is. I also believe that it is due to May's Free Pattern Of The Month poster boy, Mr. Michael Nesmith

I'm not going to lie, I always had a bit of a 'thang' for Mike . Kinda weird considering I started watching and listening to the Monkees when I was 8 years old and Mike was technically 24-ish....and in real life 40/50ish....
But yay for fictional crushes right?! Right!
As always, don't be shy in giving him a crack and feel free to send in some progress pictures because I love watching these things come to life more than 'all you can eat' signage
And guess what!! I have a double dose of goodies today!!!

We're on the home stretch Dan fans !!!
Lee xox