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Lee Mac. Twenty-nine year old fibre artist. Crochet portraits = Obsession. I am surgically attached to my Ipod and crochet hook.
Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban
Gough Whitlam
A Short History of Nearly Everything
At Home: A Short History of Private Life
Gone with the Wind
Who I Am
Small Bamboo: How my family's journey on a leaky boat led to our wonderful life in Australia
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Sushi for Beginners
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Mystery Cal
30th November, 2011

A Mystery CAL is coming to Totallee.net!!!!!
Recently i've seen a few mystery CAL's and mystery CAL swaps happening on Ravelry.com and thought "By God, what an awesome idea. I need to get me some of that!"
Coming shortly will be a Mystery CAL!
For those not in the know ( and don't worry, so was I till a couple of weeks ago!), a mystery CAL basically means that I will post a pattern, outlining all the materials you will need to create a piece. Catch is, you ain't gonna know what it is till you've finished it !!!
I shall give you a teeny tiny hint - if you love to crochet, you're gonna love the end result! Promise!!
I'm still testing the pattern, but once i'm done and i'm smiling like a twig at the resluts, we'll be all set to rock 'n' roll!!!
So stay tuned for Totallee.net's first mystery CAL!
[Insert excited clapping and 'ouuuuuu's' and 'ahhhhhh's' here]
Lee xox

Pleasure And Pain
29th November, 2011

So. Many. Colour. Changes.
I've had a cracker of a headache for the past two days and i'm starting to shift the blame from my hayfever and the crazy-arse levels of humidity around, to the fact that each row of this piece takes me HALF A FREAKING HOUR to complete
Labor of love?! Or insanity?! I'm going the former.
But man that end result....it's going to be well worth it.
I think i've just described the birthing process ?!?
Lee xox

Spick and Span
27th November, 2011
My hope for today is a simple one.
To go from this....

To this....

The chances of achieving such a tranformation, resemble this....

But we live in hope !
Update tomorrow will include Michael J. Fox's nose . I bet you a large sum of do$h that that sentence hasn't been featured on another blog
Side note - This. Is. Too. Damn. Awesome.

Not a fan of the song, but the editing gets a 10/10! Brill!!!!
Lee xox

Nice Nike's
21st November, 2011

I've now reached the famous climb-upon-a-stool-and-awkwardly-twist,-turn-and-wedge-my-body-against-the-ceiling-to-take-progress-shots-stage .
It's looking good !!!!!
Am now onto Marty's face and the DeLorean is coming out much better than i'd hoped ! So much intricate detail on it, I wasn't sure how well the shades chosen would pick up on them but so far, cheerin !
Side note- If anyone has any spare change or is feeling extra generous as the festive season approaches (see how subtlety is a major strong point of mine?) check out the new-ish (well i've only just heard about it) line Nike have brought out....

They're just...so...perfect it's....

Lee xox

She's A MOD!
19th November, 2011

It may or may not come as a surprise that I, Lee Mac am a complete sucker for 'Peter Pan' collars
Yes I would be a card-carrying member of the Peter-Pan-Collar-Appreciation-Society - if one did indeed exist.
*Note To Self - google that.
Moving on...
It has always been a massive-arse dream of mine to find a MOD styled black dress with a white Peter Pan collar that I didn't look weird in. By weird I mean having jiggly wibbly bits on show, or the cut of the waist being too high, or too low, etc.
I went mall crawling today. Mainly as it was a stinker of a day and it was the perfect place to escape the heat. Secondly because I've lost more weight ( cheerin!) NONE, I repeat, NONE of my tops fit!! So I was actually on the hunt for some casual tees and a couple of 'dressy' ones.
Picture it, I was coming down the esculator, looked to my left, saw my dream dress in the shop front window of a store whose clothes I have adored from a far for a VERY long time - as I have been too fatty fatty boom bah to fit in any...
What would any sane and normal person do upon seeing said dress?
Probably calmly step off the esculator, walk into the shop in a calm and collected manner...?
What did I do?
"AGGGHHH!!! (pointing dramatically) MOD!!! PETER PAN COLLAR!!! AGHHH!! SCUSE SCUSE!!! (pushing people aside) AGGHHH!!!!"
I am pleased to say I acted like a complete tool for a fabulous reason! IT FITS!!!!!!!!!!!

AGHH!! Dream dress!!! Sadly the buttons and little pocket detail doesn't show up because I cleverly decided to take the pictures in a dark room. Three cheers nutcase.
But but but!!! Isn't it GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's love. True love. Shove over Prince Charming. Hello Peter Pan cuteness.
I know it's a lot of hype over a bit of cloth, but seriously, I have wanted THIS DRESS...well THIS STYLE OF DRESS for soooooooooooo long!!! Always been too fat, or the style just hasn't been around the shops, or such styles were always out of my price range....
Dude. It was $30!!!!!!!!! HAPPY DANCING!!!!!!
I also found a really really cute floaty, summery bolero thingy!

Plus! (God I had a good day!) Found the most awesome necklace to date to add to my collection. Pure awesomeness or what?!

God the old guy who sold it to me was friggin hilarious! He was so excited to finally sell it - I was like 'Finally?! Who the hell wouldn't flip over this piece of awesome?!' and he got all hyped up and went off "I know love! I was heading for the pits of despair, I was literally thinking of buying it and wearing it myself love!"
What. A. Legend.
Actually Legend x 2 because he sold it to me WITH MATCHING EARINGS for $8!!!!!!! DUDE!!!!!!
I know i'm pathetically excited over all this, but honestly I usually leave malls disappointed or with gutfulls of regret for buying things i'll never wear or were a total act of spur-of-the-moment stupidity.
Ahh dear, Anywayz! In crochet news Ch-Ch-Check it out man!!!

Quarter of the way there now and we have some Marty chin, Doc hand and DeLorean action happening!@#@!!!!

Lee xox

Time Travel
16th November, 2011

Now there's a thought for the day!
Sadly work has taken over my life for the past 2 days. Can't complain. As tomorrow =
However it does mean that i'm not as far as i'd like to be with my crochet......

Sad times indeed.
Side note - may have gotten a little bit sad watching 'When Harry Left Hogwarts' for the first time yesterday afternoon. For anyone else who's seen it - how freaking awesome was the old plasterer dude! Think I got more upset over him leaving than anyone else
Anywayz, should have some updates tomorrow!

Yes, yes, INCLUDING Back To The Future!!
Lee xox

Hovering Ahead
14th November, 2011
I managed to make good on my promise and get the hook stuck into BTTF this weekend !
It's now hovered up to the 15%! mark !!!
The colours on this are working up a treat!! Again, it may not be too obvious at the mini, but trust me! It's alllllllllllll goooooooooooood !!!
In more aaaaaaaallllllllll gooooooooooood news, I just found out that I'll be getting my Rockabilly on when Brian Setzer brings his 'Rockabilly Riot' gig to Sydney this coming March !!!!

His 'Sun Recordings' album has been a mainstay in my car stereo since I got a hold of it earlier this year and now he announces a tour = PERFECTO DADDY-O!!
Ou! Before I skidaddle, I shall let you in on a little secret! I'm working on an idea for a fun little mystery project that my fellow hookers may enjoy! Shall let you know of further details as they come to hand! In the meantime, get excited. That's an order.
Lee xox

Bit of news....
13th November, 2011


Lee xox

11th November, 2011

Quarter of the way there on the final crest now!

Sadly the red isn't as bright as I had hoped and one of the yellow's is a tad pale but after looking over the other crests and seeing the slight differences in them, i've decided to chill the frig out about it and carry on
This crest was always going to be tricky to get the right balance of colour and detail on - so hopefully those background details that are a bit fuzzy at the moment will be forgotten once the banner and lion come into the equation
This weekend I plan to put Moonraker down. With a large brick on top. Make that two. So as I can get moving on BTTF! I'm too impatient for that one. Plus, i'm all Martyfied courtesy of the magical hands owned by Mr. Todd Paschall!
Check out what is on it's way to me in the mail right now!!!!!!!!!!

A custom made Marty Jumper. On a scale of 1-10, it's at a 97 baby!!!!!!!!!

You ain't lyin`!
Lee xox

Bon. James...Bond.
10th November, 2011
I have no idea how I made it to 26 years of age without having read a single Bond book, or watched a single Bond film The mind boggles.
However I recently began rectifying this by reading my way through Casino Royale and Live & Let Die and am now a third of the way through Moonraker.
SO glad I decided to read the books first Always good to imagine the characters in your mind's eye first I reckon
Although in saying that, i'm currently picturing Mr. Drax in Moonraker as....

Which is awkward because Hank Scorpio is a friggin legend. You can't deny it. One of the best one-off characters ever.
So really all this was to say that Mr. Ian Fleming is to blame for the lack of crocheting updates
Although! The Gryffindor Crest has just hit 20%! and we have some lion feet and a hint of banner happening So by my calculations, we should have the 25% picture up by tomorrow !

Lee xox

Prof. Smiley
8th November, 2011

Lookie who we have here!! A completed Snape Puff!!!
I need you all to raise your hands in the air and wave them like you really really care in celebration of the wonderful talents of the lovely ANGELA
This little guy was Angela's first completed adventure in the world of CBN and my god hasn't she hit it outta the park Freaking brilliant Angela~!!!
If you ache to be as ace as Angela, head on over to the pattern page to create a SNAPE PUFF of your very own !!

Plus can I just say how touched and equally stoked I am about the response to the new digs !!! Cheerin~!! So glad you guys thought it was worth it !!
Ciao for now !
Lee xox

6th November, 2011

Welcome to the new look Totallee.net !
Pretty darn snazzy eh?! !!
Hows about I give you a quick run-down about a few small changes, the placement of things and the overall-shiny-newness of everything?!
Okay well first things first I have to say a massive "THANKYOU!!!" to the wonderful Miss. Aly for creating and allowing me to use her 'Lee PotterPuff' design!!! Dude. Seriously. Cool. Too. Damn. Cool!!!!
I also have to extend a massive thank you to Lokesh Dhakar for the impressive and oh so sexy Lightbox2 Gallery script that has brought such a sweet and funky element to the site ! LOVE IT!
1 last thank you must go to... YOU!! , for continuing to check back and still be interested even with this place being off the air for 3 months!! THANK YOU!!!!
Group Hug!!!!
Alright, enough of the sop, time for the tour!
The bulk of the navigation is located at the top of the page via the black and white tabs. Aren't they fab ?!
Pretty self explanatory , so feel free to have a browse about!
There are also a few page links hidden in the right hand menu there, like the vlog archive, F.A.Q. and Press sections !
Along with now having a lovely gallery, I also managed to pull my finger out and pop YOUR Potter panels up in the Hogwarts Bunch Section!!! Yay Lee
If I have missed you out, please be sure to e-mail me your pictures again and they'll be put up pronto!
So there we have it! I'd love to know what cha'll think!!
I guess there really isn't anything 'new' as such, but ahh well! I'm liking the change~!
Now down to more important things... CROCHET!!
Just before the hiatus, I posted about a new piece I was set to start for a young lady named Erika!
Well it's been well and truly signed, sealed and delivered!

This commission was to include a gorgeous butterfly and Erika's name. Ultimately it was meant to be a cushion... yeah it kinda ended up being just short of a full sized pillow
I crocheted the front, followed by two white rectangles the same size. One to back the crocheted piece and one to create the back of the pillow. I LOVE the end result and by all acounts so did the lovely Erika !!

I've also been busy starting and advancing some other pieces!
The MASSIVE-ARSE BEATLES piece has now made it to 15%!

The crest of Gryffindor has jumped to 10%!

And in freaking excellent news, BACK TO THE FUTURE | Version 2.0, is now at 10%!

So although i've been M.I.A. lately, the fingers haven't stopped honey !!
However such little posts really don't make up for being offline for so long...so....
Free pattern anyone?!!!!!!??

Sir. Paul McCartney has made it to the free pattern section!!
Please feel free to click on Paul there, grab the pattern and get hooking!
Well, that's about all for now!!
I hope you like the new space and find things easier to find!!
Feel free to leave a tag or comment (now located just under the date of this post on the top left hand side)! Would love to hear what cha'll think !!
Lee xox