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Lee Mac. Twenty-nine year old fibre artist. Crochet portraits = Obsession. I am surgically attached to my Ipod and crochet hook.
Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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28th September, 2011
Cheers so much to everyone who commented/msg'd/e-mailed/tagged/LJ'd/Rav'd/ect'd.. re. the Ron and Hermione piece!! Massive response and show of love for it which was more than nice !!
In other news...
My new job has got me working different and crazy hours each day so by night time i'm completely knacked. Should be right once I get into the swing of things though
I'm planning a MASSIVE yarn spending trip for Friday - as I need a couple of colours to make a start on a commission and I also need to pick up more 'skin tone' shades for another attempt at a BACK TO THE FUTURE>>> piece! Different picture this time! Basically, it needs to freaking work. I need a BTTF piece in my life. Soon. It just has to happen. That's all there is to it. So fingers crossed I manage to track down the same colours, or else, i'll be the screaming, pink-haired, crazy lady chucking one hell of a tanty on the shop floor.
I should sell tickets, because, from memory, I believe they had sod all in the way of reserves when I bought the tones the last go round
I also want to change one of the colours for the Gryffindor crest...yup..AGAIN!!!
So this weekend I can chill out and get bizay
Side note - New site is still in the works!! Will try and have it all up asap!!
Lee xox

Always the tone of surprise
28th September, 2011

Seems like yonkies since I finished a piece...
My first attempt at a FULL COLOUR PIECE and it's worked out pretty freaking awesomelee !!
Started: 17th August, 2011
Completed: 26th September, 2011
Stitch count: 19,551 stitches

Speaking of being..BLODDY ESTATIC!!!...can we all take a moment to absorb this piece of absolute awesomeness...

LEE PUFF!!!!!!...?!?!...PUFF LEE!!!!...?!?! (Certainly not 'Puffy Lee'...)
I like Pufflee. I'm going with Pufflee.
Created by the MAGNIFICENT ALY!!!! You're a freaking legend girl!! I absolutely think this is the coolest thing ever <3!! Thank you thank you thank you x 1,00000,00000,0000 +1 man !!!!!!

Lee xox

Guilty Gertrude
17th September, 2011
So i've been feeling a TAD GUILTY about my lack of progress updates, considering things have been moving along pretty rapidly on that front. Plus there's also the little matter of me 'busting a gut' in wanting to SHOW you how well things are coming along~!

Ron & Hermione

This pair is actually at 85%!, however with it being so close to being finished and my whole little promise to myself that I would unveil it along with the new layout - this progress picture is of the couple at the 50%! mark

This one is my first venture into a full colour piece and therefore has been my most nerve-racking one to date!
The first few rows that used the skin tones resulted in major fingernail loss .
But! As things moved up and Hermione's face came in to view, I could chillax. Phew.

You know what... if the website isn't ready when I finish it - bollocks to it! I'll be flashing the final product as soon as the last stitch is cast off !!
Lee xox

It's coming....so is Christmas..
11th September, 2011

Who's idea was it to design a whole new layout ?
Apologies for the switch TAKING FOREVER guys!!
It's definitely a case of shuffling things about as stupid cow here didn't have a css. coded layout before....everything was seperate. If you're up on a little html knowledge, you'll know what a stupid and painful thing that can be, but suffice it to say, if I ever decide to chage things in the future, it will be a hell of a lot easier!!
On a lighter note, I should (touch wood) have it done this week and the best part is that i've hit 60%! on these two!!

Truth be known i'll prolly have the thing finished before the site
Will try and get things done asap!! Have lots of exciting things going on at the moment which i'm in dire need of sharing and rambling about!!
MUCH Love and thanks for hanging in there with me guys !!
Lee xox

3, 2, 1
3rd September, 2011

Not long till relaunch!!
Just have a question for you all though!
Should I keep using these little emoticons/smilies/moving-thingies in my blog posts onthe new site?!
I'll leave it up to you guys!
Keep them, or lose them?!
Cheers in advance!!
Lee xox