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Lee Mac. Twenty-nine year old fibre artist. Crochet portraits = Obsession. I am surgically attached to my Ipod and crochet hook.
Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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Gough Whitlam
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Away We Go!
30th April, 2012
So after some intense battles for my attention, I finally made a start.... ON BOTH!!!
Mary & Bert!

Aaaaand Mr. Spock!

So the race will continue on between these two! Who'd of thought Mary Poppins would be up against a Vulcan ?!
Only crappy thing is that each will be a lil slow going as I keep swapping and changing, but it should be a fun ride regardless !
In You-guys-are-too-awesome news, the superstar known as Sandra has sent a piccie in of her Union Jack and my god just a have a squizz !!

Now, I have to take a sec to share a direct quote from Sandra's e-mail...
"This is my first ever piece using this method of colour in crochet. I'm not very experienced in crochet and certainly have never done colourwork in it before."
Tremendous work Sandra!!!
Always awesome to see more hookers jumping on board!
Lee I thought we agreed to put a stop on these double entendres
Let's leave on a note of good taste shall we !

Lee, Lee, Lee....

Lee xox

Utterly Buggered.
28th April, 2012
So. Flipping. Tired.
I dusted, vacuumed, swept, scrubbed, polished, threw-out, organised and spick 'n' spanned my entire house today
Muscles have clenched, eyes are half closed, am having trouble mustering enough energy to breathe right now
So man am I thankful that Xandra has saved my lazy butt by sending me her second completed Davy Jones panel to show ya'll!

Yummy scrummy or what!!!
To add an extra sprinkle of coolness - This is Xandra's FIFTH Monkee panel
The cherry on top = They have all been made as gifts for people!! INCLUDING this Davy!!! Xandra is yet to have one of her very own!!!
A selfless effort such as this deserves a full blown hat's off !!!!!!!!!
Warms the cockles of your ticker doesn't it?!?
You know what else warms my ticker's innards...

Credit: Star Trek Hoodie @ Threadless.com

For the love of all that is holy....
The hoodie is clearly made of awesome, but with this dude in it...man..it just takes it to another level
Round of applause for this guy!! Seriously!
What a champion.
So all in all, this post is a Little bit Davy, a little bit Trek?!?

Lee xox

And the winner is....
27th April, 2012

I'm a tool.
I was honestly all geared up to get stuck into it last night I got 2 rows in and ...
So you don't get to find out who it is until I get some colour going!
Which will prolly be tomorrow
But i've made a start and that's the main thing!
In Look-who-is-an-absolute-MEGASTAR news..

CREDIT: Benny <3!
For all those Sherlock lovers out there!!!
I'm yet to watch an episode!! But will probably fall head over heels, as everyone has been telling me to hurry up and get on to watching it !
But seriously Benny, the colours in this are just gorgeous !!
In Holy-crap news,

I was having a flip through some of the old shots of my work and got a little bit of a shock!
On the left was me, pretty much one year ago to the day! Sweet baby corn I was fat!
So thought i'd do a bit of a comparison shot and holy heck, it's not until you see the side-by-side till you realise just how much you've lost !
Apologies for the pointless post, but my god I was stunned!
Lastly, (for those not on Facebook) I finally got around to buying a Beatles shirt

I should of got the 'Fozzy Osbourne' and the 'Bert (from Sesame St.) Cobain' ones as well !
Lee xox

Leonie Love and The Showdown
26th April, 2012
Ya'll,we all need to give it up for Ms. Leonie P

Who has gone and got her UNION JACK totallee BANG ON!!!!
The tension is BEYOND FANTASTIC! Which is tremendous considering she chose to carry the yarn, instead of using the cut 'n' tie method! So for those that are way too freaked out about carrying yarn on small sample pieces, it can be done!! The only snag according the the lovely Leonie = tangles Which does suck but sadly comes with the territory

Our two competitors have entered the ring!!
Innnnnn the red corner we have the Fabulous, the Wonderful, the Practically-Perfect-In-Every-Way Miss Maaaaaaary Poppppppppppiiiiiins!!!! And Bert

Aaaaaaaaaaand in the green corner, because someone who shall remain nameless couldn't find a blue flag, the high-minded, the ALWAYS logical, the can-make-you-question-everything-you-ever-thought-you-knew-with-the-raise-of-an-eyebrow, Misterrrrrrrrrrrrr SPOCK !!!!!!!!

[ Insert Theme to 'Rocky' here ]
So the showdown is upon us!
There shall be one victor and one.......who...will have to wait their turn !
Tune in tomorrow folks, to see who wins the battle of the hook and gets underway first !!!
Lee xox

"Kirk Here!"
25th April, 2012

May I present, Captain. James T. Kirk !!!!!!
Date Started: 20th March, 2012
Date Completed: 25th April, 2012
Stoked?! HELL YEAH!!
I really enjoyed working on this one I mean not only was it the subject matter that was exciting! I mean please... The Shat ..
But I think I have also conquered my fear of yellows !!!
Massive achievement !!
As always BIG LOVE to those of you who have followed my progress and have enjoyed the ride with me
The search is on for a killer Spock picture because clearly, you just can't have one without the other !
However, I do plan on giving my fingers a lil holiday (knowing me this will last 12 hours max...) so I may take a while to ponder what I shall get to work on next
Ou! Before signing off!!
Check out my latest Etsy.com purchase!!

Big shout out to CHAINZ AND CHARMZ!!
...and lastly..

Lee xox

Give it all she's got Scotty!
23rd April, 2012
15 rows left!!!!
So i'm going to be a pain in the rear and will wait to take pics of the Captain in all his glory!.... there's a better way of putting that....
The problem i've got is what happens when he's done ?!?
Do I jump straight in to Spock?! Or do I go back to the Beatle Boys for a while?! Or do I start my Mary Poppins?!
OR do I make a start on my very first landscape?!?
Sometimes life is just way too damn hard

Lee xox

3/4's of the Shat
21st April, 2012

Hands up who's ecstatic that the Captain has reached the 75%! mark !!!
I'm really hoping to finish him off this weekend
No offence to The Kirkster, but luckily for me he's got a hell of a forehead and not too much hair to deal with so I stand a good chance
Bless your receeding hairline Captain
In artistic brilliance news,

Credit: AlyMas8!
It's Aly and I gearing up for THE RAVELYMPICS!!!
I can't begin to tell you how freaking awesome it is to see yourself drawn in Aly's gorgeous style You've been very kind in the figure department!!! My thighs and stomach thank you !!
Seriously though, Aly this is too awesome! In more amazing news, this piece is yet to be coloured!!! AGGH!! Can't WAIT!!!!
Also want to take this opportunity to say "Cheers very much!!" to those who have added me on Facebook! I think i'm starting to wrap my head around it !!
Lee xox

I Caved.
18th April, 2012
I have entered the world of Facebook.
It is both terrifying and anxiety-inducing.
I have no clue what's what or what i'm meant to do on there
However, if you'd like to friend? me on there - i'm 'Lee Mac' and my e-mail is 'poprocker85[@]totallee.[.]net', without the brackets and dots. Lee.
So I guess i'm in the experimental stage! I'll see how I go...
Major apologies if I don't respond to things right away or if I stuff something up !
In the meantime i'll have a look about and try and wrap my brain around 'walls' and 'likes' and 'statuseses'
If anyone has any tips of what I should do on there, by god let me know!!
I'll take any advice
In other news....
Keep your eyes peeled!

Lee xox

Union Jack and Trek spammage!
17th April, 2012
Round of applause time people!!!
Tracy has had her first go at the CBN technique and has only gone and absolutely NAILED it !!!!

Tracy, you've done a brilliant job !!
I'm feeling overwhelming patriotic, which makes no sense at all, as i'm not British, that's how freakingly well you've done!!
If you'd like to have a go at your very own Union Jack, HEAD ON OVER and get your hook into it!
I am now all set to get stuck into my nightly hooking. There are at least 5000 ways to say that in a better way...
Moving on...
I shall now leave on a fabulous bit of Trek Spammage!

And my 10/10 pick...

Lee xox

Eyes, engage!!
16th April, 2012

Why hello there!!!
We have hit the 60% mark and are now blessed with a pair of sexy peepers!!
Well, nearly a full set !!!
I have about 5 or 6 more crazy rows before i'll be able to put the foot down and amp the speed up, thanks to things smoothing out a fair bit. Thankfully the Captain isn't sporting any wrinkles, so it's a nice smooth ride up the forehead Cheers Jim.
I believe this milestone is cause for a dance!!

Credit: Michael Constantine @ Flickr.com
Don't you just love Spock's version of tearing it up on the dancefloor?!
Take it easy mate...
Lee xox

Pause To Remember
15th April, 2012
Phew! What an exhausting yet amazing day.
The folks and I just returned from a quick up and back trip to Wollongong ('Wool-on-gong' for my international friends. Side note - coolest town name ever?!).
It's about 2.5 hours up the road (for those playing at home) and was the home of my Grandparents during my childhood.
This week marks one year since I lost my Grandpa and today we took the trip to honour his final resting place and to have a picnic on the beach. Gorgeous weather, gorgeous surfies (phwoar), gorgeous city, gorgeous memories....
R.I.P. Grandpa

Kirk update tomorrow featuring EYES!!! As long as I can keep mine open to knock off a few more rows tonight!!
Lee xox

Hello Kitty Geekery
14th April, 2012
I experience a lot of 'silent awe' due to the overwhelming cuteness that emulates from this lil lady!
This time I reckon she's reached new heights...

Knowing my penchant for Miss. K and for spectacles, this is beyond a match made in heaven
A pair of these must be in my future...
"They shall be mine, oh yes, they shall be mine..."

Lee xox

Ravelympics Baby!!
13th April, 2012
Apologies for my absence amigos!!
Guess who's simmering flu decided to finally boil over ?!
Urgh it ain't been pretty let me tell you!
However, after sleeping a gazillion hours over the last couple of days, I managed to be well enough to squeeze in some rows

Could I of picked a more frustrating row to take a picture on?! I think not!!! His eyes are literally a couple of rows away !!
Ah well, just means the next update will be super damn spesh
In other Super-Fun-Happy-Crazy-Awesome-News!!!
Check it out!!!

Todd from Crochetbynumbers.com and myself have JOINED FORCES to create...
TEAM CBN to compete in Ravelympics 2012 !!!!!!!!
For those who aren't a member on Ravelry.com this will mean stuff all to you i'm afraid ! However!! If you ARE a member of Ravelry and would like to be a member of TEAM CBN please feel free to join us !!!!
For those who haven't participated before, don't worry, because neither have I!!
Basic explanation = during the 2 weeks of the upcoming 2012 Olympics, there will be several 'events' you can participate in as a member of Team CBN! The aim of the game is to finish a project or projects within the 2 weeks. For example, one of the 'events' in the past was an 'Unfinished project' event, which basically gave people the option of completing a WIP within the olympic period and recording it as a result for their team !
As Team CBN, Todd and I will be offering some project ideas, for those who would like to participate, but are unsure of what project to do. It will also be a great opportunity for those who wish to try CBN for the first time to have a go !
All in all, this should be a laugh and a bit of fun !!!
So if you'd like to take part, please beome a member of Ravelry.com and search for our team thread on the Crochet By Numbers forum and join in the fun!!!!
Let the countdown to the games begin!!!!!!!!
Lee xox

Lookout Here Comes Tomorrow XANDRA!
9th April, 2012
Look who was delivered to my inbox today !!!!!!!

Which means the amazingly talented Xandra has now completed ALL FOUR MONKEES!!!!!!!

Xandra you're an absolute champion and have done an OUTSTANDING job on all four!!! Considering these guys are your first attempts at CROCHET let alone CBN, you should be extremely proud because you've absolutely nailed it !!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! And thank you for sharing your progress !!!

Lee xox

Boxed Childhood
8th April, 2012
My folks would like their garage back and therefore have been going through, ridding it of everything that resembles useless crap
So this weekend i've spent quite a large chunk of time uncovering forgotten treasures that have been boxed up from the late 80's and early 90's aka. my childhood
Sweet jesus, was I a damn cool kid!!
Exhibit A.

A cute little cupcake! Just a cute little cupcake?!?! Innocent little cupcake?!?!....

BAM! Transforms into a Southern Bell cupcake!! Badly in need of a comb !!! But a cute Southern Bell doll nonetheless !!
I must of had a 'thing' for transformers because then I uncovered the mountains of Macca's 'happy meal' toys i'd saved and found these dudes...

Cute little unassuming plastic food stuffs aren't they?!...BUT WAIT!!!

A few adjustments later they're weird-arse-robot-thingys!!!!
Lee =
Well I thought they were cool ....
Moving on!!
Check out Captain Jimmy @ 45%!

Speeding along now !!!
Next stop we may be near the eyes !!!
However we'll just have to play the waiting game to see if that comes true...

Lee xox

Happy Easter
6th April, 2012
Definition of cool....

A wider definition of cool.... 40%!!!

Definition of the 'King of Cool'...

Lee xox

"What if i'm the bad guy?"
4th April, 2012

I thought it was about time for another free pattern to go up!!!
It is the famous sparkly blood sucker with his besotted awkward chickie. There's probably a nicer way to say that
Anyways! I'm yet to add it to the pattern archive, however it is available for free riiiiiiiiiiiight
Please pretty please remember to post pics of your progress or the finished piece to me!! I love seeing other people's interpretations on these pieces it makes for a very inspiring time indeed!

Weasley FTW.
Lee xox

New Month, New Me!
3rd April, 2012
I'm back from my mini Sydney vay-cay and it was FUN AS HELL!!!
Ate too much, walked too much, spent WAY too much, Danced too much...
Speaking of dancing, the support act for the legend that is Mr. Brian Setzer was a lil lady by the name of Lanie Lane and let me just say.... MASSIVE GIRL CRUSH NOW !!!!!!!!

She was incredible!!!!!!!!
So i've taken it upon myself to buy her album just now, as I had a snowball's chance of getting near her merch table at the gig!
Sadly she'll be touring while i'm in the states, but if you're in Aus, in May, get your arse to see her!!!!!
Now in shopping news, holy crapballs. I went a little cray cray...

RINGS!!!!!!!!!!! AND MORE RINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

See!! Went nuts!!! Then I stumbled across the cutest headbands!!

Then found the most awesomest (it's a word, okay) of watches! The old test pattern from back in the 80s!!!

THEN, went FURTHER back in time with some 60s inspired earrings! Well I thought they looked that way...

Then! Sparkly shoes!! Only ten bucks!! Couldn't choose between the pink and purple ones, so threw the hands up in the air and resigned myself to the fact that I needed both !!

However! The best purchase/s happened at Paddy's markets....
WIGS BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A red and a red and black one! For YEARS, i've been walking past the multiple wig stands wishing I had the balls to try them on and whaddyaknow! This weekend, I strapped on a pair and had a go! Beyond FUN!!!! Plus I learned that I will NEVER have long hair! I tried on a couple of long haired wigs...I looked like Morticia. No kidding. Adam's Family all the way. But not in a good funky goth way. HORRIBLE !!!!!!!
However, when I popped these two on, it was LOVE!
They still look a little helmet-y, but once I get the hang of styling them properly, I'll be able to lose the slouchy beanie and have some real fun with them ! Hence the ballistic purchasing of pretty headbands
I think i'm in love with the black and red one a little more. It's got more hair, the cap underneath is a much better fit and I just love the style. I tried a couple of pink ones on, as i've been yearning for my pink hair back, but they all looked surprisingly blurgh ! I tried a pink bubblegum one on in the shape of a real sixties bouffant, which looked plain ridiculous. Followed by a bright hot pink number that should of worked but made me look like a Christmas bauble. Way too round and way too glisten-y, it looked like glass !
So i'm stoked with the two I scored!
I also hit up the Harry Potter Exhibition....AGAIN!~
Took a ferry across the harbour on the most amazing of days. Hit up Luna Park and wished to god I was 5 years old again...
Oh it was just an awesome weekend!
Then I get home and find THIS in the mailbox!!!!!!!

The Monkees ring I ordered off the fabulous SherryAnn of Sherry's Stock on Etsy.com!!
Then last night I got stuck into some Kirk action and got him to 35%!! Booyah!!

It's all go go go here!!!!
God i'm overloading. I need to lie down
Lee xox