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Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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"I'll Be There For You"
26th February, 2012
So those who have visited the site over the past 2 days, may have noticed the FABULOUS TKindchen leave a couple of tags on the tagboard about sending me her first attempt at her very own pattern/piece....

Hasn't she done a brilliant job!!!
I must admit at this point, that I was never really a fan of 'Friends'. Not sure why, just never got into it...
BUT this is the perfect example of a little piece of awesomeness !!!
I wish I had an exciting update to reveal now !!
I spose I could if I wanted to, but i'm 12 rows from finishing, so thought i'd wait to flash the piece as a whole
Side note - 12 rows SOUNDS like a little, but this thing spans over 200 stitches wide
And is made up of zillions of friggin single colour stitches and we all know how thrilling they can be!

However! I shall persevere tonight! My sanity depends on it!!!

Lee xox

Move over Dame Edna
24th February, 2012
So, yes, I guess they are a little less cats eyes and a little more like something the fro dude out of LMFAO "Everyday i'm shufflin`.." would wear, but I am in freaking love with these
Yes, they are completely ridiculous, yes they're beyond stupid and a total frivolous and un-needed purchase, but frig, I can have a bunch of fun wearing them !!
I'll be swapping and changing these with my regular glasses. Crazy thing is that the lenses on these bad boys are so much BIGGER than i'm used to, so more light is coming into my vision so everything seems like it's got a fluro beam highlighting it. Gonna take some getting used to! Ahhh...the things one does for the love of a mad frame
In other news, my weekend is shaping up to look like this...

I have been wanting to finish a BTTF piece for almost 2 WHOLE YEARS NOW!!!
I'm telling ya, it has to happen soon before I go mental!~~~
Buying the glasses I just have may be an early warning sign people !!!
I also have a bunch of Mystery CAL progress pictures to add to the galleries, as you guys have been busy as hell churning them out !!
I may also have to make tracks for my fave yarn store, as they have sent me a catalogue outlining their pre-winter sale items. Wool. ALL WOOL.
Farewell Savings, I knew the well.

In final news, look where LeeLee is staying when she hits L.A.....

Lee xox

Daydream Believer
22nd February, 2012

Found another Monkee in my inbox !!
Xandra has been hard at work and has polished off Mr. Jones in beautiful blues as a pressie for her fellow Davy-loving sister
Xandra, you friggin rock He looks AMAZING!!!!
In more sweet-arse news, we have Mike @ 50% and Micky at 15%, so two more chimps to look forward too !!
I do believe my Monkees playlist will receive a run-through tonight in celebration
In further news-that-has-made-me-smile-like-a-complete-twig-all-day goss, guess who booked in her accomodation for this FABULOUS CITY today !!!!!!

The countdown is on !!!!!

Lee xox

10 Points to Gryffindor, I mean Cheryl!!
20th February, 2012

Remember a little while ago I showed an awesome Harry panel sent in by the lovely Cheryl?!?
Just look at that completed afghan !!!!!!
Cheryl said her grandson wouldn't stop hugging her on unwrapping it !
I wouldn't stop hugging you either Cheryl!
Such an awesome idea to surround it with the Gryffindor colours !!
So stoked to hear he loved it so much!!!
Fantastic work !!!
//////////////// EDIT
Totally forgot to mention...
There is a BIG possibility that I shall be acquiring some new spectacles !!!
I stepped over the threshold of my optomitrist's rooms today, just for a sneaky peak, which is code speak for Lee-is-about-to-get-a-little-too-excited and proceeded to try every second pair on in the shop. Then I spotted the most gorgeous patterned pair of cat's eye glasses !!
This is the best picture I could find that was closest in comparison

I know, I know! A little over the top, but man I have wanted a pair of cat's eye glasses since I knew the 50's existed and by god when I tried these on I was seriously floating !!!
Plus the 4 people in the shop actually took the time to tell me that it would be a crime if I didn't buy them, as they looked 'perfect' and I could tell they weren't yanking my leg !!!!
So i'm going back tomorrow to find out the price, as they were brand new and hadn't been loaded into their system yet. Here's hoping I can afford them !!!!
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ END EDIT
Lee xox

Un'cover'ed Gold
19th February, 2012
Man I am zonked today. I ended up stumbling across the gentleman featured below and stayed up till 3am listening to all 64 of his videos.

I swear to God if you're a lover of all things Blink 182/ Angels & Airwaves or anything Tom DeLonge, then you NEED to get your arse over to his YOUTUBE channel, sit back, relax and fall in love with this guy's arrangements. Dear Lord. Amazing
Best part is that he's made his covers available for download. Legend.
Therefore the blame for pushing back a few other pieces can now rest on this poor lad's shoulders, because a piece featuring the man behind a MASSIVE chunk of my life's soundtrack has now jumped the crochet-to-do-queue.

Tom DeLonge's music has been a permanent fixture in my stereo, on my mixed tapes, on my Ipod, in my freaking brain since I was 12. So a piece featuring said genius has been looming in the background, waiting to be done for a couple of years now. After hearing this guy, the time has come !
I'll finish off Back To The Future, then it's DeLonge time. Which I think i'll do a nice little crochet progress vlog with
Before signing off, everyone needs to set their dials to cuteness overload..
Check this out...

Sam from the UK had a crack at the Union Jack CAL as an introduction into the world of CBN and turned it into a cushion toy for Marmalade. I'm allergic to cats. Therefore pretty much hate them on principal. This photo changes everything.
Marmalade, you're a star
Lee xox

For Mum
18th February, 2012
19 days ago, I started with a hodge podge mix 'n' matchy looking pile of yarn...

Today I can happily reveal the end result!!!!

LOVING IT!!!!!!!!
I must admit to only getting it to 85% on Tuesday when they got home from their holidays. I also must admit that I couldn't wait and showed it to Mum at that point in time.
Her reaction went according to my plan
She stopped dead in her tracks and pretty much stood there for about a minute trying to take it all in, then she eventually came out with "Jesus, that's frightening." Followed by a discussion about her diminishing wall space
In a rotten bit of luck, my folks are away yet again this weekend and won't be home till tomorrow night, so I have to wait a little longer to reveal the whole piece to her. Which will still be quite a moment, considering the first time she saw it, she was yet to receive hair...
23,000 stitch-a-roonies in this one! Done in 19 days. My apologies in advance if you don't see anymore updates for a few days...
My fingers and wrists have taken a momentary pause in working.
Lee xox

14th February, 2012
Nuts. Nuts. Nuts. Nuts. Nuts. Nuts. Nuts. Nuts. Nuts. Nuts.
I didn't finish in time.
After a rush job this morning I only managed to climb it to 83%. balls.
Well, at the very least, I got a massive chunk of it finished so it won't take long to wrap it up !
Still sucks though
Ou side note,


Lee xox

Deadline Approaching
13th February, 2012
So today is my last full day and chance to get this finished. With 30-ish rows to go, I have a snowballs chance in hell
However! If I get the bulk of it out of the way, hopefully i'll have time before and after work tomorrow to whip through the remainder
PLUS their flight doesn't come in till 6pm, so yay, extra time !
I've also been battling a nasty 24hour tummy big. Which turned into a 48hour tummy bug. Which is now hopefully on it's way to becoming an extinct tummy bug. I swear there's enough Mylanta in my system to ward off any weird-arse acids till the end of time. So if that doesn't work... well..it...it just won't work
Now off to watch the red carpet @ the Grammys.
With my tissues.

R.I.P. Whitney
Lee xox

Full Steam Ahead!
11th February, 2012

It's game on for the rest of this afternoon! I'm going into this session with a really dodgy tummy. Terrible morning that I won't relay the deets of, but suffice it to say... blurgh.
Really desperate to see her eyes by beddy byes tonight! So will try hard to bring that about
The crazy things we do for our Mum's eh?!

Lee xox

Drip Drops
10th February, 2012
The mid-summer storms have been rolling in over the past 24 hours and it looks as though it's going to be booming and flashing all across the weekend. Clearly with my vocabulary, I would be the world's best weather girl You can't deny it.
So I believe tonight will be spent crocheting whilst letting my Ipod run free on shuffle. It needs one hell of a detox .
Reason = Because I sync my Ipod with the same Itunes list as my folks, and because my Ipod syncs with the WHOLE list aka. every song my Mum and Dad randomly chuck in, I have a hell of a clense in front of me
I 95% of the things they pop on there, but there must be at least 500 songs that appear every now and again that just leave me speechless. WTF just doesn't cover it...
So i'll have paper and pen at the ready for when something that needs to be immediately culled comes on and tomorrow I can get rid !
Jeezuz, could I be any more boring?! I apologise, this is beyond tedious to type let alone for your poor eyes to read
Mum is currently sitting at 45%!

Ha! Sounds like I meant she's sitting at a 45 degree angle or something. Hopefully she's not and is doing fine. Then again, by my watch it's nearing 10pm in New Zealand, so after a few glasses of red, she may well be leaning that way ?!?!??
So! Yes! Plan is to try and stay awake long enough to get near 55/60%...
Just depends on how boring the shit is that springs up on the Ipod
Lee xox

9th February, 2012
Now. Today is Thursday. Mum and Dad return on Tuesday. That works out to be 5-ish days. I think. It's fair to say. I'm slightly screwed
However positivity is key! Glass half full and all that !
It just means that each day's row total has been bumped up to the 10-12 rows region. Boy oh boy oh boy....
Luckily the incoming expanse of sky will help to cut each row time down a bit, with nice long stretches, so there's still hope people !!!!
The big decision i'm having trouble making is in regards to the big reveal! As i'll be at work when they get home, I was thinking maybe i'll leave the piece stretched out across the pillows on her bed, that way when she walks in she'll be whacked in the face with it The crappy bit of that plan is that I won't get to see her face when she sees it for the first time. The best part of revealing my Dad's piece to him was his face!....
So I think i'll have to wait till after work and present it to her in the same way.
Guess what. That was a pretty fricking easy decision.
Need a tricky decision solved?! Blog about it. Badda bing badda boom. Done. Word
In other awesome creative news...
ALY has been doodling again

It's me! Kind of loosing it
There was an 'incident' with my labrador and a certain second-half-of-Aly's-Christmas-swap present late last year that caused a bit of tension...
She pretty much slobbered it into recognition.
This is a pretty true depiction of said moment, although there are a few of these babies missing -
But cheers so much Aly!!! You talented woman you !!!
Wanna know who else is talented?!?!
Whoever the absolute visionary was who decided to slot Daniel Radcliffe into the 1950s...

Whatever the equivalent of an Oscar is in the photoshoot world. Hand it to them. Immediately. Signed, Me.
Lee xox

Red Wine Anyone?
7th February, 2012
Ready to see one hell of an awesome place to park your arse?!

Credit = Droog
That's deserving a loud round of applause right there!
If you were one of the lucky 20 people to own such an impressive display of DESIGN BRILLIANCE, I reckon your goosebumps would get goosebumps, which, in turn, would get more goosebumps if any dropsicule of red wine were to come within a 100 mile radius of this baby
I must make mention that I saw this on the crochet LJ community, so my apologies if you've seen it but it is well worth the reblog!
How do you come UP with something that awesome!!
It looks hollow inside so i'm guessing it may be a little low on the 'practicality' scale, but in the 'Wow-that's-pretty-I-must-have-it' category, it's rocking it
In other news, work sucked. Which is weird, as work is always a bit of a laugh, but man the arseholes of the earth were out in force today !!
Full moon this week or something?!?
Nothing majorly bad, just everyone seemed to of left their manners at home along with their personalities. Everyone was just so snippy and short and friggin miserable.
Which then makes you miserable. Which then makes you go into the supermarket and buy wedges and sour cream. Which is a big no no on your diet. Which will have to be burnt off tomorrow with an extra hour's worth of walking .
I should of just had a good scream at one of them and none of this would of happened.
Or I need to invest in a punching bag.....
Man this post started out so happy as well!!
Shall go back to staring at the pretty chair
I'm such a tool.
Lee xox

Chinny Chin Chin
6th February, 2012
Although I run the risk of sounding like a 2 yr old... I can see my Mummy !!!!!
Got in the zone last night and took her piece up to 30%!
We've got some beautiful blue bits of sky creeping in now, along with a bit of chin and some hair . Okay maybe a tad more demure... Much better. This was a private school in the sixties after all
Or was it very early seventies
Jeezuz i'm not so sure ! Better find that out...
The background picture is also coming into focus which is awesome! I think the bright blue against the *spolier alert* famous landmarks, is going to make them POP!
With 8 days until they get home, time is a ticking, so time at work shall have to be spent exercising the fingers for marathon crocheting sessions at night
Too bad customers. Want service?! Press your own damn register buttons !
So not gunning for that employee of the month thing anymore...
Lee xox

Cheryl = LEGEND!
5th February, 2012

I got one of my FAVOURITE kinds of e-mails this morning!!!
Cheryl, aka AWESOME CHERYL sent in a picture of her almost finished Harry panel !!!!
Which has been made as a gift for her 12yr old grandson Fabulous.
Cheryl, he looks flipping outstanding!!! Can't WAIT to hear how he is received !!!!
In less awesome news,
Take a gander at how I started my day...

Max Brenner Chocolate Cafe.
Good idea in theory.....
I really don't think that amount of chocolate should be consumed before midday....
Really quite queasy now....
In happier news !

I pulled my finger out and got Mum's piece to 25%!
Still looking like a hot mess at this stage but i'm about to start work on the neck/face area, which is always exciting and ties things together fairly quickly!
Also got some blue coming into it with the next couple of rows, so it won't look so drab for much longer !
Ughh.. really shouldn't of had that waffle... excuse me...I need...to...go...ugghhhhhh....
Lee xox

1st February, 2012
Argh, I am totally dropping the ball man! Only three days in and i'm already a day's work behind schedule

10%, but I mean "Wooo!...Not Really!"
Means I have to crochet my fingers off to catch up
Damn you work and your interfering with your whole reason for earning money so I can shop and eat and do stuff.....YEAH !!
Putting shopping before eating there should probably be cause for concern
A hem... in happier crocheting news, the progress galleries for the Mystery CAL are now up and available for people to take a sneaky peak at on the Mystery CAL page !
In current obsession news, I am all about ACRYLICANA right now!!

Credit: 'After the Rain' by Acrylicana. Source=Weheartit.com

Her gallery is an explosion of colour and her Tumblr is well worth a follow to keep up with her awesome works She just did a 'quick' painting of English funnyman Phil Jupitus and for a 'quick painting', dear god it was better than i'd be able to manage after 137 years of intense painting tuition.
In closing blog post news,

Lee xox