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Lee Mac. Twenty-nine year old fibre artist. Crochet portraits = Obsession. I am surgically attached to my Ipod and crochet hook.
Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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We are off and running!
31st January, 2012
Yesterday's total was reached last night!
5% aka 7 rows are now complete !

Off to a cracking start! Now to get this baby up to today's quota !

Lee xox

Mum's The Word Challenge!
30th January, 2012
In 2010, I designed and made a piece depicting my Dad as a finger-snapping two year old surrounded by his beloved radio-related paraphernalia. It was made for his 51st birthday and to this day it is my favourite piece. 99.9% of the reason being his reaction upon seeing it for the first time It now holds pride of place in my parents living room
Now comes my HUMUNGOUS news I eluded to yesterday....
Yeah you totally guessed it... MUM'S TURN!!!!!!!!
I have literally just come from dropping my folks off at the airport where they are being whisked away to New Zealand for the next fortnight! I figured that these two weeks would be the PERFECT time for one hell of a challenge !
My mission is to complete my Mum's piece by the time they arrive home on the 14th February! That's 16 days (as i'm about to get my hook stuck into it right now !)
The piece is about 180 stitches wide and will be 115 rows. Breaking that down works out to around 7 rows a day. Totally do-able yeah?!?
Let's friggin hope so....
I have my yarn !

Looks a bit of a boring mess at the moment doesn't it?! But it should work out really well ( she says through clenched teeth whilst crossing fingers on both hands tightly...)
So i'll be blogging my progress on this EVERY DAY, to stay motivated and on track. I shall bestow upon you all the right to peg me with eggs if I fall behind my goal of 7 rows a day, however encouragement is preferred

Now this isn't to say that other projects shall be left behind! Updates on the Mystery CAL are coming later on today, as I pop up the progress galleries and with only 25-ish rows left, Marty and the Doc should be done this week !!

Here they are looking pretty freaking awesome at the 75% mark!

Told you the glasses are going to look out of this world !
Alright, time to rock n roll!! I'm officially kicking off this little personal challenge as of right.......
.. I need a coffee...
Lee xox

Christmas Swap Finally Revealed!
29th January, 2012

Recap time!
Last year, my friend Aly and I agreed to do a christmas swap with one another! Aly, being fabulous sent her gifts in pleeeeenty of time for me to receive them before the 25th. Lee, also known as lousy-christmas-swap-partner , left things way too late and took FOR-EV-ER to send her gift and even then it's only half of what was meant to be finished in time
The other half, or 'part 2' as it is now known, was half consumed by a yellow labrador who has kind of been in the dog house since said event !
But! In awesome news! Mr. Postman in Americaland has delivered part 1 and below is the video of Miss Aly opening it!!!

I'm freaking stoked at how it came out and i'm even more stoked with Aly's reaction !!!!
As you can probably guess, Aly is quite a fan of Mr. George Harrison (who isn't?!) and the colour blue, so I thought why the hell not combine the two with a lovely picture of the lady herself !!!
This piece was started on 22nd October, 2011 and the backing was EVENTUALLY completed on the 1st January, 2012! So technically, first completed piece for 2012

In Mystery CAL news, it appears that quite a few people have guessed the picture! SHHHHH!!!
I'll be popping up progress galleries in the next day or two, so if you have reached 25%, 50%, 75% or have even finished, please send me your progress pictures poprocker85 [@] totallee [.] net!! Cheers
In even MORE crocheting news, I have something HUMONGOUS in store for tomorrow !!
It's the launch of my next project and it's certainly going to be challenging to say the least!
I just hope I can pull it off !!
All shall be revealed (ouuu what a tease!) tomorrow!
Lee xox

90s Pop Wins Hands Down
26th January, 2012
This guy deserves a knighthood.
Or at the very least, a seat at my next dinner party.
I do believe it's time for Lee to make a playlist for the car courtesy of this guy! Thank you kind sir and special thanks to your breathy-mouth keyboard-y talents
Lee xox

The Big 2 7
25th January, 2012
I had a lovely birthday yesterday
I was a lil bit spoilt
Had a lovely lunch AND dinner out, got these gorgeous flowers from Dad, got some killer pressies from Mum, which included a make-up lesson with my beautician lady, which i've been promising to do for-ev-er and have always put it off for fear of looking like a complete whack job when faced with the task of putting eye-liner on. Still freaking out, but hopefully the chick will be patient with me
I also scored this lil guy..

Not only is it cute, not only does the little pink bar light up all fluro-y, but the SOUND from this thing is ridiculous!!! Clear as a bell !
Every speaker i've had before now has provided fuzz, echo, distortion, blurgh, but this thing is outstanding
I also ate like a friggin pig all day, which was fabulous
Also managed to sneak a lil crocheting time in last night and get Marty and The Doc up to...

In Mystery CAL news, Mary aka. McSpeedy has already gotten herself to 25%! Good lord !
So expect the progress galleries to be up sooner than expected !

Lee xox

Cal O'Clock!
24th January, 2012
The pattern for the Mystery CAL has been posted!!!!
"Aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhh!!!"
As stated on the CAL page, I will refrain from posting any photos of the cal on this main blog page to prevent spoilage, so i'll be creating progress galleries (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%) for any progress photos you guys send in to help others compare progress once they reach each point

I hope you guys have fun with it!! Feel free to get in touch at ny point if you have questions or run into trouble!!
And on that note, let the CAL-ing begin!!!!
Lee xox

Pearls of Wisdom
23rd January, 2012

Mystery CAL Tomorrow!!!!!
Hooks and yarn @ the ready people !!!
Lee xox

For Pete's Sake
22nd January, 2012
We must all take a moment out of today to pause, pay tribute and be bowled over with amazement at the absolute talent and awesomeness of Xandra
I awoke this morning to find a lil e-mail waiting for me in my inbox which turned out to be filled with such lovely comments and an attachment which seriously knocked the wind out of me! Check it out people...

The colours are ridiculously well chosen, the tension is fabulous, he is set to become a fabulous cushion and wait till you hear the best part.....


Isn't that..?!? I just... WOW!!! !!!
If you would like to have a go at making your own Peter Tork, take a squizz at the pattern right HERE
Xandra I can't WAIT to see Davy, Mike and Micky !!

2 DAYS till Mystery cal kick-off !
A bunch of you have decided on your colours over on Ravelry which is ace !! Pinks / blues / greens/ purples are being considered which is awesome to hear!! Now just hoping to god you like the end result
Lee xox

Mugglenet FTW!
21st January, 2012
60% Guys and Gals!!!!

The dude FINALLY has eyeballs!!!!!!
I wish I could say all the hard work was behind me at this point, especially when I only have around 40 rows to go, but, haha no

Far too excited about working on their shades though !! I think that's what swayed me in the end to go with this shot! Such a cool effect
In Holy-Shit-Somebody-Please-Pinch-Me-As-This-Is-Surely-One-Hell-Of-An-Awesome-Kodak-Moment-Or-At-Least-It-Would-Be-If-They -Hadn't-Of-Had-To-File-For-Bankruptcy-This-Week-Which-Is-Filled-With-Both-Major-Amounts-Of-Sadness-And-Crazy-Irony-I-Mean-They-Were-The-Legends-That-Brought-About-The-Digital-Camera-Right?-And-Now-They-Find-Themselves-So-Far-Behind-The-Eightball-On-The-Technology-They-Pioneered-They-Have-To-Disappear-Forever-Sigh News....
Look who has found her way on to only the MOST AWESOME AND REVERED HARRY POTTER FAN SITE ON THE NET!!!!!

Me this morning on discovering this news
For those playing at home, the link is HERE and it would be more than Rad, Ace and FABULOUS (guess who's still watching 80's teen dramas in her spare moments...) if you could rate the picture out of 5 on their little star thingies underneath !!
Now it's time for this cat to scrounge up some breakfast...

Happy weekend ya'll!!
Lee xox

4, 3, 2, 1...
20th January, 2012
Riding on a high at the moment!
A regular customer asked if I could bring in some pictures of my work for him to have a look at next week as he's thinking of commissioning a piece! Booya !
So i'd better get my arse into gear this weekend and make up a mock portfolio! I say mock, as I have no freaking idea what one is meant to look like
Anywho, hopefully he's impressed and I score another commission !

till the Mystery CAL is posted!!!
Which means it's 4 days till i'm 27.....
Lee xox

Gryffindor's, hooks @ the ready!
18th January, 2012
The pattern for the fourth and final Hogwarts House Crest is up!
The Gryffindor House Crest is ready and waiting to join your to-do-queues !

Lee xox

I Pledge an Allegence to STOP Re-designing!
17th January, 2012
Look Look Look!! A layout Lee is FINALLY satisfied with !!!!
Who'd of thought this day would ever be upon us?!?!?!
I PINKY SWEAR this is the last change!!! (For a VERY long time!!) I am so stoked with the fabulousness of this design and therefore am putting my designing urges to bed for the next year or so.
Anywayz! I hope we're all well !
I have been busy as hell these past couple of weeks, however with this new layout up, I can finally start showing off the fruits of my labour!
First and foremost, the colours for the MYSTERY CAL have been posted! As the banner states, the pattern will be posted on the 24th January, so for those who would like to take part, head on over and see which colours you'll need to stock up on in advance
The Gryffindor pattern shall be posted tomorrow! However as my stomach is currently touching my back, I gotta go stuff my face with some lunch before I pass out
Later for now Amigos!

Lee xox