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Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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Yo Ho Ms.Heike Yo Ho!!!!
Tuesday, 31st July, 2012 @ 10:05am

Yo ho fellow hooksters! Look who sailed into my inbox, all the way from GERMANY this fine morning!!

Capt. Jack comes to us from the skilled and fabulous hands of HEIKE!!!
Congratulations on your first piece Heike!! He looks BEYOND FANTASTIC !!!!
The colours are so so bright and bold and just make him 5000 times HOTTER!! !!!
I wish I could say my Ravellenics project was looking as hot lol...

I've got about 10 rows left on the front panel!!

Any guesses yet?!?!

Lee xox

Beep Beep !
Monday, 30th July, 2012 @ 3:05pm

Say hello to my new best friend for the next 24 hours

My blood pressure has been going slightly mental for the last little while, so I have to wear this blood pressure bandage and unit to monitor it over the next 24 hours
The little bugger goes off and strangles my arm every half hour during the daytime and will apparently go off every hour overnight as it takes it's readings, so guess who's in for a hell of a night of broken sleep and swearing !!!!
Anywayz, moving on to happier things!
I got a large chunk of my lil cushion knocked over last night

And considering i'll be getting my arm squeezed to the point of numbness every hour, I may well get another large chunk done tonight !!!
Lee xox

Sunday, 29th July, 2012 @ 4:55pm

Holy crappers it's freezink today !!!!!!!!
Hoping to god the ends of my fingers and toes are okay... we lost contact about 3 hours ago.... brrrrrrrr.
In other news, I am 10% of the way into my first Ravellenic Games piece!!

This is actually attempt number 2, as I had to frog the first piece AND the first pattern, because the colours just didn't understand the value of teamwork.....
But i'm happier with how it's coming along now, so massive amounts of "yay"ness are being had
I should be able to crank things up a bit tonight and get closer to the half way mark
Lee xox

Aussie Aussie Aussie! Yaaaaaaaaawn.
Saturday, 28th July, 2012 @ 1:49pm

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww man I SUCK!
Lousiest Captain on the face of this rock right now!!
I haven't spoken about it much on here as I believe most people who visit the site are on Ravelry?! But I am Co-captaining the CBN team this year and guess who only went and slept through 95% of the opening ceremony this morning !!
I woke up just in time to the she athletes from the States walk in, the great Muhammad Ali and Sir. Macca belting out 'Hey Jude'. Then it was all over !!
So I am so so sorry to those who stayed up and were ready to share the moment with me as we cast on as the torch was lit !
After a quick shot of caffeine I did manage to get my chain going and do 2 rows of my first entry piece!

Hot stuff eh?!?
I'm hoping it will resemble something shortly though
I also decided to add a second piece to my Ravellenic to-do-queue, after realising that the piece I have just started will probably only take me about 4 days to complete, leaving me with around 2 weeks of nothing to do but twiddle my thumbs...
So after witnessing this piece of brilliance a couple of days ago...

I have decided that now is the time to finally bring my RON WEASLEY PUFF to life !!
Work shall begin on him as soon as my first Ravellenic piece is done aka. that green mess at the top of this post!
Aside from all this Olympic mumbo jumbo, I have also made a start on my my very long list of artists to be awarded a place in my Aussie Music Legends series
I've decided to keep the updates on these pieces confined to their own page you can find on the left-hand side menu there, however whenever I do have an update photo posted, I shall leave a tag on this main blog to let you know...
Whenever you see said tag -

Be sure to check out the Salute to Aussie Music page!
Alrighty, almost time for me to go and set myself up infront of the opening ceremony repeat! Ready to get my anglophile pride on
Lee xox

Captain. K in da HOUSE!
Tuesday, 24th July, 2012 @ 8:42pm

Raise your glasses people!! The Captain has landed! In pattern form
Since I still haven't managed to find the time to finish up the pattern archive, you can find the Captain's instructions hiding out HERE for the time being
I'm sorry it's taking forever and a day to get the patterns converted into the new layout !! To be totally honest, it's boring as b@tsh#t to do so it's taking a while
However! I have been productive in other ways so far this week !

I've managed to score the reds needed to begin on my third Star Trek member!!!!
The lovely Miss Uhura, shall be treated to a lovely palette which i'm hoping will make her glow and be extra red hot The saucy minx!!!
I'm also going gangbusters on my first Aussie Music idol piece! So I should have pics along with a lil story on that soon! Also be on the lookout for my SPOCK pattern, which should be up shortly too !

Lee xox

Television nom nom nom
Sunday, 22nd July, 2012 @ 2:32pm

For the last two nights i've been a little preoccupied and utterly consumed....
If anyone else has ever seen the Korean drama "Boys Over Flowers", you'll understand my dilemma, if you haven't, congrats on keeping your life on track and continuing to be able to sleep at night.

Holy sh#t, i've been running on next to no sleep since Friday night, thanks to watching the first 5 eps, each of which goes for approx. 1 hour 10mins !!!
I know that's just plain unhealthy, but AGH! it's soooooo good!!
It's funny, cute, silly, dramatic, weird, wonderful, ridiculous, fun, fantasty, cringe-worthy and gorgeous So it's been just a tad distracting !
However! I have managed to pool together a marvelous looking bunch of colours and have made a start on my first Australian Music Icon piece while my eyes have been glued to the screen...

I'l hold off on posting a pic of it for now, as it resembles the first 10 rows of black border and not a whole lot else
I have also printed out a pattern to take yarn shopping tomorrow featuring the lovely Uhura As I can't leave the rest of the immediate crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise behind as I boldly make my way towards a Star Trek blanket (resistance really was futile...it was inevitable people...you knew it, I knew it, there had to be a blanket lurking there somewhere...)
PLUS i've got my lil piece for the Ravellenic Games waiting in the wings, PLUS Mary and Bert, Lil Richard, The Beatle boys.........
PLUS JB's were having a buy 2 and get the 3rd DVD free so I kinda went and splurged...

Where the hell was I going with all this ?!?!
Oh yeah...
On that note, I shall now go and study for 3 minutes before giving up, grabbing my hook and curling up infront of these two again

Lee xox
Ou! P.s. Thank you bucketloads for the response on Mr. Spock !!! Be it here, ravelry, Facebook, anywhere else I plastered him lol. Thank you!!!

Spock completed. "So It Would Seem..."
Thursday, 19th July, 2012 @ 10:41pm

MR. SPOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Date started: 28th April, 2012
Date completed: 16th April, 2012
He's GLOWING!!!!!!!! I am more than ecstatic at how my Spock spruced up !!!!!!
I'm sorry for M.I.A for so long and taking FOR-EV-ER to post!! My camera card crapped itself and in between this that and the other, i've had trouble getting out to get a new one !
However there he is in all his finished glory
Side note, notice the KILLER shirt I found ON HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD!!!!!!!!!!!!

My god. What a find. What a shirt. Better than winning the lottery man. Better than !!!
For my fellow hooksters, the patterns for BOTH Kirk and Spock will be available to you lovelys FOR FREE soon!!! Hopefully they, along with the rest of the pattern archive will be online over this weekend
In the meantime, sit back, relax and take in the love

Lee xox

20 Rows Away !
Saturday, 14th July, 2012 @ 7:21pm

Only 20 rows away from the finish line!!!!
I'm being a naughty and secretive crocheting cow, as I won't post a photo till he's finished !
It's a cold, wet and depressing Saturday night which would normally be crap, but it means I can get him all stitched up and ready for his close up date with Mr. Camera tomorrow !!!!
Speaking of which, what the FRIG do I wear ?!
I finally rounded out Season two last night and have the third and final season ready to go !
Times are going to be tough when i've finished them all ! Then again, i'll have a shiteload of The Next Generation to get on to !
Now time to settle back and finish this Vulcan !
As a parting gift, help yourself....

Lee xox

Vegas Part 2!
Friday, 13th July, 2012 @ 8:31pm

Ouuuuuuu Friday the 13th!
Moving on....

After the magic of Freemont Street, our stretch hummer took us back into the heart of Vegas, right in front of the Bellagio for the world famous water fountain display
AND you wouldn't Adam & Eve it, but guess which song was the backing track for the particular show we caught!!?!!
"Viva Las Vegas".
Which just made the moment 5 zillion times more awesome

We then split off from the rest of the tour group as THEY ALL WENT BACK TO THE MOTEL!!!
*a hem*
The party was only just getting started!
Anywayz, that shot up there was of the coolest hovering water ball thingy i've ever seen which was in an amazing garden in the lobby of The Bellagio So pretty!!
We ended up staying there for a while, which proved to be quite an expensive while...
Before heading out to get a dose of the night life, which was BLOODY AMAZING!!
The live music and bands in the casinos of Vegas are THE BEST IN THE WORLD!!!
I danced my freaking feet off man !!
Rick Springfield's "Jessie's Girl" got a good hammering everywhere let me tell you!!
The next morning we awoke to another body melting day. 42+ degrees!!
Again, we were completely anti-social and buggered off from the rest of the group and spent the day going in and out of as many casinos along the strip as we could handle!

After visiting The MGM Grand and finding it less than ordinary, we crossed the road and came smack bang in to contact with undoubtedly my favourite casino (along with another, i'll mention later..), New York New York!

The food court was the spitting image of the streets of New York City!! Freaking amazing!! Speaking of Amazing, breakfast and the COFFEE here was faint-worthy

And i'm sorry to lower the tone, but the TOILETS in New York New York, blew my brain apart!! SWANKY OR WHAT!!!?

I mean a signed Mae West photograph in the ladies?!?! Just too damn classy!
After breakfast and freaking out a little too much in the gift shops, we were ready to brave the heat and head to the next one, when I almost had a coronary, when I rounded the corner and spotted this...

I mean please.
I proceeded to donate a large sum of cash to this particular machine, until I scored all four features. I did and my purse was a hell of a lot lighter, but I was smiling so it was allllllll good
If you visit within the next year or so, let me know if there have been any major renovations or additions to the casino, as they should rightly be named after me, as I was the largest donor by way of money, thanks to that one stint on the slot machine....
Moving on...
We finally left, and upon seeing what was across the street, I made an immediate B-line!

The 4 storey high M&MS WORLD
HOWEVER! On the way to the door... I met... my first celebrity

Did I push my way into the photo line?!
Did I knock over 3yr olds with no shame?!
She was fantastic (Or he?! We'll never know! (Thank god!))
I didn't take any pics inside the M&M store, because I was kind of in a trance going through there. Thank god I lost quite a bit on the Monkees machine, because I would of exceeded my baggage limit had I of been able to have bought everything I wanted from here.
As it was I still ended up with a pair of pj's, shoelaces, a pin, a magnet, socks, a shirt, a the list goes on and on...
As the day turned to night, we decided to head back to Freemont Street and soak up the vibe one last time!

We also managed to check out the famous older casinos like the Golden Gate and The Golden Nugget, which has a phenomenal shark tank inside Spectacular!!!

We then headed back in the glittering heart and hit Caesars Palace, which is my other FAVE casino! Mainly because I scored all my lost dosh back + a bit extra !! Which was more than a little fabulous !!!
Sadly we didn't get to see everything we wanted, but at least I know what to check out next time!!! And man oh man is there going to be a next time !!!!!

Lee xox

Viva Las Vegas!
Thursday, 12th July, 2012 @ 9:22pm

The first thing to say about it is that PHWOAR IT WAS SCORCHING~!!!!
42+ degrees x two days. You could actually feel the sun licking your skin and the water in your body dropping in volume by the second!
However! Before getting to Vegas, our first introduction to the sizzling heat was Hoover Dam

Did I mention it was BLOODY HOT!! Man I remember melting at that state line
However, with the state of Nevada, comes the glittering city of....

I may have run from the stretch hummer we were taking for a two hour cruise down the strip, over to this sign with slightly more screaming and gasping than was necessary
It was one of 'those' moments in life where everything melts away when you realise you. are. standing. in. front. of. THE. Welcome to Vegas. Sign SO AWESOME!!! Hence the "flying" photo pose !
The hummer also took us riiiiiiiiight down to the original Vegas aka. FREEMONT STREET!!

This last shot was of the overhead light show that electrifies the masses every night. IT WAS INCREDIBLE!! While I was there, Freemont street was devoting 3 or so months to 'The Rock of Vegas' and every night, 80s style cover bands take over the strip and blast the place. IT WAS AWESOME!!! Major props go to 'Dirty Pair-a-dise', they were rocking and were my absolute fave
Freemont Street was the highlight of Vegas for me hands down. The vibe was electric, EVERYBODY was there to have a slamming time, and I ran into Captain. Jack Sparrow in the yoghurt aisle of Walgreens. Not even joking. The dude stayed in character, EVEN as he was paying the cashier. What a freaking legend
You know what?! There is too much of Vegas to get done in one post, so stay tuned for part 2 !!!

Lee xox

Starting To Appear Logical!
Wednesday, 11th July, 2012 @ 5:19pm


Looking spiffy Spocky !!!
I really want to try and put the foot down a little bit and finish him off before the Ravellenic Games in 2 weeks!
However, with study, work, life, it's proving difficult !
Now on top of everything else I have to keep checking the mirror every three seconds for the next 72 hours because my Dad has contracted THE SHINGLES!~

Half his face/head is one big fat swollen blister! His right eye is completely shut and he literally looks like half his head is on the brink of exploding
Very very nasty!
Why do I have to look in the mirror for the next three days?!
I've NEVER had the chicken pox!!!!!!!!
I'm not completely sure if I can get the chicken pox off him, as shingles is the re-emergence or mutated step after chicken pox?!?! Either way, i'm NOT taking the chance of being in the same room as the poor bloke !
So i'm just hoping to all things holy that he won't go through too much pain and that I don't get infected !

On a much lighter note, check out this piece of fabulousness that clearly deserves to replace my current excuse for a coffee table!!

Awesome to the power of lots!
Lee xox

Route 66!!
Sunday, 8th July, 2012 @ 11:37am

Welcome to Seligman, Arizona, a spot on the famed ROUTE 66!!!!!!!!!

Frig man I was in HEAVEN!!!
I didn't wanna get back on the bus, I was like "LEAVE ME HERE!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!"
I could totally stand hanging with these guys!!

I even managed to track down Mater!! Legend!!

As you can see it took about 0.3 seconds for me to have a shopping bag over my arm...I went a little bit cray cray exercising my spending muscle !!!

Now how in the world was I meant to leave this lot behind?!?!

A growing trend in the gift shops over there, but especially in Seligman, was magnetic plates! Now you've seen how attatched I got to number plates, but when I saw this mini one, it was instantly clear that it was destined for my fridge...

What the Captain has to do with Route 66, i've no idea, but he came home with me from Arizona !

So although it was only for an hour or two, I most certainly got my kicks on Route 66

Lee xox

Half Way!!!!!
Friday, 6th July, 2012 @ 6:42pm


We have now entered the exciting stages of Mr. Spock's grand reveal!!! I'm especially excited to see how well the background is going to come up
After all, what is Spock if he's not amongst the stars?!

Lee xox

Grand Canyon
Thursday, 5th July, 2012 @ 8:34pm

The Grand Canyon.
I have to be honest and say that my first reaction to it, was a little understated.
Fact is, over the previous week and a bit, every day had been filled with SPECTACULAR sights, that by the time we got to the Grand Canyon, I thought "yeah okay, it's a big hole" ...
Lee, you absolute toolbag. I know I know !
Thankfully my foot was dislodged from my mouth as soon as I got in a hellicopter for the first time and travelled over the rim and down into the canyon.
My brain was completely overtaken with the SIZE and staggering beauty

So amazing. Our guide also arranged us to have pizza and watch the sun set over and throughout the canyon and my god, it just capped off an incredible two days we spent there. I managed a fair hike around part of the rim and was so happy to see that most of the canyon is not roped off ! In other words, safety is one's own responsibility, which I LOVED, as most things like this in Aus are roped off and it just takes away from the full effect !
I also mananged to catch the IMAX movie on the Grand Canyon and my god, it's just so awesome to watch something as breath-taking as that, step outside of the theatre, catch a short bus ride and BAM there it is all before you, stretching on forever
Just beautiful.

Lee xox

Chin, the First Frontier...
Wednesday, 4th July, 2012 @ 6:28pm


Lee xox

Monument Valley
Tuesday, 3rd July, 2012 @ 10:26pm

Feast your eyes on that. THIS is my favourite photo from the entire trip. Life just can't get much more magical
Monument Valley was the main reason I booked this particular trip. My Gran, who I was insanely close to, embraced Monument Valley, the Navajo people and the Indian spirituality upon her first visit to the region and it stuck with her for the rest of her life
So since her passing seven years ago, i've felt a need to go there.
To say that I was emotional as the instantly recognisable rock formations came closer and closer, is the understatement of the century, however in contradiction, I have never felt more at peace with the world in my entire life. In short, Gran was with me

Our tour group took the 'Dreamcatcher Tour' which is run by the local Navajo people and it was truly fantastic! We all piled into the back of a truck and were taken down into and through the valley, going right up to and past all the famous sites, including 'Elephant Rock' (on the right, it looks like an elephant is coming right at you!)

And the 'Left and Right Mitten', one of which is this beauty...

We were also able to go to places 'off the beaten track' like this MASSIVE formation with the 'God's Eye' up the top!
Look how tiny our guide was against the sheer enormity of the rock!!

At the end of the two hour drive, we were treated to food, dancing, singing and story telling and it was so moving. Mum and I lost it a little bit once the beating of the drum began and the singing grew louder and louder.

The sun was setting, it was an incredibly still night and thoughts went straight to Gran
Such a magical place. Definitely sits in my number 1 spot along with Bryce Canyon
Plus there's another reason why I fell hard for Monument Valley...

BTTF 3 Baby!!!!

Lee xox

A Breath of Fresh Air~!
Monday, 2nd July, 2012 @ 8:15pm

G'Day and welcome to the newly transformed Totallee.net!
I was getting a little peeved off at the old site and wanted things a bit more organised, so hopefully i've accomplished a layout that you like and is easier to navigate !!
I also wanted to add a new section and I just didn't know where the frig to slot it in on the old layout
I have a massive new project that has been in the works for an age and i'm so bloody stoked to reveal what i'll be working towards with my crocheting! It's very exciting and incredibly important to me and you can find what i'm rambling on about on the left-hand side menu !

In other news, Mr. Spock, that green-blooded, pointy-eared, example of greatness has hit his strides and is now at

Side note - I discovered something a little odd/interesting/holy-sh#t-how-have-I-not-noticed-this-before-now-?!?! today...
My folks house was built in the sixties (I believe, but don't quote me on it) and it has some really old heaters in the walls that haven't worked for as long as we've lived here, but for some reason we've just never removed them. There's one of these treasures right outside my old bedroom door which also happens to be directly opposite the toilet....
Trust me, I am going somewhere with this....
Have a little look at the brand....

How the hell did I live in that house for just short of 20 years and NOT notice this!
Clearly I was receiving some major subliminal Trekkie vibes and I didn't even know it....

Please Note - The blog and pattern archives are currently unavailable. Both will become available over the coming days as I convert the pages into the new format. My apologies for the inconvenience ! For those on Ravelry.com, the patterns are still all available under my designer name 'totallee'
Lee xox