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Lee Mac. Twenty-nine year old fibre artist. Crochet portraits = Obsession. I am surgically attached to my Ipod and crochet hook.
Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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30th March, 2012
Sadly I didn't get the chance to work on Kirk last night! Too busy packing way too many clothing combos to take away this weekend...
I'll never learn....
Seriously going to look like a pack horse, lugging it around the city...
Enjoy your weekend folks!!!
I shall return refreshed and ready to finish off the Captain
Lee xox

Kirk Smirk
29th March, 2012

We now have one lip and are on warp 4 to a hell of a Kirk Smirk!!
I managed to get a fair few rows knocked over last night whilst watching the third film, 'In Search of Spock'
I should make mention that I watched the second film the night before and my reaction was as follows...
Yeah that pretty well covers it...
I'll shut up so I don't ruin it for anyone that hasn't seen the films, but my god, be sure to bulk order on the tissues before doing so. I was not pre-warned and found myself in a bit of a bind...
So! I'll have one more update I think before i'm off for a 4 day wkend
Shall try and take lots of pictures! Meant to be fabulously sunny in Sydneytown !
Time for some fun in the sun!

Lee xox

Lip Smackingly....prolly awful...
28th March, 2012
The Kirkster has hit the 25% mark!!!!!!!

Almost, very, nearly, so close, just short of, getting some lips ! So next update we should be sweet !
Talking of things that are sweet, check out Miss. Baker's efforts this morning...

Totally let my 1950's housewife side loose this morning! Almond and jam slice. Looks tasty as hell. Scared it will be horrific on the inside.... the filling looked a tad.... 'gloopy' as I poured it in ?!
Probably a good thing Kirk's missing lips, cause i'm not sure I want to taste the damn thing either!

Lee xox

Bottom's Up!
27th March, 2012
Time to get the party started!!!

Usually I wouldn't be so spazz over hitting the 20% mark, but when it involves FRIGGIN YELLOWS and it looks as though they are going to WORK, by god break out the bubbly !!!!

Next update shall be even better, as I do believe some mouth will be making an appearance
Side note! There are quite a few progress pics to be added to the Mystery CAL progress galleries! You guys have seriously nailed it I applaude you !!
Shall add the pics asap. Sadly, lunch is calling. Loudly. !!!!
Lee xox

Captain's log - 15%
25th March, 2012
I watched 5 episodes back to back last night.
This is me this morning...

With a side of...

Think i've managed to catch something. Sad face.
However! Say hello to Mr. 15%!

I still have this terrible gnawing thing deep down in my guts, due to the fact that I am up against my arch nemisis, yellows.
"Arch nemesis"?
Jesus, I have been watching to much Trek....
Lee =
For those who remember, and personally I prefer to block it out, i've had some struggles with this shade in the past. The big-flashing-neon-sign of a problem?! Yellow has always won
So as I scale the heights of Jim's face, i'm just hoping to all that is holy that it works out this time!!
Otherwise... I may lose my sanity.

Lee xox

Hip Hip Hooray Captain!
23rd March, 2012
Happy Birthday Mr. William Shatner! 81 Today!! (Actually it was yesterday in Australia time, but is today in Americaland)(Confusing)(??)(^_^)
Allow me to celebrate with a 5% update!

Not as far along as i'd hoped, but that's what I get for trying to work on it whilst watching episodes. Idiot Lee
In internet-browsing news.. I can't even...

Kirk and Spock gift boxes from Scissors & Clay on Etsy.com
Lee xox

Play Magic Fingers!
22nd March, 2012

The almighty Xandra has hit it out of the park yet again with her third Monkee !!!
Xandra, you STAR, he looks tremendous !!!!!

Captain. Kirk update tomorrow !!!
Lee xox

"Steady as she goes..."
21st March, 2012
Had to hunt high and low but finally secured a colour palette fit for the Captain
I'm also using some sparkly yarn for the first time! Ouuu eh?!
Although it's just for the border, so not terribly exciting....
Plus it's proving to be a MAJOR pain in the arse to work with! The little gold flecks brake off a lot, so i've managed to score myself a fairly sparkly bed spread...
Doesn't matter! Will be worth it! Have chosen a particularly tasty picture of Cpt. Kirk from back in the day
Uhura totally gets it...
Lee xox

Polythene Crochet Pam Pat!
19th March, 2012
It's so hard to believe that I did any work on this sucker this weekend !
Due to it's GARGANTUAN size and the fact that I haven't worked on it in such a long time, I forgot that a single row takes an hour. An hour. AN HOUR!!!! !!!!!!!!!
My consolation prize for all those hours = The beginnings of Georgie boy's chin. Hip hooray ...
But! At least it's heading in the right direction !
Now time for a bit of admin!
The glorious Pat is all set to have a crack at my Sir. Paul McCartney pattern...

Thankfully for me, Pat has a pair of fantastic peepers on her and picked up on a point I had carelessly left on the pattern, saying that colour 1 and 3 were black. For those of you who have previously copied the pattern and are storing it for later use...
I have now gone in and removed this point from the pattern so it now reads correctly
Many thanks again Pat for pointing it out !!

Lee xox

All You Crochet Is Love
20th January, 2012
Update on the Fab Four is on the way !!!!
Lee xox

Gryffindor's, hooks @ the ready!
17th March, 2012
The pattern for the fourth and final Hogwarts House Crest is up!
The Gryffindor House Crest is ready and waiting to join your to-do-queues !

Lee xox

Following A Pattern
17th March, 2012

Step by step instructions are the bain of my existence. If it weren't for the irrefutable evidence displayed on my last MRI scan, I would be prepared to lay down a mountain of cold hard cash on the roulette square labelled 'Lee is in fact missing the left side of her brain'
The half of the brain otherwise known as the logical and intellectual powerhouse of reason and thought.
The side responsible for solving quadratic equations, remembering which brand of cream cheese you used in that amazing lemon cheesecake you made three years ago and have been having mouth-watering dreams about on a regular basis, and is also responsible for following instructions to put a coffee table from Ikea together. Stupid example. Someone blessed with Stephen Hawking brains doesn't stand a chance in hell of putting anything from Ikea together
I digress... My point is this - I. Can't. Follow. A. Pattern. To. Save. My. Life!
If I was being held at gunpoint and my only way to freedom was to crochet a doily from a simple step-by-step pattern (which lets face it happens all the time....), i'd be cactus. Come to think of it, I couldn't crochet one of them either! Which is a major shame, especially when they are as cute as exhibit A!
Exhibit A.

Credit: Ana Paula of Amigurumipatterns.blogspot.com

Usually with crochet patterns, it's the wording that throws me.
Eg. ch4, into the 12*sc, grp(s), gas mark 4, 7hdc, 88mph,-dc3,-+x\,[insert stitch marker]continue from 1st*dec crochet in the round peg in a square hole,.3,in4, x E=MC, -the gravitational pull of the third fork in the drawer, ch3, etc....
The second point of frustration on a pattern is the bombardment of those dreaded abbreviations
I swear it feels as though there are 573 different ways to abbreviate "chain".
ch, ch(s), ch-, ch-sp, - I mean c'mon, surely we're crossing into a game of 'hangman' with that last one !
Thirdly, those intellectual pattern writers, go and pop a *cough* 'simple' to follow diagram in to try and help us struggling morons....
I understand that it is supposed to appeal to the visual side of our learning brain, but trust me, next to a load of script that looks like a code to crack into the world's largest and most treasured vault, it doesn't aid in reducing my anxiety. In fact it drives me to a large G&T
Luckily the left side of the brain is also responsible for recognising safety. In my case, this translates into my brain switching into 'shutting down' mode as soon as it recognises something that looks like a frightening and life threatening situation....
Such as a pattern for an Ipod cosy.
Lee xox

Fiddy Thousand!!
15th March, 2012

I would like to extend the biggest of "OH MY GOD THANK YOU!!!" 's! To each and every single star who has visited this little backwater over the last i've-lost-count-how-many-years!! Truly awesome!!! THANK YOU!!!!
Lee xox

Rocking The Multi-tasking
14th March, 2012
5%! and some shiny arse shoes!

Also managed a few rows on the Beatle Boys piece
Starting to get back in the zone man....back in the zone....

Lee xox

Mystery CAL Firsties!
13th March, 2012
A "Congratulations!" and "Thank you for participating!!" is going out to Amber and Mary today!! The first two champions to finish the Totallee MYSTERY CAL!!!!
You guys did a FABULOUS job !!!!!
I have also FINALLY updated the Mystery cal progress galleries, where everyone is totally killing it !
REMEMBER - It's never too late to participate! As the pattern will be available for-ev-er for people to have a crack when they're ready
In hair news, I am not a fan of my new dye job

I MISS MY PINK HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This most recent trip to the hairdresser was an experiment to try and change things up a bit. I've had the pink for three years or so now, so thought, time for a change
Great idea Lee! Friggin toolbag.
It's not that it's really bad, it's just really different. Got some dark brown and caramel going on and i'm just not digging it as much as my pink
But! I've already cheered myself up a bit by pledging a trip to the wig stall at the markets in 2 weeks time to try and get a pink one fitted and styled To make the pain of waiting for these icky colours to grow out more bearable !
Kind of pathetic to let your hair colour determine your mood, I know, but man....I feel wrong
Lee xox

A-wop-bop-a-loo-lop a-lop-bam-boo!
12th March, 2012
Not even at the 5% mark yet, but let me tell you, the gold border is framing the scene for a fairdinkim LEGEND
I can't keep it a secret any longer (to be completely frank, the title of the post kind of screams the answer anywayz...) but how could I not pay homage to the one and only....

"We wanted to BOOGIE!"
Now this piece is going to take a little while as it's quite a biggie! Close to 200 rows! But it's Little Richard for christ's sake!! LITTLE RICHARD!!! The man is larger than life, so his freaking portrait has to be too
I'm also hoping to resurect my MONSTER piece!!

It has been out of sight for a while but has not been forgotten!!!
Man, we're shaping up to have quite the musical month
"Luciiiiiiiiiilleeeeeee!!!!! Baby satisfy my heat...... Luciiiiiiiiiilleeeeeee!!!!!"
Lee xox

Spock doesn't look too impressed..
9th March, 2012
So let us go back a couple of days, to where I flipped that infernal coin and it lovingly (pfft!) landed head's up....
Back a couple of days, where I SAID that I had the right colours to start that particular piece....
Yeah, well....
I reached 10% last night and let's just say this Star Trek inspired piece hit the brakes pretty damn hard TOTALLEE the wrong colours !!!
So, i've popped the pattern away until next shopping trip, and will instead begin the other piece which I Know I have the right colours for this weekend
Now in order to get into the vibe of that piece, we need to take a little trip back in time....

We're talking a 1950s Rock n Roll icon people !!!!
Lee xox

Everything's Gonna Be Alright
7th March, 2012

I have played this song approximately 573 times this morning I FREAKING LOVE LOVE LOVE IT !!!!!
I'm in danger of breaking the computer chair with an amount of seat dancing that can only be classed as life-threateningly dangerous
In shopping news!
I managed to go nuts (yet again) and spend way too much dosh than was necessary, but! Came away with the colours needed for pieces 1 & 2 in my to-do-queue !
So it came down to a coin toss as to which was going to be started first...
Ready for the MASSIVE hint?!

First update is on the way! Stay tuned!!!
Lee xox

Major Love To My LJ!!
6th March, 2012
This. Is. Insane. Yet. Amazingly. Awesome.

Featured on the front page of Livejournal.com
How? What? Why? Freaking cool
I'm about to go and get my shopoholic on and go yarn hunting for the next piece
Truth be known I have four pieces in the running to be the next one, so it all comes down to which colours I can score today
One of the pieces will be made into the next free pattern! So i'll try my hardest to get that one underway! Although the subject matter may not be everyone's cuppa tea !
Thank you again to everyone for the Massive response to BTTF!!! Overwhelming!!!
Lee xox

5th March, 2012

Vital Stats..
Started: 9th October, 2011
Completed: 2nd March, 2012
Number of stitches: 22,890
Stoked?!: AM I WHAT!!!!!! AGH!!!!
So yes, I was MEANT to post this a couple of days ago, but the computer went completely awol and has been sipping on some serious hater-aid or something because it kept flipping into a spaz everytime I went to try and log on to my server
Today was the first day I was 'allowed' to upload the pics! Thank frig, because I really needed to be able to access everything today as today was Renew Totallee.net Day!! !!
That's right sexies!! You guys are totallee stuck with me for another 12 months! Cheers !!
However! There is an upside!!!
Although you'll have to continue to put up with my drivel, you get to see AWESOME works of art flowing in like Gaynor's first ORIGINAL piece Mr. Paul Weller

PHWOAR or what!!!
Gaynor, you're an absolute star babe !!!!!
He looks bloody fantastic !!!
I have more that I could go on with but shall save it because I need to leave you with this...

Sigh. Bless you Marty, Doc and the almighty DeLorean.
Lee xox

2morrow ^__^
2nd March, 2012

Lee xox

R.I.P. Davy Jones
1st March, 2012

Lee xox