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Lee Mac. Twenty-nine year old fibre artist. Crochet portraits = Obsession. I am surgically attached to my Ipod and crochet hook.
Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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15th May, 2012
The time has come my lovelies to bid you farewell for a little while!!
Although i'm not jetting off for a couple more days yet, I'll be busy as hell packing/repacking, checking/rechecking, freaking out/re-freaking out about everything, so I think it's best to pop the site on hiatus.
As stated above, the site will remain up, free patterns and the like, however please don't be offended if I don't respond to any messages, comments, tags, etc.. until mid-June
So until we meet again, have a fabulous month!! Keep those hooks busy!! And i'll see you all this time next month!!!
Much Love Mwah!!!

Lee xox

14th May, 2012
Please be advised!! This entry contains MASSIVE BUCKETS FULL OF OUSTANDING TALENT ON DISPLAY!!!
If you have a dodgy ticker, or cannot handle such high levels of amazingicity, please leave now!!!!
Right. On with the show!! Hold on to your hats people !!!!

Check out this pair of sexy stunners savvy?!?!?!
This is Susan's FIRST ever CBN piece !!!!!!
Seriously outstanding!!!!!!!
The colour choices alone are worthy of applauding the screen for six hours, but the tension is freakily amazing!!

Some crazy magically talented crocheting fingers you got there Ms. Susan!!!

Now if Susan's efforts weren't enough to make you reach for your fedora and go gliding across the floor and scoring yourself a major carpet burn, set your eyes to STUNNED !!!

The above and beyond incredible Xandra has brought Paul McCutie to life as a pressie for her Mum !!!!!!!!!
Honest to Jeezuz, the greys are SPOT ON the tension is out of sight , basically Xandra, YOU TOTALLEE ROCKED IT GIRL !!!!!!!!!
So much awesomeness!!!! Man it's exciting!!! I need a freaking fan to cool off or a lie down or something!!!
You're both absolute stars and should be DAMN PROUD, because both pieces are AGGHH !!!!
Man I really should of pulled my finger out and gotten some done last night then again, it wouldn't of been as exciting!
What is exciting, is that LeeLee had her first professional make-up lesson!!!


Man, I cannot begin to tell you how much FUN it was!!!!!
If you've never done it, holy crap book yourself in right now!!
It did help that I have the most stunning and nicest beauty girl on the face of the planet , but if you can find someone who genuinely cares about their craft, my god book in asap!!!
She was wonderful!! Very patient (thank christ!!) and taught me a whole heap in the hour!!
I walked out with a whole new outlook and a new face to match and the bestest bit was that I have conquered my fear of eyeliner! Even friggin bought a pencil!
I tell you what the difference was a little bit WHOA! I almost had to rip her mirror from the wall and take it with me! Just couldn't get over the fact that my eyes looked 5 times bigger !
3 cheers for eyeliner and the right shades of eyeshadow !!
So now i'm all set with my lil make-up bag for AMERICA!!
Which I leave for, in a matter of days....under 100 hours actually....

Lee xox

Peace Man
13th May, 2012

Say hello to the first free pattern in honour of the upcoming 2012 Ravelympics over on Ravelry.com!
Okay so it's not really 'Olympics themed' per see, but it's more a representation of the spirit of the games !!
Which is a fancy pants way of saying, it's a FAB SYMBOL OF PEACE MAN!!!
However, stop stretching your muscles too much, because you don't have to be a Ravelympian to get your hooking on !!
The pattern is FREE for everyone right HERE!! WOO!!
In other news, I have my girly make-up lesson tomorrow!!
Freaking out slightly I still have a deep seeded fear that i'll end up loosing vision in at least one eyeball But hopefully I won't and it'll look pretty to boot!
But for now, Peace Out Sexies !

Lee xox

11th May, 2012

Check out me new doo!
I looooooove it
The purple was only meant to be in there as 'highlights' but it's kind of given a real purply hue to the overall pink this time, which is different and awesome
I could of done with a lil more blonde in there to break things up a bit, but i'm only nit-picking because i'm already having a ton of fun with it
Sadly I don't have much in the way of hooking updates
However I have been working on getting the first free 'Ravelympics' pattern tested and written up!
Here we are thus far!!

Thrilling eh?!
However! With a few more cups of these bad boys, I should have it up sometime over the weekend
Right. Lunch time. .
But I have to leave you with this absolute CRACKER of a shot taken this morning

That's my girl!
Lee xox

Pink Hues Baby
9th May, 2012

I'm beyond tempted to get some funky coloured foils woven in this time too
At this stage i'm thinking blonde (gotta have some blonde) and POSSIBLY a couple of purple ones !!!!!!
I'm feeling the need to splash out...literally! Because this brown and caramel mess i've had on top of my head since February has been getting me down man and quite frankly just hasn't felt right at all !
So tomorrow is crazy-arse-colourful-hair-day
I should also hopefully have something in the way of an update!!!

Lee xox

Pucker Up! Mwah!
7th May, 2012

Shaping up quite nicely wouldn't you say ?!?!
In other news, guess who just booked her first ever professional make-up lesson !!!!!!!!
How you get to 27 without really knowing how to NOT stab yourself in the eye with eyeliner is beyond me, but truth be known, I was never that interested in it
Plus the couple of times I did try it out during my teen years, I spilt it everywhere, stabbed myself numerous times, didn't know what went where, was freaked out by the scary ladies at the make-up counters and wore glasses so figured no one could see whatever I put on my face anywayz !
However, during the past 6 months I have fallen so hard for lipsticks, I can't even begin to tell you how pathetic it's getting ...
Bought my first truly pink one last week! Friggin Loving it!
So yes, I thought it about time to go and learn from a professional about what I need, where it goes, and how the hell I get from A to B with the least amount of self-harm possible
Shall let you know the results next Monday ! If I can still see!!

Lee xox

"Here she comes...walking down...Hollywood Blvd."
6th May, 2012

Mr. Spock has reached another milestone !
Which was achieved whist watching 'Trouble with Tribbles'
I can't tell you how long i've waited to reach this fan-fave and famous episode and it was as awesome as the build-up, which is always a shock but nice when it happens
Sadly I didn't get too much done with my hook this weekend as I had a shiteload of other stuff pop up! However, I did manage to get my arse out on Friday for late night shopping and score my top-half a comfy, travelling friendly wardrobe !

Man, there's something really funky going on with the lighting, because they're a lot brighter than this in real life lemme tell you !
The Hello Kitty tees = no brainer Love at first sight! Plus, you can't tell in the pics, but she's covered in coloured bling on her dress and the black outline on each has glitter all over it. Stupid really, because now everything I pack is gonna be covered in it, but stuff it! If you can't sparkle in Hollywood, where the hell can you eh?!
The Ramones shirt has been dogging me FOR YEARS!!!!! I've always wanted one and i'd never seen it in this colour till now and my god it was through the check-out before anyone had a chance to blink. Including me
And the black one...well...i'm not a massive fan of the picture, but behind her it's got 'She's a mod' written all crazy and I mean, she's got a killer bow happening, so that's good enough for me man
However! My fave of the bunch I scored...

PETER PAN COLLAR!!! I swear some major amount of dopamine must get injected throughout my system when I find something with a pp collar on it that fits !
I also got some earrings, because...they're...stars.

Stars are cool. Nuff said.
So I think i'm ALMOST ready !!!!
However, in the meantime i'll continue to be productive !!

Lee xox

Shake Rattle and Crochet
4th May, 2012

Things are starting to bloom!!!!

So not really on the highest level of excitement just yet, but I love the colours! Sort of fairy-flossy and dreamy
Speaking of dreams....

I have now entered the waking-up-every-2-hours-in-either-a-fit-of-excitement-or-in-panic-about-forgetting-to-pack-something about my trip to the States!!!
I bought the cutest little travel toothbrush yesterday! It's as big as my thumb for christ sake!
With the days dwindling between now and take off, I really should be concentrating on what clothes to take....not toothbrushes...which i'll prolly score for free on the flight anywayz...
"she needs to sort out her priorities..."
I think my trouble sleeping last night was due to the fact that I watched part one of a docco on the earth and what's between us and the steaming hot core...
It talked about the tectonic plates and fault lines didn't it?!
Where's a massive fault line?!?
Between San Fran and L.A.
Where am I spending most of my time?!
San Fran and L.A.
What did I look like at 3am this morning?!
Oh well, nobody lives forever !!

Lee xox

Mary Potter Poppins!
3rd May, 2012

Look at the wonderful abundance of talent that I discovered sitting in my inbox this morning
HEATHER has breathed life into Professor D. & Weazlebee and is all set to tackle the other seven members of the HOGWARTS BUNCH BLANKET!!
You're an absolute CHAMP Heather!! Can't wait to see the updates on your progress !!!
As far as updates on my progress with Ms. Poppins go...

Although I should hit the 5%! mark tonight!!
( That's the plan anyway!)
I am in LOVE with the colours i'm using for it though !
Just hoping they come together nicely when it counts !!!

Credit: Choco-kun @ Deviantart.com

Lee xox