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Wednesday, 31st October, 2012 @ 7:29pm

Happy Halloween Folks!!
My attempt at a costume this year proved to be quite an expense to management...

Scary no?!
Dear oh dear....
Anywayz, besides the pitiful costume, today has proven to be a little more than GRooVY
Check out what came in the mail today !!!

I have been wanting to see Blink 182 for the last 15 YEARS!!! Finally it's happening next year !!!!!

And in complete-nerdy-pants news.....

I received my grades for this semester !!
For that essay that almost killed me, I scored a distinction (Everybody say "Yeeee-ha!"), which gives me a credit for the entire subject! Just 2.2 points off scoring a distinction for the entire semester, but pffft!!! I'm more than freaking happy man !!!
Lastly, in crochet news, I was going to post the half-way photo, well, I was going to post that yesterday wasn't I?...
Well, turns out i've been a little bit productive on a certain Beatles piece, so I figure I would just totallee blow you away with update pics on TWO pieces lol!!
But not till tomorrow Ain't I a stinker?
In the meantime however, I have to extend an enormous "THANK YOU!!" to 'Belqt70' on Ravelry.com for an amazing honor!! I have had a gorgeous afghan named after me !!!!

Credit: 'Belqt70' on Ravelry.com

It's named "Totallee's Roses" and here is the little blurb from his project page!
"When I was hunting through my stash for the various Pinks & Roses for this project a thought struck me, “I bet Totallee would like these colors I’m picking out.” So I decided to name this afghan for her. If you’ve never checked out her profile, YOU MUST. This lady does the most amazing pictures with yarn & a hook." - Belqt70
How sweet is that!!! So thank you Belqt70 !! If you are a member on Ravelry.com, I STRONGLY urge you to take a spin over to his projects page!! The afghans are beyond incredible !!!
So sit tight and stay tuned for some pretty cool updates kids!
Lee xox

Monday, 29th October, 2012 @ 3:41pm

I got my cowgirl pride on this weekend, which is WAY WAY WAY MILKY-WAY WAY outta my usual dvd-isual viewing habits, that I was so surprised how much I freaking LOVED these two Westerns !!!

"Rio Bravo" & "North to Alaska"
Freaking loved them
Walter Brennan....absolute legend. Nothing more to be said.
Dean Martin =
The Duke = Especially in North to Alaska, god I nearly cracked a rib, man he had some classic lines !!
So yeah, bit odd for me to be craving Westerns... must be all the Glen Campbell i've been spinning lately...
I think the only other true Western i've watched was 'True Grit'...THE ORIGINAL!!! (As a Glen Campbell fan, there is no other version for me )
I should have the long-awaited 50% update up tomorrow !
So long as I can keep myself from entering the virtual saloon again tonight....
Lee xox

Saturday, 27th October, 2012 @ 8:01pm

Check it out ladies and gentlemen

The amazing Nicola, editor of the UNBELIEVABLE site AllFreeCrochetAfghanPatterns.com contacted me earlier this week and asked if she could feature my patterns on this MASSIVE online wonder !!!!
This is a HUGE deal, as this site recieves approx. 10 MILLION HITS PER WEEK and has an e-mail subscription audience of over 3 MILLION !!!!
So if you're a fellow hookster, I would definitely take a moment to HEAD ON OVER and sign up for this AMAZING free service!!!! Loads and loads and BUCKETLOADS of free resources!!!

Lee xox

Water, Mountains, Buildings and Trees
Wednesday, 24th October, 2012 @ 11:57am

45% Ya'll

We're cooking with gas now people !!!
I haven't managed to get my arse down to the lake to take some happy snaps like i'd planned, but the shot below may give you a hint about what that weird white splodge appearing on the right is

Yup! We have a beautiful jet powered fountain that shoots neck-cricking-ly high on the lake in the middle of our city, and it snuckled it's way into my picture
Now to concentrate on getting the star building into view !!
Lee xox

Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
Monday, 22nd October, 2012 @ 7:51pm

My celebratory yarn shopping day turned out to be quite the success
I scored the orange I needed to carry on with the landscape, which is fast approaching FIDDY PERCENT
PLUS I scored a stack of yarn that was being discounted to buggary thanks to the store's need to make room for Santas, reindeer, and weird little bobble-headed snowmen that looked like they'd been on the eggnog since last Christmas if you catch my drift . I think i'll go back and get half a dozen....
Anywayz! As I was accumulating colours I had a bit of an Edison moment...

I have an idea for some Chrissy presents that DON'T involve the CBN technique!
Little bit terrifying, considering I haven't crocheted anything other than CBN in a ridiculously long time, but i'm a little bit excited about this project !
As this project will be a Christmas present and therefore will be made with the spirit of Christmas in mind, i'll be nice and drop a hint or two along the way
Hint #1 -

Although i've only made a few pieces using the adjustable ring method of casting on, it was THIS video tutorial that FINALLY got the technique through to my thick-arse brain!!
It is a GOD SEND for anyone struggling to come to grips with the scary adjustable ring !!
Soooooo any guesses on what it could be yet?!?!

Lee xox

M.I.A. is B-A-C-K-!
Sunday, 21st October, 2012 @ 9:53am

6 DAYS without an update!! What is this MADNESS !!!!
Mucho apologies gang! I have been... (get this)....
I know, I know...
But the front and back lawns got so high I was loosing Dee in the grass. Everytime I let her out for her morning constitutional outside, it felt like I was sending her into the Amazon man...
Word of advice, you know it's time to cut the grass, weed and tidy up when it takes you over half an hour to track down your dog
So as a result of my thumbs going green this week, I have so many cuts, scratches, blisters, splinters, etc. that i've decided to reward my efforts with a yarn shopping day !!
Plus i'm running crazy low on the orange needed to continue on my landscape
Now I DO have a lovely big update in the works, I just wanna do a couple more rows (once I get my hands on some more orange)(hopefully today)() and then it'll be on like Donkey Kong !!

Lee xox

Wow. Just. Wow.
Monday, 15th October, 2012 @ 4:29pm

Made on Earth from Enrique Pacheco on Vimeo.

Awesomesauce. Earth Rocks
I shall now go and find a rock to smooch...
...because that film, UGH so good
In news, I am totallee ripping it up today! Which is a stupid-arse way of saying I am SPEEDING through the rows
In more space-is-blowing-my-mind-this-week-news - 3 cheers and hats off for felix baumgartner, you absolute CHAMPION !!!!!!!!

Lee xox

The Big 4-0-!
Sunday, 14th October, 2012 @ 1:05pm

Guess who has hit the big 4-0-!

I'm a little bit crazy super happy that the blue-grey colours for the mountains have enough OOMPH against those bright trees !
Now it's onwards and upwards to the big 5-0-! !!!
Where it will be time to bust out the mirror ball and paint the town red people!

Lee xox

Astoundingness Abounds!
Wednesday, 10th October, 2012 @ 8:47pm

This morning was one of those FABULOUS mornings, that make you smile like a complete twig for the remaining hours of the day !
Which totally blew her brain's happy fuse (In a GOOD way!) !
First up, I got a lovely, gorgeous e-mail from the lovely, gorgeous HILLARY who is now HOOKED on the CBN technique and inturn created this PIECE MADE OF GORGEOUS-NESS!!!


I also received a brilliantly, fantastic e-mail from the brilliantly, fantastic VALERIE who has had a go at the Union Jack swatch and has only gone and COMPLETELY NAILED IT!!


Honestly, Hillary, Valerie (and Pansy who also sent me a lovely e-mail!!)....

You guys rock!!
You know who else rocks?!?

MY GOD it's been a long time between updates!!!
Okay, so it's not much to write home about (doesn't really warrant an update) apart from the fact that THERE IS A MOUTH APPEARING ON THE LEFT !!!!!!!!!
A cheeky young Mr. McCartney is making his grand entrance with a cheeky grin whilst Mr. Harrison's chin is slowly coming into view !!!
I was getting a little bored of the landscape colours so pulled this one out for a bit of a change! as good as a holiday! Minus the sunburn !

Lee xox

Yarn! We Meet Again My Friend!
Monday, 8th October, 2012 @ 6:08pm

Man! I cannot begin to tell you how FAN-ARSING-TASTIC it feels to be free from uni !!!!!!!!!!
PLUS i've finally had some time to unwind and CROCHET!!!!
Ahhhhhhhhh how I have missed thee !

Hometown @ 35%!

Ahhhhh feels so good to be hooking again!
I've also been dying to do some work on my Beatles piece lately, so we may soon start seeing the Fab Four back in heavy rotation on the updates front
However, that all depends on my ability to detatch myself from ......

I only picked it up last night and had to force myself (literally) to put it down, which is a good sign! DON'T WORRY!! no spoilers here!! It's just the first cab off the rank as far as my book list goes
But for now, it's back to basking in my post-uni glow
Hold my calls ........

Lee xox

Hello October!
Monday, 1st October, 2012 @ 7:41pm

Happy October everyone !!
This is the month (this week actually) that signals my re-entry into the land of the living !!!! Meaning, that once I dot the i's and cross the t's on my final essay, I shall be donezo for another semester and free until Feb 2013 !!!
I shall also be free to go ballistic with my hook again! Sadly i've been severely lacking in updates, however thankfully I have incredibly talented angels like the super amazing CHERYL who astound me with their creativity and skill with projects like THESE!!!!!!!

Now, you're probably thinking "..now wait just a gosh darn minute, didn't Lee post this piece of Harry-inspired-magnificence on TL.net before?!"
And I would say "Why yes! Yes I have!" However, the Grade A crocheter that is Ms. Cheryl has been at it again people !!!!
After making Harry for one grandson, she has now sent me pictures of a second blanket for a second grandson Check it out!!!!

Cheryl, I would like to award you with "The-Coolest-Grandmother" award!!!
Clearly these boys are made of the same awesomeness as you and I hope they get a real kick out of these !!!!!!!!
Thank you for sending in the pictures Cheryl!! I LOVE seeing people's creativity! Especially with the patterns available !!

In 'about-time' news, i've nearly almost shaken off the last of this flu bug ! My god it's been a stayer!
So after this week is over, I shall be healthy ! I shall be Uni-free and I shall be free to YARN-IT-UP BABY!!!!!!!

Lee xox