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Lee Mac. Twenty-nine year old fibre artist. Crochet portraits = Obsession. I am surgically attached to my Ipod and crochet hook.
Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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Boo Flu.
Wednesday, 26th September, 2012 @ 11:12am


I'm finally turning the corner with this freaking flu!! Able to crochet again - thank the lord and pass the ketchup !
Was going troppo man
I'm usually pretty lucky, in so far as I usually pick up every bug going around, but I tend to get through them fairly quickly. This one = has been a stubborn little bastard
I've wound up with a nub for a nose thanks to sandpaper-ing it down with Kleenex. Afine art. A fine art.
My skin is blotchy as all hell my left eye has been bloodshot to buggary for about 4 days now...
I'm an absolute picture of perfection right now let me tell you
However! The headaches have stopped, the fever is almost gone and I can whistle through my left nostril. This marks major progress people
In green-bouncy-thingy news, I have 2 weeks of semester left for 2012!!!!!!!!!!
This is both shitty and fabulous.
Shitty, because I have 13 days to write up my final essay. I'm all set to go I just really really can't be arsed writing the thing Academic referencing is the bain of my existence.
Fabulous, because the weather has been OUTSTANDING and I shall soon be free to enjoy it + of course I shall have time to bond with my hook all over again !

Ou ou ou!!! Little side note - Thanks to Mr. X (no idea who) the commenting script I have used since the dawn of the site is about to go offline on the 1st of October which sucks donkey balls as I haven't found a replacement that I can code properly and understand !
So really, the next few days are the last chance you'll have to comment on blog entries! Cry it out little man. Sad sad times. However! The tagboard shall remain and feel free to natter away on that anytime

Lee xox

Boo Flu.
Saturday, 22nd September, 2012 @ 6:55pm

Flu 1. Lee overcome.
BLURGH feeling so crappy man
One minute i'm boiling, next second i'm freezing, then my nose starts, then my teeth ache then my head goes 'ping'-ing all over the shop...
I fear that actually this may be the flu, being brought on by a delayed Hanson Hangover
I had a severe overdose last weekend, and i'm thinking that it's taken a while to catch up to me
Anywayz, I am about 8 rows off the next update I the way it's shaping up!! Certainly got a huge chunk of building happening now which is more than ACE !!
So I should have that up in the next couple of days! So long as I stop breaking into a sweat every 3 seconds

Lee xox

Wednesday, 19th September, 2012 @ 4:39pm

Guess who had a lovely little package waiting on the doorstep this week !!!
Allow me to introduce you to THE-MOST-AWESOME-SKIRT-IN-THE-WORLD!!!


I need to extend a Massive THANK YOU!! and OH MY GOD YOU'RE FREAKING AWESOME!! to the lovely ASHLEY of GO CHASE RABBITS over on Etsy.com I LOVE IT!!!!
I know my photo is a little dodgy so here is the professional shot from Ashley's shop!


Be sure to take a wander over and check out her mad skills people!! I could go nuts and order about 10 of these!!!
In other news, I saw 2 of the best gigs of my life over the weekend!!!

I still have next to no voice left, am still unable to walk pain-free and am still on a massive arse high from the 2 shows!! Holy crap they were FANTASTIC !!!!
I'm the one about 5 rows back in front of Tay with both arms up - see me?!

They played pretty much everything we could of hoped for!!
AND most excitingly....
I totally scored my first gig injury!

So if it does end up scarring - it will be absolutely sweet - as it's a hell of a story!
"Where'd you score that scar?!"
"At a Hanson gig. No. I'm not joking."
I also scored an absolute SHITELOAD of new rings, earrings, etc, that will last me into the next millenium So all in all, a FABULOUS weekend!!
I should have an update fairly soon!! So stay tuned angels

Lee xox

Four Quarters of Magic
Friday, 14th September, 2012 @ 7:18pm

JORDIN you are an absolute CROCHET STAR
Serious hats off to one of the coolest dorm room walls out there
For those a little curious as to the source of the Voldy pattern Jordin used here, it is a fabulous chart made by the fabulous Candice which can be found over on her blog right HERE
Total Awesomeness Jordin You LEGEND!!

I hope everyone has a FAB weekend!! Me, myself, my cousin and I will be dancing our arses off to HANSON for the next 2 NIGHTS
As you can tell...not stoked at all.
Unfortunately time decided to skidaddle this week and therefore there is no further update to be had on the Canberra piece BOO HISS GRR!!!
However I plan to dig in on my return !

Lee xox

"I Can See Clearly Now.." well almost..
Tuesday, 11th September, 2012 @ 1:17pm

Ah man, so after wanting to stab this thing repeatedly for the past 10 rows, I think i've almost made it past all those branches

Who's idea was it to go for a picture with incredibly detailed flowering trees ?!
Still, I spose it could be worse?!

Yeah that would be way worse.
Oh by the by, it's at 25%!
I'm totally with it today as you can see...
In serious need of a brain-reboot this afternoon...

Lee xox

Pretty as a Picture!
Friday, 7th September, 2012 @ 4:36am

Pretty as a picture @ 20%!

The trees are looking so pretty now
Although it's tricky to tell at this stage, the hints of blue starting to appear in the middle there are actually the beginnings of the mountains that will adorn the background
Canberra is surrounded by the Brindabella Ranges. Loads of lovely mountains, one of which is instantly recognisble due to a certain telecommunications tower that is in every freaking postcard you can get of the place So i'm really looking forward to seeing how the colours I chose mesh together to give them their blue-ish/grey tinge that they are famous for !!
In nerdy-school news, I ended up getting a credit for my first piece of assesment this semester, which I am beyond pleased about considering i've been out of study mode for over a year I now need to concentrate on buggering off this 2000 word essay and i'll be sweet !
You know what else is super sweet?!?

Can't freaking wait!!! Been 7 years!!! Bout freaking time!! I'm way overdue when it comes to Mmmbopping my arse off in public!!! There is most definitely a better way to say that!!!!
Anywayz, should be most awesome
God. Bless. 1997.

Lee xox

Show a lil Bridge Love!
Tuesday, 4th September, 2012 @ 10:10am

Stunning night-time bridge....

Heart-warming romantic bridge....

Kick-arse Aussie bridge....


Okay, so tenchincally i'm nowhere near my 20% update target, but I have a bridge man !!!! Pretty. Darn. Awesome.
The colours are super bright on this shot, which is kind of cool, however the clarity that exists in real-life hasn't really come through weird. Cameras and I just don't hit it off ..
Anywho! Sadly I didn't get down to the lake to take snapshots, due to a pile of research I had dogging me for the entire weekend. Great news is that i'm making progress on this final essay and should in turn get my life back in around about 3-4 weeks time
In most-awesome-skirt-in-the-world news, I have been tracking it's progress as it makes it's journey from New York and it is currently In Transit after being sorted in Jamaica
So if i'm lucky I could have it by the end of this week
I know it's pathetic. But once you see it, you'll understand my pathetic-ness !
Now to return to refreshing the gradebook application on my university's website for another 3 hours, as I await the results of my first piece of assessment...
Oh the joy of it all...

Lee xox

Spring Hath Sprung!
Saturday, 1st September, 2012 @ 9:48am

Spring is here!!!! Well it should be!!!
Was minus FREAKING seven this morning!!! !!!!!!
Anywho! A new month deserves an update!

Am now getting quite bouncy-fied about this!! The lake is complete! The grounds on the other side are starting to come into view The wattle trees on the banks of the left-hand side there are blooming, the little crossing bridge on the right will be completely built with just a few more rows
The centre piece, aka the building being featured, has it's foundations in the middle there it's all coming together man!!!!
I know watching this piece slowly progress is a bit frustrating to most, as I don't think there are many other Canberrans that visit this site ?! So if it's a nice day on Monday, i'm going to try and head down to the lake and snap a shot as close as possible to the positioning of everything in the piece to give those who aren't locals a bit of an idea about what i'm trying to shoot for !
Hope to god I don't have to perch myself somewhere too dangerous to get the shot!!
In other totally-rad-awesome-news, the best-skirt-on-the-face-of-the-earth is now on it's way to me from New York !!!!!!
I got the official 'your-etsy-order-has-been-shipped' confirmation e-mail and now it's time to stalk the letterbox on a daily basis awaiting it's arrival
Shall post pics once it does! Holy crapballs, it's amazing. Let's just hope the bugger fits !!
Lastly, once a Potterhead. Always a Potterhead.

Lee xox