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Lee Mac. Twenty-nine year old fibre artist. Crochet portraits = Obsession. I am surgically attached to my Ipod and crochet hook.
Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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New Gadgety BFF!
Thursday 29th August, 2013

Back in the day I was known as quite the queen of the 'mix tape' Actually I kept every single one and for the past few years have had them stowed away under lock and key. A little too protective there Lee?!
HELL NO!! Not when it comes to this girl's tunes man !!
Anywayz, I scored one hell of a gadget in the mail this week and it's unlocked some killer mixes back onto my airwaves

This thing is CRAZY COOL!!! It records straight from cassette to mp3!! Say What!!!? Pretty darn sweet eh?! ESPECIALLY for someone like me who made a mix tape @ least once a week from 1997 - 2000....that could be a slight exaggeration, but you get the point
So I have gone recording nana's these past few days
Top priority and number one spot in the queue went to this one

I FLOGGED this tape to death as a kid! Actually not to death, because surprisingly it still works!!! Score !!
So I now have my precious Beach Boys tunes, in the right order as I heard them as a kid, on my Ipod
I don't know what it is but there is something so right about hearing these tracks again in the order that I remember off by heart as a kid It takes you right back man !
Anywayz, apart from recording every tape within a 50 yard radius, I also managed to notch up a few more rows on Pat's parentals portrait!

I spy me some background!!! Now to get back and record me some Bay City Rollers !!
Lee xox

I totallee need 8 arms pronto...
Tuesday 27th August, 2013

I need to give some major props to this guy!!

Now THERE is a guy who's got this whole colour-changing thang mastered !!!
Pat's folks are inching closer to getting some beautiful faces !!! 30%!!!

Quite exciting!
I also need to take a moment to salute the amazing JOYCE for bringing another beautiful green and sneaky looking Draco into the world !!!
God he's a surly looking bugger isn't he?! Just wanna go all Hermione on him! !!

Actually, in a way, Joyce's cat has already gone all Hermione on him, in the sense that he certainly knows his place in the world...

Brilliant work!! Thank you Joyce for sending him in !!! You did a smashing job !!!!!

Lee xox

The Secret is OUT!!
Sunday, 25th August, 2013


TWINKIE CHAN!!!!!! !!!
Started: 14th July, 2013
Completed: 3rd August, 2013
13 colours used in total!
No. of stitches = 19,880!
Now I KNOW I said I wouldn't post the super, duper, special secret gift project yet but keeping it hush hush was giving me an ulcer man!!!
Yes! It is the Crochet Queen , one of my crocheting idols, the brightest girl on the planet, TWINKIE CHAN!!! !!!!
I have been a fan (who hasn't?!) for years now and always love to see what amazing foodie creation she whips up next! I love her creativity, her love of colour and her dedication to the craft and felt I HAD to thank her in some small way for motivating and inspiring me every day AND for being just plain AWESOME!!!
If you've been living under a rock all your life and have not paid Twinkie Chan a visit, for God's sake get YOUR ARSE OVER THERE RIGHT NOW!!!! HERE HERE HERE!!! AGGHHH!! NOW!@!@!@#!!
The bestest news on the planet, she loved it!!! PHEW!!!! SO STOKED!!! !!!
Guess what else is flipping fabulous!!!?! Pat's folks are a quarter of the way there!!

Lee xox

Love is in the air!!
Wednesday, 21st August, 2013

Love is in the air!! Thanks to Pat's parents hitting 20%!

The lighting here is bloody horrible, but if I had of stepped back and let more light into the photo, you would of seen the over-sized novelty bottle of whiskey my folks won at some pub trivia night back in the early 80s....
And that would just be plain embarrassing if THAT got out...
Moving on...
I am totallee freaking out in anticipation!! Waiting to FINALLY show you guys this hush hush piece i've been crapping on about for what seems like forever!!
As I mentioned on FB, it finally arrived in the U S of A a couple of days ago!! The amazing recipient loves it (PHEW!!!) and has even mentioned that they might be featuring it on their blog!

Which is a major major honor!! So as it is their gift, i'm going to have to calm my arse down and focus on other things!
Like study!

Lee xox

Weeks to go!!
Tuesday, 20th August, 2013

So.....study's been great....
Kill me now....seriously....
Studying a politically based subject in order to score one's degree DURING an election campaign is torture. I feel my entire life is politics. Everytime I turn the telly on, BAM! There's Rudd's smiley, shiny head saying "let me say this...". And I swear I am starting to see Abbott's face in my muesli
Then YAY! I get to spend every free tick of the clock studying and writing about these clowns !!
Something tells me I may need to look into enrolling in a 'Tai Chi for Beginners' class within the next day or two...
The scary thing is....this is it. This is my last subject before scoring my degree....
7 WEEKS of my university life left!!!

Ahhhh dear...
Despite devoting my full attention to the fabulous phenomenon known as the 'liberal democracy' over the past few days..I have managed to inch closer to a Pat update !!
I'm going to bugger off three more rows before heading to beddy bye byes, which will get us up to the 20% mark
Then, back to the books !!!
Then again......

Lee xox

Puff! He's Back!
Saturday, 17th August, 2013

Attention Harry Potter Puff fans!! The pattern for this lil guy is now back online!!
I'm soooo sorry it took so flipping long (we're talking months here) to get him back up, but I had a hell of a time sorting through all my files to find where i'd stored the pattern !
So Potter fans, the pattern can be found back in the archive or right HERE
Guess what....we have an update from the fabulous LIZ!!!!
30 rows in and looking every single bit of terrific !!!

It's no secret that i'm in love with pink, so this background is really going to take the adorableness of this photo to another level Looking so fab already Liz !!!
In other-bingo-prize-related-news, Pat's piece has hit 10%!

It's working up beautifully so far!! No fricken idea what a thingy shaking it's bum in a lil koala suit has to do with anything, but it sums up my inner joy on how well the photo is showing up at this point in time !
Now time to hit the books again!

Lee xox

On The Road Again!!
Thursday, 15th August, 2013

Guess who's FINALLY gotten her arse back into the driver's seat when it comes to yarn 'n hookin !!!
I have finally made a start on Pat's portrait!!
Side note - we must take our hats off to Pat for being a true legend in letting me share progress photos with you all! Mucho Exciting! I seriously can not convey how beautifully adorable and sweet the photo I am working from is! You guys are going to be "awwwwwww"ing till the cows come home I swear!
So hows about I shut my cake hole and show you the first picture!!

Pat decided to go with a greyscale palette which I think will prove to be a timeless and very classy choice
Ah man it is so SWEET to be crocheting again!!! Now it's EXTRA special knowing that the piece will be going to an amazing lady !! I just hope I do it justice Pat !!
Wanna see the picture and acknowledge the maker who totallee went and did complete and utter justice on my HP panel?!?!
WOOP WOOP EMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emma, you are totallee responsible for at least 10mins of seat bouncing over here!!!!! Freaking AMAZING JOB!!!
Wanna hear even more great news?!?! Emma informs me that RON is on the way too!! I just gotta dance it out man!!!!
Happy hooking days are here again my friends!!!

Lee xox

I'm Your Wonderwall!
Monday, 12th August, 2013

I need to begin by saying, i'm not dead !!!
Then, I need to take a moment to show you the AMAZING AWESOMENESS of the fabulously talented MARION who sent me in front and back pictures of Mr. Noel Gallagher from one of my fave bands, OASIS!!

How insanely AWESOME are Marion's choice of colours BEYOND BRILLIANT!!!
Thank you so much for sharing your work with us Marion!! You're a freaking legend !!
I on the other hand, am not.
I have been at the mercy of my employer for the past couple of weeks. So all my time has been gobbled up!!
However! I have gathered the yarn for Pat's (aka grand prize bingo winner!) portrait and am ready to make a start on it tonight !!! PUMPED!!!
I'm also hoping my secret project lands in it's intended country soon!! So hopefully I can show you pictures shortly !!
In the meantime, I MUST show you what I discovered at my local annual craft fair!!
I warn you, the following WILL blow your mind!!

Welcome to the world of King Silk Art Embroidery!!
You MUST TAKE A SQUIZZ @ THE WEBSITE and browse the absolutely breathtaking masterpieces on display!
Oh my godfather, I was rooted to the spot for about half an hour just in complete AWE! The intricacy, the detail, the colour, the excellence of artistry totallee blew me away
It took all I had not to ask the family to adopt me right there man! I was one breath away from grabbing the poor girl by the shoulders and pleading "TEACH ME YOUR WAYS !!!"
Instead I settled for an embroidery ring and two start-up kits!

I know I have the patience, but skillwise...watch this space lol

Lee xox

Hall of Crochet fame!
Tuesday, 6th August, 2013

Klara has finished her mammoth Monkees piece people and by god it's SO COOL!!! Mike has his green hat!! This is excellnce !!
Congratulations on finishing a true masterpiece Klara!! I it and can't WAIT to see what you have up your sleeve !!
Now for God's sake don't let the applause die down yet people!!
The wonderful lady know as Liz has only gone and had a crack at the Ron and Draco panels of the Hogwarts Bunch Blanket !!

Ron was Liz's first attempt at crochet and by god hasn't she totallee rocked it !!
'Abysmal' - doesn't even come close to describing my first go! Bloody gaping holes the size of Mars everywhere ! So Liz, you're an absolute legend !!
Thank you for sharing and I can't wait to see more land in my inbox !!
Man I am so thankful for you guys sending in your masterpieces!! Totallee helping the blog out, because I have not had time to look at a crochet hook, let alone use one lately !
I'm starting to suffer withdrawls !!
However!! Pat and I have been back and forthing about her grand prize win and a photo and colour palette have been settled upon !!
So just as soon as I get a few minutes to breathe, I will be yarn gathering and ready to make a start on her bingo winning piece !!
It's an absolutely gorgeous photo guys!! Can't wait to make a start!!

Lee xox

Peace in a bizay week!
Saturday, 3rd August, 2013

Man!! So much crazyness this week I didn't realise it was freaking AUGUST till today
Spring is on the way !!
I do love me a bit of winter, but by god i'm hanging out for some longer warmer days
Anywayz, i'm sounding like an old biddy going on and on and on about the freaking weather when there is crochet to be applauded dammit!
Gayla has sent in a picture of peace, and good lord she has only gone and nailed it !!!

I really need to propose to that shade of purple because i'm crazy in love with it! Thank you for sharing Gayla!! Awesome job !!
In between extra shifts at work and stupid amounts of reading i've managed to sneak a row or two in of various pieces this week, but nothing worth getting snap happy about. I think my fingers are a little worn out from my post-op marathons ...
Speaking of which! My secret project is now travelling over the seas to it's intended recipient! So as soon as I get word that it has arrived, you'll be the first to know !
Speaking of travelling over seas...
For those of you not on Facebook...lookie what came in the mail this week !!!

My Jun Arita pop portrait !!!
Complete yayness.
Lee xox

winner winner winner winner winner!
Thursday, 1st August, 2013

The first major prize winner of Totallee.net Bingo!!!!!!!!
Pat has filled her card and now I can't WAIT to make a start on a picture of her choice !!
I want to say a MASSIVE "THANK YOU!!!!" to everyone who participated!! Thank you for having a bit of fun!!
Now I had better get cracking on dreaming up a new game!
Side note - my apologies for not announcing the winner via Totallee Telly! Sadly it is almost 11pm here and man trust me when I say that I am saving you from a sight for sore eyes!
AKA i'm in my jammies
But for now 3 cheers for Pat and a massive group hug for everyone who took part!!!

Lee xox