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Lee Mac. Twenty-nine year old fibre artist. Crochet portraits = Obsession. I am surgically attached to my Ipod and crochet hook.
Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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2014 BABY!!
Tuesday 31st December, 2013

We have reached the end of another year people!!! Yet again I find myself scratching my noodle, wondering where in the hell the time went ?!!?
It's really no secret to tell you that it is in fact NEXT new years that I am MOST excited about. 2015 = MASSIVE year for Back To The Future-arians! However I am pretty pumped to welcome 2014 with a massive hug, whilst bidding 2013 safe travels, but thanks for not alot
Having my surgery sucked. Going through Dee's surgery and recovery sucked. Going through Mum's surgery sucked...
On the plus side, I GRADUATED and now have a degree! Side note - I scored my physical degree in the mail yesterday!! It's so official and boring looking You would of thought they could at least of added some pink glitter or sequins or SOMETHING to jazz it up!
I fell crazy in love with New Zealand and aim to get my bum back over there as soon as possible!!
And I guess that is a good segway into my hopes for 2014!
I hope to keep working hard and continue popping dollars into my 'saving for the East Coast of USA' and 'saving for Seoul' funds.
I hope my beginning Korean class goes ahead so I can start to really learn a new language!
I hope my family and friends stay well, safe and happy - Miss America type answer I know, but true nonetheless!
I hope to get to go somewhere this year even if it isn't out of Aus...
I hope to read a hell of a lot more, which I have already started doing!
I also hope to crochet a hell of a lot more!! My 2013 gallery is bloody abysmal! Sadly lacking in the quantity department! That has GOT to change folks!!
Really though, I don't want to write out a specific rezzies list, because a) you never accomplish it all, b) priorities change and c) I think it's best to roll with it. Take the good with the bad and see what happens
Then, at the end of 2014, look back and think - "Shit. That went fast. Probably should of made a more specific to-do list..."
Thank you for sticking with me this year guys! Apologies for it being quite boring and not very inspiring! I shall aim for 2014 to be much more productive and interesting!!!

Lee xox

Sunday 29th December, 2013

For the last lord knows how many months, the wonderful, amazing, talented, all-round super legend BELINDA has been working away on some Potter panels for her very own Hogwarts Bunch Blanket! NOT for herself, but for her DAUGHTER as a chissy present!!!!
Belinda, may I present you with the-coolest-Mum-this-chrissy award !!
(Would appreciate it if we didn't tell my own Mother about this one )
Hat's off to you angel!! You did a truly MARVELLOUS job and can we please all take a moment to see that Belinda chose to pop Hedwig and Dobby in there!!!
We are not worthy of this level of greatness Belinda!!!
Thank you for sharing these happy snaps with us!!! BEYOND AMAZING!!!
I wish I had something even 1% close to this level of amazing-ness to show you all, but after putting the call out on Facebook about a week ago for book suggestions, I have had my nose stuck in (and finished) two books and now have my nose pressed firmly against my Kindle...

Thanks to the brilliance of the folks who suggested I try giving the 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series a go, I have lost all of my precious free seconds of time to the first in the series, 'A Game of Thrones' !
Talk about a page turner!! Or in my case, a screen tapper!
So sadly my boy GD has only millimetred his way to a measley 25%!

However, first on my list of 2014 rezzies, is to be way more prolific in the crocheting department!!! This year i've been quite slack!
Only problem is... 2014 is only 3 days away...and there are 3 or four more books in this series so far to get through?!
Man, I gotta learn how to juggle my time!!
Lee xox

Merry Christmas!!
Wednesday 25th December, 2013

Apologies for being M.I.A. for the past few days! The lead up to Chrissy is always crazy insane isn't it?! I hope you all have a wonderful day !!
I myself am already well on the way to a MASSIVE food coma !!
Dear God I love this time of year !!
I know i'll pay for it dearly over the coming weeks, but right now, I DON'T CARE!!!!!
I freaking love food!!!

I shall return with an update or two, but in the meantime....FOOOOOOOOD!!!!!
Lee xox

In his 20s!!
Friday 20th December, 2013

EDIT \\\\\ I need to send some massive hugs, kisses and "thank you!!!" 's to the wonderful Sara over @ Illuminate Crochet for giving me the amazing opportunity to be featured on her blog!
Thank you Sara!!!
////// EDIT

20%! and we've nearly hit the lips Woop Woop!
In other exciting news, I finally got rid of...*a hem*... I mean DELIVERED, my final Christmas box to its intended recipient last night !!!
I found these ridiculously amazing Chrisy themed take out containers and filled them with home made:
Melting Moments (lemon and passionfruit flavoured ones!)
Chocolate caramel slice
Marshmellow slice
Date & walnut loaf
and other assorted crap aka. candy canes...

I am pleased to announce that they all went down rather well and i've had no, zero, none, nadda reports of food poisoning so hip hip hooray !
Not sure if i'll repeat the process next year...
Too many bad side affects from the licking of chocolate coated spoons and taste testing the lemon butter cream ...
Then again! Tis the season to get a fat arse !

Lee xox

no time!!
Wednesday 18th December, 2013

Man oh man does it feel like i've been waddling my arse off these past few days!!
Work, Christmas, catch-ups, gardening, house clean-er-ing, working out-er-ing...It gets to about 8 at night and i'm totallee and then BOOM! Up at 5:30am to start it all over again jeepers!!

Since graduating, i've been celebrating a weeeeee bit too much
So i'm trying to be insanely-out-of-character productive and kick start the diet train BEFORE Christmas !
Bit stupid. Especially since i'll probably put on everything I lose come Christmas day, but at least i'm trying right?!? That counts yeah?!?
No Lee. No.
Ahh well!
Not much in the crocheting department i'm afraid!! G to the D has hit 15%, but my god it's been a struggle to find time to work on him

Now I know the colours look a bit FuNkY at the moment, but trust me! All will become clear the further we travel on this one
Now off again, to deliver more Chrissy crap, I mean cheer!

Lee xox

Awwwww yeah!!
Friday 13th December, 2013

Proud as punch people!!! The colours are looking ACER THAN ACE SO FAR !!!!

Agghh makes me want to pull an all-nighter just for the sake of revealing more and more but sadly some dickhead who shall remain nameless said "Yes! Sure! I'll do it!" to the 6:30am Saturday shift @ work...... ...
What in the hell is wrong with me?! Alls I can say, is that I hope for everyones sake, that the coffee canister in the tea room is full to the brim!!

Lee xox

Little things
Wednesday 11th December, 2013

Lee xox

Looking snazzy from the get go!
Tuesday 10th December, 2013

G-Dragon @ 5%!
So far, the colours are looking really good! Let us pray to all that is holy that it remains that way!!
Little concerned about the shades i've chosen for his face, but we'll cross that chin when we come to it!!
Right now, i'm so excited !!

Lee xox

G to the D!
Sunday 8th December, 2013

Say 'anyong!' ['hi!'] to the sickest, awesomest lil' South Korean dude out there - G-Dragon!
As you've seen, i've kinda fallen deeper and deeper in with South Korean culture over the past year or so..
Food, music, DRAMAS, fashion...Loving it ALL
I remember being first introduced to this dude - Uggh can't stop referring to him as 'dude' - he's just so damn cool via a couple of 'BigBang' music vids. For those not in the know, BigBang = MASSIVE KPOP Boyband
I swear I have listened to this song about 5 times a day since first hearing it over a year ago..


I've actually almost managed to get all the lyrics memorised which is bloody hilarious as I have no idea what most of them mean, but I will !!
Anywayz, back to G Dragon and my task at hand!
The dude is a total fashion inspiration and a crazy colour chameleon!! His image changes faster than your underwear and I always just want to steal every accessory the guy gets his hands, fingers, hair, feet on
So I thought I would tackle him head on with a flock of sheep! The guy is all about colour, so I thought, hows about we try him in 38 COLOURS!!!!

So stand by for this to be my biggest fail to date or my most epic success !!!
Either way, we won't have to wait too long to find out! I've already got his sparkly border off and running!

Agh!! Greatly excited for this one!! He's just too.damn.awesome.
Now before my hook, brain and ovaries got overtaken with all things GD... I did manage to do a couple of rows on my mega-arse-Beatles piece !!

Now you may well be saying to yourself, "errr Lee...you've done diddly squat there girl.."
But allow me to point out the long black line there that has brought John's beautiful mouth into the world!!
Yeah okay, you're right... no real update-worthy news here, but when it takes an hour and a half to do ONE ROW, a little black line is a MAJOR throw-your-arms-in-the-air-and-wave-em-like-you-just-don't-care moment !!
I can't believe I made the bloody thing 260 STITCHES WIDE!! What an idiot !!! It's going to take approximately 16 years to complete!!!
Hence, I needed an explosion of some crazy arse colours to ease the fear of dread ahead of me on that long and winding road of a Beatles tribute!
Arise Sir. G Dragon

Lee xox

Stash Sorted!
Thursday 5th December, 2013

I am feeling just a tad proud of what i've managed to accomplish this week!!!

Okay, this isn't ALL i've done this week but it's certainly the prettiest-when-photographed thing that i've done this week!
Beats taking a snap of me having a major scrap with the filter on my vaccuum cleaner that's for sure!
*sigh* I am so in love with my new yarn rainbow wall
Now I can pick and choose colours so easily!
Annoying thing is, today I went to pick up my Wayne's World piece and realised that I have beef with one of the colours. Went to my wall of wonder and whaddayaknow?! The colour I need isn't there! I know it looks like I have every colour under the sun there, but AGH the one I need just isn't there.
So back into the corner went Wayne and Garth for the time being
The good news is that I have returned to my mega-crazy-holy-crap-this-thing-is-massive Beatles piece So I should have an update in the next day or two there!
In some very very sad news, I would like to send my love and thoughts on to a fellow crocheter and friend Crystal, who's husband tragically passed away suddenly this week. Crystal, please know that you are in my thoughts sending you and your family love and healing vibes
Although the world seems a lot darker now, hold on to the light my angel. He will be with you, in your heart, always.

Lee xox

Summer Cleaning!
Monday 2nd December, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!! Actually it's beginning to FEEL a lot like Christmas! Freaking 33 degrees today!! MELTING MAN!!! Shudder to think what Christmas day will be...sitting in my undies in front of an open fridge at this stage....apologies if you have just eaten, or were about to....
Thank you so so so much to everyone for their lovely lovely comments re. the Hogwarts House Crest!!!
It looks like quite a number of die-hard Potterheads are going to give it a whirl, which is mucho terrifico
I am BUSTING to show you guys what I have in store for my next 'holy-crap-she's-flipped-her-lid' piece!! However, I have decided to be a good girl and sort out my yarn stash before I go anywhere NEAR starting another piece!
Have a squizz at what I am up against!

Holy crap on a stick huh?!
I've since shifted about 1/3 of it back into the yarn room, but still have a mountain of it to sort, re-wind, etc...
Once i'm done, I can so totallee start to reveal my next super crazy crochet challenge

Lee xox