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Lee Mac. Twenty-nine year old fibre artist. Crochet portraits = Obsession. I am surgically attached to my Ipod and crochet hook.
Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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Full O' Beans!
Wednesday, 31st July, 2013

Numbers so far: 41, 12, 6, 21, 36, 13, 26, 31, 18, 45, 20, 16, 27, 38, 48, 10, 37, 2, 23, 15, 22, 47, 9, 50, 5, 3, 1, 35, 33, 30, 25, 7 and 4!!!!
So I have now resumed work on my Wayne's World piece...excellent.
The colours are SPOT ON so i'm stoked to rock on with it. Problemo number one - it is a wiiiiiiiiiiide piece. We are talking about an hour for one row man...not cool. Not cool.
However! Totallee worth it
I've also done a few more rows of Mary & Bert because sometimes a girl just needs to crochet a bit of Disney, ya feel me?!
Lastly, I can't let today go by without....

Lee xox

Still feeling a tad blurgh...
Monday, 29th July, 2013

Numbers so far: 6, 21, 36, 13, 26, 31, 18, 45, 20, 16, 27, 38, 48, 10, 37, 2, 23, 15, 22, 47, 9, 50, 5, 3, 1, 35, 33, 30, 25, 7 and 4!!!!
I know what you're all thinking...
Lee = sex symbol right here...
Oh. How awkward.
Still a bit sore and sorry but getting stronger each day which is all good
Just to bring those who aren't on Facebook up to speed.. the surgery went ahead on Wednesday..FINALLY!
My surgeon decided it would be a hoot to show up 3 hours late. So there's me, sitting by myself in my little gown (and don't we all know how flattering they are ), with my little blue shower cap thing and my little blue socks/bags round my feet in the waiting room watching the clock tick by and about 50 rounds of the same news bulletin, which of course is only full of good and happy things....
Just what you wanna see before going under the knife!
Anyway, after 12 hours of no food and no water, I went a little bit spaz and may have begun pacing the floor and talking to inanimate objects...but I digress..
Finally I go in and 2 hours later wake up and find that my body has gone into shock. Ouuuu not a nice way to wake up let me tell you...
"Perfectly normal, it will settle down in a bit.." says the recovery nurse while i'm convulsing on the table and my teeth are chattering uncontrollably.
Holy crap it was scary...
So it took about 20mins and a few injections AND a big machine blowing waves of hot air into the bed clothes for me to calm my arse down enough to start whinging about the pain lol
Man i'm making it sound like a nightmare...I think it's just because I have never reacted badly to anaesthetic, that it's only now I realise how trippy it was....
Anywho! Apparently it all went well! I'm off to see the Doc in 6 weeks to get the all clear and then hopefully I am able to stay clear of all hospitals for quite some time Shudder.
Now for some fan-bloody-tastic updates!
Miss Liz, aka the winner of the horizontal line and runner's up prize of a free pattern in bingo has sent in her first progress piccie!!!

A border + the first 10 rows already!! Rocking it Liz!!!
There has also been a progress pic sent in by the one and only Klara and we all know what that means!!!

Klara is just a little beyond 50% here and my god isn't it awesome !!!
Thank you so much guys for sharing your progress!! Love seeing it and it's totallee making up for the fact that I have nothing to show at the moment
Lee xox

The Numbers, they are a dwindling!!
Tuesday, 23rd July, 2013

Numbers so far: 36, 13, 26, 31, 18, 45, 20, 16, 27, 38, 48, 10, 37, 2, 23, 15, 22, 47, 9, 50, 5, 3, 1, 35, 33, 30, 25, 7 and 4!!!!
Now I will try my hardest to pop up another draw either tonight or tomorrow, because I just received a call from the hospital and it looks like they will be bringing my surgery forward from Friday to tomorrow afternoon !
Don't get me wrong, i'm totally happy it's finally going to happen but when you've already organised time off work and got everything sorted out and planned in your brain, to be then told it's actually going to happen in less than 24hours, grrrr it grinds a few gears !
So my apologies if i'm off the air for a few days! What timing! Just as we are closing in on a winner! Life is a stinker sometimes ain't it ?!
Side note! I am just about to hit 75% on my secret project aka. special gift! Ouuu little hint there!! Little hint!
I can't wait to reveal it to ya'll!!
Lee xox

Ouuu shimmery!
Monday, 22nd July, 2013

Numbers so far: 26, 31, 18, 45, 20, 16, 27, 38, 48, 10, 37, 2, 23, 15, 22, 47, 9, 50, 5, 3, 1, 35, 33, 30, 25, 7 and 4!!!!
Lee xox

Klara Magnificence +Bingo + Miss. HK!!
Saturday, 20th July, 2013

The amazingly talented, Monkees loving STAR that is the wonderful Klara has sent in a progress shot of her latest piece !!
Looking FAN-FREAKING-AMAZING so far!!!!
I this shot of the boys so much! Mike is actually smiling and doesn't look goofy for a change
I can't WAIT to see the awesomeness of this piece when it's finished!! Klara, you are a champion my friend CHEERS!
Now we cross live (pfft!) to Lee Mac with today's bingo numbers...Lee?!

Numbers so far: 18, 45, 20, 16, 27, 38, 48, 10, 37, 2, 23, 15, 22, 47, 9, 50, 5, 3, 1, 35, 33, 30, 25, 7 and 4!!!!
Ouuuuuuuu some cards are starting to look mighty full!!!
It's still anyone's game!!! Just depends how those numbers fall....or rather, decide to come out of the mug...
Now I must highlight a piece of clothing that has had my heart sighing with lust for the past 24 hours...

I now believe in love @ first sight people
Lee xox

Inching Closer!!
Friday, 19th July, 2013

Numbers so far: 20, 16, 27, 38, 48, 10, 37, 2, 23, 15, 22, 47, 9, 50, 5, 3, 1, 35, 33, 30, 25, 7 and 4!!!!
Not only are we getting closer to our grand prize bingo winner, I am making super progress on my secret project!
Here's a sneaky peak at the colours being used

Pretty aren't they!

Lee xox

Double shot + top secret!!
Thursday, 18th July, 2013

Numbers so far: 27, 38, 48, 10, 37, 2, 23, 15, 22, 47, 9, 50, 5, 3, 1, 35, 33, 30, 25, 7 and 4!!!!
Seriously guys!! Liz's pattern is totallee GORGEOUS!! It's going to be fabulous watching it come to life! So stay tuned, because I will post any progress shots I receive so you guys can join in the fun !
Now, you mayhave noticed that updates are few and far between around this joint lately
That is because I have been working on a....

..project !!!
I don't want to reveal it yet, or accidently put my foot in it and spoil it, but I am making KILLER progress, so all should be revealed within a couple of weeks !!
So my poor other projects have had to take a seat
But trust me, this secret piece is awesome!!!

Lee xox

Winner winner, chicken dinner!!
Tuesday, 16th July, 2013

Numbers so far: 48, 10, 37, 2, 23, 15, 22, 47, 9, 50, 5, 3, 1, 35, 33, 30, 25, 7 and 4!!!!
Lee xox

Today is made of awesome!
Monday, 15th July, 2013

Can we all take a moment to appreciate this heart thumpingly brain spazzingly AMAZING portrait by my favourite artist Mr. Jun Arita !!!!
I first saw his work on the back of a door in a souvenier shop in Queenstown, New Zealand earlier this year and his colours and characters NEVER left my mind so I had to find out more about his work! Little bit stalkerish I know, but I tracked him down on Facebook and have since been in awe at his super awesome works, colours, drive, enthusiasm and 'Never Give Up' message
So I got in touch and commissioned an A3 hand drawn portrait and the results....well...good lord... he's AMAZING!!
I encourage you to take a few minutes (which will turn into half an hour!) to take a squizz at his Facebook page! I swear, if you don't come away feeling happier and feeling inspired, there's something very wrong with you
Once again, Jun, you are MADE OF AWESOME and I thank you so much for this portrait which will be beyond treasured forever
Now to move on to another piece of awesomeness...

GASP! Could it be?!?!?! Could we have a winner?!?!
You know the rules people!! Yell out the magic word line-winner!!!
Stay tuned my mosh of bingo players! You are STILL in the running for another prize!!!

Lee xox

Greatest shirt in the universe!
Sunday, 14th July, 2013

Agh! A MASSIVE "THANK YOU!!!!" to Joe over @ LOLTEES on Etsy.com for my new fave shirt!!!
I am crazy in with it!! Especially the length!! Tees here in Oz are always waaay too short (well that's my excuse and i'm sticking to it!)
Now, time to get down to business!

Double thumbs up to Vimeo for picking a still that totallee ruins the surprise lol!
Numbers so far: 37, 2, 23, 15, 22, 47, 9, 50, 5, 3, 1, 35, 33, 30, 25, 7 and 4!!!!
There are now SEVEN crazy crocheters who are one number away!! TENSE!!!
Now for the comeback of 2013!


Bert's lovin it!

I got a couple more rows into Wayne and Garth and sadly, just wasn't feeling the colours! I wanted to get my arse out to my fave yarn store today but the weather is beyond shite, so will hold out until tomorrow!
Soon as those doors open, i'm diving in baby!!!

Lee xox

B-i-n-g-still no 'o'!
Friday, 12th July, 2013

Numbers so far: 2, 23, 15, 22, 47, 9, 50, 5, 3, 1, 35, 33, 30, 25, 7 and 4!!!!
STILL no winner!! Agh!! We now have SIX sexy bingo players who are one number away from a free pattern!! Dear bingo gods, I beg of you, deliver our first winner soon!!!
In school-book-geeky-Lee news, I got my results for last semester today and...

Scored a cool 83 for the entire subject which is quite ace
Sadly the holidays have gone way too quickly (seriously why does time do that?!), and I am back to uni on Monday Bestest part = for my last subject ever!!!! AGH! Cheers social policy I hope we have a fabulous 6 months together!
But let's not get ahead of ourselves!
You know what's awesome?! Google 'nailed it' in the image search, sit back, relax and laugh your arse off...

Lee xox

Thursday, 11th July, 2013


Numbers so far: 23, 15, 22, 47, 9, 50, 5, 3, 1, 35, 33, 30, 25, 7 and 4!!!!
We now have FOUR beautiful people who are one number away from a horizoontal line!! Yeeha!!!
Secondly, I umm'd and err'd for a few hours about whether to go back to an old piece or start the new one i'm beyond excited about and I ended up compromising
I started my new piece, however I will be going back and forth from piece to piece for the remainder of 2013 (I say 'remainder', jeezus we've only just gone past half way!). That way I can hopefully polish a few off!
Anyway! Shut up Lee and reveal the duo who taught you that fun and music is what life is all about

I bloody Wayne and Garth and there isn't enough love out there for them, so damn it they are going on my wall !!
Ready to see the mind-boggling amount of progress so far?!?

This thing is bloody massive! It took me about 2 hours to do the border and 1 row alone!
My name is Lee and I have an addiction to crazy mega pieces
So there's a fine chance that the 2 pieces sitting in my 2013 gallery will be the only ones there at Christmas time
But whatever!! Bring it on !! PARTY TIME!! EXCELLENT!!!

Lee xox

Tuesday, 9th July, 2013

Numbers so far: 15, 22, 47, 9, 50, 5, 3, 1, 35, 33, 30, 25, 7 and 4!!!!
I can let you all in on a little secret, THREE people are now one number away from getting a horizontal line and therefore a pattern of their choice !
However, don't lose hope! There are loads of sexy buggers with two numbers to go! So hang in there!! It's anyone's prize !
I gotta take a quick sec to thank everyone for their lovely comments and messages on my sixties chickie! Thank you
The only problem I now face is that I have...

Ugh! So many pieces to finish!!!
Plus, i've only gone and made things ten times harder, because I am one shade away from starting another mega full colour piece featuring a pair of my fave on-screen besties !!!

Why do I do this to myself?!
sigh...decisions decisions...

Lee xox

Get your watusi on!!!!
Sunday, 7th July, 2013

Sunny Sixties Op-Art Mod!
Measures = 80cms x 70cms approx.
Started: 16th May, 2013
Completed: 7th July, 2013
No. of stitches = 24,160
Isn't she FABTASTIC and beyond GROOVY!!! DIG THE SUNNIES!!!!
Agh! I can't tell you how pleased I am with the way she turned out
I haven't done a piece in greyscale in YONKIES!! To be honest the greys did start to get me down a little , Lee needs colour to function man !
But i'm glad I stuck with it! This is also my first piece done with a 3mm hook! OH MY GOD WHY HAS IT TAKEN ME SO LONG TO GIVE IT A WHIRL ?!?!?!
It is so much easier to work with and I do believe that the end result is a lot finer and crisper! So from here on in, it's all about the 3mm baby !
Now for something slightly terrifying, but really cool, pics of the back!!!

Now I don't know about you, but my fingers twitch and go a tiny bit spaz at frightening shots like these...ESPECIALLY those last twenty rows of subtle hair highlights, OH THE AGONY !!!
But so worth it !
Now, I must beg for forgiveness for being a little bit AWOL this week !
I haven't had time to scratch myself let alone get near the computer long enough to update! I feel terrible especially to all the bingo players, so time to fix it!

Good lord! Filming first thing in the morning really needs to be outlawed...Ugh....
Numbers so far: 22, 47, 9, 50, 5, 3, 1, 35, 33, 30, 25, 7 and 4!!!!
Are we still waiting on our first winner?! Wow, I really thought this little game would be over after like 5 draws lol. Way to put everyone through misery Lee!
In order to combat this frustration, let us celebrate the crocheting talents of Miss. Sandy and Miss. Lacey !!!

Both of whom have only gone and TOTALLEE NAILED the union jack swatch!!
Cheers Legends !!!

Lee xox

Quick Draw McLee
Monday, 1st July, 2013

Ouuu I feel a line is on it's way very shortly!!!
Numbers so far: 47, 9, 50, 5, 3, 1, 35, 33, 30, 25, 7 and 4!!!!
Now I waaaaaaaas sposed to of had my MOD girl finished for the big reveal today... and she will be!!! It's just that after pumping out 20+ rows yesterday my fingies were a tad stuffed
I only have 7 ROWS LEFT So imma gonna have me some lunch and then get stuck into it !!
So keep your peepers peeled for a second post later on today !!

Lee xox