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Lee Mac. Twenty-nine year old fibre artist. Crochet portraits = Obsession. I am surgically attached to my Ipod and crochet hook.
Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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Gough Whitlam
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Winds of Change
Sunday, 31st March, 2013

Me thinks it is time for a change in these them parts....
Confuzzled ?!?!
Keep an eye on the layout...it likes to change.....
Harry Potter reference there....
My apolgies. Copious amounts of leadership and emotional intelligence studies will adle one's brain into delirium.
I should be back to normal...I say normal?...I should be back to me soon

Lee xox

Mini MinHo~!
Thursday, 28th March, 2013
Hello Handsome! 60%!

Bout time we scored an eyeball!!! Cheering !!
However, the best news today is that a lil guy touched down from L.A. this morning !!!!!

Choi Young !! Isn't he GORGEOUS!!!
My mini warrior is from the AMAZING Tiff over @ Swallow's Creative Corner!! You must check her out!!
Also be sure to have a squizz through her past blog entries over @
Swallowtt.blogspot.com!! Oh my lawd, her dolls are insanely cute and so so so well made You'll fall in love immediately!
Thank you x a zillion Tiff !!!

Lee xox

Easter Crochet!
Tuesday, 26th March, 2013

Lee xox

Eyes on the Horizon
Monday, 25th March, 2013
Can FINALLY say G'Day to 50%!

Bloody homework has been sapping my time this past week Major bummer.
It's not that it's hard, it's just that there is so damn much of it! I swear I close the chapter for the day, wake up and then BAM 5000 more pages have sudenly appeared the following morning !!
Next Friday = yuck day as I have a test AND this bugger of a report is due the same day

So after these readings are behind me, I have a new project to unveil!! !!
For those folks who haven;t seen the news on ravelry.com, I have a cute little project in mind which will be perfect for:
Music lovers!
People who want to try the technique without spending time or money hunting down yarn - only two colours needed!!!
Folks wanting to learn how to turn their cbn pieces into lil cushions!
I plan to set this project up with pattern and step-by-step vlogs which should be fun! However I can do nothing until this homework eff's off! So we're looking at about 2 weeks till kick-off folks!
I'm totallee pumped for it though !!
Ahhhh shiznut. Back into the dreaded cycle I go.....

Lee xox

Got To Be A Joker He Just Do What He Please Shhhhmm
Saturday, 23rd March, 2013

Lee xox

Camera Rollin`
Thursday, 21st March, 2013
All I can do is beg your forgiveness I haven't made one of these in a reeeeeally long time (hence the weird stretchy screen...)
I also have to beg forgiveness from Micky who requested this vlog... well, actually Micky requested a vlog showing palette substitutes...unfortunately I go absolutely nowhere near addressing this!!
So really what i'm saying is...WATCH @ YOUR OWN RISK!!

BLURGH... so cringy...my sincere apologies guys!!
(You gotta love that shirt though!)

Lee xox

Wednesday, 20th March, 2013

Check out the 'thing' @ 45%!

Two lovely ladies requested photos of the piece with something next to it to be able to gauge the size of it and the other requested a colour line-up...
Totally got cha covered!

In terrific news, Mum is feeling loads better and her leg is healing brilliantly! Thank you again everyone for your kind vibes! They are doing the trick!
She should be moonwalking by the end of the week. She's never moonwalked in her life, but there you have it!
Side note VLOGS are in the works for Bec and Micky! So stay tuned !!

Lee xox

Monday, 18th March, 2013

Man today was tense tense tense...
I have decided that waiting for a loved one to come back from surgery is probably the most horrible type of waiting there is. All you do is pace the floor, eat constantly, attack the living heck out of your fingernails and generally act like you're having an out of body experience until you see them again.
Mum went in for surgery on her leg today and although it was only a small procedure, surgery is surgery in my book! Anything that involves knocking someone out completely is still scary as shite to me.
However, the good news is that she's pulled through really really well
No idea if the operation was a total success yet or not as the Doc had taken off for the day, but as long as she gets the all clear tomorrow, we can bring her home !!
so due to the pacing, the eating, the nail-biting and the constant state of worry...no updates from the hook today.
Just lots and lots of good vibes being sent to my beautiful Mum

Lee xox

Fab Forties
Saturday, 16th March, 2013

Lee xox

Ferry Cross The Mersey
Thursday, 14th March, 2013
EDIT \\\
I have a quick head's up for the angels who have either printed out or have saved the 'Severus Snape Puff' pattern! You guys will need to update! The wonderful Micky has been in touch and has pointed out a fault with the pattern instructions. Thank you Micky !!
The pattern has now been corrected! So feel free to go and get your Snape Puff ON !!
\\\ EDIT

Guess who was mere metres from a true songwriting legend last night !!!!
I went to see Gerry Marsden "and a clearly replaced" set of 'Pacemakers' () @ the Playhouse and it was FABULOUS
Gerry has lost absolutely NOTHING - his voice, stage presence, humour, guitar playing, all OUTSTANDING !!
His banter with the audience (yes, I was the youngest by about 30yrs...story of my freaking gig-going life...) was A++!
I bloody forgot that he was managed by Brian Epstien! So of course he told tales of his 'best friend'...JOHN LENNON and spoke about the time he hung out with Little Richard in Berlin....
AND he spoke about his back and forthings with Bobby Darin.......
I swore I got so overwhelmed with the amount of 'degrees-of-seperation-ness' that was going on!! This man was mates with all these absolute music ICONS and he's standing 2 metres away....
I was in my own little piece of heaven last night.
'I'll Be There', 'Ferry Across The Mersey', 'Walk On', 'I Like It'....he did them all
You know what else is downright great ?!?
Tom @ 35%!

Neat eh?!?!
Ou! I finally tracked down some bobbins! I had to turn to cyberland, because obviously bobbin lace making is a dying art where I live , but come the end of March, I should have them in my hot little hands, ready to give it a whirl !
But in the meantime,

Lee xox

Hobbit Love!
Tuesday, 12th March, 2013

Would you take a gander at the photograph I was sent from the SUPERSTAR that is the amazing and talented OSNAT!!!!!
I must admit that when it comes to LOTR and The Hobbit, I have absolutely no idea who anyone is or what is going on, however I do know that this is an AMAZING portrait of Cate Blanchett's character and it is truly a STUNNING piece Congratulations Osnat!!!!
Osnat is planning on making a Hobbit themed blanket people!! So keep your eyes peeled because clearly it's going to have us all completely AWESTRUCK as it comes together
Now I need you to take a two second time-out with me to pray that the last possible store to check in my hometown is stocking the materials needed to make bobbin lace please, please, please, please!
I'm going to take the 40min trip out to the store after lunch (because they are a big company, their telephone number doesn't deal with specific product enquiries, so I have to rock up and check myself, cheers [insert-store-name-here]...), so here's hoping I can find the stuff I need to get cracking!
However I have read that you can use simple products like dolly pegs for bobbins and a styrofoam box lid as your working 'cushion', so I guess there are alternatives! But still, give your lucky Buddah a little tummy rub for me!! Must live in hope!
Jeezuz, this is starting to sound like a life or death situation....it's lace Lee...just lace....

Lee xox

Rock and/or Roll!
Monday, 11th March, 2013

Can you see me in the top right there?!? Can ya?!? Huh huh?!?!
OH MY FREAKING GOD if you are yet to see KISS in action, you are missing out!!! However, I already knew they put on a hell of a show, what I DIDN'T know is that Motley Crue are....
Their show was UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Man how many gigs have you been to where a giant hand comes up on screen and turns the drumkit round and round until Tommy Lee is playing his solo UPSIDE DOWN !!!!!

The bloody thing was spinning about like crazy!! Flares and explosions and fireworks going off EVERYWHERE !!
Definitely the highlight of the night for me! Was sitting there in disbelief Total stunned mullet man...
After he returned to his rightful place on stage Tommy was like "Did you like that shit Sydney?!?"
And we were all still
So he just laughed and kept going. Champion !
Turns out I was lucky to see them on the first night in Syd! Apparently poor old Vince (frontman) was rushed to hospital last night with kidney stones the poor bugger !!
Clearly pushed himself to the rock limits for us and is now paying for it! Get better soon matie!
Anyways, KISS WERE ON FIRE!! as they always are !
I may have gone a bit batshit mental when they played "Deuce", holy crap I that song!!
Firehouse, Lick it up, Hell or Hallelujah (went off!), Black Diamond, Detroit Rock City, Calling Dr. Love, Love Gun...
Agh! Amazing set list !!!
However! No "I Was Made For Loving You" or "God Of Thunder" which was a little bit upsetting, but in the end it really didn't matter!
So apart from seat dancing to the extreme, I also flexed my shopping muscle (again!) a fair bit!
I managed to get in to my home away from home, Paddy's Markets and do some damage
Miss. HK featured heavily.....

A new purse was in order and by god the blingy brilliance of the ring and matching bracelet could not be left there !!!
I also couldn't resist a new pair of slippers....

I realise they will probably only last 2.3 seconds as soon as my dog sets sight on them, but you gotta have a bit of Spongebob in your life !
So I now have to go into work and do a public holiday shift to try and reel back in some moneys!!!
But before I go, I have been sent another FABULOUS picture by the one and only legend that is MARGARET!!!
Who is the first amazing person I have seen have a go at the GRYFFFINDOR CREST !!!

Hats off to you Margaret!!! You absolute STAR!
Totally worth a booty shake in my book!

Speaking of Delonge, he has made it up to 30%!

Party on!!
Lee xox

Saturday, 9th March, 2013

I'm in for a bit of KISSTERYIA in Sydneytown tonight !!!!
Seeing Paul, Gene and the boys along with Motley Crue, Thin Lizzy and another band...so totally can't remember who the frig it is right now...
Either way I feel tonight shall be FREAKING AWESOME!!

Unfortunately it means a three hour bus ride to get there...such a pain in the arse....literally....eww....
However shopping, food and killer tunes await!!
Actually one of the best bits of a KISS show is fan-watching KISS fans totally bring it!
I was going through 600 different outfit possibilites this morning before deciding to keep things totally casual, because there is no way in hell one can compete with the glitter, sparkles, platforms and war paint that these guys turn up in! How can a girl compete with that ?!?!
Answer) don't even try.
AGGHH!! now i'm all pumped!!
Shall catch you on the flipside after rock n' rolling all night and partying low-key style tomorrow !
Side note - if Nick Simmons is there, i'm totally proposing

Lee xox

Grr Server!
Thursday, 7th March, 2013
So for the Gazillionth time in the history of hosting issues, my server people (or trolls... I swear they're trolls...)
have decided to stuff about with their FTP file manager thingy (techinical term for how I upload my website) and now it's next to impossible to organise all my files, edit all my files, rah rah rah ....
Knowing me there's probably a really really easy way to do what I want to do but i'm trying to get there via Mars....
In yay-for-yarn news, Tom has cracked 25%!

In yay-for-yarn-II news, the marvellous Micky has totallee nailed the first mystery cal!!!
For the sake of spoilers, I shall be popping the pic of her finished masterpiece into the mystery cal gallery located on the bottom of the mystery cal pattern page Well done Micky!!
In what-the-fudge-have-I-been-doing-in-the-last-few-days news, I have returned to studying.
Second last subject you'll ever have Lee! So stop your bitching!! But honestly, for one of my assessment items this term I have to observe a group that meets at least once a week for the next 10 WEEKS, gather info and then write a report applying leadership theories, group dynamics, communication frameworks..
Pass the Nurofen...
So i'm tempted to just watch Neighbours or Home & Away or some other crappy soap opera and base my observations on them!
Thanks to privacy issues we can't really talk about our chosen group in too much detail in our reports, so who's going to know if I base it on some fictional Ken and Barbie types frollicking on a fake beach in Sydney or hanging out in a fake coffee shop in Melbourne?!
Unless the lecturer is a fan....then i'm in shiz...
Gah! Sorry for ranting today but i'm a bit psycho lady lately !!
Shall take two of these babies and have a little lie down....

Lee xox

Glow Baby Glow!
Sunday, 3rd March, 2013

Powering along in pink!! VERY happy so far with the peaches and cream complexion ! Pity my skin can't be as glowing !
I wish I could say things were as peachy when it comes to the search for bobbins! FRIG ME I can't track down a set anywhere !!
I've got one store left to check and if it's a no go, i'll have to venture into cyberspace !
Ou! Speaking of astronomical amazingness, everyone put your hands together for Hillary, who has crocheted a gorgeous piece featuring her fabulous Grandparents

AWWWW!!! Hillary, you star!!

Lee xox