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Lee Mac. Twenty-nine year old fibre artist. Crochet portraits = Obsession. I am surgically attached to my Ipod and crochet hook.
Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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Quarters and $$$$'s!
Thursday, 30th May, 2013




Hazaa for facial features beginning to come into the mix!!
Quarter of the way through! Sadly that signals mostly pain, as now starts the dreaded one-stitch-change-colour-squillions-of-times-thing-which-will-extend-your-row-completion-time-to-around-40mins----
But i'm so bloody hyped to get started on her sunnies that I say BRING IT ON MAN!!!
In spending money news, I had a total splurge day today!
Item number one:

Credit = LOLTEES @ Etsy.com

I had bought it before having time to blink !
So that is the first item of brilliance I will be harrassing my postman about - "HURRY UP HURRY UP HURRY UP! SERIOUSLY@!"
The second:

Credit = Yummy You Clothing

I have been utterly smitten by Twinkiechan's work for many years (haven't we ALL!) and it's always been a tug-of-war in the old noggen about what my first purchase would be! I did buy her first pattern book, which I am yet to delve my hook into..
However when I laid my peepers on this I knew one day, it would be mine. Oh yes! It will be mine! So I shelled out the cash today!
So the rest of today was spent like exhibit A.
Exhibit A.
Now back to the books! WHEN WILL IT END UGHHHHHH!!
Next Friday actually !
I have my final test for the semester and then i'm free free free for 4 WEEKS!!

Lee xox

Hooking Speedway!
Monday, 27th May, 2013

"Are you ready boots?" - start swinging it Nance!! 20%!

We're on progress Hwy people!!!
I can't put this one down
Lee xox

"Ou I need your love babe, yes you know it's true.."
Sunday, 26th May, 2013


It has been so flipping fantastic to have some free time to de-stress from what was a hectic-as-arse week !
Yesterday I did sweet F.A. Which was bloody fantastic. No reading, no doctors, no essay writing, just a little bit of breathing and a whole heap of catching zzz's
Today I slightly re-entered the land of the living and got this baby up to 15%!
I am LOVING the shading like mad on this one!! It always takes a while to see if your choices will work out, but by jove I think this girl has done it ! (thank frig!)
It will still take a little while for the true FABNESS of this piece to show up, but aggghh!! It's well on the way!! Fist pump baby!!
Man I just love this era...your eyes trip out like crazy but ugh who cares when it's this fab ?!

Lee xox

Marty on the streets
Thursday, 23rd May, 2013

Welcome to a segment we like to call What I'm Wearing Today! WIWT!

3 cheers for winter! It's finally arse-freezingly chilly enough to let Marty loose onto the streets of Canberra! For those not in the know, this is my custom Todd Paschall creation and by god it's toasty warm
The weather has turned crazy nasty this past week and everyone is shuffling around, frozen to the bone in shock
Anywayz! Crocheting has managed to take place in this crazy topsy turvy week
I've gotten my super special sixties op art girl to...

Totally getting some chin action right there
I think the mix of greys i'm trying out will be a little darker than usual, but I think that dark almost grainy effect will be more than appropriate with the time period i'm trying to capture.
So i'm looking forward to seeing her grow
In medical news, I am so happy to report that I had my scary dye-through-the-body test yesterday and it has shown that there are no abnormalities anywhere else !!
The problem is isolated and therefore requires minimal surgery (still have to be knocked out) but it's way less risky and I should be up and about in no time !!!
I'm due to see the specialist again next Monday and then I should know the date of the surgery!
So freaking stoked that nothing too crazy is going on in the innards let me tell you!
Now I have to drift back into reality for a while as my mega 2,500 word essay is due tomorrow and I haven't started writing the damn thing...
I shall leave on something both awesomely cool and freaky...
You can change the direction of this train, just by thinking about it

Lee xox

bed goes up, bed goes down
Tuesday, 21st May, 2013

So for those not on Facebook, I had a bit of crappy news today
I had a specialist appointment and it turns out I will need surgery
The date hasn't been finalised yet, as I have to go for a test at the hospital tomorrow in order to check out the extent of the problem and then that will determine how extensive the surgery will need to be.

Not really
I'd prefer not to go into details of the problem at the moment, but I do want to say a big THANK YOU to the people who have wished me well already! You guys seriously rock !
So nothing but +ve vibes for tomorrow! I hope it's not too scary! Shall keep you posted! Mwah Mwah!
Lee xox

This Hook was made for stitchn`
Sunday, 19th May, 2013

Since returning to my mega-arse Beatles piece and re-watching the Beatles anthology I have completely delved right back into sixties tunes, sixties telly and sixties fashion, ESPECIALLY the op-art era !!!!
AND ESPECIALLY the fab fab fab sunnies these chicks sported back then !

I mean frig me how ridiculously awesome can it get?
So guess what...my very own 60s sunny-clad op-art wearing chickie is @....

I know I have 3 squillion projects on the trot, but my god I NEED this piece on my bedroom wall like NOW !
The 'reserved' sign has already been hung on the perfect spot, so yet again everything else is to return to it's familiar place on the back burner !
Anywayz! The fashion! I'm so stoked to see that the black and white 60s inspired trend appears to be making it's comeback!

Such a shame I look beyond stupid in black and white. Lee needs colour to function. Spose I could put 'pops' of colour on to lift it? See what I did there? I used a fashion term...'pops of colour'...
So so trendy Lee, you're almost dangerous girl.


Last night I finished my first Korean drama that doesn't feature Lee Min Ho (proud?) and holy horse shit, you have no idea how crazy into this one I got !
I honestly can't remember the last time a drama/movie/telly show made me have a complete meltdown! I had bloody tears streaming down!! Waterworks going into overdrive! Jeezuz I only shed half a tear when freaking DOBBY DIED ! Talk about intense !
I don't want to give anything away incase anyone decides to watch it, but this scene... OH MY GOOOOODNESS!

Anyone who has seen it would be totallee feeling me on this right now but AGGHH!! So heart-tuggering!! (word? It is now.)
So if you want to test your emotions and are overstocked on tissues, find an english-subbed version and knock yourselves out. So amazing
And if you're not into soppy shit - then you have to watch it for my fave character...

I mean the lead couple were cute and all, but Oska...oh my god. Legendary status man total toolbag! Loved him !!
Anywayz, now to travel from Korea back to the sixties

Lee xox

"Hey Hey We're The Amigurumi Monkees!"
Tuesday, 14th May, 2013

EDIT \\\\\\
So Facebook is being a knob and won't let the video show up for privacy reasons, so stills it is !

//////////// EDIT
So i'm thinking Miss Aly liked her pressies!
Apologies for the vid being out of sync, but it just shows how excited she was the camera couldn't keep up! lol
I haven't really ventured into the world of amigurumi much, but I had an old pattern from the amazing designer Mia from yonkies ago and I decided to makes the heads from that, which worked super well and then I Monkeefied the hell out of them !
I give you the amigurumi Monkees!!!

Aren't they cutie pies!!!
Am beyond stoked that they are now living it up in the US of A! I may have to make them some Australian cousins...

Lee xox

"Got To Get You Into My Life"
Sunday, 12th May, 2013

Well, well, well lookie who's dropped in to say hello!

It's about time the lads from Liddypool stopped by the blog again! And this time it's to introduce the next 5% of their MEGAPIECE !!!

Pauly boy has an eye and John and George are beginning to pucker up nicely!
Man I tell you what, it's been so friggin long since i've worked on this badboy that I had forgotten just how mammoth it is
I seriously didn't believe it till I timed it against my bedside clock last night and holy crap, I ended up telling it to "eff off" because I swore it was telling me lies but nope! 1 hour per row!
There's a word for that!!! INSANE-O!!
Luckily, I have a touch of that in my DNA, so stay tuned for more Beatle visits

In some not-so-hot news, i've had to delay uploading my music project again (sorry guys!) because I have finally decided to can the video software i've been trying to use it's total rubbish and keeps freezing the computer and stuffing everything else up, so i'm going to have to find something that is simple and won't crash my entire system
Sigh times 10. However one of these days, one of these days!! It shall be up !
Then we can all party down with this guy!

Lee xox

Test #2 Done and Dusted!
Friday, 10th May, 2013

Scored 75% in the test this morning!!!! Result not as fab as the last test but WHO CARES! 75% baby! The pain is over (for a little while!)
Now I have to get my shiz together for my essay due in two weeks BUT! This weekend I am having a break !
I am devoting this weekend to sleep and !!!!

Lee xox

Too Too Cool.
Thursday, 9th May, 2013

So it's no surprise that my newest obsession = South Korea. The music, the dramas, the food, the clothes the EVERYTHING...
The....the.... HIM!

Well now I can die happy, because in my daily youtubing of KPOP, I have stumbled on....
Korea's answer to Mika!!!

Oh my god! Seriously! If you could marry a song, dude this would be it for me!
Is there a happier, bouncier song on the planet right now?! I think not!
And if the beat wasn't awesome enough for you, man the dude is talking about trying his yummy ball... GOD BLESS THE ENGLISH BARRIER MAN!!!! Legendary!
So as you can tell my procrastinating skills are bad ass, because i'm avoiding the last bit of my reading for tomorrow by watching this dude dancing around with his yummy balls
I've neeeeeearly finished my final topic! What grinds my gears so much about this subject is that they could totally condense all the crap they spread out into 5 million pages into a couple of paragraphs if they really wanted to! But no! We get to burn our eyes out with the 5 million pages and re-read the same points over and over !
I need chocolate!!!!!
Truth be known, what I NEED is some time with my hook! See what withdrawl does to you Lee?!?! You blog about yummy Korean balls !

Lee xox

God save the hook!
Tuesday, 7th May, 2013

The magnificent JODIE has shared this photo of her union jack over on facebook and my god what a brilliant job !!!!
3 cheers to you babe!! Well done and thank you for sharing !!
Remember! If you would like to have a go at this little swatch, head on over to the pattern page and give it a whirl !
In 'please-God-make-it-stop' news, I've dropped to about 80 pages to get through before Friday now, which sounds way better than 100!
On to 'Group Dynamics' now.... Total snorefest, but it's all pretty basic. Just a lot of it unfortunately
Anywho, back to being productive I go.....

Lee xox

Hooker Crochet Style!
Sunday, 5th May, 2013

Lordy, lordy, lordy... I need this cartoon on a t-shirt STAT!
Ace. Totally ace.
So I am in a state of crochet withdrawl
I have scored the lecturer from hell , who is throwing pages and pages of extra work, quizzes, assessments at us every freaking day!
So I have had no free time lately at all. Very brain frazzling.
I have another big test this Friday with about 12 zillion pages to read before then and then the big bastard (2500 word essay) is due shortly after that. So unfortunately the site is going to remain a little bit tumble-weed-rolling-across-the-screen-every-now-and-then-ish for a while yet
PLUS my hours have been upped at work!
I'm totally coping though, which is the main thing right?!...
Lee =
Yup. Totally fine.

Lee xox

New winter uniform!
Thursday, 2nd May, 2013

One of the best perks of my job is that I get to score any left over magazines after the new month begins and new issues arrive. Therefore, any crochet, knitting, crafty mags that are left over, I gets for FREE!!!
Sweet no?!
I'm totallee mash-potato'ing this week because there was a copy of the May/June issue of 'Crochet Today!' left!
So I had a flip though last night and holy crapnuts...i'm a little bit in love with a sweater...

Cuteness maximus or what?!?!
So once I have time to breathe, I am so going to have a crack at it!
Side note - don't you love how they've popped her in a matching tee, so the sweater appears longer in the picture?!
Nice try Crochet Today, nice try....
I like my sweaters to be quite loose and lazy and to cover my bum, so i'll be adding length no matter what size I go for but AGH! Can't wait to try this one !!!
And how CUTE is the little bow addition!!
I'm thinking that if all goes well with sweater #1, there may have to be a number of sweaters in different colours to get me through the winter ! Can so see this becoming my winter uniform !
Now to get back to fighting with Windows Movie Maker... I have no idea what I did to this program for it to hate me so much, but by god whatever it was...must have been unforgivable
Clearly it doesn't know the meaning of teamwork....
Like these guys....

Lee xox

Not Dead! Whey-hey!!!
Wednesday, 1st May, 2013

I am still alive! Thank you for the messages of concern You're all a little bit too sweet for words !
The reason for my absence?!
Guess who went over her monthly internet quota in 20 days.......WHOOPS!!
Can you say 'dickhead?!'
Seriously, I need to get some professional help, i'm fricken addicted to Korean dramas man! It got up to a crazy good part and then BAM! 'I'm sorry but you have exceeded your monthly download limit. You can up your rate plan at any time, or you can pace yourself and not feel the need to watch all 20 x 1hour episodes in one hit Lee, for christ's sake...'
I have a very savvy internet service provider.
So I have been internetless for 10 or so days, which has been good and a lil bit shitty. Shitty, because I lost contact with all you fine people
But good because I got to catch up on a ton of other neglected tasks!
However! I am now able to add the finishing touches to my music project page! So it should FINALLY be up soon!! (It's sooo cute!! I hope you'll like it~!)
Alrightie, back to work!

Lee xox