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Lee Mac. Twenty-nine year old fibre artist. Crochet portraits = Obsession. I am surgically attached to my Ipod and crochet hook.
Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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Hogwarts house crest!
Saturday 30th November, 2013


YAAAA!!! It's finished!!!!
Started: 29th October, 2013
Completed: 30th November, 2013
No. of stitches: 17,010!
W x H: 60cms x 65cms
No. of colours used: 17!

Say G'day to the monstorous line-up of colours I had to contend with !

And for those of you playing at home, here are some close up shots!

For those brave enough to seek glory, the pattern for this bad boy can be found HERE!

In totallee un-related news, and for those who didn't see it on Facebook, I scored an awesome box in the mail this week

My friend Rosselyn posted a picture of the Gene version on my FB page a little while ago and BAM i'd bought the four before I knew it!
They are so freaking cute, I can't bring myself to even take them out of their boxes yet!!!
I don't think I can!!! For fear of getting a single scratch on them!! They're so purrfect!! (terrible terrible pun...)
In even more totallee un-related news (man i'm full of it today), I got confirmation that I am enrolled in 'Beginning Korean' which kicks off in February 2014
Agghhh!! I can't wait to begin!!!
And in order to stick to the theme of this random-arse post...
Tomorrow is December!!!!!
Rock it Snoop

Lee xox

Harry Potter and the Dr. Who?!
Sunday 24th November, 2013

Today two great fandoms have aligned!
Now I will be the first one to put their hand up and admit to knowing next to nothing about Dr. Who
Not through lack of interest, or curiosity!! But out of fear of becoming obsessed with another fandom !!
I have an addictive and impulsive personality and that does not bode well for areas of pop culture that:
Have 50 YEARS worth of episodes to catch up on and..
Have a merchandising department that has the potential to lure my purse away from me for all eternity and leave me pennyless..
So I have tried to stay away from the damned TARDIS as hard as I could and thought I would spend a lovely relaxing Sunday infront of the box, working away on my crest, only to find that "The Day Of The Doctors" was just starting.
Which was then followed by a day's worth of episodes and docco's about each Doctor and their personal stories.

I have been overloaded on Dr. Who trivia and feel that I have been brought very much up to date on him (each version of him), his friends, his foes and the whole sha-bang!
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy....guess who has been SUCKED IN! !!
Really, it was bound to happen sooner or later...
I mean, Time Travel + Space + cute and quirky doctors?!...
I never really stood a chance...
Which in all honesty, I am stoked about because I do love falling in love with pop culture phenoms!
Speaking of which... 80%!

7 pages of pattern to go boys and girls!!!
Only problem about finishing this off, will be trying to keep my hook away from the Doctor(s)

Lee xox

I need some adoption papers stat!
Thursday 21st November, 2013


Conjuring up quite nicely isn't it!?
I gotta share the cutest lil video the fabulous Micky sent me the other day
I haven't wanted to adopt a kid more since watching Russell in 'UP'

Just. Too. Gorgeous
Lee xox

Hoot! Aka. "Konichiwa!"
Sunday 17th November, 2013

I have a new destination to add to my travel bucket list !
There is a new cafe in Japan, known as the OWL CAFE.... with live owls !!!!
I am aware of the potential for dangerous un-wanted additions to your coffee cup from things with wings dropping little presents down from on high, but OH MY GOD HOW COULD YOU TURN DOWN HAVING A COFFEE WITH THIS GUY?!?!

Awwwwwwww!! Answer is you couldn't!! You just couldn't!!
Why the frig doesn't anyone here in Aus dream up something cute, fun and different ?!
I spose it's because every animal here has the potential to kill you no matter how cute and adorable they appear to be...

I mean, in reality, here you order a cup, go sit down on a plastic chair and people watch. Which can be fun but by god it would be a thousand times better with a freaking OWL by your side !!
In crocheting news, check out what 60% looks like !

Fare the well Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw and helloooooo Gryffindor and Slytherin !
Can already spy little lion legs and a little grey tipped tail!
Dear god i've crapped on about animals alot this post...
This bird better shut her beak and fly!

Lee xox

Heads up!
Friday 15th November, 2013

+ [Insert-funky-Ravenclaw-themed-banner-that-Lee-can't-find-at-the-moment-here] = We have two heads !!!

While Mr. Badger is looking FABULOUS, I do believe I will have to get down and funky with some emroidery thread on the poor birdie. His finer features have gotten a bit lost in the sea of gleaming yellows!
However I am stoked as hell at how it is working up
I can't WAIT to hit the Slytherin panel as I think that one will be my fave !

Speaking of Slytherin, feast your peepers on the mad skillz of the one and only JOYCE!!!!

A 2-sided pillow of brilliance!!! Deserving of a house cup victory right there wouldn't you say "!!!
Freaking AWESOME Joyce!!!
My mission today is to get into Gryffindor and Slythern territory by close of business! However I will be spending 3 blissful hours at the hairdressers this afternoon getting most of my hair lopped off and re-dyed to it's glorious pink hue ! 3 cheers for peroxide!!

Lee xox

I spy with my little eye...an 'H'!
Monday 11th November, 2013

Man! Has it been BUCKETING down these past 2 days !!!
Which makes a bloody awesome change from getting 'watch and act' bushfire alerts, but my god everything is sodden beyond belief!
Except moi! Who apart from dashing out to work, took the opportunity to sit on her fat round behind and get stuck into the coolest crest this side of awesome !

So two thumbs up and a big fat 'YAY' for shitty weather eh?!
I think this is the best bunch of colours I have ever chosen! The thing is shimmering!! Ahh! I never thought a badger's arse could be so pretty you guys #tearsofjoy!
Now to chase down the lion and snake!!

Lee xox

Cheers your Butter Beers!!
Friday 8th November, 2013

We have hit 40%! party people !!!!!

Chuffed to bits about the work up of this !!
Call me nutso, but i'm particularly fond of the little cross hatch type effect coming up behind the badger's bod!! Just little details like that are so cool to my simple simple brain !
In would to get these two bottom houses done over the weekend, but sadly i've scored extra hours at work again. Bumface. So, it's looking a little less likely now , but I shall try
I other cool beans news, I have an idea for a project which is so damn CRAZY CRAY CRAY that it involves a mini-movie to go with it!!
Oh my god I don't want to say too much, but I am PUMPED

Lee xox

Just call me...GRADUATE!!!!
Monday 4th November, 2013

"Overall, your paper was very good. Your work is well written and a pleasure to read. There were a few errors, particularly with grammar, that should be picked up with proofreading. Be careful of your referencing to ensure it is always comp...lete and accurate. You provided a very good assessment of various social policies and how they affect unemployed Australians. Your assessment of income security, and lack of it, for unemployed individuals was well done."
Overall mark and grade - 51/60 85% High Distinction

Sadly, due to Dee's healing leg, I won't be able to attend the graduation ceremony which is about 5 hours away by car Which is a major bummer! I was looking forward to doing the walk thing, the shaking hands thing, the Rory-pose-for-the-camera-from-Gilmore-Girls-when-she-graduates thing, the gown, hat and sash thing... but ahhh well! I did do my degree via correspondents, so really it's only fitting that I receive the bit of paper via snail mail
Plus, if I did attend the ceremony, i'd have a hell of a time deciding on how to decorate my mortar board !
I mean, take a moment to applaude the screen!

But my pick, the 10/10, has gotta go to this guy

Perfection. Pure. Perfection.
I shall now leave you with a final thought.....
I'M GRADUATING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lee xox

Badger Feet and Raven...claws.
Sunday 3rd November, 2013


Ohhhhhh Ms. Sparks I do believe you got Neville slammed my friend!
Lee xox

Saturday 2nd November, 2013

Raise your fancy arse glasses sexy people!!
Hogwarts Crest be @ 20%!

Dig the little badger feet!!! Cute as !!!
I'm now super confident that this will whip up quite nicely! Quite nicely indeed !
I am also pleased as punch to say that I have had emails from two FABULOUS crocheters, Jamie and Sharon , sharing their mad hooking skills !!
Jamie, made this awesome blanket for her bro's Christmas present in just 55 days !!

Freaking brilliant! With a cherry on top!
Sharon, made this sweet as heck Monster High inspired blanket for a little girl and by god you had me at 'bow' !!

Crocheters are the bomb man. Thank you for sharing your creative brilliance ladies !!!

Lee xox