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Lee Mac. Twenty-nine year old fibre artist. Crochet portraits = Obsession. I am surgically attached to my Ipod and crochet hook.
Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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Clearing the air!
Thursday 31st October, 2013

Statement Time
Okie dokie, time to make a little statement regarding pattern making
I get @ least 3 requests per day asking: how I make my patterns, which programs I use, how do I refine the pictures, will I please make a pattern for such and such, which colours do I use, which colours do I reccommend, etc...
I want to let people know that I have NO problem with being asked these questions, however I do get frustrated when folks then interpret my answer as a fob off, or as me being 'highly secretive'.
I can understand the frustration people experience when I don't go into details, because this type of crochet is clearly amazing, fun, exciting, etc.... and people would love to make their own pieces...
A long time ago, when I figured out how to generate patterns, I made a decision not to divulge how I go about it out of respect to Todd Paschall over at crochetbynumbers.com
In late 2008 (jeezuz, now feeling ancient ) I stumbled across Todd's' work and like everyone else who discovers him, I was amazed . I then went on to order a few patterns from him. Experiment with colours, etc....
When I came across a way to make my own patterns, I did not want to repay him by divulging my method. Todd has worked hard to build up his name and his business.
I am not interested in creating a business. I'm just a weirdo who likes to convert her pop culture loves into fun pieces.
I have no interest in profiting from pattern making, etc...
I also have nothing against those who ARE profiting from their pattern making, crocheting, etc... more power to you ! Plus it gives me tons more eye candy to get excited over !
I guess all I really want to get across here, is that I have no problem with people dicussing programs, software, tips, tricks, ideas surrounding this form of crochet at all. I do however have a problem with people thinking that I am being a b-word because I choose to withhold my methods. Whether you agree with my reasons for doing so or not, I do ask that you respect my decision to do so
Once again, I have NO PROBLEM with people getting stuck into this form of crochet for whatever reasons they choose! I just ask that you respect my decisions in regards to pattern making and respect the fact that I do this in order to decorate, mine, friends and families walls with fun buggers such as Wayne and Garth ! (Which I will be getting back to asap !)
Cheers for lending your ears there guys
Now check out this hot mess!

May I present the 17 colours you will need for the Hogwarts Crest!!!
Beyond terrifying isn't it?!?
But trust me on this, I believe these colours will make the crest POP the way it deserve too!!
She says with her fingers xx'd behind her back
Here we are @ 10%!

One of the coolest things about FINALLY attempting the house crest is that I have yet to sew together my crests blanket !
See I knew there must of been a reason as to why I was holding out on doing that !
Thank frig i'm a lazy lump, because now i'm thinking i'll be able to tie the whole lot together
No clue as to how I will go about doing it, but yay for challenges !

Lee xox

Head Bling & Hogwarts!
Tuesday 29th October, 2013

I scored the yellows!!!!! AAGGHH!!!! WOOP WOOP!!!

Which means I can totallee start hooking into this beast!!!
All hail Lincraft!! Bless you and your discounted lines!!
Side note, I totallee scored in the head bling department today as well....

For the love of cheddar, please ignore the neglected roots situation Gross, gross gross and should not have to be viewed by anyone and for that I am truly sorry, but check out the bling!!!
Oh my god i'm in love with it
I also managed to score one hell of a fascinator to wear at work every.single.day next week !!

For those not in the know, Australia's biggest horse race, The Melbourne Cup, is held on the first Tuesday of November every year ! So I thought i'd celebrate the entire week, by decorating the crap out of my head @ work!!
Subtle as a sledgehammer ain't it !
Agh!! Okay i'm off to get started on the crest!!!!

Lee xox

"an-nyeong-ha-se-yo!" (Hello!)
Monday 28th October, 2013


Rolling along very nicely now!!
I'm also ecstatic to announce that I have dived right into learning Korean !!!

Unfortunately, the short course offered by one of the local universities doesn't start again till February 2014. However, in the meantime I have found a killer website Talk To Me In Korean .com which offers bite-sized lessons for free !!!
Each lesson has a .pdf accompanied by a little podcast to talk you through it! The presenters are so darn adorable too
I have missed learning a language like crazy !! I d learning Japanese throughout High School and one big regret is that I stopped! So initially I was going to dive back into Japanese, but Korean culture, music, film, dramas, fashion has overtaken my life in a some-might-call-it-obsessed way, that I thought, stuff it! Korean it is !!
Soooooo excited !!!

Lee xox

Spoonful of sugar Mr. Disney?!
Saturday 26th October, 2013

What a table to pull a seat up to huh ?!
Side note - how awesome is the tea cosy...seriously....looks like a funky cut watermelon at first glance
Anywayz! The tea is out and we are celebrating !!!!

I am so motivated to get going on this piece now!!
The dreamy cotton-candy palette I went for is coming out just the way I had hoped and now that Bert's jacket has a little bit of shadow on it, I can tell that the whole dreamy vibe I wanted to achieve with this one will turn out!

I just love hitting this point on a piece! The "oh-thank-frig-it's-going-to-work-out moment !!!

Lee xox

Thursday 24th October, 2013

We have been witness to the amazing works of art that come from the amazing Klara's hook in the past, but I think you will all agree that HOT DAMN she has nailed this one x 1,000,000 x 1,000,000 !!
For those of you playing it at home, the hottie featured is Kyle from the band 'The View' Klara, you have good taste my friend ! Yum scrum !!
Is it hot in here?!?
From magnificence, we turn to frustration !

I'm still having a hell of a time hunting down the last 3 shades of yellow I need to start the Hogwarts crestie!!!
I so wish I could take a colour card like this along to SOMEONE and have a batch whipped up on the spot!
Sigh....dreams eh?!...
Just noticed....each colour is labelled 'PMS', clearly yellow is a bastard of a colour for everybody !!!
I'm off to one of my famous-for-hard-to-find-shades shops tomorrow, so here's hoping lads!!
In other news, how awesome is spring cleaning?!
I totallee found the Christmas decorations box and decided to accessorize...

I need my head examined
Update soon angel faces!!!

Lee xox

Monday 21st October, 2013

So it turns out, when you take the eyes from one pattern and the body from another pattern, some major funky shit can happen in the proportion department !

Lee's tip of the day! = Don't combine bits and pieces from different patterns unless you are 100% completely positive you know what you're doing !
Seriously looks like he could be BFF's with this dude....

So apart from the fact that his eyes are too big and apart from the fact that I have been laughing my arse off at him for the past 10 mins, say G'day to Trev!
Neville himself will be along just as soon as I track down some stuffing...I know I have about 5 bags put away somewhere....safe....which means i'll never find it...
I also have 3/4's of the colours I need for the Hogwarts crest! Just need to track down some yellows, which are always such a pain in the arse for me...grrr yellow...you and me pal, in the carpark ...
I hate yellows.
Then it will be onwards and upwards on starting that baby !
I'm also a couple of rows away from a Poppins update! Sheesh, it's all happening over here let me tell you !!
Now, back to the stuffing search so I can unite Trev with his owner !!

Lee xox

Lazy Sunday Afternoon
Sunday 20th October, 2013

Hands up if you've spent the last little while crocheting, with a cuppa, watching an epic 80s classic

"Don't you...forget about me, don't don't don't don't, don't you forget about me..."
Such an awesome film.
Anywayz, the pea now has a friend !

I should be so much further than this by now, but honestly, I tend to loose count every 3 stitches. Rounds and me don't mix man
Hopefully i'll be able to have it resembling a Potterhead shortly
In yellow-spinny-smiley-funny-dance news, I THINK I have managed to make a pattern for something quite a few folks have wanted for a looooong time
Tis this bad boy...

As we know there are 50 billion different versions of the house crest out there, but I really like the look of this one and it looks as though it will work up beautifully! So be on the lookout for it shortly (I am so freaking all over the place with my projects at the moment! I seem to be spending 5 secs on each before getting bored and moving to another!)
If all goes well and it doesn't end up looking like a hot mess, the pattern will be made available asap
I shall now return to the couch. Stupid cow here, left her friggin Ipod at work on Thursday and when she went to retrieve it, she kinda agreed to do an extra 12 hours worth of shifts for this week Don't leave your Ipod at work kids!!!
Time to soak up a lazy Sunday afternoon

Lee xox

It's a pea! It's not a pea.
Wednesday 16th October, 2013

So a little while ago I was shown a picture of some crocheted HP dolls that were off the charts ADORABLE !!

Credit : Arjeloops!

Clearly, Arjeloops is beyond super crazy amazing !!!
I then experienced a lightbulb moment
"Hey Lee, these kinda remind me of your Monkeeheads..."

So Monkeeheads.....HP adorableness... must equal.... POTTERHEADS!!!
I have absolutely no idea how they will turn out, but by god i'm going to have fun trying !
Started this afternoon!

Lee it's a pea.
No! No, it's not a pea! It is the start of my first Potterhead I swear!!
See if you can guess how it ties in with this young man

Agggghhh!!! Back into some HP!! Loving it!!

Lee xox

"No more pencils, no more books (actually plenty of books! And HOOKS!!!)!"
Tuesday 15th October, 2013

I MADE IT OUT ALIVE!!!!!! Essay was submitted on time!!! End of subject!!! End of semester!!! END OF UNIVERSITY!!!
I swear that this is a completely, 100% true depiction of me, working on my essay over the last few weeks....

I can't believe i've made it to the end!!!
Providing I pass and all....
Man!...I was on such a high! Talk about buzzkill !
Back to happy! Back to happy!
Because I have finally been reunited.... WITH MY HOOK AND YARN!!!
Mary & Bert are @ 20%!

Ms. Poppins is on her way back up!!
I also have a cheeky little HP themed project on the go! Stay tuned!!
AAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH!!! So stoked to be back !!!!!!

Lee xox

2000 words away from graduating!
Monday 7th October, 2013

I swear my brain has tripled in size thanks to all the extra information i've managed to smoosh into my storage cabinets up there this past week! It has been a hell of a job to walk with my head up straight let me tell ya!
Also, thanks to a cruel twist of fate (aka. Lee re-reading her essay question and discovering that the population group she had chosen really didn't fit the bill!), I had to pick a NEW population group and therefore scrap the shiteloads of notes I had previously taken, to make way for a bunch of new ones! !!!
Yeah, the phrase "stressed-beyond-all-measure" really does apply very well here
But! I knuckled down over the weekend and am now ready to actually START putting pen to paper!...Or fingers to keys
Still can't believe that I am 2000 words away from finishing. University. A degree. Holy shitfart.....
Once I hit 'enter' and farewell my final piece, I am soooooo celebrating the fact that I get my life back!!!!
I'm talking beer! Dancing! And painting the town with yarn people !!

Lee xox

Thursday 3rd October, 2013

This speaks to me on every level right now
Trust the evil university gods to throw me a doozy of an essay for my last piece of assessment ever. I am living, breathing, sleeping this bloody thing at the moment and have time for not a whole lot else !!
I am not pleasant to be around right now.
Hopefully by the end of this weekend, I will have finished it and can return to the land of normal !!
Lee xox