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♥♥♥ Vi and Bud ♥♥♥
Saturday 28th September, 2013

Vi & Bud [Pat's parents!]
Started: 14th August, 2013
Completed: 28th September, 2013
Measures 60 x 70cms
Number of stitches = 16,864
Pat's parents are in da house people!!!! I would like you all to send a little wave to Vi & Bud who were married for 50 YEARS!!!
It has been a true honor to work on this piece for the amazing wonderful PAT who has always been so kind and supportive along my crocheting journey! Pat, thank you for participating in this competition and for giving me the chance to create such a gorgeous piece featuring two very special people
I hope I have done them justice !! I have LOVED working on this piece and love the end result Just gotta dance it out!
Once again, thank you to all the rockstars who participated in the bingo competition!! Shall have to put my thinking cap on and come up with another one! Any suggestions?! shoot me an email!
In beautiful-baby-Dee-girl-news...

The operation was a success!!!!
She's understandably a bit stiff and sore and is finding it slightly tricky to get about (thanks to the tree trunk she now has as a leg..), but all in all she's doing really really well Such a relief!!
Life is set to be a tad boring over the next 8 days or so, as I have to keep her quiet and confined so she doesn't move it around too much - Hello?! Labrador!! It's going to be fun...
But although she's bored to bits, she's being an angel through it all
On the 8th of October, we go back to the vet and have the tree trunk/ bandage removed and hope to god everything has healed well! And yes, I plan to sign her bandage before it comes off
In the meantime, it's back to the books !
(and onto a little HP themed crochet.... )

Lee xox

My poor baby girl!
Tuesday 24th September, 2013

My girl has snapped her cruciate ligament. Damn damn damn x 1000000.
My vet did a thorough check while she was under sedation ( Dee not the vet...at least I hope that's the right way around...) and found that the problem has been coming on slowly for a while and last night, the run-in with the birdy caused her to snap it
So as she is a bigger dog I had to ring a specialist for specialist surgery, which she is going in for at 8:30 tomorrow morning.
THIS SUCKS!!! She's my baby angel girl!!!
So fingers crossed everything goes okay for her!! I know i'll be a walking nervous disaster tomorrow, waiting for news, but hopefully I remember to breathe whilst stressing about her...
But for now, while she is snoring the house down as she recovers from her sedation, I shall reunite myself with my hook for some stress relief!
Yarn-arita anyone?!

Lee xox

Really starting to sound like a broken record!
Monday 23rd September, 2013

Another weekend devoted to study!! GOING SLIGHTLY TROPPO NOW !!!
I've made alot of progress, but by god the world of politics and social policy is a mucky, murky, depressingly frustrating world to be bogged down in. Not to get too into it, but this final essay is all about reseaching a population group within Australian society and seeing how they fare under the policies of our 'welfare and post-welfare state'. I decided to focus on immigrants, and I won't begin to tell you how soul destroying it is to see the way a lot of people in this section of the community are treated in this country
I managed to work on Pat's folks quite a bit, however I still have a page and a half to go. So i'm going to be meanie and wait to post photos tomorrow, because i'm 99.9% sure i'll be able to polish it off
I would have got it done this afternoon however my baby girl had an accident....

She's been hobbling about a bit on her back left leg for a couple of weeks now and this afternoon she ran outside to chase a bird then I heard her yelp. That kind of 'YELP' that makes your guts twist into a knot. So I dashed out and notcied she had tucked her back leg right up into her tummy and was hobbling about on three legs. Sadly it was after the vet had closed, so first thing tomorrow morning I have to ring and get her in to see someone because she's still not putting any pressure on it
So hopefully it's just a sprain, or at least something that can heal easily
I'm such a softie when it comes to my Dee So hopefully I can report back with good news tomorrow
Lee xox

Weasley & a 3 day weekend!!
Thursday 19th September, 2013

It's been a bit of a struggle these past few days to keep my eyes open to do anything other than read pages and pages of riveting Australian social policy documents (have you dozed off yet ? I totally wouldn't blame you...) but I was determined to get to a milestone on Pat's piece!

Pat's Mum is looking GORGEOUS!!!!!
The greys have worked up a little darker than the palette i'm used to, but all in all I think it will be okay
I have just printed out the last 7 pages of pattern, and with a 3 day weekend, I am aiming to finish !!!
In holy-crap-I-love-scoring-emails-from-you-amazing-people news...
Lookie who appeared in there today !!!!

The magnificent KENDRA is off and running on her Hogwarts Bunch journey!! He looks blooming FANTASTIC Kendra!!! Thank you for sending him in !!
Just. Too. Awesome.

Lee xox

Dig those threads!!
Monday 16th September, 2013

Lee xox

Everything is coming up Milhouse!!!
Saturday 14th September, 2013

Dudes and Dudettes, I am so freaking happy right now
JUST got my mark back for my second-last-essay-that-i'll-ever-have-to-do-like-EVER and I scored 35/40!!! 88%!!
OMG!!! 8-8-!!!
Lee, my friend, you are a tool
But this is seriously awesome, because to pass the subject, I only need a mark of 50 in total!!! And with one essay worth 60 marks left, I can still fail that and have enough wriggle room to pass!!! HYPERTHRUST MAN !!!!!
Now Auntie Lee is not condoning failing kids, but in this case... Failing could totally rock!!!
Happy days amigos, happy days.
Speaking of happy days!! Sydney was sparkling!!! gorgeous weather, gorgeous food, gorgeous walks and the cutest animals on the face of the earth....

Sydney Aquarium is home to the only pair of dugongs in captivity in the world!! Oh my god I fell so hard in love it wasn't funny Dugongs are officially my most favourite thing ever right now. I may or may not have traced my finger in the shape of a heart on the glass of the tank and then proceeded to point at each dugong before then pointing to myself....I shall leave the validity of that statement up to you, but oh my gosh, they are magnificent !!!
I spent another day hanging out at the zoo and the weather was just so perfect that I ended up soaking everything in and didn't take any photos! But my god, all your cares in the world drift away when you are riding on a ferry across Sydney harbour, in glorious sunshine, on your way to see the craziest animals this country has to offer
My fave animal award there goes straight to the cheeky-arse seals I think they had been given Red Bull before I rocked up or something because they were slapping each other about and playing it up for the crowd something shocking!! Which was fab!
Another one of the days I had up there was spent hanging out with this cat...

Try and find me another 28yr old who goes week at the knees in Madam Taussauds at the sight of this bloke!!! What a legend !
Then the last day was spent buying the best bargains i've bagged for a long time!! I'll spare you the photos but suffice it to say, this girl did good !!!
And the good vibes just keep on a glowing, because check it out, Pat's parentals have marched on to 60%!

Can I get a HELL YEAH!!!!!!?

Lee xox

Sydneytown, ready or not, here I come!!!
Saturday 7th September, 2013

Apologies for being M.I.A. these past few days!! Trouble is i'll be M.I.A. for the next lil while too as i'm off for a long weekend in the land of Lee's fave bling, bag, shoes and threads stores!!
SYDNEY BABY !! Now I was going to do a Pat's portrait update, however it has stopped at a rather awkward position for a happy snap aka. nostril central.
So i'll wait till I get back and move futher up the face, as I don't want to scare the b-jeezuz out of Pat, making her think i've done something terribly wrong to her dear Mum's face !
Trust me Pat, everything will be A-okay !!
Now, quick word of warning while i'm away...
Some of you may have noticed that every day or so for the past little while someone has been leaving a tag on my tagboard with a link claiming 'this will do it!' or words to that affect?!
PLEASE don't click on this link, it's a spammer and I think it takes you to some sort of spyware site
Sadly I haven't had the time to go through all my pages and take down the tagboard, which is what i'll probably have to do when I get back, but for the time being, please don't click on it!!
on a lighter note, stay happy, stay safe and stay fun!! I shall see ya'll in a few days !!!

Lee xox

Smile! We're half way!!!
Tuesday 3rd September, 2013

Yes indeedy they do! Is that wrong?!? On some level, i'm sure it is, but i'm all for it right now !
I'm feeling pretty darn fabulous!!
50%!!!!! HALF WAY!!!!!!

We've got a little glimmering smile there from Pat's Mum now!!!
From here on in we're all about noses!!!! Well, for the next 10% or so anywayz
Lee xox

'Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.'
Monday 2nd September, 2013

It's time to return to Hogwarts guys
There is another Hogwarts Bunch Blanket on the block !!!!!!!!!!!!
The amazingly brilliant TAMMY has pulled off the monumental accomplishment in incredible style, with incredible tension and incredible colour choices and dear god Lee shut up and show the picture already!!!!

This calls for some bubbly celebrations!!! CONGRATULATIONS TAMMY on such an accomplishment!! You've done an out-of-this-universe job Thank you so much for sharing it with us!!!
Side note - not only has Tammy completed the HBB, she has sent in a picture of one of the coolest HP inspired granny square blankets I have seen!
Check it out folks...

Quidditch Towers!! In house colours!!! AGHH!!! Tammy I do believe we are now BFF's! Seriously cool !!!
Off the back of this magnificent display, I so feel the need for an HP marathon now !

Lee xox

Ahhh..the good 'ol days...
Sunday 1st September, 2013


We have a lil bit of hair folks!! Good times, good times
So today is the first day of September, ergo it is the first day of spring for us lovely southernhemisphere-ians?-ites?-peoples?!...
Therefore today was the first day of spring cleaning!!! Which for me means a thorough clean-out!! See we're talking hard hats and little torches thorough!
Man, you will never guess what I found hiding in a chest !!!
My very first piece of crochet!!!!

Check out those massive holes in the middle!!! Man my tension got crazy tight towards the end there! Hell of a nice colour palette though I'm digging the pastels!!
God I remember as an 8 year old I wanted this to end up being the biggest blanket in the universe I was totally on my way too! Till my yarn ran out!
Awesome to find it again! Truth be known I thought i'd tossed it ages ago! !
You know what else is awesome?!?...

That my friends...is awesome
Lee xox