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Lee Mac. Twenty-nine year old fibre artist. Crochet portraits = Obsession. I am surgically attached to my Ipod and crochet hook.
Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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Lazy Sunday Afternoon
Sunday 27th April, 2014

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I bloody love overcast rainy Sundays !
No work, no commitments, no rush rush rush, just a day of gorgeous, pure slobbery
I've got my crappy, comfy house clothes on aka. the wouldn't-be-caught-dead-in look . I have the kettle on notice that today will consist of heavy chain drinking in the form of tea . I have a freshly washed and airated doona that is beyond fluffy and so freaking inviting that i've actually reached arm-flappy on the anticipation scale !
You know what...after reading over that, it either highlights my love of comfy, cozy Sundays OR it highlights the fact that I am 98 years old ...
I'm going with the former.
Anywho! I have no idea where my crocheting time has got to lately, however "Potttteeerrr!" has climbed up to 30%!

The bestest news to report is that the new Totallee.net is coming along really well!! I'm a little bit in love with the design and im still in the process of transferring old content, while adding a bunch of new stuff too I know that i'm pretty good at giving terrible time-limits on when to expect things, so i'll hold off on doing so , but just know that a change is a'coming!
And OMG I ordered another shirt off Etsy.com !!!!!
Ya'll know that 2015 is a special year for us BTTF-ers yeah?!
Well i'm totallee getting geared up already!
Check out the latest purchase...

Available @ IceCreamTees

Sweet or what!!! I ordered the ladies in maroon and am way too bouncy about it

Lee xox

Monday 21st April, 2014

Potter is @ 20%!...

Lee xox

Nimbus 2000 Away!! By Nimbus 2000...I mean crochet hook...
Saturday 19th April, 2014

So my 2 planned updates now equal one and my plan to post on Thursday kinda changed into Saturday but side number two of Rosselyn's Snape and Harry cushion has now hit 10%!

I've gone for a shot of Harry circa. Deathly Hallows Totallee looking forward to seeing how he works up!
In frigging-easter-news, I can't stop eating man !!!

All these bloody eggs and specials on chocolate bars are causing my arse to expand at a rate not seen before !!
Usually I can compose myself, find my inner chi, tell it to behave itself (threaten it to behave itself) at this time of year but I think the sheer VOLUME of chocolate that is around this year has broken through my will power walls !!
Walking into Woolworths over the past two weeks has been an absolute dream My olfactory system is worn out from all the lovely smells wafting around, from the bakery, to the eggs...
But the main culprit/s behind my arse expansion have been these dudes!!!

These MaltEaster bunnies are TO.DIE.FOR!!!!! !!!
I tried one on a whim about a month ago and yup. Hooked. Can't walk past Woolies without bowing down to the stand
They have reached worship-worthy status in my eyes
Not good for my bum!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thankgod it's all over in a matter of days !!
God i'll miss their tasty little ears and their serotonin excreeting abilities though !!
Lee for Pete's sake get a hold of yourself!!
Mothers day is only two weeks away which means half price specials on these babies

Praise be to the corporate giants and their arse-expanding, happiness-inducing, relentless marketing campaigns.

Lee xox

Exciting new site on the way!
Wednesday 16th April, 2014

So although the desk in the picture above is not mine, preeeeety much everything on it mirrors my kitchen table right down to the jumble of chords pushed against the wall !
Free time (or if i'm honest, every-spare-freaking-minute) has been devoted to consuming copious amounts of nouns, verbs, sentence structures, numbers, etc in Korean !
Can you believe I started 9 weeks ago!! My last lesson for semester one is next Tuesday I don't want it to be over!!!
The coolest thing is that now that I can read and write hangul, I can pretty much self study with the aid of a dictionary and by watching 5 zillion hours of Korean dramas which totallee suits me down to the roots of my boots !
The website Talk To Me In Korean has already proven to be more than kick-arse helpful and Professor. Oh and her band of zany characters from Sweet and Tasty @ youtube.com have made learning even MORE fun !
So therefore, not a whole lot to show off in the crochet department #sadface.
However I should have TWO updates for you tomorrow !!
I'm stoked to announce that the re-vamp of Totallee.net is coming along swimmingly !
I have a TRUCKLOAD of new content coming!!! MUCHO EXCITING!!!
By the way, if you guys have any suggestions about what you'd like to see on the site, always feel free to drop me a note !
Now, one last thing before I bugger off for now!
I want to say a MASSIVE HELLO!!!! to Ashley and her 5 year old son who is currently undergoing treatment in hospital !
Ashley left me the most gorgeous message on Facebook today and mentioned that her gorgeous son loves the gifs that I pop up here, so matie, when the amazing doctors and nurses get you feeling amazing and unstoppable again....
it will be time to PARTY!!!!!

Lee xox

"I can see clearly now.."
Saturday 12th April, 2014

How do sexy people!?
Many thanks for still dropping by while i've been awol this past little while
Life stuff has now cleared up and gotten a lot sunnier, so I am now much more smiley-er?! And ready to tap back into the virtual world !
Starting with an update!!
Mary Poppins & Bert have inched their way to 35%!!!

Can you believe I started this on 27th April 2012!!!! Almost 2 YEARS AGO!!!
Actually yes, we can all believe it...
But WHOA!!! Lee for god's sake!! Pick up the pace man!! !!!

In more exciting news, I have a re-vamp on the way!!!
I have decided to bring my website into line with where I am at in life and therefore will be adding/changing a few things !
Never fear! The crochet stays, the cute pixels stay, the weird-arse gifs about transformer snails stay (seriously cool gif right?!), but I have plans for making this place a more interesting and funkier place to visit !
Work has already commenced! So get read for a new look in the coming weeks !

Lee xox

Life is a rollercoaster
Friday 4th April, 2014

My apologies for being a little quiet lately!
Sadly life likes to throw curb balls that knock your socks off from time to time and right now is one of those times...
My apologies to those amazing angels who are waiting for e-mail replies too!! I will get back to you asap
I'm not sure how long i'll be on hiatus for - actually I don't even know if I will be at all, but just thought i'd drop in to say that everything is okay, just dealing with life stuff !

Lee xox