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Lee Mac. Twenty-nine year old fibre artist. Crochet portraits = Obsession. I am surgically attached to my Ipod and crochet hook.
Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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Look who has flown in for a visit!!
Tuesday 28th January, 2014

The amazing, wonderful, super, mega angel that is Belinda has provided us with another HP themed pattern
Remember this masterpiece?!?!

You can now totallee get your hook stuck right into it!! Check it out HERE HERE HERE !!!
A MASSIVE thank you to Belinda again for sharing Hedwig with us!!!
I wouldn't mind giving it a go myself, but if I dared try and sneak her into the to-do list I swear there will be a revolt...
The last thing I need is Bert & Mary, the Beatle boys and Wayne and Garth on my tail
OMG! And GD! Who has just hit...

Man he seems to be taking FOR-EV-ER to grow!!!
Personally, I think it's those little blue and green dots time-sucking little bastards...
However GD my man, we are on the home stretch !!!
I was also super stoked to see that I am not the only one to be inspired into creativity thanks to this one performance!
Some legend, totallee went and made a little play-doh GD !!

So it's nice to know i'm not the only toolbag out there
Ou, now, before I sign off...please set your eyes to 'STUNNED'....like this dude

The amazing Micky has created this BEYOND GORGEOUS tribute to the one and only Marilyn
The POP of red is just perfection! AGH I love it sooo much!! Micky you superstar !!

Lee xox

Dobby is a free elf!
Saturday 25th January, 2014

Ladies, gentlemen, witches, wizards and muggles alike, the heroic elf has landed!
Thanks to the generosity, hard work, patience and tremendous all-round awesomeness of the one and only BELINDA, Totallee.net is now home to a free pattern of the sock-loving, bad-ass elf DOBBY!!!!!
BIG CUDDLES AND A MASSIVE THANK YOU to you Belinda, for taking the time to write out this pattern and share it with us!!!
Speaking of which, I had better show you where you can find it!! HERE HERE HERE !!!
And for those not in the know, here is what the the gorgeous piece looks like in all of it's sparkling glory !!!

In it-just-keeps-getting-better-all-the-time news, the pattern for the one and only HEDWIG should be up soon too!!
Happy Hogwarty days are here again!

Lee xox

Hello 29!!!
Friday 24th January, 2014

Wow!! 29!! Kinda scary, but kinda awesome-amazing !
As always, it's clouding over (always rains on my bday! Without fail!) which is actually a great thing because we NEED rain down here BIG TIME! So "you're welcome!" to my fellow canberrans who are dying from the dry heat !
I scored some beautiful flowers (all pink!), chocolate and a relaxing facial #Luckylady!

PLUS i'm being treated to my FAVE FAVE FAVE Vietnamese restaurant for lunch !!

Lee xox

Coming out of the blurgh-ness
Tuesday 21st January, 2014

I hate headcolds.
I've almost shaken the bloody thing but i'm still feeling slightly hotter than usual
I was awaiting it's arrival, since I ALWAYS get a summer cold, but why the friggin thing had to rock up when it was 40+ DEGREES is beyond me
Plus! I had to work...with no AC....in front of 3 computers...whose combined heat probably took things to 50 degrees...
Hence, this past weekend I did nothing, but lay in my undies, under the fan and suck icecubes in between taking panadol every four hours
Too much info?!?
Hey! Check this out! She says changing the subject swiftly...

60%! ya'll!!!!!!!!!!
It has been way too HOT to look at, let alone touch yarn lately..so things are so slow going in the crocheting department, that progress on GD here is almost going backwards...
However, temps are heading south over this week, so hopefully I can get on up into that FANTASTIC rainbow of a mop top he's rocking

Lee xox

Being a tad naughty!
Wednesday 15th January, 2014

I am going to be a tad naughty today and post a picture without permission
But as you can see, I really had no choice...

This masterpiece comes from the hook of my UBER talented friend VALERIE!!
I'm sorry I went behind your back and posted this girl, but WOWOWOWOWOW!!!! E.T. never looked so good!!!
I am in with the colours and in love with his eyes

Praise be to you and your mad hooking skills, eye for colour and all round inspiration and awesomeness
Lee xox

The Bright lights of halfway!
Tuesday 14th January, 2014

My GD has been thwacked with multi-coloured dazzling lights !!! Which look effing cool in my book !!!
So glad to have found this gif too !! Because I was wondering why I opted for a yellowy-palette for his face (we all remember my relationship, or lack there of, with yellows ) and now from this gif I can see that he is blasted with a shot of yellow light! So the snapshot I chose from this performance must have come from that exact moment!
Mystery solved! Case closed! Call me Sherlock.
The only downside that comes from reaching the halfway mark, means you have just as much in front of you as you do behind. Sweet baby cheeses, in this lad's case, there is A LOT to come !!!
I have just had a sneaky peak at the next few rows and by god it's mortifying! One of the rows, JUST ONE, takes up half an A4 page amigos. #frownyfaceofdespairwithafacepalmthrownin.
However, he is looking so bright and beautiful already that that half a page stands no chance against my excitement and anticipation for completing him!!!
Side note - check this out....

Just makes me want to hug him forever even more
And i'm not talking about a two second squeeze people, i'm talking go-get-security-to-find-a-crowbar-because-that-is-the-only-way-i'm-letting-you-go type hug !
He is an absolute SHINING star !!
I guess that's why he had to be no less than 38 colours !!

P.S. The pattern pages for Belinda's Dobby and Hedwig patterns are still under construction, but i'm workin on it !
Lee xox

Saturday 11th January, 2014

Imagine, if you will, that the shirt/undies/whatever-the-white-thing-is = my time. The dog = crochet. Mr. Ed = the book A Game of Thrones...
This is what my free time is constantly up against these days!
Luckily for fans of crochet updates, the dog won today
G Dragon is @ 40%!

Brace yourself for the rainbow onslaught !!
We have now entered crazy colour territory!!! I am already in love with the effect in his sunnies! Which will become even MORE trippy with colour over the coming rows
fun times ahead!
Speaking of fun times, I hit the shops yesterday and for those not on Facebook, check it out...

Cheers to you nerdy computer games shop!!! Can't believe they had these guys in stock!! It hasn't been long since they were released and for my city to have something new in stock is next to unheard of! MASSIVE SCORE !!!!

Lee xox

Yo ho muggles with your Kpop!
Wednesday 8th January, 2014

Check out the AMAZINGLY MAD CROCHETING SKILLS on display from the magnificent ALISHA!!!
Alisha, you've done a freaking FAB job on the Captain Congrats!! (I hope Mum liked it!!)
What is even more amazing, is the fact that Alisha polished him off in a week! ONE WEEK! ROCK ON!
Sadly I haven't achieved more than 8 rows in a week
Poor old GD has only just managed to cross the 35% mark!

A flying visit to Sydney town and 432155 extra shifts at work is leaving me totally stuffed by the end of the day! NOT GOOD as this is my allotted crochet time people
However, I have some awesome news about TWO NEW HP PATTERNS FOR YOU that are on the horizon !
Do yourself a favour and scroll down to the post about Belinda's INCREDIBLE HP blanket for her daughter and there you will notice two characters that are not featured on my blanket...
Don't be lazy Lee, put the pictures here !
Okay okay...

Belinda's patterns for Hedwig and Dobby will be up on Totallee.net ASAP!!!!! THANK YOU FOR SHARING BELINDA!!!
Isn't she a bit of terrific !!!
Keep your eyes peeled as I should have them up by this weekend at the latest
Cheers again Belinda!! HUGS!!!

Lee xox

"Oh Micky you're so [damn] fine!!"
Friday 3rd January, 2014

Just a quick head's up on this one... this vlog is reeeeeeeally long. So I suggest that if you don't like 'mail-opening' videos, I would sit this one out. Also, if you are not particularly partial to people squealing (aka. me) or people saying "holy crap" every three seconds (aka. me) then yeah I probably wouldn't hit play either....
However if you do wish to see me receive a box of AWESOMENESS, for goodness sake what are you waiting for !!!
Also... i'm really sorry it is so long and pause-y in patches. I couldn't get my editing software to play nice...so 17 and a half minutues it is !!

THANK YOU !!!!!!!
It's the end of the day here now and i'm still in major shock at the super crazy amount of work, love and detail that went into making these incredible gifts. I am TRULY blown away Micky and I can't thank you enough !!!
You and your letterbox better watch out girl!! That's all I can say!!!
Lee xox

Beginning of the rainbow!!
Wednesday 1st January, 2014

I decided to kick 2014 off with a big massive rainbow of colours and the aim of giving GD a mouth!
Well half a mouth...and I did !!!

AGH!! He's breaking through now!!
To the untrained eye, the whole leaning thing and the bright-lights effect in the backgroud might look a bit weird and dodgy so I thought I would show you the performance that the pic i'm working on is from
I would pay particular attention around the 3-4 second mark and actually that is as long as you need to watch for, especially if you aren't a fan. Also, don't tell me if you are not a fan, otherwise I will have to pull you aside and give you a very long lecture as to how awesome G to the D actually is

Did you clock all those colour changes I have ahead of me!!! THAT HAIR!!! IT IS FREAKING PERFECTION YET TERRIFYING!!!!
I really can't get enough of his shades in this either...I really need access to his collection of accessories STAT.
I am suffering severe colour overload right now...and I IT!!!

Queen B gets me.
Lee xox