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Lee Mac. Twenty-nine year old fibre artist. Crochet portraits = Obsession. I am surgically attached to my Ipod and crochet hook.
Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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Crochet Sisters Are doing it for themselves!!
Wednesday 30th July, 2014

I am so lucky to have so many awesome crocheting superstars sending me pictures of their awesomeness!! Especially when updates have been so abysmal on my end !!!
Exhibit a) Miss Hermione Granger looking STUNNING sent in by the fabulously talented hookster Ashley!!!

Ashley sent in the sweetest email and is now crocheting on full-steam to bring her own Hogwarts Bunch Blanket to life !!
Mr. Weasley is already on his way and I can't wait to watch your progress Ashley !!!!
Whoa!!!! Sit your bums back down because that is not all my friends!!!
Fill your glasses again because we have another crocheter to toast to!!
The super talented Valerie has been working away on Mr.Sexy *cough* or as he is otherwise known... Mr. Jim Morrison

Don't go adjusting your thermostats, it totally just got way hotter in here....
Holy-freaking-wowzers right?!?!?
Clearly this is genuis. Best blanket idea ever. Why?! Because you get warm all over just by LOOKING AT IT!!! Let alone being underneath it !!
Valerie, you are a genuis my friend I will be more than happy to share custody of him for 6 months of the year, while you experience summer and I have winter !!
Sadly I have arrived to the party with an empty updates plate - AGAIN!!!
I suck.
Sadly life stuff has been getting in the way of having any free time and my site still isn't freaking up, due to me getting the poos and not wanting to look at it!
Thank god I have fellow crocheting angels checking in and inspiring me with their mad skills!!!
Thank you ladies !!!

Lee xox

Hold Onto Your Hobbits!!
Saturday 19th July, 2014

The most amazing, wonderful, beyond-talented bundle of amazingness known as Osnat has been blowing the brains of us on the totallee ravelry group for just under 6 months, with her life-like portraits of the LOTR gang. Now she has finished sewing them together and holy-shmoly-doo-dah, I can't really use real words to describe the absolute brilliance on display here !!!!
I will be the first person to put their hand up and guiltily admit that I have no idea about anything LOTR - I really should rectify that situation! - but you certainly don't have to know the characters to appreciate the time, skill, love and dedication into a prject this big, detailed and down-right incredible !!
Thank you for sharing your journey and especially for sending in this pic of the finished piece Osnat!!! INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

....with a hook and yarn !!!
Lee xox

Airways are clear!
Friday 18th July, 2014

So it may not look pretty but I can finally breathe through my nose again!!!! Three "Woop Woop"'s for progress !!!
So I do believe I shall be celebrating with a vlog recording sesh or two this weekend so I can FOR-THE-LOVE-OF-ALL-THAT-IS-HOLY publish what I have been working on!!!
I have got to send major big fat love vibes and hugs to those of you who have kept dropping in and dropping me notes over the past couple of months! You are all ROCKSTARS and deserve nothing but amazingness in your lives !! Because by god this place has been a total snoooooooooooooooooooooozefest for yonknies now!
New patterns, new projects, a new portrait SERIES (or TWO) and some other bits and bobs!
I miss blogging regularly so much !! While copying some of my archived posts into the new format, I had a quick read through some of them - yeah okay the majority involve me spazzing out about something so minor it borders the ridiculous but I love spazzing out over the ridiulous!
Looking forward to getting back into the swing!!!

Lee xox

Ouuu so close!
Wednesday 9th July, 2014

Oh my goodness, so remind me NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS to re-do my site !!!!
I am now a few photos, a couple of pages and the filming of a vlog away from finally letting you all in!!!
Sadly i've fallen ill with my second headcold of 2014 !!
Major crapolas....
But my new buddies Panadol and Polarimine are totally getting on to it and are desperately trying to bugger it off! Therefore I think i'll hold off on the filming of the vlog till I look and sound a little better
Every 'M' is a 'B' at the 'bobent' !
I have been hooking away in between bouts of the sweats and dizzies and am really happy in trying out some other creations!!
All will be revealed!! Ouuuuuu mystical !!!
Yeah not really....
In the meantime I will leave you with a shot I took of my baby girl playing about on the bed....that she is totally allowed to do....
Little cheeky bum face...

Lee xox