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Lee Mac. Twenty-nine year old fibre artist. Crochet portraits = Obsession. I am surgically attached to my Ipod and crochet hook.
Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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Gough Whitlam
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At Home: A Short History of Private Life
Gone with the Wind
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Small Bamboo: How my family's journey on a leaky boat led to our wonderful life in Australia
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Spin that 'ol 45!
Saturday 28th June, 2014

I've had those infamous Beatle juices flowing right through to my fingertips these past few days and...
BOOM BABY! 45%!!

Yes John looks totally baked, beyond potato standards, but dude it totally works with the funky/trippy/insanely jam packed crazy background world this piece has got goin' on ! Just you wait and see homies
Now, not to bring things down too much, but I have some tear-jerking news to report....
*sigh* stay strong people...
The big lotto superdraw was drawn a couple of hours ago and......
Everyone hold hands....
I didn't win.
I'll give that a sec to sink in....
I know...I know....let it all out....
So there goes my plan to shout you all tickets and flights to Harry Potter world ...
At least the whole exercise wasn't a complete bust... I got two supps and a number, so i'm actually up 10cents on the whole situation....
Still no sunshine on this cloudy day though
One day folks!!! There's always the next super draw!...
Might give up on the lotto and start chasing the ends of rainbows

Lee xox

Tuesday 24th June, 2014

Ugggghhhhhhhhhhhh!! So in uploading a stack of updates I exceeded my bandwidth and have now plummeted to a speed not seen since 1998 !
Frig, frig and triple frig.
Now I won't be able to crack on till we tick over to July! GRRR!!!
The only upshot is that gives me more time to crochet ?!? Yeah...i'd prefer the new site too lol
In the meantime can we all brace ourselves for a piece so massive, so impressive and absolutely mouth-droppingly awesome...

I mean my god, it doesn't get much more incredible than this!
The insanely talented Joyce took less than 2months to crochet this blanket featuring a couple of 1D lads which is over 3 METRES WIDE!!!!
Mind. Blown.
So inspiring!!! Thank you for sharing your journey Joyce!!! You're an absolute legend !!!
Lee xox

Revamping the revamp!
Saturday 21st June, 2014

Today I will love my computer! I will love html coding! I will love getting everything done done DONE!!!
I just really hope my server and internet connection and data allowance love me back enough to let me get this site revamped !!!
Today is work free, shopping free, housework free, dog-walking free ( weather is awful!), therefore no forseeable excuses as to why I can't get this site up and running !
Wish me luck people !!!!

Lee xox

Move Aside RiRi!
Tuesday 17th June, 2014

So I decided to dig out ( literally dig out - was hiding all scrumpled up in the deep, dark recesses of my wardrobe) my 'ol fire engine wig to wear out to lunch today !

Now I like to think thatI totally rocked it - which I believe was backed up by the chorus of "Yeah baby!" when I got into town - I mean I was feeling like a smoking hot RiRi people!
Exhibit A:

However in retrospect... I prolly resembled....

Dear oh dear
I shall take it for another spin tomorrow before making a final verdict on whether I should banish it to the back of the wardrobe for another 12 months !
Lee xox

Mushrooms = Excellent Nerd Health
Sunday 15th June, 2014

Say hello to my newest lil friend!!
He is part of a new project i'm working on which will be unveiled with the new site ! I've wanted to make one of these little guys for quite a while and when I found Linda's site I got my hook stuck in asap
If you're into Mario or Pokemon or anything cute and nerdy go and check out her easy -to-follow AWESOME PATTERNS right H-E-R-E-!-!-!
And remember, take good care of your health!

Lee xox

She's Got A Ticket To Ride
Saturday 14th June, 2014

*Beep Beep* The boys have zoomed up to.... 40%!

George in the piece with eyeballs! Yeah, that really doesn't have the same vibe as Lucy and her diamonds does it But Hip Hip HOORAY for George's pretty peepers for making an appearance !!!!!
I'm also ecstatic at almost finishing the gramophones either side of John!!! How awesome do they look!! Perfect backdrop for him
I'm actually kinda of addicted to this piece right now. The weather has been frightfully yuck I'm talking wind, rain, - a zillion degrees below 0 - PERFECT CROCHETING WEATHER !!!
(and perfect hot chocolate/arse expanding weather )
So i'm feeling pretty darn confident in getting my beautiful boy John's eys staring back at us real soon
I know playing favourites is childish and stupid when all 4 are obviously insanely amazing but I am a complete and utter John girl

Maaaaay explain the reason why I chose to crochet this piece....he's kinda sticking out like you know what
In for-Pete's-sake-where-the-frig-is-the-new-site-Lee news,
I swear it's nearly there! And no im not crossing my fingers begind my back
My monthly data allowance snuck up on me, so i've had to be careful not to trip arse over elbow across that line but now that date has passed and I can resume uploading more pics
Really pumped for you to check out all the new stuff!!!
In the meantime, back to uploading and Beatle-ing!!

Lee xox

You may say i'm a dreamer, but i'm not the only one
Tuesday 10th June, 2014

The Fab Four have hit 35%!

Oh my gosh this site revamp is totally doing my head in
I just want it done!! GGRRRRR!!! But my internet connection and server are putting up one hell of a fight
I think I live in one of those black spots for internet, because i'm able to connect and have good speeds for about 5mins and then BOOM BABY it totally dies out on me...
It is getting there though !
And when it's ready, we can all celebrate instyle
Like this champion...

My hat goes off to you Sir.
Lee xox

1 Lump or 2?!!
Monday 2nd June, 2014

So I was having a natter to a lady via e-mail this morning who was asking about my little test/swatch Union Jack pattern.
During the back and forth, she said she was happy to have the union jack pattern but was wondering where the "tea cosy" part was...
Which made me be all like
She then forwarded a link to a Pinterest page and LOOK!!!

Credit: Linda Davie

This wonderful lady has only gone and combined my Union Jack swatch with this free tea cosy pattern to produce this gorgeous piece fit for only the bestest tea pots on the planet!
So freaking cool!!!!
I really think we need to take a time out to appreciate the PERFECT MATCH between the blue yarn and the tea pot. That is skill people. MAD SKILL !!
In book news, I can't stop READING lately!!
I've finished 3 books in the past month and that is UNHEARD OF for me !!
I think its because for the first time in my life i'm not studying and therefore have time to indulge in things I actually enjoy reading! The last thing I wanted to do after reading 60 pages on social inequality or leadership in the workplace was shove my nose into more words, but now, I can't keep my freaking nose out of words!! Drowning in them
I started this page turner from Mr. Bryson this morning....

I can't seperate it from my hands! Started it before work this morning and i've already ploughed through 100 pages! Say WHAT!
I Bill Bryson's writing and this is my third book of his and already it's beyond fascinating
Would love to hear about your fave authors, books, etc! My to-read list is ever-growing and i'd love to try and broaden my brain with some new genres
In hooking news, I have picked up (which is becoming quite a workout for the bingo wings let me tell you) my biggest piece to date!

This is where the fab four was at my last update - which was 30%. Prepare yourself for a shock...
Sir. Paul now has a bit of hair!!!!

No seriously!! He does!! Yup, pigs are totally flying!!
I'm back to working on this bad boy with the hopes of getting it completed by the end of the year! Massive goal! Bit crazy, but that is my aim
Update when I hit 35%!

Lee xox

Sunday 1st June, 2014

Harry Potter - Side 2 of Rosselyn's cushion - COMPLETE !!!!
Started: 18th April, 2014
Completed: 1st June, 2014
No. of stitches: 12,100
Finished!!!!! WOOOO!!!!
Well almost! Now to back them both and sew them together and then send this crazy pair over to the United States of Awesomeness to their *hopefully* happy new owner!!!
The pattern for Mr. Potter version 2.o (aka, this one) will be up with the relaunch of the new site, which i'm hoping to all things holy will be sometime soon!!!
My server is being a complete wanker lately and keeps dropping out or konking out COMPLETELY while i'm right in the middle of uploading files or trying to access my FTP!
/end psycho geek rant.
In the meantime, let us rock side to side like this happy son of a smilie and bask in the wonderfulness that is Mr. H. Potter

Lee xox