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Lee Mac. Twenty-nine year old fibre artist. Crochet portraits = Obsession. I am surgically attached to my Ipod and crochet hook.
Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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Starting to take shape!
Friday 31st October, 2014


Man I know things have been a TOTAL SNOOZEFEST around here for friggin ages, but I am still re-vamping the site!
Shall do it even if it damn near kills me!!!!

Lee xox

Spread your rainbow wings!
Wednesday 15th October, 2014

Happy reveal day people!!!
Say G'day to the beautifully colourful subject of my 2015 Canberra show entry, the RAINBOW Lorikeet !!
See what I did with the theme there ?!?!
I really didn't want to go down the literal path and choose something with the famous rainbow arches, or a pot of gold, etc..
So I thought why not feature the brilliant colours of one of Australia's most beloved, pretty and playful birds !

Here is my lil guy @ 30%!

So excited to dive into all the pretty blues on his noggin!!
I tell you what, full colour pieces are so much more fun to work on I LOVE me some colour!!!

Lee xox

"Red and yellow and pink and green.."
Saturday 11th October, 2014

Actually the Rainbow Song doesn't really apply yet...
I'm yet to see any red or purple....this is awkward....clearly...the song is in need of a re-write...or I could just not quote it at this time....
Glad that's sorted.
Moving swiftly onwards, holy crap i'm @ 20%!

Actually, I lied. There are teeny tiny bits of purple and red in there aren't there?.... but who gives a fluff about a dot of red or purple when the greens are looking as damn fine as they are right here!!? Eh?!?! EH?!?! Damn straight !
The colours are combining and are POPPING better that I could have imagined so everything is coming up Milhouse so far !!!
Any guesses as to what it is ?!?!
I feel like I need to break my silence on it soon, because i'm still quite a ways away from revealing anything that will give it away, but you guys are smart. I have full faith that someone will get it .
Speaking of smart - Can we all please raise our glasses, real or imaginary, to the incredible talents on show here!!!

Now raise your glasses again because folks this gorgeous Harry has been sent in by the amazing, fabulous lady that is Shirley and are you ready for this?!?!
Harry was Shirley's FIRST attempt at this style of crochet....
Shirley, the next time I am anywhere near cake, I will be eating it in your honor my friend because you are a superstar !!!!
You know what else?!?!
Sign me up for two slices because guys, the talented lady of awesomenocity (it's a word. I said so.) LouAnne has been at it again and has only gone and crocheted herself a Ginny!!!

Honest to Betsy, i'm gonna need a lie down....so much fantastic-ness...that is so not a word in any universe.

Lee xox

Gone with the Potters!
Saturday 4th October, 2014

My how time flies (gets gobbled up in fact) when you start a book that completely sucks you in....
Every spare second seems to be stolen by 'Gone With The Wind' at the moment...
I always thought it would be quite a tough read, but the writing is superb and transports all your senses to Tara and by god i'm enjoying it ! Still battling with the slavery, sexism, and general social attitudes within, but it certainly provides a fascinating and importrant insight into life leading up to the civil war.
You know what, I hate to go off on an angry tangent here but yesterday morning I saw one of those bloody awful morning chit-chat shows (I could feel myself losing the will to live and my IQ dropping the more I sat there and watched it ) and my ears pricked up when they started talking about Tom & Jerry...

Stay with me here I swear I have a point!! So I thought Ou! Here comes a flashback into my childhood ! But no... they ended up discussing the fact that Tom & Jerry cartoons should be banned from tv for being....racist....
What the hell is happening with the world?!
a) It is a cartoon
b) from a pre-'PC' era
According to the panel discussing it, the cartoon featured a Mammy character. I don't remember a character like that but does that mean we should ban it?! What comes next?! Putting classification sticker warnings on the front of books like Gone With The Wind?!? To protect ourselves from coming face to face with our social history??!
*Sigh* apologies for ranting but I get a bee in my bonnet about people trying to wrap everyone up in cotton wool... grrrr!!!
So all that aside, i'm totally loving FINALLY reading GWTW !
I am clapping-like-crazy super happy to post this update because the colours are blending beautifully !!

I'm still yet to bring in all 27 colours, but so far i'm buzzing man!!! Coming along mighty well!!
You know what else rocks ?!?!

LOUANNE has completed the trio to absolute PERFECTION!!! Blooming marvellous LouAnne !! Thank you for sharing!!!

Lee xox