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Lee Mac. Thirty year old fibre artist. Crochet portraits = Obsession. I am surgically attached to my Ipod and crochet hook.
Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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Thursday 30th April, 2015
A Couple of CAL Cuties!!

Two of my CAL cuties LYNNE and COOKIE have posted the first pictures of their CAL PROGRESS !!!!
Lynne's progress so far!!!

Cookie's progress so far!!!

Totallee SMASHING IT ladies!!!!!!!!
I WISH I could pass you each one of these totes in person, but please consider this a virtual gift, because clearly it is super applicable to you both !!

Aaaaaand the award for the BESTEST.TOTE.BAG.EVER goes to....
Lee xox

Wednesday 29th April, 2015
Longbottom to Top!!

Neville fans!! Hooks at the ready !!!
I have been editing like a crazy woman these past 2 days and am ALMOST ready to post the first of THREE vids for the Neville Longbottom (AND TREVOR!!!) Puff !!!!
Have a mini peek at the palette my fellow yarnie wizards/witches !!

So keep your eyes peeled for the pattern to appear here on Totallee.net and for the first video tutorial to pop up on the 'Ol Youtube Channel!
However tonight, I have a date with snuggling under the shaggy side of Mr. Dean !!

I also have a stack of library books to burn through before they are due back!!!

Man! IF ONLY there was a way to combine the two.....

Lee xox

Monday 27th April, 2015

Becoming the second person to cross that CAL finish line!!!
Thank you SO MUCH for participating in the CAL and for updating us regularly on your progress with the oh-so-sexified Somerhalder
Remember, if you would like to have a Damon Salvatore (ian) of your very own, check out the pattern page HERE!!

Just a head's up! I have a POPSUGAR READING CHALLENGE UPDATE in the 'BOOKS' section (located in the navigation bar up top ). I chose to blog this update rather than video it, so feel free to check it out sexy people
Lee xox

Saturday 25th April, 2015
Lazy Lee Lump!!

Howdy chappies! Apologies for not being around this week but, to be honest, I really haven't given two twigs about the internet these past few days
Just a bit of a motivation-to-blog funk I think I think it comes down to the shit-arse weather we've been smacked with this past week it's been grey, wet, miserable, UGGGGHHH GUYS!!!!
But praise be to cheese, I am getting some crochet inspired mojo flowing back into the veins
Anywho, I do hope you are all fine and dandy! I, am freezing my right royal ta-ta's off holy mother of icicles, winter is upon us! I have refused to go ugg-less for the last 4 days and I downed so much tea and coffee, that supplies are dwindling in the northern half of the city. For which I make absolutely no apologies for
Thankfully during my self-imposed mini hiatus, I got some hookin' done !!!

Does this guy EVER take a bad pic in a hat?!? No. He. Does. Not. Jimmy to cowboy hats, is what cream cheese is to sweet chilli sauce
Yeah that's right. I am just too damn good at metaphors people
40%!!!! Plus a look at my ultra-sleek bar heater sexy huh?! HUH!!? Damn right !!!
Plus, guess who else has been crocheting like a forehead depended on it?!?!

OH MY FREAKING JOYCE!!!!!!!!!! Mr. Harry Styles @ 80%!!!!!
Honest to goodness Joyce, if pictures of this piece don't find their way sprinkled throughout the internet, then something is seriously a miss with our social networks!!! Absolutely OUTSTANDING!!
Now I must leave you. However, I shall leave you on the cutest USB related note I can think of....whichever creative genius is behind these salutations my friend! (and please send one of each to my place of residence immediately *cough*)

Lee xox

Sunday 19th April, 2015
Cupid's Bow!!

Lee xox

Monday 1th April, 2015
Longbottom On the way!!

I have some excellent news in store !!!
You may have noticed a series of Potter Puffs in the patterns section...

Guess who's filling in pozzi number 4!!!
Can't believe it's taken me this long to get poor old Neville done in crochet but he's almost here! The really cool bit, is that I have filmed a tutorial to go with the release of the pattern !! I will be popping up vids on my youtube channel taking you from the 'gathering materials' stage right through to the 'turning your Nev Puff into a cushion' stage !! I still have a little more filming to do, but it shouldn't be too long till video number 1 is up and the pattern will be available !
Whilst i'm on the topic of HP magic, the lovely RACHEL has kindly let me know that her CHART of the HOGWARTS HOUSE CREST pattern is available for anyone who prefers to work from GRAPHS as opposed to worded patterns


Cheers so much Rachel for making these charts available !!

Lee xox

Sunday 12th April, 2015
Heading in a perfect direction!!

WORK IT STYLES!!! JOYCE HAS HIT 70%!!!! FAR OUT I can't get over the clarity!! Your colour choices are SO BANG ON GIRL !!!
Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow..... WOW!!!

But ahhhh well, he has a bottom lip !!! SEXY TIMES!!!!
I tell you what though, there has been some mighty-freaky-shit going down surrounding me and crochet time these past couple of days!!
Yesterday I went to the loo and switched the radio on (yup. I have a radio in my toilet. TMI but it's relevant. Trust me.) and David Essex's 'Rock On' was on - RIGHT AT THE 'JIMMY DEAN' PART! Literally switched the thing on and get hit with that. Freaky...
THEN last night, I finished watching 'Monsters University', as you do.. I flick it back to the normal programming on free-to-air telly and THERE HE IS AGAIN!!! EAST OF EDEN IS ON THE FREAKING TELLY !!!
So guess who has found a massive pot of motivation when it comes to getting a move on with this piece !
Jimmy, you're a cheeky, pushy bugger, but I like your style man...

Lee xox

Saturday 11th April, 2015
Marvelous Marion!!

\\ EDIT - Be sure to check out the 'BOOKS' section for a fun update! \\EDIT

MARION has hit 93%! on her CAL piece aka. Mr. Ian Somerhalder !!
PHWOAR he's a little bit yum scrum ain't he !!
I love the contrast between the smooth browns and then BAM those blue eyes!!! Hypnotizing man!!!
SO CLOSE Marion!!! Thank you for sharing your progress along the way!!! Agh!!
You're a ROCKSTAR! !!
My apologies for being M.I.A. these past few days! Unfortunately i've taken a step back in my 'kidney stones' recovery so have been forced to take things easy, take a bunch of painkillers, which then magically transport me to snoozeland for hours on end So back to the Doc on Monday to see if any more investigating needs to happen, or if I just need to wait till I see the specialist again in a month! Woo!
However! Whilst the pills have been battlng the nasties, I have managed to give Jimmy D a bottom lip!! Which is AWESOME however, i'm going to be a complete pigface and wait till he hits 35% before taking a snap which is actually only about 6 or so rows away!
I should have that update tomorrow, however yesterday my requested copy of the third in the 'Lunar Chronicles' series 'CRESS' came in @ the library and i've already hit 100 pages It's so freaking good!!!!!! So i'll try hard to put it down and keep my fingers focused on the hook, but by god it'll be tricky!!!!

Lee xox

Tuesday 7th April, 2015
Post Easter Potbelly!!

Happy Easter hangover sexy people !
I hope you all had a fabulous easter!
I had a lovely time catching up with friends and fam and may have snuck a few bunnies into my gob in the process
I also mananged to hold off and wait for the appropriate moment to slice into my mountain of a lemon meringie pie!
I was so excited! - We're talking on bordering-the-ridiculous excited here- and really I can only convey the taste with a picture....

Thank frig I didn't put the juice of 6 lemons in and only 5, because with five it felt as though my face had turned itself inside out the instant that curd hit the tongue!!! !!! Wow it was strong! I also managed to forget to greae the bottom of the dish, so I had to literally HACK the crap out of the base to get a slice out! Oh my god and then the meringue had sort of crystalised a little bit overnight and had lost it's glorious poofyness! So all in all, it was an EPIC FAIL!!! !!
Actually it didn't taste too bad, once mixed together with stacks of vanilla ice cream, but yeah, the sourness still broke through and caused one's mouth to purse so freaking tightly that we almost had to have our after dinner biscuits crushed up and fed through a straw....
That hilarious effort aside, twas a fab easter dinner !

Now what would easter be without a little hooking action I ask you?!?
Boring as hell is the answer So THANK FRIG for RACHEL and JEAN folks!!
Rachel only took 3 WEEKS to master the Hogwarts House Crest ya'll!!!!

Not only, did Rachel get her hook stuck into the crest, she also had a go at Mr. Snape Puff !!!

Now after you say to yourself "WHOA he looks AWESOME!!" you will probably find yourself thinking 'wait a sec, that looks a little different and freaking awesome compared to Lee's regular old Snape puff?!?' and you would be so right. Rachel used the Tunisian method to work her Snape puff up and doesn't it look BRILLIANT !! I'm not too familiar with the technique, but Rachel tells me that instead of having to turn your work, you are able to work the piece one-sided and therefore makes it loads easier for folks who prefer to carry their yarn!!
Which I know a lot of crocheters prefer!!
I can also see that the dimensions of the finished piece are kept much more intact. Sometimes, depending on the tension and the yarn size people use, the cut and tie method can certainly give a slightly 'squished' appearance to your subject. However I can see that Snape's features look SPOT ON here whcih is fantastic !!
Cheers so much Rachel for the insight and for sharing with us !!!
In CAL news, the gorgeous Jean has sent in a progress picture of a slightly different yet so freaking exciting kind !!

I am seriously LOVING this!!! As you can see on the left, Jean has made cracking progress on her CAL piece, which will be a mystery to us all until she has finished, as it will be a special gift However, the SUPER exciting progress on show here are all these absolutely GORGEOUS granny squares that Jean will be using to take her CAL piece and turn it into a lovely large blanket!!! OH MY GOD HOW FRREAKING COOL IS THAT!!!! !!!!
Jean, this is going to be SPECTACULAR my friend!!!! Can't WAIT to see it come together !!!
I also would like folks to spare a minute to send some positive healing vibes Jean's way as her mother is very ill in hospital at present !
Thoughts and well wishes are with you and your family Jean !!!

Lee xox

Saturday 4th April, 2015
Lemon Meringue Yummyness!

Is there a pie happier than a gorgeous LEMON MERINGUE PIE I ask you?!?!?
That gorgeous buttery pastry, that heavenly yellowy cushiony curd and the floaty whispy pillowy crispyness of that dreamy meringue *DROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL*ing like a FOOL
I have certainly eaten my fair share but today, I entered my kitchen with gusto and buckets of determination and attempted my very first Lemon Meringue Pie from SCRATCH !!!!!

I went with a recipe from the Queen of British baking, the legendary Mary Berry!
Except I totallee changed it up in a few places and kinda read the recipe wrong and used 6 egg whites instead of 4, which kinda tells you why there is enough meringue on there to feed a large army I don't think Mary would be cheering quite so hard if she knew i'd tampered with it either....
I also went with a biscuit type base that i'm familiar with, that has coconut in it which I think will bring some extra deliciousness However this dish is definitely not the dish to do it in! I really need to get my grabbers on a proper flan tin. Anywho! I am resisting the overpowering urge I have to cut into him until the desert course of my folks little easter dinner thing tomorrow night. Here's hoping I don't poison anyone!
In CAL NEWS, check out Joyce's work on Harry Styles!!!! 60%!!!! !!!

The guy has EVERY RIGHT to go absolutely batshit crazy!! Joyce, this is looking so unbelievable I'm going to be so sad when he's finished!! I bet you won't be, but i'll sure miss the updates!! !
I'm a couple of rows off 30%! with Jimmy, but when you cross the threshold from sexy shoulders into "HOLY SHIT!! I SEE BACKGROUND" territory, you just gotta take a snap snap !!!

I'm a little peed off with the way my camera is failing to show the true colours of this piece, but I just need to learn to hold off until the sun comes out to take pictures!
The colours really do run together a lot better in person I'll be sure to practice taking pictures between now and 35%!
I hope all my fellow CAL'ers are enjoying working on their pieces I know its a busy time of year, but I do hope to hear about any progress you are all making soon !!
I am now going to try and spend my night away from the kitchen and the pull of that damn pie...oh my god I wanna taste it so bad!!!! Damn you LEMON and your inbuilt tractor beam!!!!!!!!!

Lee xox

Thursday 2nd April, 2015
Popsugar Reading Challenge #4!

WhittyNovels Youtube Channel

Lee xox

Wednesday 1st April, 2015
TWELVE!!! Count them!! 1-2!!

The amazing crocheting marvel of muggles MARJO from the Netherlands has just completed her 12 panel Hogwarts Bunch Blanket after working on it for 11 MONTHS!!!!!!!!! ELEVEN GUYS !!!!!!!!!
In the words of our Headmaster up there, "GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURL!!!!" YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The AMOUNT of work is just insane and my god the size of this blanket must be GINORMOUS!! BUT MY GOD IT IS FRIGGING AWESOME !!!!!!!!
When I cast my mind back to 2009 and the following 10 or so months it took to create the Hogwarts Blanket I had NO IDEA that it would spur on so many AWESOME people in so many COUNTRIES to make their very own !!

Lee xox