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Lee Mac. Thirty year old fibre artist. Crochet portraits = Obsession. I am surgically attached to my Ipod and crochet hook.
Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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Thursday 20th August, 2015
A Hookful of sugar!

"Ello ello ello!! What do we 'ave 'ere Guv'nor?!?'" Tis only a MARY POPPINS & BERT UPDATE !!! It has been (are you ready for this guys?! Seriously... it's downright awful...*sigh*... here we go...') it has been..... 16 MONTHS since my last update on this piece !!
That is NOT ON LEE!!!
My goodness! I should have tied the end of the yarn to my finger or something, because forgetting about these two for that length of time is beyond unacceptable!! However, I am now back on track with my fairy floss cutie pies For the life of me I cannot remember why I chose fairy floss (cotton candy for my American friends ) colours for these two?! I think the image conjured up a dreamy lovey dovey type palette in my brain and I went with that
Unfortunately i'm still quite a ways away from any faces, but i'm so glad i've got my hook back into these two !

LOOK WHAT HAPPENED OVER NIGHT PEOPLE!!!!! The one and only MIKEY from The Crochet Crowd featured the Hogwarts Bunch Blanket!!!! I've been mashed potato'ing on the inside like a dipstick all day !!!! THANK YOU so much to Mikey and to everyone who has commented/emailed/tagged/subscribed on youtube (there isn't much on there now, but there soon will be !).
The support and love coming in has been so overwhelming! Yes, to the point of severe blushyness!! So a massive hug and a double thumbs up to you all

Lee xox

Friday 14th August, 2015

Everyone!!! Please take a moment to send some seriously HUGE "Thank You" vibes to my wonderful friend DI !!! Di told me about Google Drive which allows you to share videos via a link!!


I had way too much fun making this little vid and am still really bummed that I can't share it on youtube, but at least those who wish to see it now can It WAS made with the intention of it being a 'general glimpse' into the making of a piece, rather than a real in depth stitch by stitch type of thing, so apologies for anyone hanging out for such a vid! But at least you get to see the SHEER JOY on my face as I tie-off the last stitch on a really big piece !!
I'm hoping to make more companion vids for all of my pieces in the future! I just have to remember to set them to copyright free tunes !!
Many many thanks again DI for digging me out of the hole there girl !!!!

Lee xox

Wednesday 12th August, 2015
Get Back To Where You Once Belonged!

Beatles MEGA Piece @ 50%!!!

Man this is the 17th attempt at trying to write out this blog because i've had to excuse myself for mini 'air piano' and 'air drum' breaks whilst belting the crap out of "Hey Jude" !
"Naaa, Naaa, Naaa, NA NA NA NA!!!" !!
*a hem* anywho! The boys are now at 50%!! Still no Ringo!! I know!! TERRIBLE!! However this shall be rectified as he's hovering over preceedings in this one
I'm MORE than a little hyped about reaching the top of Mr. Harrison's head (let's face it, who wouldn't be? Seriously?!), reason being, it signals LOTSA LOTSA BLACK !
Basically, after George's noggin is complete, there will be stretches of glorious black spanning 86+ stitches from the edge right on over to John! absolute BLISS !!
However, the next update will feature these two!

..as i've been spending a fair bit of time working away on them too

But guys! Let's not end the Brit party just yet!!
The LOVELY ANGIE from GEEKCRAFTS.COM has very kindly featured the Potter Puffs!!!

Cheers so much Angie!! If you guys haven't checked Geekcrafts.com out, YOU.MUST.RIGHTNOW!! !
I do warn you though, you MAY be scrolling through this blog for hours! Especially if you are partial to all things geeky. Just a head's up!
In other exciting news, it looks as though the wonderful DI has found a solution to my 'GRRR-I-Wanna-Post-My-Jimmy-Tribute-Video-But-The-Universe-Is-Fighting-Me-@-Every-Turn' problem!!
Stay tuned!!
Lee xox

Saturday 8th August, 2015
I Got A New Toy!

I got a new toy ! Which has pretty much taken over my life over the past 24 hours ! Good gravy it's so flipping COOL
QUESTION: What on earth possessed you to buy a graphic tablet, when you have ABSOLUTELY NO ARTISTIC TALENT WHAT-SO-EVER?!?!?!
ANSWER: I'm an impulsive idiot who gets caught up in exciting possibilities and overlooks the fact that she sucks at drawing.
But let us put that teeny tiny problem aside and look at what inspired me to rush out in a frenzy of "WHOA! I wanna try that" !!!

I friggin love this guy. Two nights ago I stumbled upon Dom's channel, marathoned his entire playlist and then last night felt COMPELLED to track down a graphic tablet come hell or high water!
I ended up scoring one and it comes with 2 of the most AMAZING programs for drawing and animation
Again, let me remind you, Lee = absolutely no drawing skillz But man i'm way beyond excited to start messing about with this thang
The BAD news is that my crochet now has ANOTHER hobby encroaching on it's time !!
However I HAVE managed to add a few more rows to my Beatles piece !
Not enough to warrant a photo update, however this is the piece @ 45% to refresh memories or show to any new peeps visiting !

Phew-wee is it a monster! The scary/not-so-scary thing is that although this piece IS slightly wider than Jimmy, it's actually 50 rows shorter! Which I think means that overall it is smaller than Jim! Which doesn't make it seem so daunting to complete! Bonus !
But first! More faffing about with my new do-hickey

Lee xox

Monday 3rd August, 2015

Lee xox

Saturday 1st August, 2015
Chim Chimney...Books!

I am slooooowly recovering from my Jimmy hangover guys...
5 months is a LONG time to be involved with a piece ya'll! Especially one as hunky as him ... yeah who the hell am I kidding, I ain't over it yet
However, I have set aside time this wet/grey/windy winter day to get my nose back into some BOOKS
I have been neglecting my reading something SHOCKING!! (As my Goodreads counter never fails to tell me ) I have SLIPPED terribly guys!! FIVE BOOKS BEHIND SCHEDULE!!! I'M A FAILURE!!!
Full blame lies with crocheting Jimmy of course ! But I am getting back on track starting with Book #3 in the 'Anne of Green Gables' series! I ADORE L. M. Montgomery's writing and Anne....don't get me started on Anne!
So I hope to polish 'Anne of the Island' off today and hopefully make a start on 'Windy Poplars'

Man I REALLY need to film an update for youtube! That way I can really grasp where I am at with the Popsugar Reading Challenge 2015, because right now I don't have a clue which challenges I have left or indeed whether Anne fits into any challenges!!
Lee, you have this all arse about face girl!!!!
On top of my reading I am forever being drawn to the two WIP, that I have with me at my folks place...

My Bert & Mary Poppins piece and the mega Beatles piece!!!
It's been soooooooooooo long since i've had a hook in either of them !!!
So I think I may get a few cheeky rows in during reading breaks
Hope you guys are having a lovely productive weekend! Unlike me... who is the perfect picture of a hot mess right now
Promise my next post won't be as scatterbrainy as this one
Lee xox