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Wednesday 30th December, 2015
Rounding off 2015 with a yarn haul!!

After WEEKS of back and forthing between my fave yarn haunts, I have managed to secure every colour needed for BOTH CAL PIECES!! WITH 3 DAYS TO SPARE!!!
Excuse me while I....

So all aboard Lee!! Your CAL ship is in and ready to set sail my girl
I snapped a couple of shots of my line-up PRE last-desperate-shopping-attempt this morning!
This is the palette for my Micky piece

This is the palette for my Valerie piece

And THESE were the colours I desperately needed to complete both palettes!! WOO!! GOT EM!!!

UBER EXCITED to get my hook stuck in and join my fellow CALsters who have already done so much !!
Like our CAL Queen RAE who has bumped her piece up to 23% OVERNIGHT!!

Less than 3 days to go now guys!!! (Aussie time!)

Time to limber up those fingers and wrists ladies!!!

Lee xox

Tuesday 29th December, 2015
10%!! Schwiiiiiiiiing!!

10%! Wow! I am SO TOTALLY going to be finished by tomorrow at this rate.... NOT!
Oh jeez, it's going to be such a relief for you guys when I finish this piece, because until then, you're going to have to put up with appauling mish-mashes of Wayne's World quotes to satisfy my fangirling over my progress....
I can only apologise and promise to TRY and limit the terrible references...

We have ladies absolutely SMASHING it right now !!!
Crochet Queen RAE has ALREADY taken her piece up to 19%! !!

I mean there is FAST and there is SUPER-CRAZY-ULTRA-MENTAL-FAST!!! She's leaving us in the dust guys!! Dear finish line, you'll experence a slight head-spin when a gorgeous looking BLUR speeds right over the top of you. Please don't be too concerned, it'll only be Rae and her completed piece whipping all of us to capture your gorgeous flag!
However! It appears we may have a fellow contender for possible line honors!!!
The Amazing OSNAT has entered the race with her landscape CAL piece and is ALREADY @ 10%!!

I had to include a snap of the stunning progression of blues Osnat was able to swatch together for this piece!
If you're drooling, I don't blame you one bit. I feel exactly the same way amigo. They are just GORGE!
The shadows we have so far are very subtle, but as the piece builds and we get the affects of the lighter shades, this piece is going to sing guys it's gonna sing !!
I can't WAIT to make a start on my pieces now!! Awesome news is that today I went shopping and I THINK I may have found the missing colours I need for BOTH pieces !!!

Anyone wanna place bets on what the two pieces will be?!?!
I'm about to pull together my two line-ups thus far and look at them from every angle known to man and some that are only known to women ( ), to determine just how close I am to being able to start !!!
I will also be finalising the last two pattern options tonight before sending them off ( Jan & Micky, i'm looking at you my sexy stars!)
And we will all be super super SUPER close to starting!!!

Lee xox

Sunday 27th December, 2015

So after thinking about my crocheting goals for 2016, I had a squiz into my many many miscellaneous bags of wool that I have dotted around the place (I only just moved back in and ALREADY it's like my project bags have been getting friendly in the wool room after hours if you get me because CALL THE POLICE AND THE FIREMAN - HOT DAMN there's been some serious multiplying going on in there !) and I found my WAYNE'S WORLD bag
So I did the only logical thing and got stuck in!!
a WEEK out from the beginning of CAL!!!

"What. An. Idiot." - Hermione Granger.
But but but The Beatles piece is getting so LARGE and so HEAVY that in this heat I felt like working on something small and the fingers just wouldn't wait till the 3rd, so BOOM! time to 'Party On!'
By doing this, I have gotten myself into a bit of a pickle though... because even at the 5% mark... I can tell that this palette is going to work... SO FREAKING WELL that the crazy-hyper-FUZZIES are taking over a little bit Which is going to make it near impossible to tear myself away from!! UGH WHY COULDN'T I HAVE LEFT THE BLOODY THING ALONE?!?! IT'S BEEN 3 YEARS SINCE I TOUCHED IT!! WHY NOW LEE!?!?! WHY?!?!?
Dear oh dear...
On the plus side, it looks as though i'll have a crochet hook in my hand 24/7 from this moment on, so YAY MORE UPDATES!
Speeeeeeeeeeeaking of which, it's time for a CAL UPDATE !!!!
Speed Queen RAE has zoooooomed up to 15.5%!!! !!!

MIND-BLOWING PROGRESS!!! I'm STILL working on getting your pattern up Rae and good gravy you'll be 100% done before I do !!
Your eagerness is flipping contagious because i'm getting so ancy to start (Hence the need to bring Wayne and Garth out of the past!)
I hope everyone had a top-notch Chrissy!!!
I was spoilt in the food and present department! My Dad got me THE MOST BEAUTIFUL leatherbound bind-up of Mark Twain I have ever seen
For those playing along at home, it's the gold-edged 'Barnes & Noble Leatherbound Classics' edition and it is.... just. Beautiful
I'm a little scared of reading it to be honest! It's got the whole these-pages-have-never-been-flipped-through SQUEAK goin' on It's so pretty...
Enough with the book-gushing!! Time to get crocheting and PUMPED BECAUSE CAL KICKS OFF 1 WEEK FROM TODAY!!!!AGGHHH!!!

Lee xox

Thursday 24th December, 2015
Hovering in to 2016!!

I'm getting in a smidge early because tomorrow will consist of food, Food and MORE FOOD followed promptly by one EPIC MAMA of a food coma !
I'm also sending out my Chrissy Wishes early because today I received an early present and to be honest, it cannot be surpassed, so Christmas is kinda over before it begins for me this year
Wanna see?!?!

I mean, it doesn't get much better than a limited edition hoverboard Marty MdFly does it?!?
I am so lucky to be blessed with a simple brain that is 100% satisfied with little bits of painted plastic
So yup, my Christmas has peaked
I'm all about New Years this time around!
First of all we have the CAL 'officially' kicking off!!! Which is so exciting!! To think that a bunch of absolutely gorgeous hooksters will be crocheting away all at the same time !
Plus the start of a New Year always brings a bucketload of new motivation with it and 2016 is shaping up to be one heck of a year for my hook!!

I have 2 amazing CAL pieces to work on!! Both are WELL OVERDUE 'thank you' pieces to two terrific ladies and I really can't wait to finalise the palettes and get started !!
Then I have a few WIP to complete!!

You gotta love all that intricate detail on the second piece there don't you?! Pffft! It's actually the start of my long, lost and almost forgotten Wayne's World piece!!! 2016 is the year man!!! I SWEAR!!!! !!!

THEN I have an AN ENTIRE HP BOBBLE BLANKET on the horizon!!!
Which I have been INSPIRED to make by the gorgeous SHATAN who particpated in the CRAFTY RIDGE HARRY POTTER CAL and created the most ADORABLE BOBBLE STITCH BLANKET I HAVE EVER LAID EYES ON !!!!

Credit: Shatan of 'Shatan's Shenanigans'

HOW AMAZING IS THIS BLANKET!!! Well... almost blanket!!! !!!
I've decided it has to exist in my life so after a first attempt at the Harry panel, that didn't turn out too great , I think I have learnt enough to try again and succeed! It will be nowhere NEAR the AMAZINGNESS of Shatan's but I am so grateful to her for her advice and motivation that I will be giving it a red hot go in 2016!! !!
Because what is life without a HP project?!?!? !!
Shatan has also posted graphs for gorgeous Pokemon characters over on her blog AND has just announced a CAL of her own for 2016.... insert drumroll.... A 12 DOCTOR WHO'S CAL!!! !!!!
Now I am not a full blown Whovian, but I know a stack of people who are and the graphs Shatan has come up with are BEYOND ADORABLE!!! They are in the SAME style as those in the bobble HP blanket above and why the hell am I yabbering on when you can see for yourselves?!?
Run on over to the dedicated Facebook group H E R E ! ! to get in on the action before things kick off with the first Doctor in January !!
So there you have it!! My crochet goals THUS FAR for 2016
Sorry Christmas, ain't nobody got time for you this year!! BRING ON 2016 AND ALL IT'S HOOKING DELICIOUSNESS!!!!

Lee xox

Tuesday 22nd December, 2015
Vulcan Lane!!

Guys!!! Get those 'Live Long & Prosper' hands up in the air!! The gorgeous VI has sent in her finished picture of Mr. Spock !!! FLIPPING OUT-OF-THIS WORLD VI!!! I SALUTE YOU \\v// !!!!/
I am in LOVE with the dark shades opted for in this piece, because the white adds a really fantastic stark and bold 3D effect that I am digging so much ! I know i've said it in the past but it's just so stinking great to see these patterns done by others, with different colours and interpretations and UGH!! So great!
Cheers so much for sending in the pic Vi!!! So stoked to hear that you are stoked because you friggin well should be !!!

In what-is-Lee-getting-her-hook-stuck-into-at-the-moment-news,

Yup! That pretty much sums it up !
However! I have managed to hit a little milestone on my Beatles piece
I haven't reached the glorious heights of 60% yet, however some signage has crept in that has gotten me a tad over-enthused and clap-happy

"Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes....there beneath the blue suburban skies.." !!!!
For a Beatles nerd, this is pretty big news guys !!! Not gonna lie!!!
Sadly I haven't had a whole bunch of time to get hooking what with CAL-ing and moving and life-ing, but I am so happy to see ANY progress right now that half a sign is totally where it's at for me right now people

Lee xox

Sunday 20th December, 2015

Man!! Talk about a speeding train!! I've got CAL updates coming out of every orifice! Ewww !
I do believe this calls for bullet points!
The CAL HAS STARTED!!!!! !!!
After a consensus was reached amongst those eager angels on the Ravelry Forum and over on the Facebook Group, the CAL is ALREADY in full steam across the planet
Now, for those who are yet to start, PLEASE don't feel left behind!!! I won't be starting the CAL until the third of January . For some reason an INSANE miracle occured (Let us all thank the spirit of Christmas ) because I managed to get almost EVERYBODY'S patterns to them in record time ! I honestly thought i'd still be going right up until 3rd of Jan but nope! We've smashed it !
So if you are a CALster, if you have your pattern, if you have your palette, for goodness sakes, let it RIP!!! !!

The wonderful crocheter extraordinaire and die-hard 'Directioner' JOYCE has kicked this CAL off with her very own pattern/piece featuring a very spesh moment between two of the lads !!
Guys, this measures 310 stitches wide x 400 ROWS HIGH !!!! I don't give a fat monkey's crack WHICH planet you're from, that is GARGANTUAN IN ANYONE'S LANGUAGE !!!
Now usually this is where I say 'the best thing about crocheting a piece THIS large is that it should soak up a good portion of the year and keep the CAL rolling on for a good while'...... Now, this is the part where I say 'but THAT statement doesn't apply here because we're talking about JOYCE HERE PEOPLE!!!! JOYCE is the woman with BUCKETLOADS of crochet mojo and will probably be 50% done with this piece before I even get to my starting chain !!!
Guess what folks?!?! JOYCE ISN'T OUR ONLY CALSTER OFF THE MARK!!! !!!!!

The super keen, super SPEED QUEEN RAE has already hurtled to 7%!!! on her Bladerunner piece !! LOOK AT THOSE GREYS PEOPLE!! Bloody perfect!!!
Rae has also generously sent in a graphed version of her CAL pattern to be posted along with the traditional worded pattern!! So be on the lookout for both to be up in the patterns section over the next couple of days !!!
Can you believe we are being treated to this level of intense crocheting already?!?!? Good gravy, you folks blow me away sometimes !
Now I will endeavor to try and keep everyone updated here on Totallee.net as quickly and as often as I can! However, between the Ravelry group and FB, things are moving super quickly !!
But honestly, with so much talent and magic being produced, the head spin is TOTALLEE WORTH IT!! LET THE CAL... BEGIN!!!!!!

Lee xox

Wednesday 16th December, 2015
Facebook Friendsies!

The WONDERFUL RAE has created a Facebook group for the 2016 Totallee CAL !!
If you are one of the sexy hooksters participating OR you are participating in your own special way OR you would to watch some absolute MASTERPIECES come to life over the course of the year, please feel free to come and join us over...

and cheers be to RAE for setting the group up and helping to moderate it !!!
I finalised TWO more patterns overnight!!! So I believe there are only maybe two left to go?!?!? !
Almost time to raise your hooks in the air and wave 'em like you just don't care people!!!!

Lee xox

Sunday 13th December, 2015
Crochet him, but don't feed him after midnight!!

The GORGEOUS CROCHET GODDESS herself, the one and only VALERIE has given us the BESTEST early Chrissy present ever!! A free pattern!! Not just a free pattern... A GIZMO FROM GREMLINS FREE PATTERN!!! AAAGGHHH!!!! !!!!
Check out the pattern right H E R E ! ! !!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you Valerie for being the bestest angel ever and sharing him with us !! I'm certainly not going to thank you for extending my 'To-Be-Crocheted' list though!! Dear god it stretches to the moon and back already !!
Speaking of crochet, remember how I was trying out that 'puff/popcorn/bobble' stitch for the first time?!?!
Yeah, I totally fluffed it...

Actually I didn't fluff it at all, i'm just being super pernickety, because for a first attempt i'm actually super proud of this ! As always with a first attempt, I have learnt a STACK, so i'm now feeling a lot more confident about what i'm shooting for and what the heck NOT to do
The biggest lesson I learnt was that multiple bobbins are definitely the way to go! Carrying the yarn across an entire row tugs the work, making it look truly awful (eg. the red and yellow bobbles of his scarf) and I learnt it's majorly important to use yarn of the SAME THICKNESS! The gold I used was really flimsy. Although it was supposedly the same 'ply' as the red, it certainly felt thinner in the fingers and therefore is overshadowed by the big puffy red bobbles!
So yay learning! I now feel armed and confident with this new found knowledge !!
However, the hook may have to take a backseat for a while because guess what this little BOOKWORM just got her grabbers on !!!

I've been waiting for this baby to come out for months!! So amped to see how the series ends!!! There had better be a LARGE CHUNK of pages devoted to Wolf!!! Or i'll be writing angry letters!!!!
Speaking of books, my 'Popsugar wrap-up' video will be up this week! I figured I would film it early because there is NO WAY i'll be completing the challenge I think i'll fall about 10 books short! Although that SUCKS I have read some AMAZING books this year that I certainly wouldn't have read without doing the challenge, so i'm still chuffed !! (It was all that umming and erring over which blasted trilogy to read!! Grr!! Cheers LOTR!! )

Lee xox

Saturday 12th December, 2015
In Full swing!

MAN! How quickly did that counter drop from 50-something days to almost 20!! CRAZY!!!!
I am happy to report that 9 CALster's patterns have been sent out!!! Aka. Those sexy peeps are READY TO GO !!
I still have patterns in the works for 5 sexy CALsters, but oh my goodness we're getting close guys !!
We also can't forget Jade & Joyce!! Our Sexy fellow CALsters who are joining in the CAL Party with their own patterns !
By my calculations, that means we have 16 CALSTERS almost ready to get cracking?!?!
Anyone else remember me laying down the law at the beginning of this and saying there would only be room for 10?!?!
Ouuuuuuuu watch out people!! We got ourselves a BAD ASS right here!

Lee xox

Friday 4th December, 2015
A Girl and her Stash!

First job on the list was to 'organise my stash'.... CHECK!! !!
And guys!! Guys!! THERE ARE GAPS!!!! Post-Chrissy shopping here I come !!!
However, WAY before I think about that, now that my stash is finally free of the garbage-bag prison it's been held up in for the past 6 months, it's time to get some palettes happening !
If you are among the sexy bunch of CALsters who have asked me to attempt a mock-up of your CAL palette to provide you with some extra help as far as choosing shades goes, I will now be able to get in and get that sorted this weekend !
Nothing better than to painstainkingly sort out your shelves before BUSTING INTO IT!!! AWWW YEAH!!!! LOVE IT!!! !!

Lee xox

Tuesday 1st December, 2015
Where all my nerdy Hooksters @??!!

Please say "G'Day" to Mr. Nerdy Yarn Ball! !!
I freaking this little guy! He measures 40cms x 30cms and is just the CUTEST! It is The. Most. Perfect. Yarn-y. Representation. Of. My. Soul. To. Date !
You can find the pattern for FREE right H E R E
If you do get your geeky hook stuck into this one please feel free to email me your progress pics and pics of your final piece to be featured and admired by all !!
I have a funny feeling that approximately 8 of these will be in my future... one for each seat in the house It's screaming out to be made into mini cushions dontcha think ?!?!
So aside from crocheting my geeky socks off on this lil guy, I have been busy working on some FAB CAL patterns!!! Honest to goodness hats off to you guys for choosing some amazing pictures and for being so understanding and patient during the pattern making process
I think at last count there were about 5 or 6 patterns IN. The. BAG aka. agreed upon !!
For those sexy folks, I should have your completed patterns to you by the end of this week so you can all hit the shops to snap up any pre-xmas bargains !!!

In more crocheting-related news, I decided to have a crack at something a little different for me this week... and it FAILED MISERABLY!!
I'm being a tad hard on myself there actually...
Backstory time!
Over on the Totallee.net forum on Ravelry.com, the AMAZING Crochets-alot has been posting her progress on the GORGEOUS Harry Potter CAL that is currently taking place over on Crafty Ridge Designs
guys you MUST check out this cuter than heck CAL!! 6 of the 9 panels are currently available and oh my stars they are HEART MELTING IF YOU ARE A POTTERHEAD!!
The folks participating are using a variety of different stitches and techniques on these panels, but the one I was totally smitten with is the puff / popcorn / bobble stitch that Crochets-alot is using on her panels! The best place to have a gander is on the CAL's Facebook page H E R E
Pretty darn impressive right?!?! Dayum!
So I decided to have a go !!
Let us look at the photographic evidence eh?!.... sigh....

Thanks to some great tutorials on I managed to get the hang of the stitch quite quickly! Major Yayness !
It wasn't until I had completed the second row that I noticed something a little scew-iffed

For some reason my bobbles had decided to go all 'leaning-tower-of-Pisa' on me half way through the second row How in the name of crap did that happen?!!?
No idea! However, I am determined to make it work!! I need these panels in my life!!
I've looked into it a bit further since this attempt and I think the way I was carrying my yarn was completely arse-about-face so after watching some more tutorials, i'm confident to have another go! Shall let you know how I get on !

Speaking of all things Potter, guess who got a couple of panels in her inbox !!!
The amazing hookster KENDRA has been at it again guys!!! CHECK THESE OUT!!

I Dumbledore, but my god, the COLOURS on Hedwig are just STUNNING!! She looks truly wonderful !!
Thank you so much for sharing your progress with us Kendra!!! Fan-freaking-TASTIC !!!
And before I go.... IT'S DECEMBER!!!!!! WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lee xox