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Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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Saturday 28th February, 2015
\\// Live Long And Prosper!!!

Boy oh boy. I have woken up to some very sad news this morning
Sadly the world has lost the great Leonard Nimoy. Or should I say 'this' world
I fell in love with the Star Trek world and Mr. Spock in 2012 when I watched the entire original series back to back I think I may have to revisit them.

I would like to send a MASSIVE hug and a bunch of love to the folks @ LION BRAND YARNS for sharing the Spock love on their Twitter and Instagram accounts !
I would also like to thank my gorgeous friend Di for letting me know
For those visiting the site for the first time, you will find the pattern for Mr. Spock right HERE!
Must admit to feeling a little deflated...
The world and I will miss you Mr. Nimoy

Lee xox

Thursday 26th February, 2015
One for the winter wardrobe!!!

Lee xox

Wednesday 25th February, 2015
Getting my kicks on Route 66!!!

EDIT - the 'Books' section has been updated with my progress on the Popsugar reading challenge!

I was sorting out some photos for the folks today and stumbled across this pair posing on Route 66 in 2012 ! I totally forgot about this!! I remember posing with Marilyn and a massive GORGEOUS pink Cadillac on the side of the road in Seligman, Arizona, but totally forgot about Jimmy !!
Frig nuts is was a stinker that day! So freaking hot and so many tourists, but my god I miss it like crazy!! I have GOT to get my arse back on that highway !!
Anywayz! Crochet update!!!
My Jimmy has hit 5%!!!

Man this piece is gonna be massive!!
Speaking of massive pieces, can we all get our applause on for Joyce and her mystery man!! 12.5%!!!!

Man I feel winded just seeing these updates rolling in!! Your fingeres must be a complete BLUR when they are at work girl!!! We totally need to enquire about borrowing a speed camera, just to clock the speeds those AWESOME fingers of yours are reaching!!

In other news, my Rainbow Lorikeet (he really needs a name doesn't he?! I'm going to go with 'Larry' ) has been signed, sealed and delivered to the folks at the Canberra Show!!!
I used a 3mm MDF board to back him on. Since my tension on this guy was pretty tight, I decided NOT to back him and just stretched him as is over the board. I then used a staple gun to attach him and then went over the protruding staples on the back by covering them with masking tape

Badda-bing badda-boom Larry is ready for the ball!!! SHOWTIME

I should mention that this photo was taken before I took to colouring in the staples with a Sharpie to try and blend them in a bit ! I'm excited to see him displayed when I visit the show on Friday, however I don't hold much hope on him winning anything
Sadly the judges didn't seem at all interested when I dropped him off. Then again, maybe they had some severe poker faces going on!!! !!!
No matter what, it will be a thrill to see his cheeky little face staring out at everybody !!

Much love!!
Lee xox

Sunday 22nd February, 2015
Crochet Speedsters VROOM!!!

A huge THANKYOU to everyone who expressed their interest in participating in the first Totallee CAL of 2015! All 10 places have now been taken (which is uber cool )!
For those not following peoples progress on Ravelry.com...set your peepers to STUNNED
Our first CAL piece is done and dusted ya'll!!!

Yup! Whilst we've all been deliberating on our yarn choices, going shopping etc... the Queen of crochet speedness VALERIE has FINISHED HER JIMMY D!!!!!!!
1 CAL piece down, 9 to go !
Valerie you're un-freak-ing-believeably-ly AMAZING!!! He looks unbelievable and has inspired me to add him to my to-do list, because he drops my jaw !! Colours!! All those colours - I especially the little beads of colour running through his hair too cool for school!!
If you would like to add this GORGEOUS pattern to your to-do list, or even jump right in (I would have said 'if you would like to crochet along with Valerie...etc.' but clearly it's too late for that ') please check out Valerie's Jimmy D pattern page riiiiight H-E-R-E-!-!-!

We have another crochet speedster flooring it to the finish line!!
Joyce aka. my crochet pill of enthusiasm ( I have no idea what that really means man, but we'll run with it ) has already hit 10% on her piece that is an absolute MONSTER!!! (in size, not in subject!)

Is that a FAB looking shirt or what!!?!
The secret of who it is hasn't been revealed yet, but it will be as soon as I get the pattern page up Mwahaha!!
So until then keep scratching those chins in wonder people!!!

We also have the fabulous MARION who is at 10%!!!
There's gotta be something in the water folks, because crochet hooks are clearly going ballistic the world over !

Marion those browns are looking hot and steamy my friend!!!!! Or it could just be the fact that I know the picture we're going for and i'm getting a little warm in anticipation !!!!
settle down Lee for Pete's sake...
Looking right on track so far Marion !!!!

Then there is my Jimmy D!!!
I'm only 3.7% of the way along but already i've got my happy bounce going!!!
It isn't till times like these when one comes to realise the beauty of shirt folds !!

aren't they a bit of terrific?!
I'm working on his pattern page as we speak! So if you would like to crochet along with me, you will be able too! !!
The other patterns that folks have allowed me to share are also on the way !!

In the health department, I have some FANTASTIC news!!!
I went for my long-awaited urologist appointment yesterday, fearing the worst (as you do) but walking out of there smiling like a toolbag!! It turns out my stones are not calcium but are little teeny tiny crystals that have formed at the base of my kidneys! Apparently it is a super common phenomenon in people who have had ureter re-implantation surgery! (I had that surgery at age 11). So the AWESOME news is that because of the composite of these crystals and the fact that they are all around the 2mm mark in size, I only have to take a special antibiotic that acts to dissolve the crystals over the next 3 months, which will allow me to pass them naturally! NO SURGERY REQUIRED!!!!! !! YES!!!!!!!!
I also have to avoid certain foods that have known links to the production of these little crystal nasties, like spinach, rhubarb, hot chocolate (AGH!) and some others... but nothing too drastic thank god. If these guys were on the list, to be frank, i'd rather die. But thankfully they aren't!!
So although it may take some time for the pain to subside, I am on the non-surgical road to recoveryville!!!!!
Thank you so much for all your well-wishes!! Your postivie vibes totallee jolted the cosmos into giving me some fabulous news, so I thank you all dearly
It's now time to celebrate by putting these CAL pattern pages up!! WOOP WOOP!!

Much love!!
Lee xox

Saturday 14th February, 2015
My fine feathered friend!!!!

Rainbow Lorikeet!
Started: 27th September, 2014
Completed: 14th February (aww!), 2015
No. of stitches: 39,600
No. of colours: 27
Happy as Larry?!: YES MAAM!
Now this lil cutie needs to be backed and ready to go to the Canberra show in about two weeks! I actually drove past the showground yesterday and the first of the barf rides has already been set up. By that I mean one of those insane contraptions that hoists you into the air and twirls you about till you get whip-lash, throw up and basically start to see a little white light.
Yeah i'm no good at crazy show rides.
Rollercoaster! Shove love! Me first, me first!!!
But twisty bendy whirling thing of doom .
So me thinks i'll be sticking mainly to the craft pavillion
As stressfull as my ever-shifting deadlines (real and imagined by me) have been, i've really enjoyed working on this guy For some strange reason 27 colours now seems like a total breeze and the norm! It's going to feel so weird diving into my next piece which goes back to the basic 8 shades!!

Yeah I ain't gonna lie I almost broke about 8 fingers last night, crocheting like a woman possessed to get my little birdie finished so I could FINALLY make a start on Jim
The fact that the Fox Movies Classics channel was showing 'Giant' may have helped move things along quite a bit too
So I shall be starting on Jimmy IMMEDIATELY!!!! OMG and it's Valentine's Day!! ROCK ON!
Now I have a little apologising to do!
I am mucho late in putting up the CAL patterns!! The past week has been a bit of a shocker healthwise
I was about 1 minute away from calling for the ambulance on Wednesday night. I won't go into details but it was one of the scariest moments of my life which I hope never happens again, so the Doc has ordered me to take things super easy till I see the specialist a week from today. Sadly that has included me being on some pretty strong pain meds and therefore has lead to me sleeping 23 and a half hours a day So not helpful.
So basically, the patterns will be up when they are up. Which is SOOOO frustrating!!!
But health comes first !
If you have started the CAL, please feel free to send me your progress pics!!
Now, one last thing before I wrap it up for today....

100,000 HITS!!! Thank you so much to everyone for visiting Totallee.net!!! I'm fully aware that 98,000 of those hits were probably mine But I really do thank you for stopping by
Bring it on 200,000!!!!

Much love!!
Lee xox

Sunday 8th February, 2015
The wonderful wizard of crochet - rhonda!!!!

If you don't recognise these ruby red beauties...we need to talk...
I received one of the most oh-my-goodness-my-heart-is-swelling-like-crazy types of e-mails overnight
That sentence didn't make sense did it ?!
*a hem* I received a very lovely e-mail overnight (that's better!)
The MEGASTAR that is RHONDA has been working on a piece for the last 5 MONTHS that I cannot believe!!!!
"WOW" doesn't even come within cooee of describing it guys!!!
Feast your eyes on this magnificence people....

I really am having trouble with words right now because for the past half an hour i've just been exclaiming sounds of disbelief in between sips of my morning coffee !!!
RHONDA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rhonda has been working on this MASTPIECE for the last 5 MONTHS and it is to be auctioned off at her place of work's 'Relay for Life' cancer research charity auction, with all proceeds going straight to the cancer society!!!
Rhonda I hope you can feel my virtual hugs, kisses, praise and best wishes raining down on you in Atlanta right now!!! Because OMG THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST HEARTWARMING ACTS I HAVE SEEN IN THE NAME OF CROCHET PORTRAITURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
To spend so much time and love on a piece that is simply outstanding - and to take the time to painstakingly add SEQUINS!!!! to make those ruby reds shine is un-freaking-believable and then to part with such gorgeous work for a TREMENDOUS cause is just....

I wish you every success at the auction Rhonda and hope you raise buckets of money for such importrant work!!!! You're an absolute MEGASTAR!!! Now I need to grab my second cup of heartstarter for the morning, come back and sit down and marvel at your magnificence for at least another hour...
My god.....beyond tremendous....seriously....

Much love!!
Lee xox

Saturday 7th February, 2015
Community Service Announcement!

Much love!!
Lee xox

Thursday 5th February, 2015
One day left!

The FABULOUS Marion has joined our ranks with an absolute CRACKER of a picture!!! !!
I shall leave the last 3 SPOTS open for another 24 hours! So e-mail me if you would like to participate and do it soon because this is kinda your last chance !!
In totallee un-related news,

With the return of school this week, I finally felt able to go and see Penguins of Madagascar without screaming kidlets to annoy me today...
Oh my god...friggen great!! I may have nearly choked laughing at the 'Kevin bake on' line....just saying...
Much love!!
Lee xox

Wednesday 4th February, 2015
Reading is sexy!

I am ALL OVER the Popsugar reading challenge right now kids !!
I have updated the 'BOOKS' section and have posted a new ludicrously long video on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL!
so much to the WONDERFUL sexy folks who have subscribed!! You guys deserve Christmas presents every day of the freaking year!!
I do apologise for yakking on and on, but January saw me read quite a mixed bag which I really enjoyed and therefore feel the need to yap on about

In CAL news! I have 3 more patterns to finalise with people, and then the patterns that have the O.K. to be shared will be up for all !!!
Lynne and Glenda, I will be working on your patterns first thing tomorrow and they should be with you asap!!
Joyce, I will have a play around tomorrow and hopefully Mr. Cutie will be looking flawless !!
I hope you're all excited to see what one another will be working on!!!
Still 4 spaces left!! Only 2 days left to join in the fun !!!
E-mail me if you want to join the crazy crochet party !!

Much love!!
Lee xox

Tuesday 3rd February, 2015
Jagged Little Pills...

My goodness, my apologies for being M.I.A. AGAIN for the past few days! My pain levels have been off the charts and the new meds that i'm on send me straight to Drowzytown
Brilliant for pain relief but hopeless if you actually want to do MORE with your day than just sleep, breathe and fart ....
I have no shame...
Moving on...
The rainbow squawker is @ 80%!

Only 40 rows to go!!! Which is neato because I really want to polish him off in order to jump right into the CAL!!!

Only FOUR left!!! You guys rock!!!!
The gorgeous GLENDA is the latest person made of shimmering awesomeness to join the CAL club!!! So excited to receive your picture Glenda !!
Fingers crossed I can keep my eyes open long enough tomorrow to get these CAL patterns up!!!
Gah! And I desperately need to film new vlogs!! Especially updating my reading because quite frankly that is about all I have the energy to do at the moment! I am BANG on track with the Popsugar reading challenge !!!
Four weeks in, four books down! [insert-wild-applause-here] !
Now just a reminder before I doze off again!!
There are FOUR spaces left in the CAL and I shall leave it open until Friday 6th February (Aussie Time)!!
So if you would like to participate, drop me an email and I will count you in !!
Ouuuuuuuuuuu can't wait to dive right in!!
As for right now, I gotta dive right in.....to beddy-byes...

Much love!!
Lee xox