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Lee Mac. Twenty-nine year old fibre artist. Crochet portraits = Obsession. I am surgically attached to my Ipod and crochet hook.
Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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Thursday 29th January, 2015
Magic Hooksters abound!!!!!

Man oh man what a week !
The fabulous news, is that I have my faster data speeds back!! Praise the pain in my neck the ISP!!
The really shitty news is that I am CHOC FULL of kidney stones.

Yeah okay, so this doesn't really highlight my situation but it is damn cute and makes me smile like a wally
I went for one of those super-crazy-expensive scans where they shove you in the big doughnut machine which talks to you in a weird accent and tells you to hold your breath in for disturbing amounts of time whilst it does it's clicky clicky business. Turns out I have 2 small kidney stones in the right kidney and a minimum of 3, but possibly more in the left...
Sunshine and rainbows or WHAT heh?!?
So i'm feeling a little like a ticking time bomb whilst they aren't really posing too much a of problem right now (except for a nagging back ache), they're only an issue if they become blocked and obstruct the flow of urine...
Then I am to expect a pain beyond the agony of childbirth and a pain that has been described as THE WORST PAIN ONE CAN SUFFER
Who's excited!?!
Turns out the earliest appointment I can score for a urologist is 20 something of March! Hoping to goodness my little Mick and Keiths (yes i've named them) behave themselves and stay the hell away from my ureters in the meatime!!!
My god, time for me to stop playing Doctor and show you all the UNBELIEVABLE BACKLOG OF AMAZINGNESS THAT HAS ENTERED MY INBOX!!!!

Okay, it took about half an hour of me staring at the screen and saying "WHAT!!! Nooo.....it can't be...but WHAT!!!" out loud over and over again for this piece to sink in...
Guys, this took Heather 3 YEARS to complete!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS INCREDIBLE DEDICATION!!!!!! That is a whole heap of points for your chosen house right there Heather !!! God if only I held some sort of sway over at Pottermore!! !
The crests are absolutely PERFECT, I the impact of the blue background!! It packs such a punch!!! And the fact that you took the time to work a beautiful big border in to incorporate the different sized panels...
My god Heather, hat's off my friend!! A WHOLE BUNCH OF HAT'S ARE COMING OFF RIGHT NOW !!!
But for god's sake hold on to your Nimbus 2000's people!!!

The one and only Ronda has been waving her magic crochet hook and has produced a FRIGGING STONKING HP BLANKET IN ONLY 4 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!! F-O-U-R M-O-N-T-H-S-!!!!

That is a phenomenal achievement Ronda!! It looks BEYOND GORGEOUS!!! Mine took 9 months, so I can't even imagine four!!! You're an absolute star !!
Okay, now i'm puzzled... you actually thought we were finished there?!?

The lovely Rachel has tackled the cutest, grumpiest puff of the bunch and my god it is PERFECTO....PATRONUM, okay I apologise...just had to...you know how it is...
But guys, FIRST ATTEMPT!!!! Now Rachel is considering making the leap to the Hogwarts Crest, which is fantastic!!! Best of luck with the colour hunt Rachel, may the yarn gods be with you matie !!
And last, but certainly not least!! (Only last today because of the order of my emails!!)....

The hookster extraordinaire we were introduced to in 2014, the wonderful LouAnne has made an accompanying pillow for her daughter's HP Blanket!! Absolutely smashing!!!!
That is ONE lucky bed right there!!!!

Thank you so so much to you all for sending in your pictures and sharing your HP journeys with us!!! All exceptionally brilliant !!

Okie dokie sexy people, stay tuned for an update on my crochet shiz tomorrow!! Plus the first of the Crochet-Along patterns!!! will be up and available for you to get your happy hooking hands on !!!
I also have a Popsugar challenge update on the way in written and youtube form!!!
Holy crap on a cracker, this is a mammoth entry! More tomorrow!!!
Much love!!
Lee xox

Wednesday 21st January, 2015
Welcome to 2015 and TOTALLEE.NET BABY!!!

Welcome (finally!!!) to the new look Totallee.net for 2015 sexy people!! 2015 and BEYOND because there is no way in hell I am changing it!! Frig me, over 1000 lines of manual html coding!! I had originally prepared the new site in conjunction with a Wordpress theme and then when that all went to pot, I decided to go back to a manually coded blog. You would think it would be a simple copy & paste procedure to change layouts whilst keeping the content I had prepared in Wordpress yeah?! Yeah, no. HELL NO! So between converting all my coding line by line into something compatible with my new layout and my internet servers playing silly buggers for months on end... I was millimetres away from chucking in the towel!! However, check it out!

Towel is safe and sound! Completely un-chucked!!
I have yet to code some parts to the site including my 'works-in-progress', 'new patterns' and basically all my NEW sections, but seriously, I just needed to get SOMETHING up before I went completely and irreversibly nanas!
I cannot and will not ever find the words to THANK YOU for your patience over the (god-knows how many) months it has taken to get this show on the road but by god...WE MADE IT MAN !!

In other news,

I went and got my hair did and scored myself a kidney infection Two totallee un-related events in the life of Lee this week, but nonetheless pretty gosh darn exciting...well the hair change was...
I'll be taking my kidneys on an outing to visit the ultrasound machine later this week ( !) and hopefully get some insight into where this searing pain and aching uncomfortableness is coming from and why!
In the meantime I will continue to down water like a whale and try and flush out all the nasties! Too much info Lee..
I really want to thank EVERYBODY who has contacted me re. the crochet-along already!! Only 5 spaces left!!
I really want to hug the crap out of each and every one of you but that would terrify the b-jeezuz out of each and every one of you.. so yeah you're safe (for now), but thank you for joining in!!! Tiz going to be a hoot!
I am hoping my connection (which is at 64kbs right now...yup...living in the dark ages here) will allow me to update again soon, so as I can really get things going properly!!!!
Once again, THANK YOU for putting up with this complete shambles of a re-opening!! I need to move to a city with better internet speeds/connections/companies...so basically ANYWHERE ELSE ON THE PLANET!!! Even five minutes up the road if I’m honest!
Keep your fingers, toes and ovaries crossed for me scoring a better connection sooner rather than later!!
Much love!!
Lee xox