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Lee Mac. Thirty year old fibre artist. Crochet portraits = Obsession. I am surgically attached to my Ipod and crochet hook.
Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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Wednesday 29th July, 2015

Guys, thank you x a billion million trazillion for the you have shown my jumbo Jimmy piece !! I've had comments, messages and emails coming at me from the screen since posting him and the response has been phenomenal, so thank you so so much for taking the time to say such lovely things !!
I also want to MASSIVELY thank those of you who have been on the journey since the first stitch in February! Consider yourselves squeezed to within and inch of your lives!!!
With the completion of young Jimmy, that brings the grand total of completed CAL projects to.... drumroll.... FOUR!!! Which at first I thought was kinda disappointing, as I believe I ended up making 12 patterns for people... but then I thought, maybe I went about the selection process all wrong . My guess is that most of the people who requested patterns, probably haven't attempted this type of crochet before?! So therefore may have been unaware of just how much time goes into it?!?
So maybe for the next CAL (oh yes, there will be another one ) i'll ask if entrants have attempted this form of crochet before
However! There IS still just under half the year left to go! So folks may have just been a little busy!
The AWESOME part is, the CAL is far from being a flop because...
Well..exhibit A people...

What a delicious selection eh ?!?! With TWO helpings of Jimmy !! SCREW THE CHEESECAKE BRING ME A DESERT TROLLEY LOOKING LIKE THIS!
So once again thank you to my hookster sisters for participating and making some truly gorgeous and memorable pieces !!
(Side note - is it just me or does this guy look like he's farting his love?! Just a tad off-putting isn't it?!...hmmm...)
In MAD AS HELL news,
I finished up the 'making of Jimmy' video, which I am SO super proud of and tried to upload it to my youtube channel AND my Vimeo channel and BOTH rejected it!!!
Frigging copyright issues with the song I used!!! OH MY GOD!! SO FRUSTRATING!!! I REALLY wanted you guys to see this!!
Totally my fault of course! I should have checked the whole background music Vs. copyright thing before I spent hours editing the video I guess that's just the way it is...
I have since tried to upload it into my Dropbox, but sadly it's not having a bar of it either ! It does upload, however on playback all you get is a green screen and ain't nobody wanna watch that!!!
So if anyone has any ideas on how I can get my vid up in some way to show you guys, please shoot me an email or leave a tag! I would love you forever!
The only other option I could come up with is maybe if play the movie on my laptop, film it with my camera and then upload THAT?!?! But UGH the song would still be heard clearly enough to be a problem I guess....
Ahhhhh the wonders of technology...

Lee xox

Monday 27th July, 2015

Started: 17th February, 2015
Completed: 27th July, 2015
Number of stitches: 67,620 !!

A GINORMOUS thank you to everyone who has come along for the ride!!! I'm a little misty-eyed now that my time with Jimmy has come to an end, but good gravy am I in absolute with the end result!!!
I am currently working on the 'making of' video which should be up tomorrow! So stay tuned! In the meantime, I am hitting the hay and giving my poor fingers and wrists a well earned rest

Lee xox

Sunday 26th July, 2015
Always | Dobby is free!

The wonderful ASHLEY has been crocheting up a storm folks !!! Say hello to panels #5 and #6 of her Hogwarts Bunch Blanket !!!
Can we all take a moment to appreciate the deathly hallows 'A' please?!?!?
Because it's FREAKING INSPIRED THAT'S WHY!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!
Best news ever, is that both of the patterns for these panels are available over on Ashley's PROJECT PAGE on Ravelry.com !!!
for sharing your progress and patterns with us Ashley !!!

In cute-chubby-bear-punching-happy-hearts news, JIMMY IS THREE ROWS OF BORDER AWAY FROM BEING FINISHED GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So thanks to the abysmal shitty cold, wet, rainy, ewww weather, I shall be finishing him up aka crocheting the LAST STITCH OF HIM IN ABOUT AN HOUR FROM NOW!!!!
why do I suddenly feel a pang of sadness?!?!? Oh man, i've LOVED working on this piece so much!!! It really hasn't been difficult having him grace my lap for the past 6 or so months lemme tell you! It's going to be weird not having him there keeping the old thighs warm! This is getting weird really quickly..
Now i'm going to attempt to put together a video reveal for this piece, which is a smidge exciting because i've never done that before , which (providing all my editing software behaves itself) should be up tomorrow sometime, HOWEVER if you really wanna see a picture first, lemme know and if enough peer pressure is put on me, i'll do the traditional reveal !! I'm in the privileged position of looking at him 24/7 right now, so I don't mind either way
I'm going to go finish him off right now!! AGGH!!!!!!

Lee xox

Friday 17th July, 2015
P.J.! I like that, do you know I do!

Lee the IMPULSE SHOPPER made an appearance today

I have NEVER been one for Disney princesses. Always found them UNUTTERABLY DULL Same goes for the lead male characters.... SNOOZEFEST !!!!!!!!
Give me a side-kick or a villain ANY DAY
My love for Prince John was cemented from an early age, when I would watch, re-watch, re-re-watch Robin Hood constantly, only being interupted by the occasional interjection by Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Mary Poppins and/or Sword in the Stone
Peter Ustinov!! Honestly, he nailed EVERY LINE!!!!!!!! So deliciously greedy and such a sook!! UGH I LOVE him !
And of course I couldn't leave Sir. Hiss behind! Heck, if the entire cast were there, trust me, they would have made it home too !!!
I mean, for goodness sake, does it get any CUTER?!?!?

Now to petition Pop! Vinyl to make my OTHER fave character and i'll be happy as a pig in shi-

Side note - Jimmy has 15 rows to go till completion!!!! AGGGHHH
Lee xox

Sunday 12th July, 2015
Someone's Been Eating His Veggies!

Ahhhh man you gotta blustery freezing winter onesie-wearing weekends !!
Choc full of Jimmy Dean movies, and gallons of coffee Bloody FABULOUS!!
Piss off Monday, you are SO not wanted man !!
In more important news LOOK!!!!

He's on his way to becoming the HOTTEST king sized portrait this side of everywhere !!!
Thank god I don't work out, because man i'd be dangerous ! Holding 214 rows of pure hunkiness up for about 20 seconds here has burnt out my guns man
Iron woman of the year right here folks. Look no further
I also really must take 2 seconds out of your day to tell you just how much I appreciate cowboy hat brims right now lovely long lashes of black shadow!!! UGGH LOVING ME A BIT OF THAT RIGHT NOW!!!
I reckon it has shaved at least 30 mins off a row !
Right, time to stop being a lazy slob, time to finally get out of my PJ's (straight into a fresh pair) and get back into it!!! WOO!!

Lee xox

Saturday 4th July, 2015
Sepia Cowboy hits 70%!

By god this is a sloooooooooooow going piece
and his forehead still has no end in sight!!
I'm also having major WIP-bag-related issues, because this thing is growing at such a rate that it doesn't fit in a normal shopping bag anymore
Aww my lil' cowboy is growing up so fast... bless.
So naturally, i've also had to progress to only being able to work on him in bed where I can spread him out! (Jeezuz this post is riddled with double entendres #colourmeguilty)
I'm also running DANGEROUSLY low on a couple of shades ...
So all in all, this reads as if i'm in a terrible space with this piece
Thankfully, all I gotta do is lay it out on the floor, take a step back and take it all in and whaddayaknow?!

It looks mighty fine
Lee xox