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Lee Mac. Thirty year old fibre artist. Crochet portraits = Obsession. I am surgically attached to my Ipod and crochet hook.
Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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Saturday 27th June, 2015
Jelly Dean!

A HUGE thank you to Ms. Valerie for showing me this DELICTABLE portrait of Mr. Dean ALL JELLY BEANS GUYS!!!! The 'yumminess' is working on two levels
Honest to goodness creativity is such a beautiful thing I can't handle the feels...
How frigging tragic would it be if you were placing the very last bean into position and you sent them in a thousand different directions with an ill-timed sneeze?! Doesn't bare to think about does it

The incomparable COOKIE has reached 45% on her piece featuring a lovely 'feathered' friend !! I get to be a bit of tease here because clearly I know how gorgeous the original image is, but what I can tell you is that this piece is THE SPITTING IMAGE of the pattern I generated!! SO STOKED!! Cookie, your colour choices are bang on my friend !!

Lee xox

Tuesday 23rd June, 2015
Say Hello to 65%!!

Lee xox

Friday 19th June, 2015
Cheers Guys!

Hi guys!! Things have been CRAZY my end!!! Thought I had better check in and let you all know that..
A) I'm still breathing and am on the right side of the daisies !
B) I'm still committed to the CAL!! Even though I have slacked off BIG TIME when it comes to updates !
C) I'm still aiming to get the promised vids up!! Even though it seems like Chrissy trees will be up before the vids will be at this point...

UNFORTUNATELY this temporarily-moving-out-of-my-house-so-it-can-get-some-much-needed-renovations-done thang is dragging out longer than expected !
Now to top it all off, it appears that there was a little fire in the roof last night due to a dodgy water heater! FUN!!! LET'S HOPE IT NEVER ENDS EH?!?! - OH MY GOD please let the surprises end !!!
So aside from turning into a mad-eyed stessball everything is ooooooooookay!
In the meantime, Keep your hooks happy ladies!! Will try and join you ASAP!!
Lee xox

Tuesday 9th June, 2015
Lionel, the stage is set my friend....

Lee xox

Monday 8th June, 2015
"You Got That James Dean Daydream Look In Your Eyes.."

Jimmy @ 60%!

I know i'm going out on a limb here.. but guys.... I do believe this is the SEXIEST yarn has ever looked
A glass of freezing cold water to the face, really is called for right about now...
Can you tell i'm a little bit ga ga over how this piece is turning out?!?!? I reached the eyes and had my 'uggggh shit this is going to be way too dark' moment, but now that his forehead has popped in and said g'day, I believe we have averted catastrophe and will be peachy keen jellybean !
Now it's time to venture into acres and acres of HAT!
I HOPE I bought enough dark brown to get me through!! I have enough black to last me to the end of time but as for the next shade up... hmmmm...
I bought this yarn before the winter season's colours came in so i'll prolly be up you-know-where-without-a-you-know-what if I do run dry... DON'T FAIL ME NOW CROCHET GODS!

OH! by the way!!!!
It's been a while eh?!? I'm so sorry but GOOD GRAVY has life been upheaved and tossed around for me lately! Time for blogging has totallee evaporated for me these past few weeks!
The main reason is that i'm getting some much needed work done to my little place over the coming months, which has brought on an early'spring clean'! OH MY GOD IT HAS BEEN A JOB AND A HALF!!!!!!
ANYONE who says they enjoy going through everything they have acquired over the last 10 years is freaking LYING THIER BUM OFF !!!
It's tedious, monotonous and NEVER ENDING!!! [INSERT - - HISSY FIT - HERE]
Everyone was telling me how cathartic the process would be, and yes i'm starting to see the positives by unloading a load of crap, but UGH deciding what to chuck and what to keep has been stress-inducing lol!
E.g. Do I need this lint roller?!
Lee's brain = "Yes! You may not be able to find another one"
Lee's logic = "You have 3 others in the cupboard. You last used it in 2006. It costs about a buck at the discount store. Throw the bloody thing."
Lee's brain = "Hold on a sec, let's think this through..."
Lee =

So I wish I could say i've been spending my time in a constructive and positive way, but no... i've been stressing over lint rollers and whether or not I really need to keep 20,000 tea towels or cull it to 10.

However! Now with the bulk of the work done, i'll be free to be online a little more!
I believe I have finally found some better video editing software! So the Neville Puff pattern and tutorial SHOULD not be too far away!! In the meantime i'll try and give Jimmy a hat brim!

Apolgoies for the lack of video update too! Hoping to return to it asap!!!
Lee xox