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Lee Mac. Thirty year old fibre artist. Crochet portraits = Obsession. I am surgically attached to my Ipod and crochet hook.
Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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Tuesday 31st March, 2015
Allow Harry [and gang!]!!

The magnificent magical crocheter NYM is responisbile for this absolutely impeccable Hogwarts Bunch Blanket !!!! Mate, this is an absolute STUNNER!!!
I do remember seeing a few panels, but HOLY CRAP they look amazing all together!!! You're Voldy panel is friggin ACE not only because it is Voldemort, but my god that positioning is sweet-as GLARING down at young Hazza like that! Blooming PERFECT!!!
Cheers x 1000 for taking the time to send me the picture, because this is such an incredible piece !! You're a blooming CHAMPION NYM !!!!

Sadly, I didn't get up to any crocheting over the weekend, due to a side-project that is zapping every spare second which I won't reveal just yet, because it is super far away from ready but AGH the planning stages are super exciting
I also followed young Stitch's lead up there and read till my eyes were in need of a new script. Not joking. I got a new script for my eyeballs yesterday. GETTING NEW GLASSES!!! I was so stoked because my optometrist had some gorgeous new frames in stock and since the bad boys I currently have are from 2011, I was so ready for a change ! In saying that, I actually ended up choosing a pair that is quite like the ones I have
They are a slightly different shape though and instead of being black with splices of shiny red metallic lines, these are black but with a super bright PINK inside ! Will definitely show them off when I get them
Anywho, what the hell was I going to say?!? OH yeah! READING! I'm about 70 pages away from finishing my current book/challenge which will take me up to 12 [and a bit]. 'A bit', because I have finished the first book in the Hitchhiker's series, but to complete the 'challenge' per se, I need to polish off two more (which will actually be 4 more, because dingleberry here chose a series with five books instead of a trilogy. Complete Toolbag.)
So I shall pop up another little youtube vid tomorrow-ish to update where I am at and where I am going !
I will certainly try to get a crochet update happening soon, i'm just totallee in a reading kinda mood Strange how those moods come and go isn't it?! I put whatever book it is down and 3 seconds later i'm missing it like crazy!!
For the sake of your lonely hook Lee, learn to walk away girl!!!

Lee xox

Friday 27th March, 2015


UGH One of my fave scenes from 'Giant' right there
Such a pity he and Elizabeth had such little screen time together So much gorgeousness for one little screen!
Totallee up for some crazy crochet time this weekend FACE = AGGHH!!!!
I'll also be really glad to be past those vast stretches of black! Usually I am all for long stretches of one colour, but the black yarn I chose was super cheap and although it says it's 8ply on the label, to say I am highly skeptical and would bet both my kidneys on it NOT being 8 ply, I believe it is just a tad too thin and therefore my long stretches are sagging a wee bit! And for Pete's sake, nobody wants to be sagging a wee bit
However, I have enountered this little yarn snag before and am confident as soon as some other background colours make their way onto center stage, the piece will stretch out into perfectness. Doesn't hurt to cross all appendages just in case though!
I also want to crack on and finish up 'The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy' and hopefully knock over some other Popsugar reading challenges before then returning to Hitchhikers book #2! I'm enjoying book one but let me tell you, it is definitely not a piece to take seriously! You really need to have your silly hat on whilst reading it and be prepared to slip into the madness and nonsensical-ness of it all! Super fun so far!
Here's to a wonderful weekend friends!!
Lee xox

Tuesday 24th March, 2015
Group Hug!!

Lets hear it for my queen gals and CAL pals You guys are crocheting up an almighty storm !!
CAL'ers Lynne and Cookie are getting and have gotten their yarns in order to begin their respective masterpieces !!!!

Both palettes are looking gorge girls !! To say that I am 'excited' to see you both get underway would be the understatement of the century! CAN'T WAIT!!!! !!!

There is also some FANTASMAGORICAL (I need to buy a thesaurus ) updates from Marion and Joyce!!!
Marion has taken Mr. Ian SEXYPANTS Somerhalder to a WHOPPING 60%!!!

Joyce has taken Mr. Harry Styles to 50%!! and OH MY FREAKING GRAVY HE HAS HALF A SMILE PEOPLE!!!!!

These updates you guys!!! It's like flipping Christmas in my inbox every couple of days !!
I'm feeling pretty cool for school right now, because FOR ONCE I can join you both at this update party!! Jimmy is @ 20%!

Why yes my friends... THAT is the shadow of his chin!!! BOOYEAH!!!! !!
We are all on fire!! I propose a new official CAL uniform!!

Lee xox

Sunday 22nd March, 2015
HK Meets The Simpsons!!

I simply do not know how I missed this announcement back in October 2014, but guys.... the kawaii retailer JapanLA has merged Miss HK with The Simpsons !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lastly, this cardigan guys...SERIOUSLY!!!!

Oh my goodness I need to track these down!!! Seriously, this is the kind of thing that keeps the world spinning in a fabulous direction for me and my oh so simple pleasures
If any of you sexy people find them cheapish around your travels, please holla!!
Ahhh this has totallee made my day.
Lee xox

Friday 20th March, 2015
Neck Muscles and Collarbones!!

I am nowhere near 20% yet, but people...can we take a moment to appreciate some neck muscles and collarbones eh? !!

Things are moving on up!!!
Man oh man I am looking forward to reaching his FACE
I may or may not be able to handle it...only time will tell
There is also an update from the FABULOUS JEAN!!!

Although looking FAB Jean has touched on a point with me that seems to be pretty common and that is the curious case of the colour grey! I wonder why it's such a difficult shade to find!?!? I hear that darker greys are always easier to find than the lighter shades - I wonder why that is!??
Unfortunately I seem to be incredibly fortunate because greys have never been a problem for me to find... Australians must go through enough of it to warrant a good supply to always be on hand?!? We must wear a lot of grey?!?! How boring
Maybe we need to put the pressure on some big companies to head on over to the 'lighter shades of grey' side!!
Hang in there though Jean Hopefully the shades you need are in the very next shop!!!

Lee xox

Wednesday 18th March, 2015
Hooks and Books Baby!!

BLAZING through the books right now!!!!
This challenge has been so flipping great and has really kept me enthused and excited about reading !
Sadly, that means some precious precious time has been stripped off time with my hook and given to books!
HOWEVER! I DO have an update for you!!
Young Mr. Dean has reached 15%!

Aaaaawwww Yeeeaaahhh
So happy that I have finally managed to take a photo that shows the TRUE colours I am using for him A whole heap warmer and more vibrant' than what you've been seeing eh?!? Bitchin` !
In super hyper mega news, the FABULOUS Joyce has taken Mr. Styles up to..
40%! !!!

You are my HERO GIRL!!!! !!!!
In more EXCITING CAL news..
The angel known as Jean has begun work on her piece !!

Whey-hey Jean!!! The ultra cool thing about seeing the beginning of this piece is that it is a personal piece depicting a very special member of the family and therefore it will be a complete surprise as we watch it come to life !! Jean, i'm a looking and i'm a liking already my friend !!
I hope all my cal'ers are getting their pieces underway! Don't forget to e-mail in your progress! We would to join you on your journeys!!
I am now going to bugger off, stuff my face with some lunch and then get back to my painting!! Not a whole lot to see just yet, as I have just put down my base colour but i'm itching to get started for real!!!
Will be sure to let you know how it's going

Lee xox

Sunday 15th March, 2015
Creative Floodgates Have BURST OPEN!

JOYCE AND MARION YOU ARE FLOORING ME WITH THESE UPDATES!!!!! Joyce, I am so goddamn ecstatic that you have the patience of a saint and chose this picture with THIS shirt because for goodness sake it has worked up BEAUTIFULLY !!
The grey shading within the folds is adding so much DEPTH and AGH! It's really bringing him right out I can't remember the last time I was THIS excited about a shirt ....
MARION i've said it before and i'll say it for the rest of my life, these shades you've chosen are so freaking SEXY!! They transport me straight into one of those sexy ads for chocolate! You know the ones with that whole satin sheet vibe and the rivers of melted chocolate twisting through the air and AGH YUM!!
You know the kinda thing i'm talking about yeah?!?!

So take out the chick eating ice cream, but UGH this is what flashes across my mind everytime I see an Ian update !!
Which is total food porn for my brain but not so crash hot for my diet !
Marion he is looking BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing like a good bit of chin action to motivate the fingers eh?! !!
Sadly, I don't have a Jim update yet! I have had a steller couple of days though! Unfortunately I haven't been home much, but I do plan to get stuck back into him tonight !!
So excited to hear that other CAL'ers are super close to starting !!! Cheering you on guys!! Can't wait to see your progress !!

In Popsugar reading challenge news, I will be filming my third update video this afternoon! I'm almost 10 books/challenges down I also have a TBR (To Be Read) pile that is growing by the minute that I really want to assign some challenges to and I will endevour to do that as well!
I ALSO want to continue preparing my canvas!

Yes! I have finally taken the plunge and am having a go @ PAINTING!!! !!!
I have wanted to try my hand at painting for the last couple of years now (it makes my New Years rezzie list every freaking year) and FINALLY after getting out and about and seeing a few exhibitions recently, I went out and bought all the crap I think I am going to need (I really have no blinking clue what i'm doing), and after watching a lovely lady on youtube tell me about 'Gesso-ing my canvas' that is where I am currently up to !
Apparently I need to pop one to two more coats of this stuff on and then I lightly sand the canvas to get a nice smooth finish then i'll have it made in the shade and I can start playing around with the paint rainbow !!!
NO IDEA what will come out the end of my brush, but here's to becoming the new Picasso baby!!!

Lee xox

Friday 13th March, 2015
It's raining Sarahs ya'll!

Today is no longer Friday 13th (ouuuu scary) of March, i'm sorry, but I declare it officially scraped to make way for 'Sarahsday'.
All those in favour?! -
I have received two seperate e-mails from two seperate Sarahs, who are both EQUALLY AWESOME!!!!

AAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! Sarah has sent in a picture of a piece of her own design depicting her BEYOND ADORABLE GRANDDAUGHTERS!!! Seriously!!! If the universe needed anymore evidence that bows make everything 5 zillion times cuter!! HERE IT IS!!!!
Sarah they are absolute cutie pies and you've done a superbly wonderful job at creating a truly gorgeous piece Thank you so much for sharing!!!!
And check it out the Sarah show continues!!!!
I received an e-mail with progress pics from Sarah, showing her steady progress through a very familiar face

Wanna hear the bestest part (which has been happening A LOT with all you FABUOLOUS PEOPLE sending in your pictures recently)..
I mean holy crap you guys have some mad skills!! I really feel I need to humiliate myself here to prove a point!
Here is my shitty first attempt!!! And yes, I have to say SHITTY because it's CAPITAL LETTER SHITTY!!

Now I know everyone has to start somewhere but jeez Louise I SUCKED!!!
This was my first piece and was supposed to depict the logo of my Dad's fave radio station in the 70's - It ended up depicting a HOT MESS !
I mean good gravy, between the OBVIOUS change in white yarn, the tension and the thankgod-you-can't-really-see-them-because-this-picture-is-too-small little bobbly bits from where I didn't pull my tie-offs through properly, i'm surprised I kept crocheting !
So believe me when I say, you guys are FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC !!
Or to put it another way...

Lee xox

Wednesday 11th March, 2015
Hogwarts Crue!

Harry Potter Mail Call!!!!!
The AWESOMELY AMAZING ANTHONY has sent in his FIRST EVER ATTEMPT at this form of crochet and oh my god it's only Harry Freaking Potter !!!

Anthony this is FANTASTIC for a first attempt!!! Man it's FANTASTIC for ANY attempt but is even MORE mind-blowing as a first piece!!
I'm raising my wand (crochet hook) in salutation my friend !!!
I am totallee digging the purple background!! Love seeing little differences in peoples pieces Thank you for sending him in !!!! BLOODY BRILLIANT!!!!
In holy-crap-guess-what-i've-scored-tickets-to news...

So friggin stoked!! I saw Motley Crue for the first time when they supported KISS on their last tour of Aus and they blew.me.AWAY! Honest to god that show hit my top 3 of all time instantaneously! So I made a promise with myself to see them again ASAP and BANG they announce this farewell tour with ALICE FREAKING COOPER!!!! We are SO not worthy man!!!!
I may or may not have already made a playlist based on their current setlists. I may or may not have already decided on my outfit and therefore have hung my gorgeous faux leather jacket up in my room as a daily reminder. I may or may not be frightening the crappers out of my fellow motorists by CRANKING THE VOL IN MY CAR TO THE MAX and belting out "GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS" at the top of my lungs at every set of traffic lights...
Yeaaaah a teeny bit of that may be happening
AAAGGH!! Can't wait!! BRING ON MAY!!!!!!!!!!

Lee xox

Tuesday 10th March, 2015

Honest to crikey, everytime I blink this girl has gone 5% further!!! JOYCE, i'm flipping out man!! You're KILLING IT!!!! !!
Young Mr. Styles has hit 25%! folks!!!!

The chin is not too far away my friend !!!!
God, now i'm all giddy!! I'm nowhere near the chin but I do have a nice bit of chest action goin' down !!
Jimmy @ 13.something%!!

My inner artist is feeling a little deflated, because the colours look really muted in this shot, but in person they really do radiate a nice warm sepia hue! Lee, get over it man... there is chest action, soon to be followed by neck action !!
That sounded a little pervy/creepy didn't it?!?...
Speaking of pervy/creepy!! (Well i've gone there so I may aswell continue...)
I have found my MOST FAVE GIF EVER!!!

Ask me what my favourite sandwich is!! Seriously!!! Ask me!!!
Heaven you can keep your fluffy pink clouds and 24/7 ice creams shops, I would like to be transported into this GIF. I don't care how it happens, but my eternal happiness depends on it!!
Jimmy Dean + Paul Newman. I can't even....

Lee xox

Monday 9th March, 2015
Mystery #2 SOLVED!! Ahh-Woooo!

Oh my goodness Lynne, i'm such a tool bag, I am so truly sorry
I have a memory like a freaking sieve and whilst I was trying to get my site back online, Lynne sent me pictures of her finished TOTALLEE MYSTERY PATTERN NUMBER 2!!!!

I promised Lynne I would reveal the piece when the site was relaunched because she is the FIRST PERSON to make mystery pattern #2 and it is BEYOND STUNNING and I totallee and utterly failed to do that!!
Lee = !!!
I am now in the process of reworking the 'mystery #2' page and will be popping up Lynne's AMAZING piece in it's place !!
Man, I LOVE the little glint of white in those intense eyes !!
Honestly there is only one other being on the planet that could be more in love with this piece than all of us....

AWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! Lynne's precious little pup is keeping him toasty warm
If you would like to follow in Lynne's crocheting footsteps and bring this gorgeous piece into your life, head on over to the pattern page right HERE

Because who the frig doesn't love wolves?!?!

Lee xox

Sunday 8th March, 2015

Now let us say G'Day to the patterns being shared!! !!


What a FABULOUS bunch huh!!! A real pick n' mix of some famous talent past and present on show right there !!
As I mentioned in the video, if you like the look of any of these patterns, please feel free to join in and send your progress pics in I will have the links to these patterns in the pattern archive and will also have them at the tippy top of the CAL page for easy access I will also add people's progress pictures to the CAL page, so you can easily check in and see where each piece is at !!
Like the most recent updates from JOYCE and MARION !!!

I do believe I am going to have to go out on a limb here and say this CAL is the bestest idea i've ever had
Now that i've said that, it totallee gives me another chance to show off our first finished CAL piece again !!

It's official. I will never tire of looking at this piece

Lee xox

Wednesday 4th March, 2015
Inbox LOVE!!!

The MARVELOUS CAL hookster JILL has already hit 20%!! on her yet to be revealed mystery man !!
Jill, look at that collar my friend!!! That is one sexy bunch of collar folds right there !!!
And if there is anyone who knows more about 'sexy collar and shirt folds' right now, i'd like to meet em' because this is where i'm at with Jimmy @ 10%!

Eh?!! EH!!??? Am I right or am I RIGHT!! SEXY!
Jill we are fair dinkum ( Aussie slang) princesses of crocheted shirt and collar folds !
I should mention that I didn't sleep very well last night and I just had a large cup of coffee... aka. talking crap this morning
Not only is the CAL going GANGBUSTERS, I have received an inbox CHOC FULL of talent !!!

The marvelous LOUANNE has made this ADORABLE Pooh blanket for her Granddaughter in Colorado Isn't it BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE all those little uniform dots and Pooh is just so sweet! AGH!! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous work LouAnne, you clever, talented star you !!!

OH MY GOD Let me tell you, there a few things MORE exciting than seeing a bunch of HP panels come through one's inbox !!!!
SHIRLEY is now up to FOUR panels and is set to tackle her fifth!!!
Shirley, you are raising the roof with these!! LOOKING AMAZING!!!!!
AGH!! So many hooks going GANGBUSTERS right now!!!! WOO!!!

Lee xox

Monday 2nd March, 2015
Why SO Serious???!!

Image credit: 'frogrockr' on Ravelry.com

Well I just had an 'interesting' experience in picking up Larry from the Canberra Show!
Side note - for those not on ravelry.com, Larry scored a 'Highly Commended' aka. yeah not really anything
WARNING I'm about to go all 'soapbox' here!!
So I walk into the pavillion to collect him, get marked off, ask "okie doke, so I can go and grab him?!" and then...
The head steward, who has always been quite pleasant in the past, proceeded to give me a lecture on how I attached my exhibition tags, how the staples did not aid to the presentation and that 'it' had fluff all over it.
..... then some nosy woman picking up her work says "sticky tape is your best friend" in a condescending tone over my shoulder.
I wish to god I was quick enough to mention that when I won overall champ 2 years ago, I attached my tags in EXACTLY the same place and I presented the piece with the staples in ( you guessed it) EXACTLY the same way. Unfortunately I wasn't quick enough to tell Ms. Nosy to go suck an egg either... doesn't it just suck when you think of the perfect comebacks 10mins later when you're in the car!!
So after mulling over what had just happened I thought..
a) the crochet section @ the Canberra Show can go and get
but MORE importrantly,
b) are in desperate need of some chill pills!!!
There was no..
a) "Thank you for entering!"
b) "Congratulations on scoring a 'highly commended'!"
c) "We hope to see you again next year!"
d) "Here are a few pointers that may help you when you next present your piece.."
Nope! None of that! I just had a crabby old bat give me a lecture, with no 'thank you', 'cheerio' or 'kiss my foot' !!
Honestly, there is no need for that kinda attitude! IT'S A SMALL TOWN FAIR~~!!! YOU AREN'T JUDGING THE ARCHIBALD HERE GUYS!!
I don't have a problem with not winning in the slightest! I do however have a problem with being lectured in public on what NOT to do! Even though all I did was follow the instructions on the exhibition letter!
I just hope to god they don't give the same sort of lip to the kids who entered! I wouldn't put it past them after my experience!
Ahhh boy, so sorry about ranting, but it's attitudes like this that really spoil what could otherwise have been a fun experience! I entered Larry because I thoroughly enjoyed seeing his cheeky face staring out at thousands of people who came through the gates. It's a thrill seeing something you created under the lights. But after this experience, I won't be entering again! The fun has been taken out of it!
GAH! Majorly IRKED!
These chicks clearly need to go and get some FUN injections !!!

Lee xox

Sunday 1st March, 2015
G'Day Autumn!!!

Autumn time!! My kinda weather Chunky scarves, long sleeves, jeans, SLOUCHY HATS.. Heaven.
Now it's time for a scary sign ...

I should mention that this ONLY REFERS TO THE CAL
I did say it was closed, but I am making it truly OFFICIAL now because I couldn't say no to a few people who got in touch over the past few days But I really have to put the stop sign up now! We now have 12 FABULOUS CROCHETERS taking part !!!
I have made painstakingly slow progress on getting the patterns up! 2 x Jimmy D's are up! Along with a heart-melting shot of lil Shirley Temple! Lynne's pic, Mr. Sexypants aka. David Cassidy has also made his way into this crochet party
To check out the latest CAL patterns, be sure to keep checking the patterns page, located in the navigation bar at the top of the page
If you do decide to crochet along, be sure to send me happy snaps of your progress!!
Speaking of happy snaps,

The AMAZINGLY TALENTED SARAH (and yes Sarah you SO ARE!) whipped up Bella and Edward as a birthday present for her sister, who LOVED IT!! Wanna know why Sarah is super crazy talented ?!?
Brilliant stuff Sarah!! I'm looking forward to hearing of progress on the next one (hint hint!)!!
Whilst we're discussing super legends...
I am sitting here in awe. Seriously.

OH MY GOD JOYCE you're an absolute CROCHET STAR!!!! 15% ALREADY!!!
We now have the hint of a BACKGROUND STRIPE!!! WHICH IS BLOODY AMAZING IN THE WORLD OF PORTRAIT CROCHET PEOPLE!!!! I honestly think people think we're slightly unhinged when we get crazy stupid excited over such things Joyce, but I feel ya man!! Solidarity sister!!!
I will be rocking up to this CAL party with my Jimmy at 10% FOR SURE tomorrow!!!

Lee xox