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Lee Mac. Thirty year old fibre artist. Crochet portraits = Obsession. I am surgically attached to my Ipod and crochet hook.
Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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Monday 25th May, 2015

HOLY CRAP talk about a SEVERE case of blog neglect Not cool Lee. Not cool!!!
Everything is a-okay! I've just been busy as heck this past week
You know what - I shall post a lil vlogola tomorrow just to bring everything up to speed ! (So much easier than crapping on here for 3 pages )
Shall catch up with you on the flip side of today sexy people!!

Lee xox

Friday 15th May, 2015
Soooooo close to those baby blues (or browns in this case..)!

He's totallee looking friggin fab though ain't he ?!?!
We have reached the stage now, where if I leave him spread out on the floor, leave the room, forget about him and I re-enter the room....I freak out because it looks like one of those life-like pavement drawings that look so friggin real it's as if you can see them BREATHING right there on your carpet!
Freaky man
You know what else is super freaky...
For those not on Ravelry.com (because i've already gushed about it over there), I went into Target the other day on a complete whim and had a good squizz at their $5 rack and....

Yeeeeah... I don't think I am allowed back at that particular store now....
Maaaay have broken some sound barriers when my excitement level peaked at somewhere near Jupiter....
I have decided to wear it tomorrow night when I go and ROCK MY ARSE OFF seeing these bad bastards!!!!

WOO!! I have been SO READY for this show for SO LONG!!!!
I had a sneaky read of a couple of reviews and although some were less than generous when commenting on the 'appearance' of certain members (for Pete's sake, give em a break! They've been at it forever and are allowed to look more than a tad dishevelled!!), all signs are pointing to an EXCELLENT show
Unfortunately it means waking up at stupid o'clock to bus it up to Sydney, but frig man, it's all in the name of ROCK therefore, you do what ya gotta do!!!!!!!!!

Lee xox

Tuesday 12th May, 2015
Ahhh Chu!

That has been the story of my life for the past 5 days. Winter colds!!! BLUUURGH GUYS!!! !!!
Dizzy, coughy, fevery, weird-coloured-stuff-coming-out-of-every-orificey-too-much-info-Lee-y
So I have been taking things nice and slow this week. With 90% of my time being spent with my eyes closed whilst emitting a low yet constant snoring sound coming from the nose/mouth area
As a result not too much to look at here....
HOWEVER! With my nose slowly returning to normal, i'll be able to film the "to camera" bits for my Neville puff tutorial in the next day or so and then the pattern will be up for the old pro's and a tutorial for the beginners will be up to hopefully get you started !!!
Apart from appearing out of it on flu meds, I will also have a new hair colour! Check out what is happening tonight !!

Hoping to heck it doesn't come out orange or Ronald McDonald-esque! But! If it all goes to pot, i've got a gorgeous array of slouchy hats to get me through till the next dye experiment
Lee xox

Tuesday 5th May, 2015
Heaven Help Us, She Got A Loyalty Card!

Guess where I went today !!
Man I was so excited because the 'classics' section was fully stocked and ahhhh!! SO many pretty editions!!!
Almost had to ask a staff member to escort me the hell out of there but I calmed down and reminded myself that this shop opens everyday and that I didn't need to go into debt to the tune of $5 million squillion dollars in 5 minutes...
So I managed to get out of there with just two books

However, I may have signed up for a loyalty card before leaving....

There is no hope for me
I tell you what though, I was expecting 'Aesop's Fables'to be a bit meatier! Each fable is only 10 - 15 lines long !
I guess the only experience of Aesop's Fables i've had is courtesy of these guys...

So therefore thought they were longer than just the actual moto
As for 'Don Quixote', it's been on my TBR for quite a while! At 736 PAGES it's an absolute MONSTER, so I may leave him till my next holiday or Christmas!
Anywho! Books aside! we got ourselves a CAL UPDATE

For the folks not on Ravelry.com, DI has reached 30%!!! on her CAL piece !!
For those familiar with Anime, you'll recognise a familiar face (or two ) already!!!
For those not familiar, sit back, relax and watching the updates roll in as Di works her magic !! Looking FAB already Di!!!!
Lee xox

Sunday 3rd May, 2015
Joyce has got major STYLE(s)!!

What a way to welcome the GLORIOUS month of MAY !!!
The SUPERSTAR CROCHETER JOYCE has become the THIRD hookster to cross the CAL finish line
The hours and hours of work, dedication, focus and that has gone into making this true materpiece, absolutely blows me away !!
AGGHHH so happy for you and proud of you!!! Thank you x a squillion for taking part and showing us all the true brilliance of this craft !!!
Man I honestly don't want to post an update after this show of brilliance
But Mr. Dean has reached 45%!

But honest to goodness, today is all about Joyce and Mr. Harry Styles people!!! PHENOMENAL!!!
From this moment onwards, Joyce, this is the only shirt you shall ever need my friend (female version of course)

Lee xox