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Wednesday 25th November, 2015
wingardium leviOs-AMAZING !!

We've had a hookster using her crochet hook as one HECK of a wand in the south of England guys !!!!
Everybody give it up for the magnificent JANE and her mad skills in bringing Hermione and Buckbeak (the pattern can be found over @ Textile Transfigurations) to life !!!
Jane has made these two for her Godchildren for Chrissy!! ( Oh god, I hope I haven't let anything out of the bag there Jane!!! Ahh!! Don't show them the site whatever you do !!!)
You've done an absolutely SMASHING job Jane!! Thank you so much for sharing your work with us !!! Jane currently has a Harry in the works, so keep your eyes peeled guys
In CAL-along piece news,

It's @ 50%!
Any guesses yet?!?! Yeah there's really no point in guessing, because yes, you're right
The pattern is super easy and quick to work up so I may just make it again and have a reversible lil cusion
Anywayz, as soon as i've finished this side, the pattern will be posted !!
Ou! Whilst i'm in the house, I want to thank all my CALsters for being super patient as I work with each and every one of you on each of your patterns My word you are a special bunch!!
To those of you I HAVEN'T yet got back to, FOR THE LOVE OF WOOL DON'T PANIC!!!!!
You have NOT been forgotten!!! I should be able to get around to you ALL by the end of this weekend !!
I just want to make sure I get the right patterns and palettes for everyone, so consultation is key!!!
Cat Dude, I feel you man !!

Lee xox

Monday 23rd November, 2015
Rawr Rawr Rawr !!

Am I the only one struggling to come up with the right words to represent how STONKINGLY MAGNIFICENT LouAnne's wolf truly is?!?!?!
I. Mean. WOWZERBALLS is all i've got coming to mind at the moment and that's just a terrible word, but i'm in AWE !!!
LouAnne, I raise my flute of bubbly to your accomplishment my friend!!! Truly spectacular !!
I believe we all need to take a moment to collectively appreciate the beauty of the border LouAnne has added to this piece, because it sets the whole piece off WONDERFULLY and is the perfect frame to a perfect piece !
We also need to take a moment to acknowledge that LouAnne has made this as a gift for her 9 year old wolf-loving Granddaughter !!
Thank you for sharing your piece with us LouAnne!! I always get excited when I see an e-mail from you in my inbox!! Especially with an attachment !!!

Lee xox

Sunday 22nd November, 2015

Credit: Oamul.com

I made a start on the 'CAL companion' piece last night! I say companion, because this is a quick little piece that will be there for those wanting to crochet-along if they didn't make the cut for the CAL
Shush Lee and just show the progress piccie!

Okay, so you prolly dont need to have an Einstein brain to see what this is shaping up to be, but it does have a cute little twist coming up !
The only trouble I forsee, is that i'm going to want to make one of these in every colour scheme imaginable, make them into cushions, and pop one on each and every seat in the country. #GOALS right?!?!
Rightio angels, I am diving back into the world of pattern making!! Once everyone is totally smiley with their patterns, they will be sent out one by one and then we can all get our arses to the shops and spend those coins on some sexy yarn balls !
( Did I really just say 'sexy yarn balls'?!? I'm so sorry...)

Lee xox

Friday 20th November, 2015
I should not be allowed to mall crawl...

Geeky Haul from Lee Mac on Vimeo.

So I bought a couple of 'house-warming' gifts @ the mall today ...
AREN'T THEY FREAKING COOL!!!!! My life is over... how the hell am I supposed to leave the bloody tetris lamp alone?!? It's AMAZING
I also have a lil' something something on order too! I actually haven't been to the mall I visited today in about 3+ months and was just meandering around and then BAM, spotted this AMAZING Pop culture store! Choc full of everything geeky you can imagine I was tossing up whether or not I should try and sell a kidney on the spot because serisouly I could have taken 3/4's of the store home with me if i'd have had the do$h !

In CAL news, I would like to thank everyone for being so patient as I work my way down the list of participants So far folks seem pretty happy with their patterns and I am in the midst of refining a few, but so far things are shaping up beautifully !!
I have also made a start on the CAL piece for those of you who missed out on a place and/or would like to sink your hooks into something, but are patternless
The mystery will be revealed just as soon as I finish the piece and type the pattern up!
Now, I am going to get a lovely cool drink and get back into some pattern-creating!!
(Right after I mess about with Mr. Tetris Lamp again.... I love it!)

Lee xox

Friday 13th November, 2015
Clickity Clack!!!!!

Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu guys!! CALsters pictures have started flowing into my inbox and they are all FABULOUS !!
Tomorrow I have a nice chunk of time to devote to playing around with them, which means I should be able to send a lovely bunch of 'palette options' emails out to you ASAP !
Fancy hearing a funny story?!?!
Remember how Lee said that there would DEFINITELY only be room for 10 participants ?!?!
Then I "ACCIDENTLY" (it wasn't an accident, 11 AMAZING people e-mailed in so I had no choice but to say YES to you all) let in 11
Turns out...... I can't count for shit
I SWEAR I counted 11 and fired off 11 acceptance e-mails! Then I went to make a list of the folks I had sent e-mails to and that had 13 names on it THEN I totallee forgot about JADE! Jade e-mailed in to say that she ALREADY has a pattern ready to crochet but wanted to join in ON the CAL and share in the fun of sharing HER progress with us without taking the place of someone else!! how SWEET can you get!!!
I still need to e-mail you Jade, but you are SO in!!!!
So THAT MEANS people, that we have a total of 14 PARTICIPANTS !!!!!

Fourteen sexy hooksters doin' their THANG all @ once !!
Three AWESOME ladies have already shared the pics they will be crocheting on the Totallee.net Ravelry Forum, so please feel free to take a squiz and share yours off too if you like ! Or feel free to keep us all in suspense !!
Right! Time for me to get cracking on some patterns!!! Keep an eye on your letterboxes sexy ladies!!!! Hell, just camp next to them all weekend!!!

Lee xox

Wednesday 11th November, 2015
Stacks O' Books!!!!!

Lee xox

Sunday 8th November, 2015

Yup! The 2nd Totallee.net Crochet-Along is FULL!!!....ALREADY!
MAN you guys were Super speedy at snapping up those places!! 9 places had been taken in LESS than 24 hours!!! That's AMAZING!!!
THANK YOU SO MUCH to those of you who e-mailed in and expressed interest in participating!
Me being the complete push-over that I am, has actually accepted 11 gorgeous peeps into this round because honestly, the pictures folks sent in to prove that they are familiar with this type of are quite simply, bloody amazing. There was no way I could say no! You guys have some mad skillz going on!!
I will be emailing the lucky 11 peeps with the news of their acceptance! However, please be patient, as there are 11 of you! It does take time to discuss a person's options as far as their pattern goes, but you have not been forgotten! I will definitely get back to each and every one of you and will spend equal amounts of time in conferring with you to ensure you get a KICK-ARSE pattern that you are happy with !
I gotta tell you all though, I am properly fangirling at both the pictures people have chosen AND the pictures of the pieces they have already made!!! THEY ARE FLIPPING OUTSTANDING!! We are all in for a massive treat because there are some truly lovely pieces on the horizon!!
So for Pete's sake, go and grap a fat red pen and put a big fat red circle around the 3RD JANUARY 2016 because that is when we launch this thang sexy hooksters !!
Keep your eyes peeled for updates both here and on the Youtubes and start counting down AGGH!!

Lee xox

Friday 6th November, 2015
The time is now!!!!!

10 places are left!!
Starting date = 3rd January, 2016
Only enter if you're AWESOME
Lee xox

Thursday 5th November, 2015
Beatles here, there and Everywhere!

Paul, John, George and .... Ringo's neck are now @ 55%!

Now guys, I DO think we all need to take a day or two (or 8 Ha! See what I did there?!?! I'll let myself out...) to appreciate the cheeky little double decker bus coming into view there on the left !! Confetti is certainly warranted at this moment! FINALLY getting a little splash of red back into the picture !

Lee xox

Sunday 1st November, 2015
Happy (belated) Halloween!

I hope all those who celebrate all things SPOOOOOKY at this time of year are now in sugar-coma heaven !!
I have seen some absolutely cracking photos of costumes doing the rounds this year and I am pleased to see that Marty McFly is featuring heavily !
We don't really do Halloween down here in Aus. There is sort of a half-arsed attempt every year, with shops dedicating a 1 metre x 1 metre display area of some really cheap and tacky 'costumes' and party favours, but yeah no it never really takes off
Which is a bit of a shame, because I do see quite a few kids get excited and get dressed up (in some super creative outfits ), only to be stuck by-passing nearly every house because no one gets into it
But for those who get dolled up in your scary threads, I hope it was SPOOK-TAC-ULAR !!!!!!

In REALLY SCARY news, I am still sitting here, completely crochet update-less. Oh my god this is beyond unacceptable. I ALSO haven't been able to cobble together my next video, HOWEVER! this is actually a good thing, because there is a more PRESSING issue that needs to be put forward in the form of a video and THAT pertains to a certain event that will be kicking off in early 2016 !!!
Yes folks, it's coming up to Totallee CAL TIME !!!

I've been thinking through the ins and outs for this second CAL and have made a few TWEAKS as far as eligability goes...
I also have a cool idea in store for folks who:
a) may not be eligable to submit their own pattern or
b) have no idea what they want to make but they want to join in
It's all sounding very mysterious at this point I know, but ALL WILL BE REVEALED just as soon as I can film the video without having people in the immediate vacinity hearing me seemingly talking to myself about crochet and therefore presuming I have completely lost the plot
MAJOR kudos to RACHEL too guys because it was she who e-mailed me and it was the nudge I needed to get moving on this because HOW IN THE HELL IS 2016 ONLY 8-ISH WEEKS AWAY!!!! AAGGHH!!!
So yes, please keep 2 eyes open for the CAL announcement video, because it will outline important dates, rules, etc!!

Speaking of shiz that needs to get done before 2016....guys...i'm failing... BIG TIME!!!
The finish line for my Popsugar reading challenge is drawing ever nearer and I am.... a whopping... 10 BOOKS BEHIND SCHEDULE!!!! NOOOO!!!!
What the frig have I been doing?!?!?!? CLEARLY not enough page turning !!
I think the truly stupid thing I did was to choose such chunky reads for my last few challenges! I mean why the heck did I decide that NOW was a great time to read 'Jane Eyre' for the first time?!?! 592 pages Leeeee!! You TWONK!!! It's been around for 168 YEARS!! It wasn't going to go anywhere!! You could have chosen a smaller read!!!

If nothing else, we've learned that I am a complete #FAIL when it comes to challenges of the reading variety
I haven't given up completely though!! I STILL plan to knock over as many challenges as I can!
I do have a 'what I have read so far & what I have left to read' video update in the works - Di, I swear it WILL be here soon! (before Christmas )
I guess thems the brakes when you choose such time consuming hobbies !
In the meantime sexy angels, happy hooking !!

Lee xox