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Monday 28th September, 2015
Mary Poppins Grand Prix.. o_0 ?!!

Look what arrived into my inbox last night! The wonderfully talented DAWN has been crocheting up a storm again and has totallee hit it out of the Quidditch park with this bright beautiful Ron Weasley panel !!
your work Dawn!!!! Thank you for sending in a snap !
Dawn also mentioned that she would definitely reccommend the Ron panel to any beginners out there who are looking to get their hooks stuck into a piece
If you are itching to give it a go, the pattern for our fave Weasley can be found H E R E
In Bert and Mary news, EYES GUYS!!! !!!

I feel like a bit of a knob for going on and on about palette worries now, because as per usual, once the eyes come into play, the piece comes alive and I am very happy with the result !! Very eager to put my hook into overdrive and strive for the finish line this week !
Is there a Mary Poppins crochet Grand Prix?!? Well if there isn't, there is now !!
Side note, whilst on the subject of Disney, if you haven't checked out Jamie Jo aka. BananaJamana on Youtube, YOU REALLY MUST!!!
She's as cute as a button and is such a gifted artist and is a lover of all things Disney!
She just kicked off a special wedding themed series on her channel, as she is preparing for her Disney themed wedding (ADORABLE or what ) and in her latest vid, she makes her Disney 'tsum tsum' themed bouquet !
Check it out!!

Lee xox

Friday 25th September, 2015

Looking pretty shnazzy @ 70% eh Guv'nor?!?!
So hard to convey just how much this film means to me
I'm definitely surfing the nostalgia wave everytime I pick up the hook on this one
Then through the week I hear talks of Disney looking to make a spin-off film?!?! WHAT THE FUDGE!?!?!?
I wish to crickey the big studios would come up with something FRESH and put a stop to rehashing or re-vamping old films/cartoons/etc...
Thankgod for the Pixar team and J.K. because there seems to be a serious lack of imagination and storytelling in Hollywood right now!
I KNOW i'm in the minority here, because I am definitely not a fan of super hero movies, but sheesh...they're all the freaking same! Crappy story meets amazing graphics...but surely it can only be repeated SO MANY TIMES??!
/ Rant.
Clearly I need to get back to my happy place....

Lee xox

Thursday 17th September, 2015

Howdy folks! Apologies for being M.I.A this last little while. I have been here looking INSANELY attractive with tissues shoved up my nostrils, watery eyes and a head that feels like it is constantly over-heating and is almost ready to explode.....
YAY FLU!!! !!!!
UGGGGHHHH.... so.over.it.
ANYWHO! On a brighter note, I have put hook to yarn as much as possible and have taken Bert and Mary to the 60%! mark!

Sadly I think I may have 'done a Mary' when choosing this palette (4+ years ago) and have made the shading of her facial features too dark !
Although I won't reeeeeally know until we have a whole face to see the full effect... there's still hope it will turn out okay guys!! !!

I've also spent the moments when I haven't had a splitting headache to try and lessen my abysmal lag in the Popsugar reading challenge! I'M BEHIND SCHEDULE BY 5 BOOKS!!!! WTH?!?!??! Ugh i'm a total FAIL.
Although, i'm not doing myself any favours by choosing THE FATTEST BOOKS I CAN FIND o_0!!

'The Book of Strange New Things' by Michel Faber is SO GOOD thus far!!! I've no idea where i'm going to 'slot it in' as far as my popsugar reading challenges go, but i'm so glad I picked it up
As well as being behind on my reading, i'm also ridiculously behind in filming my progress for my Youtube channel! It's been 5 months!! And although i'm 5 books behind schedule as far as the challenge goes, I HAVE read 31 books so far this year and I most certainly haven't mentioned anywhere near that on my channel so, I gotta get filming !!! However between being sick as a dog and living back with my 'rents whilst my house is being spruced up, I haven't been in the filming mood
Here's hoping i'll be on the mend soon!!! Shall try and get myself up to speed in the meantime!

Lee xox

Tuesday 1st September, 2015

Spring has sprung! FINALLY!
Apparently this has been Canberra's coldest winter in 15 YEARS AND I DAMN WELL BELIEVE IT!! I've had 3 MONTHS of wearing two pairs of bedsocks to bed and scorching my butt on my water bottle every night, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH WINTER!!! I'm FED UP TO THE BACK TEETH MAN!!! TAKE YOUR FREEZING NIGHTS AND BITTER WINDS AND SHOVE LOVE !!!
(Kinda thinking I prolly should have written this blog after a nice warm shower instead of just after coming in from a walk... doing a pretty flawless impression of a human stalactite right now )
Bring on those sunshiney rays man This gal is more than ready!!
This girl is also ready to shed some rays on some GORGEOUS crochetness!!!
First up comes from COOKIE who has taken her Totallee CAL piece up to ROW 117!! !!!

AHH!! Cookie!! Tukki is coming along beautifully! I'm beyond infatuated with the green background and LOVE the halo effect given by the lighter green SO GORGE!
So excited to see some beak action!!! (there's a sentence I never thought i'd say...)
But hold on to your pink brollys folks !!
The delightful DAWN has emailed in a snap of a familiar HAIRY face !!!

Freaking AWESOME job on our fave gamekeeper Dawn!!! Cheers so much for sending in the pic to show us !!
Aaaaand bringing up the rear I thought i'd get in on the updating action and post a snappy of..
Bert & Mary Poppins @ 50%!

Eeeeeeek!! 3 cheers for almost reaching faces
( Is it bad that i'm already browsing through my wardrobe for possible 'final piece pose picture' options?!?!?!)(It so is isn't it?! Don't care... I like getting hyped )

Lee xox