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Thursday 21st April, 2016

I found out my hair stylist came back to her old salon and BOOM BABY I booked an appointment so damn FAST !!!
It means I have access to my FAVOURITE PINK and she is the ONLY stylist I trust to use it so now that she has returned I am never, EVER straying from it AGAIN !!!
We decided to go a bit modern with a shaved side and a SWOOP! (I think I went along with it because I just like saying 'sw00p!' )
Which does make me look about 12 but I don't freaking care because I it!!!!
I also had to put my cheeky little blonde streak back in there because I love the way it breaks through the pink!
UGH Feeling like a new woman, whilst feeling like me again
Who'd of thunk a new doo could brighten your day so much eh ?!?!?
You know what else brightens my day?!?!

The gorgeous JAN has made a CRACKING start on her LARGER THAN MASSIVE CAL piece !!!
We have a lovely green border and the first 4 rows of an EPIC greyscale masterpiece and already i'm seeing distinctive shading and am getting UBER FREAKING EXCITED!!!!!
But for goodness sakes guys we need to reign the 'AGH!' in because this equals...... 1.8% of the total piece
That's right! We have a LONG. ARSE. JOURNEY >>>>> ahead of us, but rest assured Jan, we will be with you ALL THE WAY!!! !!!!
I'd also like to take a moment to acknowledge the FABULOUS supervision being afforded to this project courtesy of the lovely Calvin!
Calvin, we salute you young man for your support and your constant vigilence overseeing Jan on her journey!
Now if you'll excuse me sexy people, I have to go and play with my new doo in front of the mirror for the next 3 hours! AGH!! HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN!!!

Lee xox

Saturday 16th April, 2016
Looking G-r-r-rrrreat!

I'm all about tigers today...just a head's up...
I am a FEW rows shy of hitting 30%, but I don't even care because LOOK!!! LOOK AT THIS CHEEKY LIL FACE COMING INTO PLAY

I swear there is just something so regal and majestic about tigers that even if I did this as a greyscale piece, I STILL think that strong, imposing character would shine on through
As much as I want to continue on to get some eyes happening, I really want to switch back and work on the other piece because I left it in exactly the same spot!! In desperate need of some eyes !! Ahhh the joys of working two pieces at once with both reaching really exciting percentages....
I shall return to this gorgeous big cat soon though!
Ahhh so graceful....

Lee xox

Tuesday 13th April, 2016
Time to return!

Time to take a quick trip back to the spiritual place that a lot of us call home !!

The DEVASTATINGLY TALENTED DAWN has sent in a pic of her Hogwarts Crest!! MAGICAL!!! !!
I hope you don't mind Dawn, I did lighten the photo just a tad so we could get a good look at those shades and daaaamn are they lookin' good !
It is definitely GLOWING with that shimmery halo and the yellows are looking gorgeously golden I'm feeling it. Can you tell?! I'm totally feeling it !
Thank you so much for sending in the pic Dawn!! So glad you had fun with this one!! Looks AWESOME!! !!

I went shopping today. GUESS what I scored !! (You're not even ready for this...)

Yes ladies and gentlemen that is a 350gm chunky ball of RED HEART yarn!!! I hardly EVER see it down here!!! Well, that is a little bit of a lie, but I certainly never see the 350gm balls at such a decent price down here!!!
I have a 'special project' reserved for this baby that will probably use up the ENTIRE ball SO excited to get started on it!!
I'm also STOKED to report that I have made leaps and bounds on my next crochet video!! This one is focused on the 'bobble/popcorn/puff' stitch, as it has taken over my life just a little bit... no idea what i'm on about?! You'll find out soon !!
I've also nearly knocked over another 5% on my big cat and yes i'm still a bit UGH with my palette, but after looking around the stores today, I know that i'm working with the best shades I can get my hands on. I do have a fair bit of white entering his little face shortly and i'm hoping that may help to mute the BRIGHT orange just a smidge... we shall see

Lee xox

Monday 11th April, 2016
Late March Reading Wrap Up!

Lee xox

Sunday 10th April, 2016
Crisis Averted!

Crisis averted!!!
I decided to frog about 6 rows and replace one of my oranges with a much paler/yellowy shade that now looks as though it will give me the right amount of definition on this big striking orange lad that I desired !

Granted, the left side of his nose DOES still look like a bit of a hot splodgy mess, however it is looking way better and much closer to my original picture than the previous attempt did, so i'm cheerin' !!
Frogging aside, i'm really enjoying crocheting again! In amongst trying to SMASH my way through my current TBR (I have about 6 books on loan from the library right now...it's fast becoming an addiction), it's been nice to take a break and bust out the hook !
I just hope this new yellow behaves itself and I can crack on and make some real progress !
Lee xox

Thursday 7th April, 2016
Orange Woes!

I'm having orange woes!!!

I've been merrily crocheting away on my Tiger piece again and noticed that the super bright orange i'm using was starting to look... TOO extra super bright?!?!?

The thing is... i'm not sure if it's looking TOO orange because...
a) the orange is next to a lovely deep red tone around the nose or..
b) it is definitely way too orange for the orange I need or...
c) I need to take two, calm the fudge down and reconsider after a few more rows...
I'll go with option C....for now....but I fear it will become apparent VERY quickly that it's option B
However! I am totallee prepared to face the consequences and frog some rows, if it still looking crapola after 5 more rows. Because this is a gift for a very special friend and therefore needs to meet the mark ! It ain't leaving the house till i'm happy !!!
So sort yourself out Mr. Orange!!! My tiger needs a nose that isn't spotchy man!
In other news, i'm coming down with something gross. Aching, chills, fever, headache, welcome-to-your-Autumn-cold-Lee is settling in....
Which has left me looking like a trembling, blotchy faced egg in a dressing gown for the last 2 days...
My brain hasn't really been with it enough to read too much, but I have caught up on a few films, one being...

When it started I thought, "oh here we go, another Spring Break beach flick" - but I was so surprised....
Yes it is a Spring Break flick, but the girls were AWESOME! Witty, smart, funny, fun! I now have a total girl crush on Connie Francis...
I mean I always knew she could sing but she was so fricken delightful and funny in this!!

I was also shocked that I could feel so much for these characters so quickly. I was inconsolable after a particular scene. I won't give it away, but if you've seen it, you'll know what i'm talking about...
I thought it was handled BRILLIANTLY - dialogue, the acting... my heart broke for Melanie (played by Yvette Mimieux)...
It was just so great to see a film so...BALLSY for 1960
It still had some of those 'Pleasantville' 1950s aspects to it (the title for a start!), but you could see that attitudes, particularly those of young women were starting to change
Anywho! I shall let you know how things go with Mr. Tiger's nose!

Lee xox

Monday 4th April, 2016
Paging Doctor Who!

The Magnificent Rachel attended a convention in St. Louis and LIVED THE FREAKING DREAM by getting the chance to show her AMAZING work of art to DAVID AND BILLIE!!!!!
Rachel said they could not have been more lovely or stoked over the piece and I am SO SO SO SO elated for you Rachel that it went over so well!!!!
We all know and appreciate how much time and work you put into this masterpiece and I am just over the flipping moon that you've had such a positive experience with this piece! Talk about scoring the ULTIMATE momento to add to your amazing memories surrounding this piece !!!
CONGRATULATIONS on such a beautiful portrait and thank you so much for joining in on the CAL and sharing your mind-blowing journey with us!!! I know we aren't talking birthdays right now but dude surely this is an occasion for cake !!!

Lee xox

Saturday 2nd April, 2016
Angelic Autumn!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh can you hear that?!?! That would be the sound of me sighing happily
I freaking love Autumn
So along with the fact that the days are getting cooler and shorter and just plain bearable again, I am super happy because tonight boys and girls.... we get our beloved extra hours sleep!!!
Sayonara daylight savings!!! I'm more than happy to bid you farewell until you dare raise your ugly head again in 6 months time !
Right, now with that bit of seasonal housekeeping done, let us move on to some updates !
Ou! Actually, before we get to those, I want to take a minute to THANK my Powerpuff Pal in crime, Miss Aly for surprising me with THIS this morning!!!

The 'turn-yourself-into-a-puff' generator seems to have taken off in the last 24hours and by god it's about time! Am I right ladies !! HOW FLIPPING CUTE CAN YOU GET?!?!?!
Thank you for making it Aly!!! Makes me miss my PINK hair like crazy!! Side note - I totallee own a top like this one, so i'm extra chuffed
Now it's time to hit you right in the crochet-spot! (I've no idea what that means...)

The wonderful STACIA got in touch via Twitter with her first attempt with the union jack swatch and it is bloody brilliant !!!
Stacia was a little concerned that she didn't have the 'changing colours' thing down pat but guuuurl, if you would have seen how appauling my first handful of attempts were, you'd be giving yourself a deserved standing ovation right now !! You've done a BRILLIANT JOB and I hope we've hooked you in to making more?!?!
Cheers so much for sharing matie!!
Another lady who has shared her latest progress pic is [Insert-Rocky-Theme-Music-Here] JOYCE!!!

The crocheted bromance that is 'Larry' has gone ahead LEAPS & BOUNDS!!!
We have our first hint of the green background entering the fray and those shirt folds are just getting more and more intense !!!
Joyce, you are truly BLOWING OUR MINDS with these EPIC updates on these EPIC pieces my girl!!! So AWESOME and always ASTOUNDING
"We're not worthy, we're not worthy!"
And last but not least, I HAVE A NOSE TO SHARE WITH YOU!!!

Now, don't you go pretending that isn't the most EXCITING piece of news you've heard this century !! Because we both know that it most definitely is!!!
Heck, i'm not even up to 40% yet, but the excitement guys!!! Lots of excitement revving in the old veins now!!!
Once I hit the eyes, i'll be a hot mess cause we all know how frigging hyper I get when eyes come into the picture!!!
I am LOVING this palette so much!!! The creamy highlights on the face have blended much better than i'd hoped for and UGH SO HAPPY!!!

Lee xox